Protect Me by Nehan Shinzui A/N:Yea! It's me again! (everyone runs and hides) Third fanfic. Woot! Okay I'm taking a break from Death Note for a while because I'm preparing to write a very long all-over-the-place fic in that fandom and I suddenly am obsessed with Ben Ten Alien Force right now and the Bevin thing just seems so awesome right now! I haven't watched it in a while so correct me about stuff cuz I'm gonna try to make this kinda like the show but it's gonna be kinda...AUish I think you call it? and the Omnitrix may or may not be appearing depending on how the story progresses. Gosh, why do I always have these long author's notes? Geez, I talk alot. Ok ramble over...I guess. :)

Summary: Ben thought that Cash was just being a jerk as always; nothing serious or disturbing about that right? He thought Kevin was just being a friend when he threatened Cash. Nothing serious or disturbing right? He thought Gwen was just being a girl when she started worrying like that. She couldn't be seriously disturbed right? He thought those were normal signs of heat on his face whenever he looked at Kevin. Nothing serious right? God, he was so stupid.

Chapter One: Warning Signs

The sun beamed down on them, soaking the trio in its heat. Gwen lay on the soft grass a book in one hand, her other hand twirling around forming shapes of pink energy. She made a square float over the lake scooping up a large amount of water and made it swirl around. Seeing Ben sleeping under a tree she let a mischeivous grin slide across her face. The pink box slowly and stealthily found its way hovering over Ben.
Ben snored. Gwen released the water. She laughed when he jolted awake yelling and spluttering and disoriented. " You needed to wake up anyway," she said still attempting to hold back her laughter. Kevin walked over to Ben from where he'd sat looking at Gwen. " Well, at least you cooled off--" he paused. His mouth slightly hung open. Kevin had always thought Ben was a good-looking kid. With his bright green eyes, soft chestnut colored hair, smooth skin,and lithe frame, he'd always looked good to him. In fact,
he had found himself staring at the younger boy in the car, almost crashing twice because of it. But never-never-had Ben such a strong object of...lust. Maybe it was how the water stuck to his chest. How his hair glistened in the sun. How he started to pant. Ben looked up when he saw Kevin standing over him. His face still felt hot when he made the motion and his face got even warmer as he watched the older man look him up and down with his mouth slightly agape."What?" Ben asked, getting a little nervous with the way Kevin was staring at him. Kevin shook his head. " got you wet." The brown-haired boy snorted. " No kidding..." He then flinched,
preparing for the hit. His eyes opened slowly when nothing happened and he uncovered his soaking arms from across his chest. Gwen still laughed in the background. And Kevin still stared at him. "Uh, yeah Gwen I'm glad you found that amusing. ...And I'm supposed to be the immature one..." Rolling his eyes he continued, "My shirt's ruined--I--I-I'll have to take it off--everything. Except my underwear..." Gwen bent over with laughter. " Just go get him something to dry off with, shit!" Both brunettes stared. Gwen even stopped laughing. The younger boy looked up at the one who had responded so harshly and quickly. Yeah, he was definitely a little anxious now. "Kevin?" he asked softly. Kevin grabbed Ben's shoulder and glared at the orange-haired prep chick ferociously. " Geez, Kev." Gwen said. She turned briskly towards the direction of the car, huffing. Kevin didn't know what had just come over him; he knew however, that he did not enjoy Ben getting laughed at. (Though, the sight of him soaking wet...well...he supposed he could deal with that.) Ben still felt a little hot in the face when he looked at the black-haired man but he guessed that had to do with the mutant's position in the sun. Then Kevin spoke. " You alright, Tennyson?" he said rather gruffly. Ben hesitated. " Uh...yeah...K-Kevin?" The coal-haired man slowly looked down at him. "You didn't have to swear." They both smiled. This potentially fluffy moment was interrupted when a certain prep-like chick showed up with a convenient towel. She marched over to them, eyeballing Kevin. She shoved the cotton-based drying device at her cousin and snapped, "Happy now, princess?" She had a playful smirk on her face; Ben returned a smile (cuz, you know Ben's all nice and stuff). Kevin, however, was less amused. He yanked Ben up by his shoulder and steered him towards the trees. " Cha'mon, Tennyson, we need privacy." Gwen blinked. " We?" she snapped, but they'd already disappearedinto the darker part of the forest, Kevin still dragging her cousin who was being strangely submissive. He dragged the younger boy to a small clearing and stopped. "Take it off!" he snapped impatiently. Ben hesitated. "What's your problem, man?" Kevin had started to breathe harshly; his fingers had started to twitch in anticipation and his pupils had dilated. "Just take it OFF, BEN!" Green eyes widened. "O-okay..." (cuz Ben's all AUish). He slowly peeled the black shirt off, turning around to glance shyly at Kevin who began to twitch even more. The pants slid off next, slowly and sensually. " kev, could you give me some privacy, please?" There was silence for a moment; then Ben suddenly felt himself fall to the ground a weight on his midriff. The raven-haired man (don't you just luuuuuuuuuuurve cliche phrases? sarcasm,sarcasm) was now sitting on top of Ben, head lowered close to his face. "What the hell--?" " Dry off, " Kevin interrupted. He shoved the towel at the man with the gloriously green eyes. The latter muttered, "Oh get off me."Kevin complied yanking Ben into a standing position. Pulling the younger closer, he bagan to rub his back gently with the water absorber. Ben lowered his eyes getting a little more comfortable. After a while Kevin pulled Gwen's cousin away from his body, his eyes yet again roaming with something Ben couldn't quite catagorize. "All done." Kevin said huskily. Feeling slightly uncertain Ben gave a shaky laugh. " Guess we'd better go check on Gwen, eh? She's probably all worried--" He licked his lips when the elder remained quiet. Kevin's hips thrust forward suddenly. He quickly turned away from his companion.
"Oh, shit."
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