Sing for the moment

Author notes: I listed the main Buffyverse/Angelverse characters and then used my mp3 to randomly select songs for each character to base a ficlet on. Some were startlingly appropriate, others quite a stretch.

1. Buffy- "Stigmatized" by the Calling

She had never asked for this. To have her life changed, to have herself altered until the person she had been would no longer have recognized the person she was now. She hadn't wanted to change…she had never wanted to be different. In fact, the majority of her life had been spent trying to ensure that whatever and whoever she was with, she was included, that she was wanted- a part of things. Buffy's calling as a Slayer…that kind of put an end to that.

She hadn't wanted the violence, the bloodstained clothes and splintered, callous hands, the stress and responsibility that came with being the one who had to kill all the vampires and various other big bads most people had the luxury of not believing in. She hadn't wanted the necessary lies and disappointments, the knowledge that her mother thought her irresponsible when she actually had such a huge responsibility she sometimes felt it to be more than she could handle. Buffy hadn't wanted the stress, the ruined social life, the knowledge at the age of sixteen that she would probably never marry, never have children, never have a job or any kind of normal adult life… that she may in fact never get to become an adult at all.

And most of all, Buffy hadn't wanted the isolation, the loneliness, the knowledge that she could never truly give herself to another person in a relationship, for dozens, maybe even hundreds, of reasons…the number one being that as the Slayer, even when surrounded by people who loved her, in the end she stood alone. She was stigmatized, marked and set apart from all other girls in what she was, what she must do…she had not chosen, but she was Chosen.

She hadn't asked for any of it, never would have wanted it…but now that it was hers, Buffy would have been unwilling to give it up.