Connor, "Are you ready" (song by Creed)

His face was still, his blue eyes cold, almost blank as he stared into the gentle night waves of the ocean before him. Despite it all, Connor felt no happiness, no joy, not even a sense of vicious satisfaction for his success in carrying out the vengeance of the man who had raised him as his son. As he gazed out from the dock into the darkened waters before him, he felt nothing.

It didn't matter what he felt, thought. He had done what was right…he had punished Angelus for his crimes. He could still see the shock in the vampire's face, the dawning panic in his eyes, as he had screwed the box tightly closed over him. The last thing the vampire had seen before dropping slowly, immobile, to the ocean's bottom was Connor's face looming over him, describing the torture of the rest of his existence.

Connor thought about this once more, imagining the years to come. His father would be unable to move, to speak, without the blood he so needed… he would simply lie alone, knowing he would not even have the release of death. Alone, and in pain for all eternity..

Connor just hoped he grasped this, that panic had not taken his mind entirely…he just hoped Angelus was ready to pay the price of his crimes.