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-Chapter XXII: A New Day-

"Kirby? Kirby? Is he… at Yabui's?"

Everyone in the town directed Fumu up to the hillside clinic where passerbys would curiously peer at before continuing on their way. She walked up the trail with the Halberd II in the distance. The others from the group were trying to settle down the chaos that had erupted from bring so many demonbeasts to the country.

This was never going to be the same Dreamland anymore.

The large crowd of demonbeasts outside the clinic doors immediately moved aside to let her through and she had to gape at how weak and timid-looking they were. Fumu had to remind herself that these weren't the fighter demonbeasts that were bought and sold. Customer Service was among them, sheepishly gazing out into the green countryside and its unfamiliar spring air. He looked at her as she reached the door.

"We're all rather… anxious to know if he's alright. The doctor won't let us in…"

Inside, Yabui was muttering something to himself as he dug through the empty cupboards and containers and was in certainly no mood to answer questions, so Fumu slipped by and found Kirby standing outside of one of the patient rooms, looking in with a worried expression.

Meta Knight was sleeping peacefully with bandages on his head and wings along with a damp cloth over his face.

Oh… his mask was shattered. That meant…

Fumu jerked her head up to stare at his half-revealed face, realizing it would be the only time she'd ever see his true identity. Her eyes widened a little with surprise and she looked between his face and Kirby's. Funny. It shouldn't have been a surprise, but his face couldn't have looked like Kirby's anymore than it did.

Sword and Blade were also in the room and they got up.

"It looks like he'll be fine. Yabui said it might take a while for him to fully heal though…"

"What about all the demonbeasts here? I heard that the GSA soldiers are going to be coming! There's so many of them and everyone in town is terrified… what's going to happen?"

"We actually just talked to Customer Service outside and… well, he said half the demonbeast population is dead now. A lot of them got away, but they're scattered about. Honestly, I don't think any of us knows what will happen." Blade answered.

"But Fumu! Nightmare's truly been defeated! He doesn't have his stronger bases anymore and the remaining demonbeasts are free!" Sword quickly added. "Maybe we were really all wrong about them… maybe they don't have to be bad."

Fumu's face brightened.

"That's right! He can never rise up again quickly now!"

"And… Customer Service added that the GSA might now be able to keep Nightmare under check and never let his power grow. It might… be the end… for real this time."

Fumu turned to Kirby.

"Kirby! And it's all thanks to you! You showed Nightmare you're stronger!"

However, Kirby was still looking at Meta Knight. His father that never revealed himself. Fumu made a note to someday ask him everything, how he could face his own son as if he was nothing more than a student and if he really did it because he thought it would protect him. Someday after he was back guarding the castle and standing on top of high perches again.

Kirby went to the hall where he came back rolling a large watermelon in perfect season. It wasn't for him though, and Fumu had to smile.

"Kirby, let him rest, and when he wakes up, you can give it to him. I think we all will."


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