Belle looked around the pack ballroom of the LeBeau mansion. Everyone in the family looked to be having fun drinking, chatting, and dancing at the black-tie birthday party.

She smiled widely and patted her distended stomach gently. "Bet y'daddy is gonna enjoy dis."

"Mon Dieu Belle. You already talking to yourself? I knew planning dis party would drive you insane." Joked her brother-in-law Henry Lebeau.

"I was talking to de bebe, y'fool!" she joked heartily giving him a hug in the process. Henry took both her hands in his and kissed them. He was pleased with how the evening was going between two guilds.

"It's a lovely party; Remy is going to love it." Henry led her to the decorated tables where his wife, Merci, was already seated.

"I still can't believe Remy is thirty already." Merci whined in a faux matter, "I still remember when dat little rascal would put nair in Henry's shampoo."

Henry rubbed his bald head as the two women laughed at his misery. "Yeah, I really miss dose days." He replied sarcastically, picking up two glasses of champagne for him and his wife.

"I still can't believe you got dis set behind Remy's back. I thought he would surely find out." Said Merci, taking in the decorations.

The whole first floor of the Lebeau mansion had been transformed into a gorgeous party room. The theme was Las Vegas (she thought about picking a Paris but that was too predictable), it was Remy's favorite place to go when ever he wanted a break from New Orleans.

The tables were covered with red silk table clothes with black napkins with gold linings. She special ordered the plates to resemble the joker card with Remy's face. Belle also hired the top catering business in the state to make her husband's favorite food and of course hired Theoren and Etienne's band to play the music (Remy was their first and biggest fan). Against her better judgment Belle hired showgirls, slots, roulette table, and plenty of other things to make the themed party more real.

"It's a shame that Lucas couldn't come." Said Henry as he looked at his watch, his brother would be home in an hour. "He and Remy have been friends since they were toddlers."

Belle nodded sadly while rubbing her belly, "He had to work tonight, Shard and Tessa too."


Belle jumped at the high pitch screech coming form the entrance. She could feel her eyes bulging out from her skull and her breath become caught in her throat, lying in a pool of their own blood was one of the show girls Belle hired. Standing above her was a tall man, buff with dark hair.

Both guilds pulled out their weapons. Henry and Jean-Luc took charge, making sure that Belle stood far behind them.

"Who de hell are you?" Jean-Luc shouted, gun pointrd at the intruder.

The man smiled, his dark brown eyes looked so cold. "A friend."

Jean-Luc and the others gasped as the man unsheathed three claws from his hands. Each member of the guilds pulled out their guns and fired. The bullets went through the man like liquid, spraying blood onto the walls. The man though just smiled through out the rounds like a maniac. He ran his fingers through one of the bullet holes, enjoying the feel of them healing.

He could see the look of shock on the people's faces.

"My turn."

1 hours later…

Remy couldn't help but feel a bit guilty as he bought a bottle of the most expensive bottle of champagne the store had. He knew that Belle probably had a party all planned out for him, but he wanted them to celebrate together. Granted she couldn't drink but it would probably be one of the few chances they had left till the baby arrived.

"Dieu." He could feel himself smiling. As much as he was going to miss his private time with his wife, Remy was too excited about having a baby. He wanted to be a father so badly, a little piece of him, his true flesh and blood.

He had a loving family, a beautiful wife, and now he was going to have a beautiful daughter.

"You look happy." The cashier grinned at him as he scanned the bottle of champagne. The cashier gave out a low whistle, "One of our best bottles, y'got good taste." He handed the bottle back to Remy. "Special occasion?"


He gave the cashier the money and left. It was almost nine, if Belle did plan a party than he was going to be late.

As he sped on his motorcycle, he noticed police cars and ambulances driving past him, he didn't think much of it. Until he noticed they were both going the same way.

He stopped his bike near the mansion's gate. The whole front yard was packed with cop cars, fire trucks, and ambulances.

Remy could feel the ice spread through his veins.

Paramedics were taking out covered gurneys out from the mansion.

His blood started to run cold. The Assassins and Thieves guild had been getting along ever since they found out that Belle was expecting. Even Julian, who had a very hard time accepting their marriage, seemed excited about having a niece. What could have started this?

"What de hell is dis?" Remy shouted catching the attention of a senior officer. The man, early fifty's with thinning gray hair and blood shot eyes, looked distraught and almost pale; he tried to avoid looking Remy in the eyes.

"Are you Remy Lebeau?"

Remy's eyes were glued to the bodies being carried out, his mouth felt dry and his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth.

"I am." He wasn't very sure if he said that out loud.

The man sighed; another cop came up from behind him. A tall African-American man, bald and with a goatee. He grasped the older man's shoulder supportively.

"Krasov, I'll take it from here."

Remy couldn't decide to run away or rush into the mansion after seeing the look Lucas Bishop was giving him.

Lucas was two years younger than him, but suddenly he looked years older.

"Bishop, y'better tell me what de fucking hell is going on here. What happened?!" Remy's hands were grasped around Lucas's shirt tightly, slightly charging the uniform. Lucas looked down, half torn on how to tell his best friend what happened in the house.

"There was an attack. It wasn't the guilds, it was an unknown attacker."

Remy suddenly felt disattached, he could feel his hands hit his sides like lead. "W-who, who made it out?"

Bishop sniffed, he couldn't do this. He couldn't say it. Unfortunately for him, Remy could read him like a book.

"No." Remy voice cracked, he could feel tears running down his cheeks. He pushed back Bishop and ran into the mansion, struggling with the officers who were trying to hold him back.

Lucas ran and helped the other officers restrain Remy. He put him Remy in a headlock and told the officers to back off.

"You can't go in there. You're gonna regret it." Lucas warned him through gritted teeth.

"Like fucking hell I can't." He was half way from flipping Lucas over till he saw another one of the paramedics carry another covered gurney; this one though had a round raised stomach.

Remy went limp; he could feel his breathing become labored.

"Remy?" Lucas shook him when he noticed who was being taken out from the house, "Remy?!"

The Rajun Cajun had passed out.

One week later…

It seemed like God himself was mourning along side Remy at the graveyard. The rain was falling hard as the bodies were put to rest.

Ninety-two bodies.

Men, women, and children.

His family.

They were all gone.

The rain slid down his face. Making it difficult for Remy to know whether if they were his tears or not. He could barely focus on what Father Dell was saying. All he could do was watch, numbly, as men who worked for the church bury the coffins.

For the last seven days, everything was slow motion. He could barely remember talking to the police, getting brought in for questioning, or planning the funeral arrangements.

He was pretty damn sure that Lucas had to carry him to his apartment after he passed out. Shard and Tessa gave him his space and didn't dare to rush him in the investigation.

Father Dell closed the bible slowly and patted Remy on the shoulder.

"If you ever need to talk son…"

Remy tried to speak or nod, but he couldn't bring himself to do either.

Dell wasn't that far from earshot, Remy could hear the man tell someone else to take care of him.

"Hey." Remy felt a heavy hand grip his shoulder.

He turned his head to see his friend dress sharply in an all black suit resembling the one he was wearing.

"I'm alright." Remy couldn't believe he just said that. His was voice was too shaky for his own good.

Lucas looked over the cemetery plot. He never thought he would live to see the day were all the guilds member had fallen.

He could still remember the day where Jean-Luc took in Remy from the streets; the young Cajun didn't want to go anywhere unless Lucas and Shard were with him. He was adamant about finding a family for the Bishops. Lucas was used to Remy watching over him and his sister. There was never a day was he and Remy didn't hang out together. Even after he became a cop, the two were still friends, still brothers.

"No, you're not."

Remy sniffed, he didn't know what to do next. Everything was now left to him. All of his family's fortune, all their belongings.

He didn't want any of it, not like this.

"I can't do dis anymore. " Remy rubbed his face wearily, the water provided little to no comfort. "If I ever find da person who did dis. I'm going t'kill dem wid my own hands."

Lucas fidgeted uncomfortably. "There's something I have to tell you."


"Chief put me off the case." Remy looked at him in disbelief, "They didn't like the fact I was so close to the case."

Remy half expected that. Lucas had always tried hard to look as if he had no connections to the guilds. It wouldn't look good, especially for a straight lace cop like Lucas Bishop.

"Who's on de case now?"

Lucas winced, "Berhan and Choler."

Remy only nodded, he didn't know the officers, but it didn't exactly fill him with hope.

"Did you find out anything before they let you go?"

Lucas sighed; he looked around the place, a bit paranoid that someone may be listening in. "We should really go somewhere else for this."

Remy nodded again, but didn't move. "After this." He cocked his head towards the pallbearers burying his family.

Black Moon Café…

It was still raining outside when Lucas and Remy sat down at a table far away from the other patrons.

Lucas was polite enough to buy them both coffees.

"Dis aint dat decafe shit Shard was pushing on me t'drink?" Remy eyed the cup of steaming coffee in front of him. He pushed a plate full of sandwiches back.

"You haven't in eaten, not to mention slept in days. You're gonna get sick."

It was true, he had barely eaten. It didn't matter that Shard and Tessa begged him, he had been living on coffee. Staying up till sunrise trying to figure out who would want to have killed his family.

It was a long list.

"Look, Lebeau. I don't want to have to shove food down your throat, but if I have to.." Lucas pushed the plate back towards him.

Remy chuckled, "Don't think just because y'got some height on me y'can tell me what to do." He saw Lucas slump back a bit, looking very tired and defeated. "Don't forget who raised you."

"I know."

"So…y'tell your lovely boys at the precinct that it wasn't moi who killed dem?" Remy asked sarcastically. He began to shuffle a deck of cards between his hands, making them glow brightly. A little too bright for Lucas's liking.

"They apologized already for taking you into custody. It was protocol. You had a motive and you have a way to kill people." He eyed the charged cards. "Mind not doing that here?"

Remy shrugged, he stopped charging the cards.

"You're lucky you had an air tight and legal alibi." Lucas pulled out a few files from his coat and spread the picture out on the table.

"What is all dis?" Remy asked, picking up one of the picture taken at the scene.

There were a lot of blood splatter and bullet holes.

His family had put up a good fight.

He picked up another photo.

"What?" Lucas could see his friend's face twist angrily. Remy showed him the picture.

"Dis right?" The wall had three long scratches going down. A few of the other pictures showed the same claw marks.

"A lot of the wounds looked like stabbings. Who ever did this used one hell of a knife. Cut through bone and everything."

Remy shook his head; he kept looking through all the pictures and began to read a detailed report of the crime scene.

"It wasn't any knife, homme. Dis was a mutant."

Lucas spluttered and looked around the café. He and Remy didn't know a lot of mutants, at least none that were capable of this kind of murder.

"You sure?" he whispered.

"Remember when I went missing for a few months?"

Lucas nodded his head, he couldn't forget. He had spent nearly eight months looking for Remy with no luck.

"You think it was Weapon-X?"

"Non…" he wiped his face, "dere was dis guy. I forgot his name…he said he wanted to get revenge on Weapon-X, for what dey did to dem."

"You helped him?"

"I did." Remy sighed, "He had dese long metallic claws, could cut through anything." He picked up the police report. It was glowing bright pink now.

"Even bone."

Remy got up and grabbed his coat, quickly making his way out with Lucas following close behind him.

"Remy, wait!"

Remy stopped right by his bike, ignoring the pelting rain fall. "What? You t'ink you can get him?" he smirked.

Lucas shoved the files back into his coat. "You can't find this guy all by yourself. You can't even think straight right now."

Remy laughed bitterly. " You don't know how dis man works. I do." He stood face to face with Lucas. "Dere's only so much de New Orleans police department can do. Y'can brings in de nation's military. Won't do a damn t'ing to de man."

Lucas put his hands on Remy's shoulder, shaking him a bit. "The guy, if that's who's really behind this, killed ninety-two highly skilled assassins and thieves, Lebeau. I don't care if you can blow up a cargo ship. There is no way in hell that you can take this guy down."

Remy shoved him away. "Watch me."

Lucas cursed, there was no way he could stop him now. Bringing him to the police station wouldn't help either; he knew Remy would find someway to break out.

"Do me one favor at least?"


"Call me when you find this guy." Lucas gave him his cell phone. "You want to take him out; we'll take him together then."

Remy looked up, not quite believing that he had actually said that. Lucas cocked his head, "He killed my family too."

Remy took the phone; he didn't know what to say next. Fortunately Lucas said it for him.

"You know where you're going next?"

"Yeah." He raised the tiny cell phone in thanks and started the bike's engine. "I'll call you when I get dere." The bike's wheels squealed against the wet pavements as Remy drove way.

As soon as Remy was out of sight Lucas pulled out his other cell phone, he punched in the numbers quickly as he unlocked his car door.

"He took the bait."

Boston, MA (the next day)…

Remy knocked on the door hard. It was four o'clock in the evening; they had to be at home. He knocked harder, ignoring the looks from people walking past him.

He didn't really fit the description of people who lived in the wealthy cul-de-sac. It looked too suspicious, a guy dressed down in a black trench coat, ripped jeans, and long messy dark brown hair standing in front of a mcmansion.

"Nathan." Remy yelled through the door, knocking harder. "Open da door!"

The door opened by the eighth knock, the woman who answered didn't look surprised at all when she saw Remy.

"Claudine." Remy greeted her sourly.

Claudine Essex was only a few years younger than Remy. She looked just like her father. White faced, long curly inky black hair, with a large red ruby in the middle of her forehead, unlike her father, she seemed more ruthless and more manipulative. Never mind the fact she had a gorgeous body, her dark red painted lips made her look demonic. When Remy was a kid, he and his brother and cousins would make bets, loser would have to date Claudine.

The Essexs and Lebeaus had known each other for years. Both guilds had done a lot of business with Nathan Essex, stealing anything and killing anyone he wanted. He had sent a lot of good business towards the guilds too. Nathan seemed to have a soft spot for Remy, for some odd unknown reason.

"Remy, I heard what happened." She made way for him, "Come in, please."

Remy soften a little at her tone. She seemed genuine enough. "Thanks…"He looked around the house. It hadn't changed much since his last visit. Still dark and Victorian themed.

It gave him the creeps.

"You're pere still here?" he asked, not looking directly at her and her silky red chemise and robe. .

Claudine grinned, leading him into the kitchen for a drink. "Ah, still the same Remy. You never seem to change." Her voice was saccharine sweet.

Remy was used to women flirting with him, hell he even flirted back a few times. But now, it wasn't the same. The one woman he loved, really truly loved, was gone. Killed, along with his daughter.

Someone was going to pay.

He glared at the woman, his lips curling in anger. "Where's your dad?"

Claudine rolled her eyes, like she was used to him brushing him off. Remy was always the type of guy to go straight to the point.

"He's in his study." She glanced up at the grandfather clock. "Actually, he was expecting you."

Remy blanched, taking his attention away from the bar behind Claudine. "How did he know I would come?"

Claudine smiled, causing Remy to shiver. Her smile was just like Nathan's too.

She crooked her finger at him. "You shouldn't be surprised. Daddy knows all."

Nathan's study was a large airy room that still followed the Goth Victorian theme. His study was wall to wall covered with books about mutants, genetics, pathology, and more.

Nathan looked up just as the two walked in. He really didn't look surprised when Remy walked in, "Mister Lebeau." He stood up and shook Remy's hand. "I heard what happened in New Orleans, I sm truly sorry. No one deserves to die like that."

Remy's body turned stiff, "Glad to know everyone in the mid-Atlantic saw what happened." He took a seat in the chair across from Nathan's desk.

"I was expecting you. I thought you may want to have come up here to get some fresh air."

Remy looked at him questioningly. This was different. Nathan usually favored him, but never like this. He almost seemed caring.

"I don't need fresh air." Remy looked back at the door, making sure that Claudine wasn't lurking around.

Hopefully she wasn't eavesdropping using her telepathy.

"Don't tell me you want a prescription for PTSD. I think the last thing a mutant who can control kinetic energy needs is a pill that will disturb his emotions."

Remy smirked, "Maybe later." He scooted the chair closer. "I need you to reverse de surgery."

Nathan stayed quiet for a long time, fingers poised right by his lips. "No."

Remy flinched; he could feel his powers itching to come out. He smirked again, allowing himself to lightly charge the desk. "Y'seem to have misunderstood me. I wasn't asking you to reverse de surgery. I am tellin' you to reverse de surgery."

Nathan backed away from the desk. "You do realize why we did the surgery? You couldn't control your powers. You told me it was the only reason why you were spared so much in Weapon-X."

Remy looked away. He had said that. Two years before he was kidnapped he had gone to Nathan to help him control his powers. Nathan was able to take out a small piece of his brain that controlled his power levels.

"Why do you want to reverse the surgery? Do you honestly think you have control now?"


Nathan frowned, he knew Remy too well. There was a definite reason for him coming all the way up from Louisiana.

"Well I don't. I'm not about to help you make such a reckless decision."

"I don't see the problem." Remy spun around to see Claudine next to him. He hated her when she did that. "If that's what Remy wants then you should do it for him."

Nathan's red eyes glowed angrily at his daughter. "Claudine."


Remy looked between the two, wondering if he should back away. It was Mr. Sinister versus Miss Sinister.

"I don't see the harm. Remy is a grown man." She massaged his broad shoulders, getting a look of disgust from both men. "He is able to make his own decisions."

Nathan stood up, grabbing his white lab coat from his chair. "Alright," he crossed his arm. "We can perform the surgery-"


Nathan blinked. "Now? You must be joking. There's no way that I can-"

Remy cut him off again. "Now, Nathan."

The old man sighed, shaking his head. "Fine."

Claudine clapped her hands happily. "Ah, wonderful." She wrapped her arm around Remy's "Come. Let us see if we can find you a gown that fits." Her eyes stranded towards his backside as the two left. She gave her father one last look.

'You see how easy that was?'

The next day…

The overhead lights made his vision even worse. He had begged Nathan to put him under this time; he wasn't in the mood to see Nathan cut him again.

"Welcome to the world of the living, Mr. Lebeau."

Remy ran his fingers against his forehead. "No stitches?" He looked around, his head felt swollen and he was really dizzy.

Nathan smiled, pulling of his surgical gloves. "This is the new millennium, Lebeau. Surgeries have changed, of course." He handed Remy clean clothes. "I was able to give you your full powers back. Luckily enough for us, nothing happened during the surgery."

Remy sniffed the shirt before tugging it over his head. It was dark blue and a bit too tight. Claudine probably picked it out for him.

"Apparently your powers have advanced, being held dormant for so long, they seemed to have evolved. Along with that I took it upon myself to enhance a few things."

Remy was beginning to sober up, for some reason though the light was still burning his eyes. "I didn't give you permission t'mess wid de rest of my brain, Essex."

Nathan didn't seem to care; he merely shrugged nonchalantly "Since you never did tell me why you wanted your powers back, I thought you would need a few advancements."

"Like what?"

Nathan grabbed one of the scalpels of his tables and cut hard through Remy's palm by surprise.

Remy pushed him back, the wound was wide and deep. "What de fuck was dat for?"

Nathan cocked his head at the offending hand. "Take a look."
The blood was still there, but the wound wasn't it. No scars. No nothing.

The Cajun leaned back against the bed, looking down at his hands in daze. "What de hell did you do? I didn't ask for dis!"

Nathan seemed too calm about the whole thing; he twisted the bloody scalpel between his fingers. "You didn't. But I found it necessary. You're powers in the past always caused you physical harm as well as emotional. At least this way, my conscience can be eased."

Remy was still looking at his hands.

"By the width of a tooth pick anyway." He picked up a mirror from the larger table behind him. "Oh, and by the way, the surgery caused one minor side affect."

Remy looked at him funnily, he didn't like the way he said or the way he was acting "How 'minor'?" Nathan smiled, handing him the mirror.

"Take a look for yourself."

Remy hissed in shock. His once dark brown eyes had transformed into red on black eyes. It was a far cry from when his eyes only glowed red when he used his powers. It was almost unnerving in a way.

Maybe that was a good thing.

"Hmm, not dat bad. Finally fit de nickname." He smirked and tossed mirror on the bed. "Merci for de upgrade, doc."

Nathan shook his head, he didn't like the fact Remy was leaving so soon. "Shouldn't you stay and rest, you've been under for sometime now."

"Non, rested for too long." He tried to hide the pain that his headache was causing him as he put on his trench. At least Claudine didn't try to steal that from him. "I'm meeting someone in New York later tonight."

"New York?"

"Yeah. Dey-" He looked back at Nathan, the man would probably try and stop him if he explained anymore. "I just need to talk to dem. Dat's all." He finally got his shoes on.

"I shouldn't let you go out."

Remy gave out his hand to Nathan. "Guess my debt to you isn't over yet?" He hated being under Nathan's thumb. But the man did help him out, a lot.

"You're not in my debt Mr. Lebeau. I only help you because you need the help. More than you know it."

Remy smirked, he got the insult. "Yeah, well." He nodded at the bed and surgical utensils. "T'anks again."

Nathan went back into his office, waiting till he was sure Remy was off the property to ask out loud. "How long have you've been listening in?"

Claudine walked out from the shadows, she wrapped her arms around her father's neck and pouted, "Oh Daddy, you did him a favor, be happy for once."

Nathan pulled away from her in shame. "You told her already, didn't you?"

"Yes." She rolled her eyes as her father sunk into his chair and pulled a bottle of bourbon from his bottom desk drawer. "Oh don't act so innocent. You knew what we had to do. You agreed to the plan just like the rest of us."


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