"Why are we here dad?" Dean asked

"Because a girl was supposedly stabbed when they found her she didn't have a mark on her" John told his 16 year old son "there has to be something supernatural involved in this"

"So you want to kill a 16 year old girl?" Dean asked shaking his head

"Where is here anyway?" 12 year old Sam asked

"Odessa, Texas" John said "Dean I want you to get close to this girl and see what you can find out"

"Yes sir" Dean said nodding "then do we kill her?"

"Maybe there is a logical explanation" John said "I do not know but I want to find out before the demons do"

"Ok" Dean said "so where does this girl go to school?"

"Union Wells" John said "now we have not been here before so you can pick whatever surname you want"

"Ok" Dean said

"It is my turn" Sam said brightly

"Ok then Sammy you pick" John said ruffling his youngest son's hair

"Singer" Sam said brightly "because Uncle Bobby has never been in trouble with the police"

"Your right there" John said "Robert Singer has never been in trouble with the police uncle Bobby on the other hand Sammy has he just uses a different name" and grinned at his son

"I guess I have to get going then" Dean said "dad what's the girls name?"

"Claire Bennett" John said "and Dean she's a cheerleader" and could not help but return his son's grin that he had on his face when he learnt that piece of information

Claire hated the start of the new school year even being a cheerleader did not make it fun this time as she had been stabbed in the summer after she had confronted a man who had broken into her house which lead to her discovering she could not die and she had thrown herself off of a type of scaffolding but she did not die which creeped the hell out of her but now she had become the local freak everyone wanted to know what happened to her they all wanted to be seen with her or have pictures taken with her to make themselves look more popular and it had not even been an hour since she had gotten to school.

Claire was currently sitting in the courtyard out side of the school as the teachers had told her she did not have to go to lessons if she did not want to as they wanted her to get her back into the school system gently.

"Hey" a guy said walking over to her said "do you know where room 119 is?"

"I am meant to be in there" Claire said smiling weakly "but I cannot face them"

"Who is them?" he asked "sorry Dean Singer" and Dean extended a hand to her

"The other students" she said "I am Claire Bennett I was stabbed in my house last year and now everyone wants to be around me it is like I cannot breathe"

"I know the feeling" Dean said "like being Mr Popular or Ms I guess if it is you"

"Yeah" Claire said

"I tell you what" Dean said "you show me around and help me with my classes and I will run interference for you what do you say?"

"Really?" Claire said and Dean nodded "ok I guess I can live with one guy following me around all day" and then smiled at him as he had a smirked at her as she had been talking

"And for what it is worth" Dean said "I read about you in the paper and I am not going to stalk you around the school, you just look like you need a friend right now"

"Thanks" Claire said and beamed at him

"Here give me your books" Dean said "that way you can use your hands to direct me" and Claire began laughing at the that as Dean had been the best friend she had in the past three weeks and she had only known him about five minutes.

"Do you have any brother's or sister's?" Claire asked as they walked

"Younger brother" Dean said "you?"

"Same" Claire said "what do your mom and dad do?"

"My dad is a kind of bounty hunter" Dean said "lash investigator he goes where the work is and me and my brother Sam go with him"

"What about your mom?" Claire asked

"She is dead" Dean said

"I am so sorry" Claire said putting a hand on his arm as they walked

"It's ok I was four at the time" Dean said "Sammy was 6 months there was a fire at the house, my dad told me to get Sam and run while he tried to get my mom out but it was to late the room was filled with fire so he just ran"

Dean noticed that Claire had not taken her hand off of his arm but had rather linked arms with him as they walked and she found him a next to hers.

"Dean" she said as they walked towards their first class they decided they would go to "why are you being so normal with me?"

"Because" Dean said "you are being nice to me and treating me like a friend it is only fair I do the same" and Claire blushed

"So" Dean said at the end of the day "you got a ride home?"

"I have to ring my dad" Claire said "do you need a ride?"

"No I can drive" Dean said "you want me to drop you off it would save your dad having to drive out here and pick you up"

"Thanks" Claire said smiling

"Here give me your bag" Dean said slipping the bag off of her shoulder and taking it in his free hand

"You're such a gentleman" she said and she was sure that he blushed

"Not really" Dean said "just being a friend"

"Then I have been looking for the wrong type of friend" Claire said making Dean blush more "are you embarrassed because I am complementing you?"

"It doesn't happen often" Dean said

"Well maybe it should if it gets that reaction" Claire said smiling at him

"So" Dean said "where do you live?"


"I cannot believe the hot new guy hung around with that freak all day" Melissa said

"Maybe he was pitying her" Stacey said

"Guys" Tasha said "we are meant to be her friends and you are calling her a freak"

"But he is sooo hot" Melissa said

"Maybe if we told him about her" Stacey said "he wouldn't be so keen to hang around her?"

"I cannot believe I am hearing this" Tasha said "you guys are sick" and she walked off to try and warn Claire what her to best friends where going to do to her.

Claire's house

"Well thank you for dropping her off Dean" Noah Bennett said "it is nice to see there is one nice guy in this town"

"Dad" Claire muttered "shut up"

"I am simply complementing him after all" Noah continued "it is your first day back since your accident, so Dean would you like to stay for dinner?"

"I much as I would like to" Dean said "I have to get home my dad is waiting for me, unless I could use your phone?"

"Sure" Noah said "I will just have my wife set another place at dinner" and he left the room

"You don't have to" Claire said

"Well it would be cool for me to meet your family" Dean said "and then maybe tomorrow you can meet mine?"

"Ok" Claire said "I will leave so you can ring your dad"


"Dad" Dean said

"Yeah" John said

"I am staying at a friends for dinner ok?" Dean said

"This friend would not be a girl's would it Dean?" John asked

"Maybe" Dean said "I won't stay long though"

"Ok son" John said "be careful driving home and I will see you later"

'I hope she is normal' Dean thought as he sat watching TV with Claire 'because she is as hot as hell and it would suck to have to exorcise a demon from her or something like that'

"Hello?" Dean asked when his phone rang

"Dean?" Sam said "have you seen dad?"

"I thought he was with you?" Dean said

"No he went out like an hour ago he said" Sam said "he said something about going to see what he could find out about what has happened here"

"Ok I will come back to you then Sammy" Dean said

"I have to go and get my brother" he said closing his phone and looking at Claire "my dad has gone out"

"You gonna be ok?" Claire said "I mean ..."

"Yeah" Dean said "he will turn up after an hour or so, I just have to go and make sure Sam is ok because even though he is 12 he is a brave 12 year old and wouldn't tell me if he was bothered being home alone"

"Can I come with you if my dad says it's ok?" Claire said and then cursed herself because of how it sounded as it sounded like she was throwing herself at Dean

"Ok" Dean said "I will be in the car"

"Daddy" Claire said "can I go to Dean's for a bit and he will drop me home"

"Well I don't know" Noah said "after all the boy only started today so you don't know him that well"

"I am just going to help him look after his brother" Claire said "his dad has gone out and Dean is a little worried because it is not like his dad to do something like that"

"Ok then Sweetie" Noah said "but if you and Dean do decide to ... get better acquainted I would rather you talked to me first"

"I know daddy" Claire said rolling her eyes "and I promise I would talk to you and mom if I wanted to have a relationship with Dean"

"I would offended if you didn't" Noah said smiling at his daughter "now go on get going your friend is waiting"

"Thanks daddy" Claire said and she left

Dean was sitting on the hood of the impala when Claire came outside and it was for the first time that he really looked at her as he had been seeing her as someone he would have to potentially hunt and hurt this time however he was seeing her as a totally hot blonde and began grinning from ear to ear as she walked towards him

"What?" she said "do I have something on my face?" and he shook his head "then what?"

"I was just admiring how nice you look" Dean said and opened the door for her and then got in his own door

"You're such a kiss ass" Claire said smirking

"Damn right" Dean said and they drove off.


"We are here" Dean said

"Ok" Claire said

"Claire" Dean said "I really like you and I know we haven't known each other for long ..."

"Kiss me you idiot" she said leaning in and kissing him

"We really need to go and check on Sammy" Dean said breaking the kiss and getting out of the car and then opening the door for her.

"Sammy" Dean said entering the apartment "meet Claire Bennett, Claire my younger brother Sam"

"Hey" Sam said

"Hi" Claire said shyly "Dean can I use your bathroom?" and he nodded and pointed to where it was

"So what's the deal Dean?" Sam asked as Claire was in the bathroom "you saw she was hot so decided to sleep with her before you killed her?"

"I am not gonna kill her Sam" Dean said "she is normal as far as I can tell, a normal family no EMF went off I can't understand it" then he realised what Sam had said to him "and how did you know I liked her where you spying on us?"

"No I heard the car so I looked out the window and I saw you kissing her" Sam said "Dean we will leave you know and you will have to leave her behind like we have done with everyone else"

"I know that Sam" Dean said "but I cannot stop how I feel"

"Dean" John said walking in "can I talk to you?" and his son followed him outside

"I have worked your friend out" John said "her mom died in a fire like your mom the demon has done this to them"

"Then why is she not dead?" Dean asked

"I don't know" John said "but she is human, I was talking to her adopted father that is Noah Bennett, he promises to look after her"

"Ok" Dean said "do I at least get to say goodbye to her?"

"You can take her home" John said

When they got there Dean and Claire started kissing again until again he broke the kiss

"Claire" he said "I love you ok? I don't want to forget this"

"What is going on Dean?" Claire asked scared and confused

"Nothing" he said "come on let's get you home"

Bennett House

"I am sorry you are leaving Dean" Noah said "but I hope I get to see you again you are a good man"

"Thank you sir" he said "can you promise me one thing?"

"What?" Noah said

"My dad told me about your associate the Haitian" Dean said

"How did you ...?" Noah said

"It is what my dad does" Dean said "can you make her forget me?"

"I thought you loved her?" Noah asked "and now you want to give my daughter up? Why?"

"The demon hurts the people my family care about" Dean said "if he knew I cared for Claire he would kill her in cold blood and I cannot see her hurt"

"Ok" Noah said "I can have him here within the hour"

An hour later

"Babe I have to get going" Dean said

"Ok" Claire said and as Dean stood he saw Noah enter the room with another man

"I love you Claire" Dean said and kissed her deeply and left

Whilst Claire stood there the Haitian went up behind Claire and touched her and removed every memory of Dean and Sam Winchester she would have

"Why did he want to have her forget him" the Haitian said "but not him forget her?"

"Because that is what makes the heroes heroes my old friend" Noah said "they accept huge sacrifices and that young man just made the biggest sacrifice of his life and that in my eyes makes him the biggest damn hero in the world"