Damien smirked, saying "You're right Pip; I have no way of knowing whether you're lying to me or not. How am I ever to trust you again?" By the time he finished his question, he was glaring at the smaller boy in front of him.

You told me that you loved me
And kissed me in the street.
I felt your arms around me
Like ground beneath my feet.

"I believed you when you told me this song-and-dance before- how do I know this is any different?" He wanted to have confidence in Pip more than anything, but the memory of what the raven had turned him into kept his loving embrace at bay. The blonde Englishman seemed so crestfallen, it also reminded him of his intense pleas toward this blonde weeks ago. Which made him recall what happened next, and so the vicious cycle persisted.

"I admit to everything, Damien. But those were Kenny's words not mine- not until now. I made a mistake going against what my heart was telling me. I wanted to tell you everything, but Kenny showed up and from there I made nothing but horrible decisions." When Pip stopped, he was struggled catch his breath. "Please, you have to believe me."

"You promised me forever-
I wouldn't have to ask.
Your poems were so clever
I never saw your mask.

"And I held onto every word, but what else should I have expected? Anyone who could possibly like me has to have a dark side somewhere, am I right? It's just a matter of finding it and bringing it out, I guess." He turned his head away stubbornly, sticking dogmatically to his side of this argument. He refused to let Pip know that the anti-Christ knew it was almost entirely his fault, just because Pip wanted revenge didn't mean he was totally to blame. Damien let him in after breaking his heart, making him kill himself; Pip was only doing the logical thing. And Damien would've done the same.

Pip looked on with an expression akin to helplessness, watching as the teenager in front of him twisted completely away from him. "Damien, please."

You gave your heart so freely
I could not even see
It wasn't you who smiled right back at me.

Damien glanced around his father's kingdom, taking in the scenery of souls wandering the spacious lands, hellhounds playing with one another, life going on blissfully ignorant to the torment the two young men. How could they know be so oblivious to their prince's feelings? That the love of his life couldn't be trusted and it was all because of him? That they were about to be separated forever?

"Odi et amo, odi et amo
Meus carus hostilis."(1)

"I've arranged for you to be taken to Heaven. I can't concentrate with you here; I remember too much." He said sadly, facing Pip once more. The Brit's countenance became one of pure shock- his widened eyes, his jaw flapping up and down in an attempt to say something. "I know how much you wanted to be there; consider it one last good act of a friend."

"W-w-what do you mean 'last?'" the soul finally managed to stutter.

"I don't think we'll be seeing each other when you leave. My father can go up there with limited rights- he's a fallen angel. I, however, am born of Hell and Earth- I'm a demon and don't have such a luxury. But I want you to understand this Pip: I've already forgiven you. I may find it difficult to trust you again, but that shouldn't suggest I don't appreciate your situation at the time and your motives. I've never forgiven before, but I think it's fitting that the first person I forgave was the first person I met who was willing to be my friend."

"Damien, I don't want to go Heaven! Will you listen to me?" Pip was beginning to lose his usually docile temper. Hell's youngest prince seemed to answer him then, just not in the way Pip wanted or was expecting.

"I'm not afraid of darkness
That walks the city streets;
Betrayal is the one thing
That brings me to my knees."

Pip let out a noise of frustration and started over towards his ex-boyfriend with clenched fists at his sides, while Damien continued, unaware.

"I thought you were an angel
My rescue from this hell."

When Pip got to his destination, he punched Damien so hard in the face that the bigger boy stumbled from the other. He looked up in visible astonishment as Pip panted with his efforts. "Listen here, you prick. Like I said before- I wasn't the only one to blame in this scenario.

"But the Devil was an actor
Who played his part too well.

"You vanished in the shadows
And suddenly I knew
That I would give my life to be with you."

Pip struck the other again in the shoulder for good measure. "Don't forget who it was that sent demons out of Hell to rape me when we were eight; eight, Damien! And still I willing to let you in when I saw you again- you were the one you walked through the door and didn't look back. And for your information, I loved you during our relationship, but Kenny- who I think wasn't acting on his own accord and good will- was the one who moved his plan. That's what it was- his plan, his idea."

Damien could only stare as Pip went on, unrelenting in his tirade. "It's fine if you don't trust me, I wouldn't either. But don't think for a second I'll let you get away with thinking you were some innocent saint in all of this!

"Odi et amo, odi et amo
Meus carus hostilis.
Odi et amo, odi et amo-
Ego excuro vobis."(2)

Damien wasn't the only one to have picked up Latin while he was in Hell. The raven was quick to recover though, and defended his decision to let Pip be taken up to Heaven. After all, someone like Pip didn't belong in a place like Hell, or with a person like Damien.

"I don't mean to leave it up to fate;
Love is just another side of hate."

"Don't be archaic Damien. It's flowing through my veins, it burns me from within- the line between the lover and enemy's grown thin. I'm strong enough to make my own decisions and I don't want to be in Heaven- I'm not that person anymore." With that, Pip smiled at Damien, the kind of smile which the anti-Christ might have sliced away from someone else's face, but it looked rather cute on the blonde's.

"Too late for this sinner to be saved,
You heart is the mystery I craved."

But Damien only shook his head, still thinking Pip was too good for him, scheme or no scheme.

"You're pushing me too far,
You're brought me to my knees
When pain becomes the pleasure,
And torture feels like bliss."

Pip seized Damien's hand before the other could refuse, and gave a chaste kiss to his cheek. "We can make this work, Damien. We can do this." He sang for the last time as they walked toward Damien's room together.

"Odi et amo, odi et amo
Meus carus hostilis."

And Damien smiled to himself as he hoped for a different run this time around.

Odi et amo, odi et amo
Ego excuro vobis.

A/N: There it is- the last chapter to this story! I'm a little sad to see it all grown up, but it's better that's it's finished, right? Anyway, thanks for those of you who muddled through the bad grammar, Pip's suicide and mental breakdown, Damien's sweetness, and Kenny and Butters' inability to stay the hell out of other people's business. ^_^ I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to read any of my other stories and fandoms, hopefully some are better than others. Over and out. And for those of you who may have been wondering what the choruses meant for this song, I provided translation I picked up somewhere.

(1) I hate and I love
My beloved enemy.

(2) I hate and I love
My beloved enemy.
I hate and I love-
I burn for you.