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Finding Suigetsu's home was like asking for directions to China from North Korea. Not even GPS could find the place, and there was no use in asking the locals because they only gave mixed information. Although he lived in Japan for all his life, Sasuke had yet to understand how the Japanese numeric address system worked; nevertheless, Suigetsu decided to make it even more challenging to find Wally by moving into an half building in the middle of two semi-legal buildings without door numbers. Sasuke still didn't understand how he got his mail, if he had any.

Now that he had memorized the path, it didn't take a lot of time for him to arrive. Sasuke called his friend's house a half-building, because it didn't have enough large space to be considered normal building. It was literary a thin rectangle box squeezed between two buildings, built in a place that was supposed to be an alley. Although it had two floors and a loft, the ground floor was almost entirely occupied by the block of stairs that led to the upper level. There was a very small corridor at the left between the staircase and the sidewall, which led to a tiny bathroom in the end tucked inside the block of stairs. Needless to say, access to that bathroom offered serious challenges to big-boned visitors.

The stairs led to a sliding screen at the end, and behind the sliding screen there was a small sized room for shoes and an additional L-shaped block of wooden chairs that led to the first and main floor of the building. Suigetsu called it the "studio". This was where he spent most of his life, with a small kitchenette in the north side, a TV with DVD player in the middle, and his working desk on the opposite side, in front of the only window, that offered a lovely view to the back of the building. The storing space was built inside the walls, which didn't offer much space either, but Suigetsu was neither a man of great possessions. Immediately next to the entrance there was a petite metal staircase nailed to the wall, which led to the loft, were his sleeping futon was.

Suigetsu greeted him half-naked, as usual. He and clothes never got along very well, though ever since he got fined for indecent exposure, he started being more careful. That incident happened in one of the many occasions Suigetsu was too lazy to put on some clothes only to fetch some food, and so he would just wear a long overcoat tied around his nudity. That day he could not predict the pervert windy weather, and an old lady passing by was forced to see the precious jewels of another man that wasn't her husband. From then on he started to wear, at least, underwear inside in his house, in the event of having to leave the house in a windy day again.

"What a surprise. To what do I owe the honor of your visit?" He asked with sarcasm.

The studio was a mess. His cleaning logic was something Sasuke would never understand; Suigetsu kept his clothes in the same storing space of his books. His CD collection didn't even have a proper storing place, as small piles of CDs ad DVDs were scattered around the house. Although he didn't have the habit of leaving his clothes all over the room like Naruto, he had a very unattractive pile of used underwear in a corner.

"You do have a laundry nearby." Sasuke said, pointing to the pile of underwear.

"Don' start. I have to wear a lot of boxers to fill a machine. I'm not going to spend money just to wash five boxers."

"You could also start wearing more clothes…"

"Did you come here just to give me a lecture?"

Sasuke shrugged not really caring about reasoning with Suigetsu. He functioned on his own, that's what mattered. He figured everyone that survived Orochimaru's farm had developed some kind of disorder anyway.

He scrutinized the room for a place to seat. It was obvious Suigetsu didn't receive many visitors, neither was he interested to. It's not like his place had space for a dinner or tea table, and he only had two sitting pillows in front of the small TV. After pondering for a short while, Sasuke decided to sit on the desk chair.

"I went to court to testify against Orochimaru." He said. He decided to go straight to business. "I need you to do the same."

Suigetsu widened his eyes. "Wow, wow…" He raised his hands in defense, in a dramatic reaction against his friend's audacious suggestion. "You know why I came to this place, do you? So to no one finds me unless I want to. If I testify against Orochimaru, he's gonna send one of his trained-to-be-psychopath sons after me the moment I step out of the court."

"If he really wanted us dead, he would've done it long time ago." Sasuke replied. "I testified yesterday and I'm still alive."

"Tsk, he can't kill you… I bet he still believes you're still going to come back to him."Suigestu reached the desk behind his friend, searching for his cigarette pack in the middle of the scattered papers.

"I doubt that he would wait that long."

"Do you really? The guy was really obsessed with you. Hey, you even took bath with him!"

Visibly irritated with his friends' remark, Sasuke brusquely stood up and launched himself at him. Suigetsu tried to evade the attack, but his escape was barred by a wall, and he couldn't avoid Sasuke's merciless grip on his crotch.

"I already told you those weren't baths," he grunted, "and I never took a dip with him in the tank." He felt the need to add that detail. "It was nothing special."

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry, please!" He yelled in despair. Sasuke stepped back and let him curl over his pained groin.

' If it was nothing special, then why do you always get angry whenever I mention it…' He thought to himself, but opted not to speak out loud. As much as he liked to tease his friend, sometimes he forgot that it wasn't recommendable to irritate Sasuke when you're in a confined space like your house, without enough room to run away from him. Apparently the idiot was even forced to have anger management therapy, but those sessions obviously didn't have a great effect on him. You can't domesticate rabid dogs.

It was a pity that he was so reserved and barely ever talked about what happened during those days, because Suigetsu was really curious about knowing if some of the rumors were true. Sasuke had a special treatment; everyone knew he was Orochimaru's favorite. Orochimaru did try his best to turn him into the psychopathic wacko like him, so Sasuke had to endure some crazy shit from the man. No wonder he was still a bit fucked up in the head. A lot of kids were envious of Sasuke, something Suigetsu could not understand why. He was sure as hell he would've never wanted to be asked the 'honor' to join Orochimaru in his weird blood baths for his skin treatment. Rumors said he filled some sort of tank-shaped bathtub with pig's blood and plunged in naked like a crazy person from a witchcraft movie. Some guys said it wasn't real blood, it was just chemicals, but still. The guy was a total wacko.

"If you want to convince me to testify, you'll have to use more convincing methods than squeezing a guy's balls." Suigetsu complained. "I still have plans to reproduce, you know."

Sasuke was seated on his desk's chair again, looking nonchalantly unpressed with a slightly raised eyebrow. "What do you want?"

"You are really arrogant. If you were more humble like a normal friend, I would even reconsider your request-"

Suigetsu was interrupted but the doorbell's ringing, surprising him. He wasn't expecting anyone. Then again, he was never expecting anyone.

He walked to the door phone near the kitchenette. Two strange guys appeared in the camera of the door station, heads facing down making it difficult to see their faces. "Who the hell are these clowns now?"

Sasuke stood up and walked toward Suigetsu, trying to see if he could recognize the visitors on the screen. For some reason, he had a bad feeling about this.

"Wait." Sasuke halted his friends' movement, who was ready to pick up the phone. They rang again. "I think I saw these guys are the courthouse yesterday."

Sasuke never saw their faces properly, but he remembered their profiles and the dark suits. One of them was too large to fit in the suit.

"Huh?!" Suigetsu stared wide-eyed at him, not wanting to believe what Sasuke just said. "How the hell they came here? Were you followed?!"


There was no way they could have followed him. He liked speeding, it was impossible for a car to follow him. Unless they came in a motorcycle as well…? But in that case, he would've noticed he was being followed. Wouldn't he?

"They probably knew where you live."

"That's impossible! This place is extremely difficult to find" Suigetsu grunted, and pointed at the door phone in an accusing gesture. "You were followed you moron! Now I have two disciples from Orochimaru out there ready to kill me. I'm fucked!"

He brought his hands to his head, expressing his despair.

"Don't be so dramatic."

"How can you be so calm- are you still on your anger therapy medication?!"

Sasuke ignored his friends' erratic screams and insults and ran to the window that led to the back of the building. There was nobody there. He sighed in relief; it was only those two that were there. But they could have guns.

He came back to the kitchenette and started opening the drawers, trying to find something that could be used as a weapon. He only found Suigetsu's socks. Incredible. He couldn't believe this guy store his socks on the same place he prepared his food.

"Do you have any knives?" He asked.

"I only have one, it's inside the fridge…"

"Inside the fridge?"

"Yeah, next to the butter… why are you looking at me like that, I don't cook okay?"

The doorbell rang again. They were getting impatient.

His heart was beating fast, but he forced himself to say calm as he opened the fridge to search for the only knife Suigetsu owned. He found it next to the butter, a rusty piece of metal with the tip broken. Great. The only self-defense weapon they had so far was a Chinese piece of shit covered in butter.

"Don't you dare take the knife!" Suigetsu snapped the utensil out of his hand, angry. "You find something else to defend yourself, because this is all your fault."

"Do you have anything else that could be used as a weapon?" Sasuke yelled back, irritated.

Suigetsu looked at the knife he was holding and realized, alarmed, that thing was not threatening at all. The tip was broken and it wasn't even sharpened. He probably couldn't even stab a dead chicken with it.

"You think we have time to sharpen some chopsticks?"

Suddenly, there was a loud bang outside. They both looked at the door screen; the uncalled visitors were trying to break open the building's door, forcing their way in. The lock was old and rusty, so it wouldn't take much time before the door ceded.

"Shit, they're trying to break into!"

Suigetsu was clearly panicking. Sasuke sighed heavily, trying to clear his mind. One of them had to stay calm and think. Suigetsu was out of the question.

He looked around. Suigetsu still had an old microwave. Those models were very heavy.

"What are you doing to my microwave?"

Sasuke pulled the electric cable out of the plug and took the machine from the balcony with both hands. It was fucking heavy.

"Let's take this to upstairs." He said, eyeing the wall ladder that led to the loft.


"Just do what I say!"

Suigetsu complied without further questions and ran to the metal ladder. Within a second his body crossed over the square hole in the ceiling disappearing in the top floor. Supporting himself on the weight of his lower body he emerged from the hole, stretching his arms to receive the machine. Sasuke lifted with some difficulty the machine above his head, waiving it until his friend's hands finally seized it and started to pull.

"Fuck, this shit is heavy!"

"Don't drop it on me!"

Taking a deep breath, Suigetsu managed to pull the heavy weight until it landed soundly on the wooden floor upstairs. Immediately after Sasuke joined him on the loft, climbing the ladder quickly.

"Listen." He said. "There are only two of them. As soon as they get in they'll go straight to the studio and when they realize that nobody is there, one of them will try to climb the ladder. As soon as you see his head coming up, hit him with the microwave. It will be enough to put him unconscious."

"What are you going to do?" Suigetsu asked, worried.

"I'm gonna hide in the bathroom in the ground floor, and I'll attack the second guy from behind once you drop the microwave."

"What if they go check the bathroom first?"

"They'll be in hurry, and probably won't pay much attention to that small corridor. One of them is too large to pass through. Even if the slim one stays behind, I'll be locked in the bathroom until you take care of the other."

In moments like this, they could thank the architect who built the house like that. Even if the guy decided to check the bathroom first, he would have great difficulty in breaking open that door, because the corridor didn't provide enough space for the impact required. The other would still be forced to check the rest of the house alone and Suigetsu would be there waiting for him with that microwave. After that, it would be two against one. It was a good plan.

"I have an old pan beneath the sink!" Suigetsu said. "You can use that to attack the other guy. It's behind the cleaning products!"

Sasuke nodded, wondering again how Suigetsu thought it was logical to store cooking utensils next to cleaning products. Good thing he never cooked. As he prepared to climb down, Suigetsu suddenly grabbed his arm and inquired, with a concerned look on his face. "You're not going to run away, right?"

But Sasuke only gave him and half-angry stare: "You really think so?"

Suigetsu smiled in relief. He didn't even know why he made that question. Sasuke never ran away from a fight or a compromise. Maybe it was just panic.

How odd. Back in the farm house, violent conflicts between mules was your daily drama. Even when they went on delivery tasks, they never knew what could happen to them. He saw kids being stabbed in front of him. Self-defense was empirical knowledge; fear was your only friend.

But that was years ago. He could barely remember what danger was. He was no longer used to violence. In the first place he lived after he ran away, a homeless shelter, Suigetsu still carried a pocket knife with him. He'd carry the weapon everywhere, even to his first and second jobs. But he lost it meanwhile, shortly after he moved to that house. He was no longer afraid.

Except now. Orochimaru had many opportunities to kill him in the past, and he only remembers to do it now? Talk about bad timing! Now that he no longer had his pocket knife with him.

Only a rusty knife with a broken tip.

A loud, crash noise was heard in the ground floor. Those rascals finally managed to break the lock. He felt his heart jump and stuck in his throat.

Calm down. They were going to make through this. The plan was perfect. No, that house was perfect for a plan like that. He couldn't have chosen a better place to live. It had also been a market bargain.

The microwave was really heavy, but he slowly picked it up and stood up, trying to not make a sound. Since he was in the loft, the low height of the roof made it impossible for him to stand up straight without bending his neck, but he still tried to remain glued to the wall in that uncomfortable position as soundless as he could. He heard them passing through the sliding door and reaching the studio quickly. Apparently, none of them decided to check the bathroom first. Sasuke was right, they probably didn't even notice the corridor.

Unfortunately for him, the two men took a little time rummaging the room. He didn't know what they were expecting to find there. Maybe they thought there was nobody home. The muscles of his arms were already aching in pain when one of the guys finally decided to climb up the ladder. He barely had time to realize someone was on the top floor. He opened his mouth in surprise right in the moment Suigetsu dropped the heavy machine on his head, making him fall off the ladder. The microwave produced an almost deafening sound when it hit the floor, its door dissembled from the machine and the intruder's body landed on top of it soundly and motionless. Ouch.

His partner screamed, and then the Unexpected - a gun.

The other guy had run to the ladder and started shooting from down there through the hole. Suigetsu ran to the farthest corner of the room, hoping Sasuke appeared before this guy remembered to climb the ladder too. He seized tightly the knife in his hand, just in case.

And then suddenly he heard the loud, shrill noise of two metal objects colliding. Sasuke's pan hit the gun. Not the guy, unfortunately; although he screamed in pain, Suigetsu heard two bodies fighting and things being thrown all around the room. Shit. Sasuke failed. Now this was going to be more complicated than they had planned.

He stood up and ran to the ladder, and that's when the worst happened. A gunshot, followed by Sasuke's scream. Alarmed, he practically jumped to the lower floor and threw himself to the attacker, making both of them fall on the floor. The gun flew from his hand, landing somewhere on the disordered room. Still holding the knife firmly, he tried to stab him in the stomach.

But the metal, instead of ripping through flesh, just twisted and bent over until it broke off. What the fuck-


A strong tight fist hit his noise, and Suigetsu felt it like a bag of bricks landing on his face. There was a 'crunch' sound and then the pain. He was sure he saw stars. He probably screamed, he didn't know; he knew it hurt like a motherfucker. Blood was pouring down his nostrils blocking his mouth and making him spit.

He didn't understand well happened next, as he tried to regain focus while his broken nose was still aching like hell. A giant black guy suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and started fighting against their attacker. Both tripped on the unconscious body of the other man, and continued punching each other. Suigetsu didn't pay them much attention; because he turned his head to find Sasuke seated against the balcony, with his bloodied hand over his bloodied shoulder. Ignoring the pain in his nose he ran to him, yelling:

"Shit, you got shot! Shit, shit, shit!"

Sasuke tried to say something, but he could barely articulate any audible sound with all the noise in the room. He cringed in pain. There was a lot of blood. At least it was the shoulder. That's good, isn't it?

Shit, what should he do? He had to stop the bleeding. That's basic first aid knowledge, right? He reached the drawer and removed a pair of socks, tied the edges and wrapped it around his friend's shoulder, compressing the wound as best he could. Sasuke winced when Suigetsu pulled his unmoving arm to wrap the fabric under his armpit, but didn't emit any sound. He was also freaking pale.

"We have to drive him to the hospital."

The stranger's voice made him jump in scare. Suigetsu turned around and saw the huge black-skinned guy that had been fighting against their attacker. He was so tall, it looked like his head touched the ceiling.

"BBD? What the fuck?!"

The attacker lied unconscious on the floor, next to his partner. Oscar The Barman bent over and picked Sasuke's barely responding body. There was a trail of blood left on the balcony and on the floor.

Not knowing what else to do, Suigetsu slipped on a pair of sneakers and followed Oscar to the ground floor. The barman had some difficulty in climbing down the stairs while carrying Sasuke's body over his huge arms, because he was too tall for the ceiling. Once downstairs, Suigetsu noticed with dismay that the entrance door had been completely smashed, even the hinges broke. He could only hope that nobody decided to walk into house and steal his laptop. Actually, he hoped his laptop had survived the fight, because his microwave and his TV were sure gone now.

"Keep the pressure over the wound with the heel of your hand." Oscar said, while he positioned Sasuke's body on the back seat of his car. Of all the people in the world, Suigetsu never thought BBD's car of choice was a Toyota. That car looked a bit too small for him.

Oscar sat quickly on the driver's seat, while Suigetsu skirted around and entered through the other door, sitting next to friend. Sasuke offered no resistance when he pulled his head to his lap so he could follow Oscar's instructions and keep the pressure of his hand over the wound. His friend didn't even moan. His eyes were closed now, his face still pale as hell.

"Hey, hey…Sasuke, hey, wake up, man…" He tried to shake his body, but Sasuke was unresponsive. "Hey, BBD I think Sasuke passed out!"

"Don't shake him you moron!" BBD yelled, as he started the engine and hit the accelerator. "He's body is just in shock. He's still breathing, right?"

He put his hand over his nose. Warm air, cold skin.

"Yes. But he's cold."

"How about the bleeding?" Oscar looked at him through the mirror.

Suigetsu analyzed the tourniquet made of socks; the fabric was drenched in blood, but it was starting to dry up. "I don't know but he doesn't look like it's bleeding much now."

"Well, that's good. Another question, Suigetsu…"


"Why are you naked?"

:: ::

Sasuke woke up with the worst nausea feeling and a dormant sensation through all his body. The white room slowly became clear as the blurriness of his vision faded. Suigetsu was the first person he saw, sitting in a chair next to him dressed in a hospital white robe.

"Hey, you're okay man?"

He smiled. His nose looked pretty ugly, all swollen and asymmetrical. Before Sasuke was able to reply, the nausea feeling climbed to his head and blocked his throat. A nurse ran to him with a basin and helped him seat while he vomited stomach liquid into the basin.

"It's the anesthesia." She explained to Suigetsu. "Some people throw up."

"But he'll be fine, right? Hey Sasuke, can you talk? Say something. You had to receive a blood transfusion damn it, you scared the hell out of me."

"I hear you." Sasuke grunted, cleaning his mouth on the towel given by the nurse. His voice was hoarse, but audible. He was still feeling a bit sick; his whole body ached and he couldn't open his left eye. He knew he had a black eye. But he was fine. Considering.

"I can't feel my arm." He complained. It was the only part of his whole aching body that he couldn't feel.

"Please don't do anything until the doctor arrives." She said. "After the anesthesia wears off, you'll need complete rest for the month at least while your shoulder recovers. Do not force it, otherwise it can develop further complications."

She took the basin and the towel with her and left the room. Suigetsu followed her movements with scrutinizing eyes, tilting his head sideways for a better glimpse of the young nurse's legs through the back slip of her uniform.

"Fortunately, the doctors managed to remove all the bullet fragments from your shoulder without serious damage. You'll recover just fine."

BBD's voice surprised Sasuke, as he didn't even notice he was in the room too. He turned his head to see the familiar figure of his favorite barman leaning against the wall, next to the window.

"What are you doing here?"

"He saved us." Suigetsu explained. "Don't you remember?"

Vaguely. He remembered fighting against that large guy with a terrible breath and he remembered being shot. The rest of his memory was like fragmented images that didn't make much sense. He remembered being carried by a black guy and also the image of a doctor holding scary-looking medical nippers in front of him. He actually thought he dreamed with that.

"Bullet fragments?"

"Yeah, those motherfuckers used fragmented bullets. Typical, for a sadist psychopath like Orochimaru. You were lucky man, the bullet didn't completely fragment and the doctor said you'll recover completely. But one of the fragments hit an artery or something and the doctor said if we took longer your arm could've been amputated! Can you believe how lucky you are?"

Yes, he couldn't believe that. Itachi tried to accuse him of murder and the next day he gets shot by two guys that were probably after Suigetsu. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

"But you still didn't answer me, what were you doing there?" Suigetsu asked the barman.

"About that." Oscar thrusted his body off the wall and removed a piece of paper from his jacket. He walked toward Suigestu. "I came to give you your bill. You own two months of vodka consumption to Genma."

Suigetsu eyed Oscar with a puzzled expression as the man gave him a long printed invoice detailing all the drinks he has consumed in the bar, without paying.

"You came to my house just to give me this?!"

"Yes, and I tell you that it took me two hours to find it." He said with an unenthusiastic smile. Then he turned his head and glared at Sasuke. "If I knew you were with him, I'd have brought your own too."

"What's this all of the sudden?" Suigetsu complained. He still couldn't believe BBD came all the way just give him his bill. He thought he had an agreement with Genma.

"Genma is having some financial problems." Oscar said. "He's saying he won't let you in before you pay what you own."

"Tsk." Suigetsu bit his inferior lip as he looked at the astronomic figure at the end of the bill. He had no idea he had consumed that much. How was he supposed to pay all of that now?

"But take it on the bright side." Oscar continued, now smirking. "If it weren't for your debts, by now you would be meeting your maker."

"Hey, I would've handled the motherfucker if he hadn't broken my nose." Suigetsu grunted, pointing to the swelling around his broken nose.

"That really looks ugly." Sasuke commented.

"Wait until you see your sexy black eye in the mirror." Suigetsu replied with a wry expression, and then he turned his attention back to Oscar. "What did you do to him anyway? Did you kill him?" He asked, referring to the attacker that Oscar knocked down.

"No. The police are probably handling them right now." The older man paused to glance at his wrist watch. "Well, I have to go. Take care of your friend, Suigetsu. And remember to dress next time you wake up."

The barman left the room, leaving a grimacing Suigetsu behind. It wasn't exactly a fun experience for him to drop at hospital wearing nothing but bloodied underwear and sneakers. After they finally put Sasuke in a stretcher trolley, BBD disappeared inside the Emergency section with Sasuke while Suigetsu was left behind, not knowing what do to. They didn't let him in because of their stupid one-family-member-only accompanying rules (BBD was not even a family member, how could they have missed that?). Eventually a nurse approached him and asked him to follow her to another room, but not before she looked at his underwear with a slightly disturbed face.

"It's not my blood! It's my friends' blood, okay?" He explained, lest she started thinking that he tried self-circumcision at home.

The nurse was very unpleasant though. She made him a lot of questions about his personal information and medical history. He told her he had never been to a hospital before and she gave him a dumbfounded look, as if he had been living in another planet until now. The doctor was so much nicer than her and even scolded the nurse for not giving him at least a robe to cover himself. She was also quite hot for her age. She was probably in her 40's, but he could tell she took good care of herself. Suigetsu actually preferred older women. He didn't understand most men's fascination with virgin schoolgirls. They're so boring in bed.

But the only thing the doctor did was giving him a pain killer and some ice. She said he'd have to come back after the swelling goes down to correct the bone fracture, but as much tempting as it was the idea of seeing her again – as well as recovering his symmetrical face – he didn't have insurance. His finances weren't the best at the moment either. His house was destroyed. And now he had an alcohol debt with Genma.

He should just send all his bills to Orochimaru.

"Odd…" Sasuke commented, interrupting his thoughts. Suigetsu looked at him, finding his friend staring blankly at the ceiling.


"Odd that BBD didn't ask any questions."

He raised an eyebrow. Yes, now that he thought about it…BBD didn't ask a single question about who were those guys attacking them. He didn't try to question Suigetsu either, before Sasuke woke up from the surgery. One would expect him to demand some explanations… right?

"Maybe he thought they were only robbers."

"You mentioned Orochimaru's name." Sasuke said. "Even if he doesn't read the newspapers, one would expect him at least to be curious about our connection with him and the attackers."

"Yeah, you're right… well, BBD has always been the quite type. Maybe he doesn't want to get involved."

"He's already involved."

"Maybe he still has difficulty with the Japanese language."

"He speaks better Japanese than half the guys I know."

"Okay, are you suggesting he knows what was going on?" Suigetsu asked, confused.

Sasuke didn't respond immediately, but continued to look away with an enigmatic expression on his face. He was quiet for a few seconds, as if he was still trying to rationalize his thoughts. Finally, he said something:

"I just find his excellent timing suspicious."

Suigetsu stoop up brusquely from his chair. "How can you say that?! If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't be alive with both of your arms still attached to your body!"

Sasuke just remained silent, staring at the ceiling. He had that blank look on his eyes again. It looked like he finally gave up on overthinking too much.

Suigetsu sighed, and sat back on the chair. Sometimes his friend pissed him off a bit with his impertinence. BBD was the coolest guy he knew, and he was sure ready to punch anyone who dared to say bad things about him. He always took care of them; once he even paid his taxi home after he drank too much and never asked the money back. And Sasuke didn't know this, but the last time he got himself into a fight with three thugs outside the bar, it was BBD who saw it through the window of the kitchen and asked Suigetsu to go see what was going on. He only didn't go because the guy who was waiting for a drink next him overheard and volunteered to save Sasuke's sorry drunken ass. Apparently that guy, according to BBD, was the man Sasuke's ex-girlfriend dumped him for. Seriously, Sasuke couldn't have reached a new low, Suigetsu almost felt sorry for his pathetic ego.

But doubting BBD's good-hearted intentions was simply inexcusable. BBD might have as well saved Sasuke's life twice, and he never thanked him once.

"I'm not suggesting BBD is conspiring with Orochimaru, if that's what you're thinking." Sasuke said suddenly, pulling Suigetsu out of his angry thoughts.

"Then what are you trying to suggest?"

"I don't know… It's just… arg, forget it. Maybe it's the anesthesia."

He made a silly smile, and that was enough for their friendship to get back to normality. Yes, Sasuke sometimes was bit insensitive with his comments, but deep down, he was a good guy. And Suigetsu knew he cared about BBD too, although he had a hard time expressing it.

"Hey Sasuke." He asked, "How tall do you think BBD is?"

It wasn't exactly an important question, but it's not like they had anything else to talk about. Suigetsu was not willing to go home after Orochimau's lapdogs tried to kill him. And it's not like he had any other place to crash in, so he might as well stay in the hospital as long as he could.

"About 200 cm?" (1)

"Nah, he's definitely over 2 meters tall. Probably 210 cm. The studio's ceiling is over 2 meters and he was so tall I think his head touched the ceiling."

"Your ceiling is not over 2 meters. I can touch it easily with the palm of my hand."

"Bullshit, you're not that tall. I can only touch it with my fingertips."

"I'm over 175 cm."

"You're so full of bullshit! You are, at the very best, 172 cm. And I'm being generous."

Sasuke sighed, annoyed. "Why are we even discussing my height? You're shorter than me."

"Well, I am bigger in other parts." Suigetsu said with a grin.

Sasuke glared down at him with a peevish expression on his face, obviously not appreciating the comparison.

"Wanna bet?" Suigetsu teased.

"I'm not sure what you're suggesting…"

"We go to my house, watch some porn movies and we measure."

Sasuke lifted an eyebrow. "And meanwhile I suppose we fix your house' entrance door?"

"Oh shit, I forgot." His eyes widened, the grin faded as he was reminded again the sad condition of his life now. "We can't go back to my house..."

This was probably the first time Sasuke saw his friend with such a sad, hopeless expression. He had always been good at hiding his own personal problems with his goofy personality, but now he seemed really lost.

"You know, you can-"

But before Sasuke could say anything else, the door opened like a thunderclap and an orange figure burst into the room, causing Suigetsu jumping out of his chair in fright.

"SASUKE! Sakura told me you were shot!"

Suigetsu released a gusty sigh. It was just that Sasuke's stupid blond friend. That little punk made him think for a moment that Orochimaru had sent more disciples to finish the task. He recognized the girl that dumped Sasuke following him behind. She was kinda cute, but uninteresting. She had no boobs.

"Geez, for a moment I thought you were warning us about the end of the world." Suigetsu joked.

They ignored him completely.

Instead, they ran toward the bed and bombed Sasuke with questions after questions, not even giving him time to answer. Sometimes Suigetsu wondered how Sasuke, of all the people he knew, could have so much patience for them when Suigetsu himself was already having headaches just hearing them talking at the same time.

"How did you know I was here anyway?" Sasuke had to raise his voice to be heard over the blond guy's incessant questionnaire. He was looking a bit annoyed already.

"My mother works here as a doctor, remember?" Sakura explained. She also looked a bit annoyed. It seemed like everyone was annoyed in that room. How beautiful friendship was.

Naruto turned his head to Suigetsu, finally recognizing his presence in the room. "But what were these guys doing at your house?" He asked in an accusing tone, as if Suigetsu was the one to blame for the fact that their poor friend ended up in a hospital bed.

"Orochimaru probably sent them to kill Suigetsu." Sasuke said.

"Or they followed you." Suigetsu added sharply.

"You should've run away instead of staying there and trying to fight them." Sakura stated.

"Hey, thanks a lot! It was Sasuke's stupid plan that got us into this situation, for your information."

"Yes, because your plan of sharpening chopsticks was obviously better." Sasuke snorted.

Two knocks on the door forced the heated conversation to be interrupted, and two police officers stepped in the room. "We're sorry for the interruption, but we have some questions to make. Can you two give us some minutes?"

The question was an invitation for Naruto and Sakura to leave the room and let the police do their job. Sakura nodded in understanding, pulling her friend by his arm.

"We wait outside. By the way Sasuke, my mother has already called Asuma. They are on their way."

"Is Kurenai coming too?" Suigetsu asked eagerly.

Sakura grimaced in disgust at his pervert comment, and stopped in front of him, half-way to the door. She wiggled two fingers and pinched his swollen nose, making him fall back on the chair with the pain. "Ouch, that hurts you bitch!" He screamed, protecting his sensitive nose with both of his hands.

"Serves you right." She said, and left the room with Naruto.

Sasuke couldn't hide a little smile of amusement.

:: ::

Oscar left the hospital building, feeling strangely happy. It was a mere coincidence to find Sasuke there too, but fortunately he had arrived just in time. The boy was lucky that the bullet didn't completely fragment. He could've lost his arm, or worst. Oscar didn't even want to think about it.

His cell phone rang. He was already expecting this call.

"There were two of them. One was already down when I arrived." He said. "I took care of the other. The boys are safe."

"The boys?" The voice on the other side inquired.

"Sasuke was there too. He got shot, but he'll be fine."

"Where is he?"

"City Hospital, room 405."

"Thank you. Please dispose of this cell phone."

He hung up.



(1) 200 cm = 6'7"

175 cm = 5'9"

172 cm = 5' 7.7" (?)

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