No Such Thing as Happily Ever After

The Prologue

Full Summary: When the hoodwink gain messes up yet another Happily Ever After case. They are sent on a mission that seems nearly impossible. Do they have what it takes to make a happily ever after story. Or will they find that there is no such thing as Happily Ever After?

The clock on the wall was the only sound in the silent office. It ticked as each second passed until it chimed the hour with a loud sound making the occupants in the room jump. As the sound died down the only door in the office opened with a creak. Everyone in the room turned to watch as a long legged frog walked into the room and over to the front of the desk where he sat down and crossed his legs.

"I'm sure you all realize why you're here."

"Um no not really…no." Said a scratchy baritone voice

"Why are we here Flippers?" Asked a voice that was warped with age yet sweetened with kindness

"Then we shall review." The frog called Flippers said as he walked over to filing cabinet and brought out a huge folder "You're past missions. Red, Wolf, and triple Gs lets review shall we?"

The three gulped at the mention of their names as Frog started to read there mission reviews.


An old lady with a bent back walked into a small cottage where her companions were lazing around. The old lady bent back up and through the grandmother like clothes on the floor "That's it I am tired of being the old lady for all of these missions."

"But you do such a great job at it Granny." Wolfie said as he stopped tinkering with a sound amplifier

"That's it you can be the granny next time" Granny stated as she waved over in Wolfie directions

"No way. The granny gets to be the old lady."

"An old lady that can beat you into next Tuesday if the mood suits her." Red said as she stopped fiddling with the vials on the table.

Granny huffed as she sprayed she fixed her hair into the usual white tower. "Well this better work."

"Well we've all done our jobs. I lead white to the cottage." Wolfie said "And Red has already set it up where the prince will find her. This is going to be a happily ever after, after all."

Red smirked "In the…" Red trailed off as she fiddled with a vial in her hand before dropping it on the table in horror.

"What's wrong dear?" Asked Granny as her voice turned to sweetness as she addressed her granddaughter

"We need to call the paramedics immediately."

"Why what's wrong? I told you not to eat that mushroom." Wolfie stated as he turned to look over at Red

"No not for me…it's for the Snow White." Red said as she turned the vile for everyone to see "We didn't giver her sleeping draught we gave her REAL poison."

"AHHH" Granny and Wolfie yelled as the meaning sank in. They had just poisoned a princess and the client for there happily ever after agency.

Some happy ever after this was going to turn out to be.


"I would like to at this time mention that not only was Snow white in the hospitable for over 5months but so was the prince."
"Well how were we supposed to know there was still poison on her lips?" Wolfie commented

"It was his fault for trying to kiss a "dead" girl. Who does that? Like yuck!" Red spoke up "I mean we got there as fast as we could."

"AH" Flippers interrupted with a lift of a finger "This is not the only case I would like to discuss with you all. Perhaps we should now discuss the mission of "Beauty and the Beast."

"I'd rather not." Red said just as Mr. Flippers started reading yet again.


Wolf ran as fast as he could. After all it was not easy running on an empty stomach. He had told Granny to bring some of her snooker doodles but she forgot them…or so she says. It would have been easier to take a taxi. But this was the middle of no where. Far away places sucked he didn't see how Red could stand this moving around all the time.

"Wow" Wolf yelled as he realized there was more than one wolf chasing after the girl.

He quickly sprinted forward and grabbed a piece of the woman's cloak…just to make it look real. Before he spitted it out, fabric was disgusting and bad for the digestive track.

Wolfie slowed down as he saw a tall house coming into view. Ah this must be the house. With that thought Wolfie started to reside back from the other wolves. He stopped altogether when a huge creature came into view fending off the wolves.

Satisfied Wolfie started to walk back to the point where he had left the rest of the team.


Wolfie quickly stood up from the chair "In my defense I had absolutely no idea that that creature was not the "Beast", and for another thing it's you're fault that you didn't give me the address so I could make sure that I had dropped her off at the right house."

Flipper stopped reading "Do you know what happened to Bell?"

Wolfie twitched his mouth to the side and scrunched his nose up. Before lowering his face and tracing the bends and curls in the carpet with his eyes "I might have read about it."

"That was pretty bad." Red said "Why are papers so graphic?"

"I'd like to point out that this was the wolves fault." Granny said

"Oh lets stereotype. Sure it's the wolf there easy targets." Wolfie said in a sarcastic voice mumbling under his breath before speaking up

"Ok I messed up I admit it." Wolfie said as he swung his gaze back up to Flippers "I was wrong I thought it was the beast but it wasn't ok? It was an honest mistake. How was I supposed to know that I had driven her past the Beast's house and into the Bigfoot's territory. Come on, he needs to be a little nicer to his guests. Who attacks there guests these days."

"So far all of you're missions have had the clients ending up in the hospitable for over two months. Lets go on shall we?"

"Once again I don't think that's a good idea." Red said from her seat

"Let's go over Peter Pan." Flipper said "No pixy dust?"

"That is correct." Granny said "Unfortunately the pixy dust was mixed with glitter can you believe that?"

Wolfie snorted in humor "Yeah you should have seen it. They just jumped out of that window screaming I can fly, we can fly! And then…" Wolfie trailed off as laughter overtook him

Soon the whole team was laughing at the memory.

"You find it funny that four children and a shadow jumped out a second story window and were severely injured." Flippers said with a raise of his eyebrow

The room fell silent at his comment.

"No of course not." Red started "It was the way they did it. They really thought they could fly."

"They were supposed to." Flippers stated "And let's not even get started on the case of the princess and frog."

"Yeah I hear the princess will never eat frogs again." Granny said on a sigh "Shame there really good."

"I will remind you that it was you who had thought of changing the prince into a frog."

"It was a huge misunderstanding. She was supposed to kiss him not eat him." Wolfie stated

Red nodded "I mean who eats a frog when there dating one just like it out in there pond."

Flippers nodded his head "I do understand that in this fairy tale you made this a joke for my birth day…"

"Well yeah but we didn't think the frog would get eaten." Red said slowly as if talking to child younger than herself.

"Could you name to me one mission that in the last two years you have made into a happily ever after ending?"

The group fell silent as they thought amongst themselves "Ah ha I know the little mermaid."

"Ah yes although it is true that the mermaid and the prince had a happily ever after ending. Unfortunately the crab did not. You failed to keep the crab safe from the castle's chief."

Flippers sighed as he put the file back into the cabinet. As if these aren't enough lets review Aladdin."


The three stood in the sand and watched as the "old man" kneeled and screamed out his misfortune. Wolfie grinned as he took off his disguise as a palace guard. Red smiled as she crossed her arms and stared at the huge piles of sand. Granny let out one of her own smiles as she took out a box of treats. "Would you like some dears?"

"Thank you Granny." Wolfie said as he reached out to take one

"Here let me light a lamp so that we can see." Red said as she struck a match and lit a lamp

"Hey where'd you get that? It looks a lot like the lamp that the genie was in." Wolfie said as he stared at the lamp in Red's hands.

Red paused from taking a snack for herself and looked over at Wolfie and gulped.

Wolfie's eyes widened in understanding "No…you didn't…you couldn't…you did!"

Granny's eyes swung to the lamp and she sighed "Flippers is going to flip."

"How could you forget to put the lamp in cave dear?"

"You were staring at the sand again weren't you?" Wolfie accused with appointed finger before he to sunk to the sand and screamed out his aggravation just as Jafa did a little while ago. "How could you it's SAND"

"Sorry." Red said


Flippers sighed "This just proves that every mission you have done had ended in disaster! Thank god you are not the only team working for ever after other wise this world would become a dark and dismal place. So far the only people with happily ever after stories have been doctors."

Red and Granny looked at each other with regret before looking at Wolfie who had sat back down.

"So does this mean were fired?"

"No, we will send you on another mission and see how you fair. If you fair badly you will be disciplined."

"So what is the next mission?" Granny asked with narrowed eyes of determination

"You will be helping a young lady that has been forced into servitude by her evil step mother and sisters. You're job is to help her catch the attention of the young prince in the area."

"Sounds easy enough" Red stated

"Hm the folder is on my desk and do not disappoint me." Flippers stated as he walked out of his office

"I advise that we do not screw this one up I don't even want to think about how were going to be punished." Wolfie said with a stretch

"Hmm who knows what'll happen" Red said as she stood up herself

"Now who'd like to go to my house from some sweets" Granny said as she tried to sweeten the mood.


Ok so here's the prologue, tell me what you think! This is going to get better I promise!

Also this is something I will write in my spare time so it'll not be updated regularly. It's pretty much something to make people laugh.