Casey woke up to the sound of a blaring car alarm. Once her eyes focused, she pulledherself out of bed and walked to the window. Looking down at the street, she found the culprit.

She turned around and glanced at the clock. She wasn't sure if it read 5:15 or 5:51. A closer look told her it was 5:15.

She rubbed her eyes and stumbled into the bathroom. A half hour later, she emerged wrapped tightly in a towel. She pulled on a black suit jacket over a red button down blouse, a black skirt, and matching heels. After curling her hair, she stuffed a pile of papers into her briefcase and walked downstairs to her car. She dialed Olivia's number. "I'm on my way." Clicking the phone shut, she sighed. Olivia had asked her to breakfast this morning, and she hated that it had to be so early. Maybe today would be the day she would finally grow the spine she needed to make her move. Maybe.

At the restaurant, Casey continued ranting about the courtroom etiquette meeting that she had vented about on the phone for three hours the night before. "I've been a prosecutor for nine years. I know how to behave myself!"

Olivia sighed. "Jack's probably using you to help set an example. After all, you ARE his Head ADA."

Casey stirred a pack of sugar into her coffee and ripped the wrapper neatly in half. "I guess so."

"I know so." Olivia smiled.

A passing waitress tripped over the table and her tray fell on Casey.

Casey jumped up. "What the hell???"

Olivia got up and helped Casey. "Calm down Case."

"Calm down???? I have egg in my hair!" Casey yelled.

Olivia glanced nervously at the other diners, who, one by one, were starting to stare at them. She gently combed the egg out of Casey's hair. "Better?"

Casey felt her muscles relax to Olivia's touch. "Much."

Olivia kissed Casey's neck, then pulled back and blushed. "Sorry."

Casey unwillingly moaned. She turned and kissed Olivia passionately. "I have always loved you Olivia." She was caught off guard, but she figured this was as good a time as any to confess her feelings.

"I've always loved you too Casey."

"Come home with me?" Casey smiled. Damn it Casey, she thought.

"Oh you're a bad ADA. Mmmm, I don't know if I should," Olivia teased.

"Aww Livvy, please?" Casey pouted.

Olivia grabbed her and pulled her in, kissing her passionately. "You sure you want that, Counselor?"

"I'll take my chances."