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I generally prefer Hoshi no Kaabii over Kirby Right Back at Ya!, but I use some of the English names simply because I like the sound of them more. (For example, I like Fumu over Tiff and Nightmare Enterprises over Holy Nightmare Co.) There will be some mixture, just to put that out now.

Because this story is set later after the anime, Kirby is going to show some influence from a couple of characters. He also has finally learned to talk, but actually prefers to not talk (influenced by Meta Knight).

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-Chapter 1: Earlier than Expected-

Popstar orbited like a fragile glass star along its lazy path. No other planet could boast beauty as did this one and surely, it was the golden apple of the universe. Here, it had remained for thousands of years, untouched by war and devastation. While the war against NME had gone on, its inhabitants were in complete ignorance. That was something he hated the most: fools believing that they were completely safe without a care in the world.

Nightmare watched the planet, his frown only deepening. In his strengthened state, the planet would see its end within hours under the power of his forces. It didn't matter to him how beautiful of a prize Popstar would have been. He would wipe away every last trace of this wretched planet from existence… including that pink Star Warrior.

The light from the Warpstar had badly damaged his body. No longer was he able to hold his full form and instead was forced into a shadowy orb, starving for his only life force: fear and hate. Both had lessened considerably after his fall and his empire lost control over the territories once under the base Kirby and his friends had destroyed.

… but there was still enough negative emotions in the universe for him to slowly regain power… his empire still remained… his demonbeasts still under his service… and he thirsted to see Kirby lose his precious Dreamland…

Turning back, his unseen eyes gazed back at Popstar before he left, disappearing like a bad dream…

"Kirby! Look out!"

Too late. The soccer ball had already bowled over the pink Star Warrior and the two balls tumbled down the grassy hill. Pushing aside the long stalks of green, Fumu shot her brother and friends an annoyed glance before she picked her way through the weeds, down to the infant. But before the girl could help Kirby up or say anything, he was already back up and running, too intrigued by a vibrant purple butterfly that had flown by.

How could he continue to play like any innocent infant child when he could fight demonbeasts as a strong warrior? Fumu decided she might never know the answer.

"You really shouldn't let Bun and the others treat you like that." She said softly. "They're just going to keep bullying you over and… oh, please. Could you listen a little while longer for once?"

Kirby was not. His attention had turned back to the butterfly that was fluttering by a flower. He slowly reached towards it, disrupting the insect. It flew into the air for a moment before it landed on his head. A smile formed on Kirby's face and he squealed, showing it to Fumu.

"Buttah fly!"

"If only you'd listen better…" She sighed. "I would've thought you'd be a little more attentive after everything at NME…"

It was true; Kirby had matured considerably since his victory over Nightmare less than a year ago and talked a little now... but as far as Fumu knew, it was going to be a while before he'd grow up… and quit saying his favourite 'poyo'.

The only things that he paid attention to were food or sword training. Fumu wanted badly to teach him to read and show him a lot of the stuff she knew, however, Kirby had taken on a definite adventurous side (that, she blamed Bun for)… but there had been not one single demonbeast in Dreamland since the end of Nightmare's reign and Fumu recalled back to the day the Dreamlanders came together and destroyed the last remnants of the delivery system, much to that awful King Dedede's horror. Watching the destruction of the evil machine seemed to mark the end of fear for all eternity… at least for everyone else.

"Hey, Sis! You going to throw the ball back up here?" Bun called from the top of the hill.

Fumu's ponytail swung behind her as she shouted back up.

"Why don't you come down and get it yourself? All you guys do is kick Kirby around."

"Aw… you're no fun…"

Bun ran down the steep hill, catching himself before he came slamming into a nearby tree and scooped up the soccer ball. His hair blocked much of his face, but Fumu could tell he just rolled his eyes after a glance at the book in her hand.

"You keep acting like a demonbeast is going to pop out of the ground or something. Nightmare's gone, Sis."

Fumu let out a small breath and crossed her arms. The sky was clear today: not a cloud, and no demonbeasts.

"Still… that doesn't give you any more reason to purposely kick the ball hard towards Kirby. You know that he's not able to stop a ball coming in like that at him."

"He's a Star Warrior; he should be good at this type of stuff. Not my fault he wasn't watching the ball."

"You're just mean…" Fumu said, watching Bun run back up to start a new game.

She listened as she heard the shouts and laughter pick up again. Why couldn't she relax and have fun too? Why did it still seem like some dream to her that Nightmare was gone? Fumu wondered if she was the only one still afraid… was Sir Meta Knight thinking the same thing too? She made a small note to ask him some time.

"Come on, Kirby. Let's go back home and get some lunch."

"Lunch? Poyo!" Kirby said eagerly.

The two started down the path towards the castle in the distance, one thinking about Nightmare's defeat and returning demonbeasts… and the other thinking about what he wanted most to eat.

Escargon flinched back as the scrap metal he was shielding himself with was struck by a flying wrench thrown by Dedede in a fit of rage. The snail continued to back off as more debris was cast aside. He refused to admit it, but he too was frustrated with the broken delivery system. Now that Dedede was tearing it apart, it looked just about the same from when the villagers had come to keep Dreamland demonbeast-free; but at this point, it didn't look like it'd ever be working again. Together, they had rebuilt it in secret and even after spending every evening tirelessly putting the components back, there had been no success.

"After an entire year of fixing this pile of junk, it still doesn't work!" Dedede yelled out.

He flipped open the phone given to them by Customer Service and watched the flickering screen. Escargon wasn't ready to dodge it when it came flying in the air and it hit him in the face.

"And that doesn't work too! Nothing works! The TV, the delivery machine… everything! Where are they? I'm their best customer! They can't leave me like this!"

"I guess all the demonbeasts are truly gone, Sire…"

"Impossible! Just because Nightmare's gone doesn't mean they all dissolved into thin air!"

"Then why haven't we been even able to call up NME and order any?"

Escargon let out a yelp as Dedede came at him like he was about to throw a punch into his advisor's face, but the king dropped his fist. Dedede threw the throne room doors open and crossed the hall over to the railings looking out into Dreamland. The snail followed him out, feeling just as frustrated and exhausted about the destroyed delivery system.

"It's too boring here without any demonbeasts… I actually had something to look forward to each day. Even looking through the catalogs had been fun…"

Of course. Because spending millions on scams is just too much fun… Escargon thought to himself dryly. Actually, isn't it a good thing NME's gone?

While Dedede continued to sulk, the snail worked out something that had been bothering him relentlessly, ever since Nightmare was pronounced defeated. Could an emperor of such power be defeated by an infant Star Warrior like Kirby? It was too good of a miracle to be true. How could Kirby, out of all of the universe's greatest Star Warriors who died fighting the war, triumph?

… and how did Sir Meta Knight get further into NME singlehandedly than any other group infiltrating the base? Sure, they had help, but still…

Escargon had to admit it to himself: he didn't believe all the demonbeasts were gone. They were out there, and wouldn't they want revenge on the infant that destroyed NME?

"Don't you think it's strange… like how they're all waiting for something?" He finally asked.

"Wha? What are you talking about?"

"The demonbeasts. You're right, Sire. The demonbeasts couldn't have just disappeared… but what's taking them so long to regroup and come here to fight Kirby? If they do, then… wouldn't they destroy Dreamland?"

"That's silly," Dedede scoffed, turning away. "Now you're worrying too much."

Escargon frowned, displeased that his new concerns were pushed away so roughly. Suddenly, the thought frightened him badly. What if Nightmare was still there, seeking revenge on the small planet that had once gone unnoticed by him? If he sent all of his demonbeasts in for attack, Popstar could never last…

Dedede was right: he was worrying too much.

"Sir! I'm so tired! May we please rest awhile?" Sword gasped out.

The two apprentices were struggling to ward off the veteran Star Warrior's blows. One nod and they both charged forward simultaneously, coming at Sir Meta Knight from both sides. They swung down… and missed. Instead, they crashed into each other and their lord came at them from above. They were forced to roll aside as he landed and Blade tried to take a swipe at their lord's back. His sword rung as it met Galaxia's beautiful golden blade.

Meta Knight jumped back as the two got back up on their feet and the sword fight continued. Sword locked blades with Meta Knight and forced him into the fence when he kicked himself off the wood and knocked down both of their swords, disarming them. As they sat there in the grass, dumbfounded, Meta Knight straightened and collected their swords like trophies.

"So soon? We've just gotten started!"

"But you're too fast… and strong. It isn't fair…" Blade panted.

"I agree." Sword said in weak support.

Meta Knight watched them collapse into the grass and he himself leaned against the wooden fence bordering the nearby pasture. He set aside their weapons and sheathed his own, Galaxia, which by far was more extraordinary than any sword they would ever touch in their life.

"But you two were together fighting against me. So I'd say that was fair enough. Get up, I'm still not finished."

"You're never finished. Nightmare's gone, and you still make us do this every single day! Who's there to fight? No one! The war's over!" Blade exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air.

"Do you really believe that?" Meta Knight thought silently. "In that case, you will never be the skilled warrior you both dream to be…"

Out loud, he said,

"It doesn't matter that Nightmare is gone. There will always be fighting in the universe, and always someone trying to take his place. We all must continue to be ready to defend the peace."

"So it's hopeless… I just thought that we were training to defeat Nightmare someday… and now he's gone. It's not like there's any demonbeasts here anymore…"

"You two have had a long enough break already and I'm been considerably patient. Both of you still flounder about when given a sword… I think Kirby's already better than you two combined."

"He's a Star Warrior. Don't compare him to us."

Meta Knight did not say anything for a while. He cast a long glance at the blue skies above, eyes turning green in deep thought. Finally, he let out a sigh, still not taking his eyes off the white clouds.

"Fine. I get the message. You two are dismissed."

The two dragged themselves away, thanking him before they left and Meta Knight was alone now.

Dedede had been relatively quiet for the past weeks, not coming out of the castle at all or saying much. He made a mental note to check it out later, but for now… the familiar sound of 'poyo' made him turn his attention to the hillside once more. Coming out from the crowds of sheep, Kirby squeezed through the wooden beams of the pasture fense and ran up to the veteran Star Warrior.

"Sir Metah Ni! Play wid me!"

Kirby strangely talked a lot more when around him, his mentor, out of everyone else that tried to teach him. Even Fumu couldn't get Kirby to talk as much, although she spent more time with the pink puffball than he did.

Kirby tugged on his cape, pointing towards the field where he and the others had been playing soccer. Meta Knight let out a tired breath. He wished Kirby would have asked to train rather than play.

"No Kirby, I can't play with you."

Kirby was disappointed, but he seemed to have known his answer. Then, after much consideration,

"You eat lunch?"

"Yes, Kirby. I did." Meta Knight answered, laughing a little.

The veteran Star Warrior gave Kirby a small nudge on the back, encouraging him to find someone else.

"Why don't you play with your other friends?" He suggested. "I'm sure they're looking for you."

Just as he finished speaking, Fumu, Bun, Tokkori, and the two Lola twins came into view. While the bird and Lololo and Lalala glew over to where Kirby and meta Knight stood, Fumu and Bun were running across the field, she chasing him.

Tokkori landed on Kirby's head, lightly pecking the pink Star Warrior with his beak.

"There you are. We've been looking for you."

"Well, at least you two look at rest…" Lololo said, indicating Kirby and Meta Knight.

"… unlike those two." Lalala wearily finished, pointing to Fumu and Bun.

"Give that back! Don't you dare get the pages dirty!"

"Hah! You just left it by the tree!" Bun said drawing to a stop and flipping through the pages. "You read this stupid thing every day."

"Bun, please give it back." She growled, taking the time to catch her breath.

"If you want it, catch it!" Bun taunted.

He threw the book down the hill and Fumu ran to catch it, eyes focused on the book. She leapt for it, bring her sacred marine animal book closer to her chest when she stumbled over a rock. She tumbled down the hill, hitting against several more rocks and even a small shrub before rolling to a stop at the base of the hill. The others all moved to help her, although in just a few, smooth strides, Meta Knight reached her first before anyone else and officered a hand.

"Are you alright, Fumu?"

Her face reddened a little as she took his hand and he pulled her up on to her feet. Standing upright, she brushed the dirt off her clothes.

"Yeah, I just have a few cuts though."

On her hand was a scrape that was beginning to dot with red along the cut. As she wiped it off, Meta Knight blinked, feeling the world spin slightly around him. While the others laughed, asking if Fumu was okay and telling Bun off, no one noticed the knight in the back as he slowly brought a hand to his forehead to steady his suddenly wobbly balance. No one noticed as his body began to shake… and no one noticed when his eyes flashed red for the briefest of moments, no longer than a fraction of a second.

"Hey, Sir Meta Knight," Tokkori said. "You okay over there."

The others turned, watching him as he shook his head. He raised his hand and waved it dismissively.

"I… I'm fine. I just… remembered something…"

Before anyone could question him further out of simple concern, the knight was gone and hurrying back towards the castle. He had been expecting this to happen, but not this soon…


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