Alright, this is admittedly my first Code Geass story, and seems to follow the general pattern I have when I write my first fanfic for a new category. It's overly random! I suppose there's not much of a time period for it, although I do mention that Suzaku is a Knight of the Round Table. Also, I have Rolo being a younger brother to Lelouch. Despite everything in the show, I thought the idea of him having a younger brother was a nice one, so I've thrown him in here. Nunnally is still blind and cannot walk, I've not changed that (it plays a part in the story actually). Also, I've divided it up into four parts so that it wouldn't be one long one-shot, as it was when I initially wrote it.

The one main thing that might want to be remembered in this is that all personalities have been demolished! Especially Suzaku's (though don't get me wrong, I love the kid!). Also, I mention a bit of religion (and lack thereof). None of this is made to reflect my own beliefs and I'm quite sure are not the beliefs of the characters, but if this is going to be a problem to you, then you might want to turn back; it's all done in the name of comedy.

So, with all of that said, read it and enjoy it!

Disclaimer: It's a big no-duh that I own no right's to Code Geass, or anything affiliated with it. I am merely a mediocre fanfic writer who is paying homage to such a great anime with this silly story. In short, there's no hope of me trying to get a quick buck out of it.

Popular Misconceptions

It's not that they didn't like her, no, that wasn't it. At least not now. But at first things were a bit…weird.

"Lelouch, Rolo, Nunnally, I'd like all of you to meet your new maid and nanny, Mrs. Sayoko Shinozaki," Their mother said to them one day at breakfast. The woman seemed pleasant, offering a warm smile while bowing politely. She was perhaps entering her middle ages, a few almost nonexistent creases adorned around her mouth. But she was very attentive, ready and eager to please.

Their mother left out of the room, leaving the maid with the children. "Oh, I've heard so much about the Britannia children," The woman said. "So smart, so well-rounded. Oh my, dear, your banana isn't cut," Sayoko said as she noticed the fruit on Nunnally's plate.

"Oh, I can handle—" Lelouch started, but was cut off. The woman had whipped out a knife—not a normal kitchen knife but something that looked much more sinister—and started cutting. The moves were quick, precise, and very even. Absolutely perfect.

After she was done, she pulled back, straightening up into a formal posture, licking the blade clean while smiling sweetly at the two boys that stared at her. "See, nothing to it."

Rolo risked a glance at his brother and his expression mirrored his own feelings: this broad was crazy!

"Uhh…I think I'm finished," the younger boy said, rising from the table.

"Now, now, so much food about to go to waste!" Mrs. Sayoko chirped, eyes roaming over the heap of hardly touched food. "You know, there's plenty who don't even have clean water to drink, a place to sleep, parents, a single loved one, perhaps not even a cute little puppy dog to snuggle up with at night and would just love to have such a scrumptious meal such as the ones you three are provided with each day."

Wow. That was deep! Rolo sat back down, hands shaking and nearly in tears at her sentimental speech. Nunnally nodded, smiling and agreeing with her.

Lelouch on the other hand was already starting to make a list of the 'extraordinary' things about this woman. He didn't want to be against her, who came off so kind hearted, but he wasn't about to let her get off scotch free with her actions either. There was something about her…something that just wasn't right.

All three of them were home-schooled, since their parents figured it was the best way for them to excel in their studies. What was especially pleasant about this was that they studied together, even Nunnally. Both Rolo and Lelouch had also taken Braille for her sake, so that they could write things to her, if need be.

The morning lessons went off without a hitch, geography, astrology, philosophy—"Boringology, stupidology, anoyingology," Rolo listed as they headed to the kitchen for lunch. "Man, sometimes I wonder why all these classes are necessary. I mean, really, does it matter if I can find Pegasus in the night sky? The thing wasn't even real!"

"Wow Rolo, you sound more like I should," Lelouch laughed. "It wasn't that bad."

Both Rolo and Nunnally threw him looks.

"What?!" Lelouch said defensively.

"I hate astrology," Rolo muttered.

"I just wish I could see all of the stars," Nunnally said sadly.

"Hey, modern technology is always advancing," Lelouch told her as he pushed her wheelchair into the dining room. "Who knows? Maybe one day they'll have a way to return sight to people. I mean, would you have ever expected by the year 2017 for there to be such things as Knightmares?"

"Oh, speaking of Knightmares, when will Suzaku visit us again?" Nunnally asked. She found the soldier to be quite a friend, the only one she had outside of the palace actually.

"Coincidently, I invited him for lunch," Lelouch said. His two younger siblings gave shouts of joy.

As they finally entered the dining room (it took roughly ten minutes to get there!), their military friend was coming in from another entrance.

"Afternoon, guys," Suzaku said to them, his soldier personality slipping away to be replaced with a laid-back one. He and Lelouch gave a brotherly hug before sitting down.

The four chatted as the food was brought out, various dishes under sparkling metal covers. The smell of it alone was enough to make the most composed person salivate.

Just when they were about to tuck in, the door opened and in came Mrs. Sayoko. "Good afternoon children," she said to them, then gasped. "Oh my! Did any of you say grace?"

"Um…" Each said, lowering their eyes and looking away.

"Just as I thought! And in front of company! My goodness! Well then, everyone bow your heads. Please, you young sir, would you mind saying grace for us?"

Suzaku blinked, looking at her. "Er, me?"

"Yes, you dear. Come on, the food's getting cold."

"But, uh…I'm a guest…and I'm athe—"

All three of the Britannia children silenced him with warning looks. Now wasn't the time to make a point about being atheist. At least not in front of this woman…

"Well, uh…" Suzaku scrambled to remember how prayers were done in his house. The thing was though, when was the last time he'd sat down to dinner with anyone other than himself? Much less attended any religious service? He'd just have to wing it.

"Oh we thank thee for this succulent meal!" Suzaku began dramatically, earning him a mixture of horrified and humorous glances as the others peeked at him through eyes that were supposed to be closed. "We beseech thee that we continue to be blessed, hallelujah! As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil!"

Rolo and Lelouch were snorting into their food by now and even Nunnally was stifling a giggle behind her hand. The maid however seemed to not notice anything.

"Just as the great Messiah ate fish and bread, we shall too! And, er, by fish and bread, I mean this food in front of us…but it will be good! And…nutritious! And, um…hail god! Amen!"

By the time he finished, Rolo was half on the floor, seriously trying to keep himself from rolling laughing and Lelouch and Nunnally had tears of laughter streaming down their faces.

"Hey, we have to let him do the blessings more often!" The younger brother gasped between breaths. "Seriously Lelouch, where'd you find this guy?!"

"Alright, I believe that will be enough," Mrs. Sayoko said quietly, filling up the plates with food.

"I don't think it was too bad," Suzaku blushed. "I mean, I have a barrack roommate that watches religious programs on Sundays, so I just kinda took something from there."

"I actually have to agree with Rolo on this," Nunnally said, wiping her eyes. "You're very…theatric. Almost as theatric as Lelouch can be at times!" The thought of it made all of them dissolve into laughter again.

"I said ENOUGH!" The maid yelled, slamming something on the table. When she let it go, they saw that it was a knife.

Silence descended immediately. And remained throughout the duration of the meal. When Suzaku finally stood to leave, Lelouch led his guest out.

"You really might want to do a serious background check on that woman," Suzaku whispered as he grabbed his coat at the door.

"Trust me, we already know. Come back later tonight, we'd like to enlist your help."

"…Well…alright. Just try to stay alive long enough until I can come back and protect all of you. I know I can't count on your skinny behind to look after your siblings!" Suzaku joked.

Lelouch gave him a tight smile before pushing him out the door. "Goodbye Suzaku!" he said pointedly before closing it on him. He was a tad sensitive about his physique.