Milo, Alberta

"Yes Miss. Right, are you sure?"

Officer James Vira looked over to his partner taking the call; they rarely had any calls coming in between them and their other town sisters.

As soon as Officer Robert Boss hung up the phone he shook his head in despair. "Another call from a Miss Devon Sharington, says that Birdie Creed hasn't shown up to work in three days."

James shrugged, "So? I don't think missing three days of work is such a big deal for a waitress." He leaned back in his chair. "Not like they're getting tipped a whole here between Milo and High River. Hell, half the people from Calgary barely come over here."

The phone rang again causing both men to roll their eyes. "Hello?"

Slowly Robert's face turned from boredom to questionable to worry as he continued to nod his head. James looked on and mouthed "What?" worriedly.

"Yes Sir, we'll get down there quick. Just stay away from the house till we get the crew down there." Robert advised snapping his fingers at James and pointing to the emergency call book. "What the hell is going on?"

Robert quickly got off the phone, "Guy in the Green Hills Park heard a woman scream, he said he didn't think much of it, thought that somebody was watching a horror film. Left for a three days trip and came back to visit his neighbor only to see bullet holes in the window and blood outside the door."

"Did he see anyone?"

"He said he peeked in from the back window and saw some man covered in blood holding a body." Robert picked up the phone again and called the police squad from Calgary, he passed over the address the man had given him. A few minutes later he heard James swear.

"What now?"

"I just checked the address."

Robert already knew what he was going to say. "Let me guess, Birdie Creed lives there?"


Police officers surrounded the cabin house, each armed and shield. They could see broken glass from the windows and the officers in the back of the house noticed that the door's handle was cut out, almost a clear and clean cut.

Captain Felicia Luther signed two of her people to the side window, trying to get a glimpse of what was going on inside the house without causing any noise. She had heard from the neighbors that Victor and Birdie Creed were a cute and sweet couple. To the neighbors there was no reason that someone should hurt them.

Slowly Luther and the others crept into the house from the front and back. The whole floor was a mess, blood was smeared on the walls and the furniture was knocked over. Luther looked down at floor to see tried up bloody foot prints that were leading up the stairs. The second story only had two rooms and just like the room downstairs the guest room/office was a mess.

What the team saw next surprised them the most. Right in the middle of the master bedroom was a burly and blond man; they could hear him softly sobbing. Ross quietly walked closer to him, gun drawn just in case. She got closer to the man to see what he was holding close to him, a small young blond woman who had three long gashes on her throat and multiple stab wounds in her chest and abdomen. Her blood was caked on her waitress uniform and on the man.

Luther sighed, "Victor Creed?"

Creed didn't care to look; he softly whispered "They killed Birdie."

"We know. We have to take her in."

"I didn't kill her." He whispered, slightly menacing sounding to Luther, holding the cold body closer "I would never kill her."

"We know. But we still have to take her in. We need to know what happened here."

Creed slowly got up, still holding Birdie close to him. He was taller than Luther and her teammates expected and a lot more menacing, especially with the blood covering his face. Luther could only stare at him, he seemed calmed but his eyes were dark and wild, as if he were battling an inner fight with himself.

"I'm assuming you want to ask me questions?" Creed asked angrily, eyeing the fourteen uniformed officers standing around his room. He sniffed the air; there were more outside the house as well. Each with a gun in their holster, he was sure of that.

For a second he could see Luther falter before him. He could feel something in him about to snap. It had been only two days since he had found Birdie dead in their bed, her arms and legs bound together with duct tape, her eyes were open wide and her mascara caked around her eye lashes. It had been only two days before then when Birdie had last used her powers to help him control his feral instinct. He could slowly feel the walls she had put around his mind ebb away. The feeling of hate and revenge felt over whelming, he knew what he needed to feel better. But he wasn't just about to kill all the people in his house; he knew who was behind Birdie's murder.

It was too obvious.

All those cuts on her body couldn't have been caused by a knife. There were too clean cut; the three gashes were a lined perfectly apart.

He would wait, fill out the necessary paper work and answer the necessary questions before he would go after the man who killed his girlfriend.

D&D Bar Toronto, Ontario Three days later…

Creed smiled in delight as Vincent De'Alcro sat down on the stool next to him. "You got my passport ready?"

Creed knew that he couldn't just sneak across the Canada/USA border. Security had been beefed up and even if he did kill those who tried to stop him it would just lead to more trouble for him and cause Logan to run if he knew.

De'Alcro rubbed his scraggly beard wearily, he knew better to make any deals with Victor "Sabretooth" Creed. Before he had left he had armed his wife and two kids with complete access to his weapon stash. Just in case…

He passed the small suitcase he had carried with him over to Creed. "Everything you need and want to get to New York is in the case." He cautiously sniffed the drink that Creed pushed over to him.

"It's beer. Drink the fucking thing." Creed growled, flipping through the envelope of money he found in the case. "Twenty thousand dollars." He smiled at De'Alcro. Whether the smile was genuine or not, De'Alcro couldn't figure it out. "You sure know how to treat your customer right."

"If police try to find me…?"

"I'll get the crew to cover for you. Topher already has got an alibi for you. Don't sweat it."

Creed smiled again, he could the fear ooze out of De'Alcro from miles away. "Nice doing business with you."

As soon as the bar door closed and De'Alcro was sure that Creed was out of ear shot he pulled out his cell phone.

"Yeah, it's me. Creed's on his way to Xavier's. Yeah, he still doesn't know. I'll keep you posted if he calls me or the guys." De'Alcro smiled in delight as he put his cell phone away. "Hey Willow." He smiled at the bar tender, "Free drinks for everyone on me." He addressed loudly for everyone to hear. The bar erupted with shouts of delights and thanks towards him.

Nothing like a beer to celebrate making the boss happy.

Up next is Gambit again…