Too Young

To get the best experience from this, try to read it quickly, like the words are fast paced. There are run on sentences on purpose.


He's watching her, knowing she's too young and she puts on a brave grin for her big brother that she doesn't know she's talking to.

The person she remembers and smiles and laughs about but her heart aches so hard. It's not beating, but she can remember, and it explodes like fireworks as she runs and runs and knows that sooner or later they'll trip and life will catch them.

But it can't, she wished it would, but death had caught them first.

She's too young, he scornfully thinks, as she tries to be friendly to everyone. She's the reason to her brother's insane antics, oh the irony to be missing her brother and he's the one breathing, sweating, struggling to protect her as he fights back his own tears as she cheerfully asks who he is.

The Composer wants to laugh at her as she struggles to understand what she's doing, her feet pound the ground too hard and she hurts but she won't complain because she's Rhyme, and she'll never make anything harder for anyone. She can be miserable herself but the smiles of others are what she prizes, not her own.

Yet then the fire will explode around her and she'll panic, but Beat will be there and she can feel the love for him, love that's different than any kind, sibling love, and deep in her heart she knows but she's not sure and is too afraid to ask. She's too young to suffer the heartbreak of that terrible two letter word, that word that can crush lives and dreams and God, where's hers? She doesn't know why her life is so empty, the laughter is false and she wants to sob because her mind is bare, her future is a clean slate instead of a brightly painted book.

He gasps as she notices the Noise, shoving her brother, a determined, grim smile on her face as the Noise takes her. The shark roars as it devours her, and she doesn't have time to scream, just closes her eyes and gives in. There's a flash of a car about to hit her but she can't stop, not now, because he needs to live, live in death…

He feels sorry, the Composer, and he nudges a Reaper here or there mentally and next thing you know Beat's a Reaper and Rhyme's a Noise. Her thoughts are duller now, but they're still interesting, and it's almost regretful when they part ways because he loves to hear the musical thrum of her pure thoughts, her simpler form devoid of the panic she hid so well.

And now she's been turned into static, now she's back, now he's pulling her from the flow of Shibuya to breathe new life into one too young to have sacrificed it in the first place. And as she joins her friends he whispers into her ear before sending her away back to the RealGround, Well done Raimu, because it was her sacrifice that ultimately led to her brother being paired with his Proxy, and gave Beat the determination to win.

And she smiles before the light envelopes her small form, her eyes too old and wise for one so small and young and she somehow knows what to say back before she leaves the place she had learned and sacrificed so much in. He wonders if she took more than her own Soul with her, and he doesn't mind nor care.

Thank you, Joshua.


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