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I glanced over at the brass antique clock on his bedside table.


Almost six am. I climbed out of bed and slipped on his white button-down shirt.

Sleep was never something that was a necessity for me. I rarely slept more than four hours at night.

With heavy guilt waiting in the wings to start, I padded over to his bedroom balcony window, opened the doors, and stepped outside. I was greeted with a nice warm morning breeze. I walked over to the railing and looked out at the awesome view before me. Seattle from this high up was beautiful. The city was just starting to wake up, the traffic starting to build, with the guilt gathering in my chest.

How could I do this again? I had to stop. This is the definitely the last time.

I heard the door open from behind me.

"Bella, honey, what are you doing out here?" His voice was smooth as glass. He came out on the balcony and leaned beside me on the railing. I was not in the best of moods. I never am after sleeping with him. He was close enough to touch me but never touching. He was always very cautious after our time together-never touching; it was too personal. He had slipped on his pajama pants, leaving his toned upper body exposed and tempting. Oh yeah, I remember why I fell into his bed again. Lust.

"Aro, baby, you know I can't sleep. I am just thinking about my latest project," I easily lied. Lying was the only way to keep a certain conversation from happening.

"You know that you can come back to bed. Jane won't be home until next week." He was always trying to get me to stay longer. And, as tempting as that was, the guilt was already tearing at the whole in my heart. The guilt was always the same; that having sex with married men was wrong.

"As much as I would love to stay, I really need to be going. I have some errands to run before heading back to Grand Estates." The summer was starting, and the pool was waiting.

Leaving was not the right answer that he wanted to hear, but it is better than saying No, I can't stay and I should have not slept with you again. You are a married man and this is wrong. "Plus, I have to go to the airport to pick up Alice's brother."

"Oh, you mean Edward? Have you ever met him?" His curiosity peaked at the mention of Edward.

"No, Alice never really talks about him." She talked way too much as it was, just never about Edward. I was shocked that I really didn't know much more than his name and that he was in medical school. I thought brothers and sisters were supposed to be close. Not the case with Alice and Edward.

"The last time I saw him, he was turning into a very cocky young man. Better watch yourself with him," He stated with a fatherly tone.

"That's right, you are close with his father, Carlisle. That reminds me, are you coming this summer?" I asked, needing to prepare myself for what the summer would bring.

If Aro was spending his summer at Grand Estates, then the temptation would be there to sleep with him again. I was messed up enough from my past relationships with married men, and I was determined to make a change to control myself.

"Off and on; I have too many projects here in Seattle to spend the whole summer at Grand Estates. As much as I would love to be there all summer, it is always business comes first. Besides, you know when we are there I have to play the loving husband and father. By the way, did you know that James is going to be there all summer? You better make sure you watch yourself with him as well. I think he still loves you." Again, with the fatherly tone.

What is it with the fatherly tone? Was he my lover or my father? There I go with the daddy issues.

"Well, he can think what he wants. Nothing is going to happen with him and me ever again." The James chapter of my life was closed as far as I was concerned. James was my high school sweetheart and Aro's son.

James was my first everything and a really sweet guy, but when we graduated high school, I knew that I had to make a break. After all, I really did not love him and it was unfair to keep stringing him along. We went to separate colleges so we did not keep in touch, but I knew what he had been up to through his father.

Pillow talk is a good way to keep track of what has been going on.

He had graduated from college last year like I did and was working in Miami in a marketing firm, instead of going to graduate school like myself. But, of course, he was not a struggling artist like I was. School was the only option to keep me stringing along until the real world knocked on the door.

Aro Volturi was my first married lover-married,of course, to a bitch of a woman, Jane. They had an understanding in their marriage. That might be why she spent most of her time in Europe. Indiscretions were always easier when one party was in another country.

We hadn't been together in years, but my little trip to Seattle for the weekend allowed him the opportunity to 'accidentally' bump into me and woo me into his bed once more. And when I say accidentally, I mean that he knew exactly where I would be in Seattle. Having his own private investigator made things easier for Aro when it came to tracking me down. I tired to keep my distance from him ever since I broke off our relationship.

That relationship added to the guilt that I was not who I could be. Guilt is always apart of my life; I seem to swim in guilt by not living up to the ideal Bella-the perfect daughter, the best little sister, the productive artist, and of course someone worthy of love.

I never intended to become involved with a married man, but some how one married man evolved into three. I knew that I was a complete mess and a fuckup. No wonder I could not have a normal relationship. I had stop. I could be normal, right?

I left him on the balcony and went to the bathroom to shower and get dressed. When I came out, he was casually laying on the bed waiting for me.

Aro was very handsome, which was one of the major things that attracted me to him in the first place. His good looks was the only thing that was like father like son. James did not inherit any of Aro's charm or confidence.

Aro was only forty-four, and he was very fit, with toned muscles everywhere; being an avid runner, biker and swimmer will keep you in shape. He had this jet-black hair that was short and nicely tailored to his face. And his very silky skin was the color of vanilla ice cream.

He sat up on the bed and looked at me as though I shot his puppy.

"Aro, don't look at me like that, I really have to be going. Don't make me call Alice."

We thought we had managed to keep our relationship a secret, but somehow Alice found out. It was like she knew about everything that went on, and she never did tell me how she found out.

"Oh, please don't do that," he said putting his hands in the air like I had a gun on him. "I still have not recovered from the last time she berated me for 'taking advantage' of you."

After Alice found out about my relationship with Aro she confronted him; sitting him down for a lecture like he was a teenage boy who got caught feeling up the preacher's daughter during church. For a man that was old enough to be her father, and was one of her father's closest friends, he took it quite well and swore to Alice he would leave me alone.

But I never swore anything, hence him having his PI, tail me, so that he could get me to make the first move back into his bed.

This relationship started with Aro making the moves for us to sleep together. I was an adult but was naïve when it came to sex and relationships with men. But, once I had that sexual confidence, I took the initiative with making the first move.

Aro knew that I would make the first move if I was put in the right situation, and took advantage of it while I was alone in Seattle for the weekend. He wanted me in his bed and he always got what he wanted.

So that puts me right back here, in his penthouse apartment, in his Volturi Towers, trying to leave from yet another mess that I had gotten myself into.

Time to let the guilt take its course and rip my heart apart.

I knew, once I returned to Grand Estates, Alice would be there and know what I had done and would be lecturing me on my life, yet again.

I put my bag over my shoulder, signaling that I was leaving. "Just give me a kiss and I'll leave you to ruling your kingdom. I am sure that you have something important to do today. You don't need me hanging around."

He got off the bed and swaggered over to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me into his body, embracing me in a gentle but firm hug before placing a chaste kiss on my lips.

"You are never the one to just hang around for me, Bella."

I knew what he was trying to tell me; that he hoped for me to stay longer, both in his bed and in his life. There was no reason for me to travel back down this road with him again. I needed to stop sleeping with married men.

"Thanks, Aro." I gave him a hug back.

He didn't say another word as I freed myself from his embrace and left his penthouse. I knew there wasn't anything that he could say to change my mind of leaving. The guilt was setting in and there wasn't room for anything else in my mind. I got in the elevator and stared into the reflection on the mirrored doors as they closed.

I had on a dark navy blue sundress that flowed down almost to my ankles. I wore my favorite leather flip-flops. To the average person there looked to be nothing wrong, but if you could read my mind, you would know that I was a complete mess. The doors opened to jar me from my metal torment.

I threw my bag in the back and climbed in my Jeep. Since it was summer, I had all the doors and the roof off. The warm sun was a perfect way to enjoy the day and remove my mind from the guilt of sleeping with Aro again.

This was the last time that would ever happen. I had to make sure of that.

I had plenty of time to run a few errands after grabbing a quick breakfast. I went to the art store for some supplies and the tattoo shop for a quick consultation for my next inking at the end of the summer.

I began to wonder what kind of brother Alice had; from what Aro was implying, it sounded like there was a reason why she never talked about him.

After my errands, I dropped by Jessica's for some quick girl bonding.

She was my best friend from high school, and we kept in touch all through college, but had not really seen much of each other during the past 5 years. Graduate school was busier than college, so my time was limited. I had to squeeze in as much Jessica-time as I could while we were both in Seattle.

We ended up having lunch, which made me late getting to the airport. When I arrived almost an hour late, I drove right to the baggage claim, hoping that Edward wouldn't be too mad. I was wrong.

There was only one person standing on the curb. He was not moving towards one of the taxis or a shuttle bus so I assumed that must be Edward. I pulled up in front him. He was tall, wearing a nicely tailored blue, button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up his arms, dark jeans and flip-flops. He had sunglasses perched on his head, which were almost completely lost in the mess of bronze hair that he had, which could only be classified as sex hair.

He spoke first.

"So you must be Bella." His tone gave his anger away.

Oh shit, here we go.

"Yes, and you must be Edward." I was trying to be as nice as I could, overly sweet; kill him with kindness sweet.

"Well, what the fuck are you doing coming to pick me up late? Is this the kind of friends that Alice has these days? I should have never counted on her to help me."

Well, nice manners.

I knew how to respond. No response. Keep silent. I would let him have his little temper tantrum like a five-year-old child.

"Aren't you going to say anything? Where have you been? I have been waiting for almost an hour." He was starting to fume.

The longer I sat there and did not say anything, just looking at him, the redder his face got. He seemed to hit a boiling point when he starting to huff and puff like he was going to blow a gasket. He finally came over to the Jeep and threw his bags in the back.

He was still fuming when he sat down in the passenger seat and started to buckle up.

I took this as my opportunity to put him in his place and I unbuckled my seatbelt, crawled over the center, and straddled his lap facing him. I looked him squarely in the face to give him a piece of my mind; he had a look of shock as to what I was doing. I took off my sunglasses and looked into his emerald green eyes. Oh my.

"Now see here Edward. Not sure what you know about me, but you do not talk to me like that. And you certainly don't disrespect your sister in front of me. If you ever fucking talk to me like that again, I will cut your dick off and feed it to the wolves. Got it?"

A nice, easy threat. Jacob and RC would like it. Jacob and RC are my BFFs and lifelong friends of mine. Beyond Emmett, my older brother, they were the closest things to siblings that I could have. They were always telling me the importance of protecting myself from assholes; which at the moment, Edward was a grade-A asshole.

His mouth was opening and closing like a fish trying to breath out of water. He was trying to figure out how to respond to my threat. I pulled his sunglasses off of his head and placed them over his eyes. Then I did the same with mine. I gave him a quick smirk and crawled off his lap and back in the driver's seat.