The next few months flew by. Alex was still after Casey, but Casey had figured out ways to ignore her. Victoria and Olivia formed a strong mother/daughter bond. Casey went into labor three months early and gave birth to a beautiful green eyed baby girl who Olivia named Natalie Melissa Benson-Novak.

Casey was sitting in a chair by the crib watching Natalie sleep. "She's so cute when she's sleeping."

Olivia wrapped her arms around Casey from behind. "She's cute anyway."

"Yeah. When she's sleeping. We haven't gotten any sleep in four days."

"Baby that's part of having a child. She'll be better in ten years or so."

Casey groaned and laid tilted her head back, looking at Olivia. "So I'm supposed to go ten years without sleeping??"

"No of course not. Three tops."

"Olivia Nicole!"

"I was kidding. What do you say we have a date night?"

"Or we can stay in and watch a movie."

Olivia smiled. "Which movie?"

Casey shrugged. "I don't know. How about Pride and Prejudice?"

"Oh I love that movie."

"Yes Babe I know that."

Olivia went downstairs and found the DVD, pulled it off of the shelf, and popped it into the DVD player. "Casey are you coming?"

Casey walked into the kitchen. "Yeah, I'm getting the drinks and popcorn."

Olivia got up and helped her.

Casey dumped two bags of popcorn into a huge bowl and set it on the counter. Opening the refrigerator, she pulled out two bottles of coca cola. She kissed Olivia, handed her one, and carried the bowl of popcorn into the living room. "Liv?"


"I love you." Casey hit PLAY on the movie.

"I love you too."

Just as the movie started, Natalie cried from the nursery. Casey sighed. "I'll be right back." She went to their daughter and cradled her. Once she was fed, she fell back asleep. Casey went back downstairs and reclaimed her position next to her detective. As long as she had Olivia by her side, she knew that she could accomplish anything.