Title: Their Little Secret (AU- L/Z)
Author: Inquisitive1
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Rating: PG13 overall
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Note: AU fic everyone is human. Zan exists
Chapter 1
Roswell High
Liz Parker looks up from her books as she hears the teacher call her name. Liz closes her book making her way up to the front of
the classroon. "Yes Mr Stricklan?"
Mr Stricklan, the biology teacher, smiles "Liz we are getting three new students." he looks at the book before him "Evans... Maxwell, Alexander and Isabel."
"All three are in this class?" Liz asks curiously
"No Maxwell is in this class. Alexander is in 4th period. I was
told that Alexander had some trouble at his last school. I was hoping you could work with him."
"Um what about your papers and such?" Liz asks curiously
"We'll come up with something don't worry about it." Stricklan replies
"All right" Liz nods
"I'll put Maxwell as your lab partner. From what I have been told he is an excellent student."
"Yes sir" Liz nods returning to her seat
The door opens and Stricklan looks over to see a tall, dark haired
young man enter "You must be Maxwell Evans"
He nods "Please call me Max"
"Well Max welcome to advanced biology. I have put you with Liz Parker."
Max follows his gesture to a dark haired girl looking at a book.
"Yes sir." Max nods making his way over to the table he sits down "Hi" he smiles
Liz looks up "Hi I'm Liz" she smiles

45 mins later
"Hey Lizzie" a voice greets
Liz sighs "Michael don't call me that" she looks at her best friend's boyfriend "What's up?"
Michael Guerin leans against the locker "Seen Maria?"
"No" Liz replies grabbing her history book. "Is she still mad at you?"
Michael groans "Yeah"
"Go apologize" Liz suggests closing her locker
"What makes you think I did anything wrong?" Michael asks petuantly
"When don't you?" Liz asks walking down the hallway
"I resent that" Michael calls
Liz laughs rounding the corner she bumps into a body. "Oh uh sorry"
"Its cool" a heavily accented voice replies
Liz looks up to find Max but with spiked hair and piercings "You must be Alexander" she smiles
He lifts his pierced brow
"I'm in biology with Max and I'm Stricklan's TA 4th period." she explains
"They call me Zan" he smiles
"Liz Parker" she smiles back.
"Well Liz Parker" he drawls looking her over "I think you just
gave me a reason to stick around."
Liz blushes "I better go. I'll see you 4th period." she stammers hurrying down the hall.
Zan stands there staring after the girl "Damn she's fine."
"Zan you're going to be late for class" Max says finding his brother standing in the hall
Zan glances at his twin "Just met Liz Parker."
"She's my bio partner" Max says
"She's hot" Zan remarks
Max sighs "Zan just don't be late for class" he says walking away
"Lighten up Maxwell" Zan calls

4th Period: Stricklan's class
"Hey Liz Parker"
Liz starts looking up from her writing to find Zan Evans standing before her "Hi"
"I see you two have already met" Stricklan remarks joining them at the desk.
"Met in the hall" Zan shrugs
"Why don't you two go to the library and get started." Stricklan suggests. He looks at Zan "Liz is going to help you catch up with the work so far."
Liz stands gathering her books. As they wall down the hallway Liz glances at Zan 'He's so different from the guys around here' she thinks "So where did you move from?"
"New York" Zan replies "Dad got a new job"
"New York to Roswell talk about a change" Liz remarks
Zan looks at her "Not much to do around here huh"
Liz shakes her head "My friends and I hang out at the Crashdown."
"Yeah my parents restuarant. My bestfriend Maria and her boyfriend Michael work there. My other best friend Alex is the schools computer genius and Kyle is a football player." she explains as they enter the library. Liz leads him back to a study area "So lets get to work shall we."
Zan barely listens as Liz talks intent on looking at her

30 mins later
Liz closes the book "Any questions?"
"No" Zan shakes his head
"Can I ask you something?" Liz asks
"Go ahead"
"Stricklan mentioned that you have a sister. Are you guys triplets or something?"
Zan chuckles "No Isabel's in the same grade as us because no one knows our exact age. When we were little the Evans adopted us. They tried to seperate us for classes when we were younger but it didn't work. We hated being apart so they just kept us in the same class. We never had a seperate class until we reached Jr High."
"So your close"
Zan nods "Not as much as we used to be but yeah we are. What about you any siblings?"
"Technically no... but I have Maria, Michael, Alex and Kyle. They are the closest I have to siblings. We do pretty much everything together. The guys are overprotective of me and Maria."
"Iz says that about me and Max. We scared off two of her boyfriends and we always make sure that the guy she dates knows we'll beat the daylights out of him if he hurts her."
Liz laughs "Sounds like Kyle, Alex and Michael. Alex is the laidback one though." she glances at the clock. "We should get going." she stands gathering her books "So what's your next class?" she asks as they walk out of the library.
"History. Yours?"
"Pretty advanced stuff" he remarks
Liz shrugs "I get bored. I want to become a molecular biologist.
I take all of the advanced maths and sciences. Sometimes I go to summer school."
"So your a brain" Zan remarks
Liz blushes as they reach the classroom "I guess"
"I like it." Zan says opening the door for her

Crashdown: After school
"So you seen the new kids?" Maria DeLuca asks as she and Liz change
into their uniforms "Heard one has tattoos and piercings."
Liz nods "Max is my biology partner. Zan is his twin... he has
the piercings. I haven't met their sister though."
"I saw her. She's tall, blond and beautiful" Maria says
"Max and Zan are nice. Max seems a little shy. Zan is funny."
"Hey you two hurry up" Michael yells
"Just a minute Cheesehead" Maria yells back "So Zan?"
Liz blushes "He's cute. So's Max"
"Of course their twins." Maria smiles
Liz shakes her head "Come on Maria let's get to work" she heads out the front
"She likes him" Maria mutters to herself as she follows Liz out

Hour later
"Hey Liz Parker"
Liz looks up at the voice to see Zan Evans leaning against the
counter smirking. She smiles shyly "Hi Zan"
"Love the uniform" Zan grins looking her over
"Can I get you anything?"
"Uh how about a coke" he requests
"You got it" Liz says turning around
"Hey little brother"
Zan looks up to see his sister Isabel standing there "Don't call me that" he scowls
"Here you go" Liz says setting the glass before Zan
"Thanks" Zan smiles "Liz Parker this is my sister Isabel." he introduces
"Hello" Isabel smiles
"Nice to meet you" Liz says "So what can I get you both?"
"Lemonade and fries" Isabel requests
"Fries or onion rings?"
Liz nods "Five ten minutes"
"Sure." Zan watches as Liz walks away
"Zan don't start already" Isabel groans
"She's cute, smart and interesting' Zan says his eyes on Liz "I like her"
"Zan she's not your type" Isabel protests "She's Max's type. Besides
I thought you swore off dating after..."
Zan glares at his sister. "Don't"
At his tone Isabel winces "Fine"
"Where is Max?" Zan asks
"Studying... unpacking." Isabel shrugs "You know how he is about
order." Isabel looks up as Liz sets a glass before her "Thanks"
Liz nods returning to help Maria
Maria glances over at Zan to see him watching Liz. She smiles at Liz "He's cute."
"Maria" Liz says embarrassed
"He's checking you out chica"
Liz glares at Maria moving away
Maria chuckles "Now this is going to be interesting"

Chapter 2
Month later
"So you guys liking Roswell?" Alex Whitman asks the three new members of their group
Isabel shrugs "Could use more shopping"
Maria grins "Definitely"
"Its OK" Max shrugs
"Could use some more action" Zan replies grabbing a chip from Isabel's lunch
"Hey" Isabel protests slapping his hand
"Ow" Zan yelps
"Stop stealing my food" Isabel says annoyed
"I'm a growing boy" Zan reminds
"Well then tell Mom to pack more in your lunch. Stop stealing from me."
"They always like this?" Michael asks Max
Max nods "You should hear the fights over the bathroom. That's even funnier"
"I bet" Michael grins
"Oh yeah. Michael Dad wanted me to remind you that you have to
wear something clean to dinner." Kyle informs his cousin
"Why?" Michael demands
"You guys are coming over for dinner remember" Maria reminds her boyfriend
"Oh yeah"
Liz glances at Zan who is watching her with barely contained lust.
She swallows "I better get to the library"
"What for?" Alex asks
"Need to get some books for homework" Liz replies gathering her
stuff she stands "Later" she says hurrying into the building
Zan stares after her.

That night
Liz hears the bell jingle. She looks up to tell whoever it is that
there closed. She stops when she sees its Zan. "Zan" she says surprised
"Liz" he says leaning against the counter
"You want something? I'm sure I can find something"
Zan shakes his head "I was taking a walk. Saw you in here thought
I'd come in and say hey and see if you needed some help"
"Don't need help put I could use the company." She gives him a shy smile
"Then company you have" he grins
"So how's school going?" Liz asks as she wipes down the counter
"OK I guess" Zan shrugs "I want to get an afterschool job but Mom
and Dad said I have to get my grades up and keep them up." He scowls "I'm not a brain. Max is."
"Don't sell yourself short Zan. Your doing well in Stricklan's class."
"What can I say I got a good reason" he smirks
Liz blushes
"And just when I thought you couldn't get any cuter" he says "So Liz you working this weekend?"
"Uh I have to work Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday."
"I was wondering if you'd go out to dinner with me one of those nights."
Liz looks at him startled "Uh sure"
"Cool" he grins "What night?"
"Saturday would be best"
"Well then I'll pick you up at 7."
Liz smiles "Sounds good."

Saturday 5PM
Maria sits on Liz's bed watching as her best friend searches through her closet "Nervous?"
Liz shrugs "I've never been on a date with a guy like Zan." She
looks at Maria "Its not just about his looks but his attitude."
"You do tend to date guys more like Max." Maria agrees.
Liz nods "But I really like Zan. He makes me laugh. And he's really sweet."
"Michael, Kyle and Alex like him and Max. As far as I know the
boys haven't given Max or Zan the evil eye."
"Thank god" Liz says "Those three have chased off all potential boyfriends"
"We just look out for you girlfriend"
"Hey Liz." Alex calls
"Its open" Liz replies. The door opens and in walk the three guys "Hey"
"We came up to offer our clothing suggestions" Michael says sitting beside Maria
"You three offering clothing help?" Maria lifts her brow
"Thought we'd get our say in now before your dressed" Kyle shrugs
Liz pulls out a blue skirt "How about this?"
"Too short" Michael says
"It's the same length as our uniforms." Maria reminds
"Yes well one of us is usually around to keep an eye on the guys" Alex says
Liz and Maria groan "Guys Zan's been a perfect gentleman when he
comes over after work." Liz tells them taking out a pale pink dress
with a cardigan sweater "What about this?"
"Too plain" Maria says
"I like it" Kyle says
Liz scrunches up her nose "Too dressy" she returns the dress to
her closet. "How about this?" she takes out her knee length black
skirt with silver vines at the bottom
"I like it" remarks Kyle
"What top?" Maria asks
"Uh" Liz grabs a white short sleeved shirt "This?"
"Too plain" Alex says "How about the blue one you wore to Jessi's birthday party" he suggests
Liz frowns searching through the tops "This one?" she asks taking it out
Alex nods "Yeah"
"Well?" Liz asks holding it up for her friends to see
"I like it" Maria says "not too dressy and not too casual."
"What about shoes?"
"Black strappy heels"
"Guys?" Liz asks
"Thumbs up" Alex says
"I like it."
"Go for it" Michael adds
"OK then out" Maria orders "Liz has to get ready" she ushers the three guys out the door

Zan enters the Crashdown wearing black dress slacks and a grey
t-shirt, a black leather jacket with black combat boots "Hey Maria" he grins at the blond
Maria smiles taking in Zan's appearance "I'll go tell Liz your
here" she hurries up to the apartment "Liz, Zan's here"
Liz walks out of her bedroom "Well?"
Maria grins "You look incredible. Zan's going to drop"
"You think?"
"I know" Maria assures "Zan looks hot"
"He does?"
Maria nods "Come on" the two friends head downstairs where they
find Zan talking with Alex. "See"
Liz grins "Yeah" 'He is so hot'
Zan looks up and grins "You look incredible"
"Thank you" Liz blushes
"You ready?"
Liz nods "Yeah"
"Hey Evans" Michael yells from the back "You better have her home by midnight"
"Michael you aren't in charge of me" Liz retorts
"Hey you aren't home by midnight I'm calling your father" he threatens
"I'll have her back by midnight Guerin" Zan assures leading Liz
out to the car. He opens the door for her
"Thank you" Liz says getting in she buckles her seat belt. "Never
thought I'd see you in anything other than jeans and a T-shirt" Liz remarks
Zan shrugs "Thought I'd wear something different."
"So where are we going?" Liz asks
"You'll see"

20 mins later
Zan pulls the car up to a restuarant
Liz looks at him surprised "How did you know?"
"I asked Maria"
"And she managed to keep a secret" Liz chuckles "That's rare. Maria
has a hard time keeping secrets from me."
Zan turns off the car getting out he goes around to the passenger
door opening it for Liz. "Well I'm glad she kept it." he leads her
up to the door opening it for her.
Liz smiles "Thanks"
As they enter the restuarant a woman walks up to them "Can I help you?"
"Two for Evans"
"Right this way" she leads them back to a table handing them menus
"Can I get you something to drink?"
"I'll have a raspberry lemonade" Liz requests
"I'll have your drinks brought right over."
"Thanks" Zan nods as the woman walks away "So what's good here?" he asks opening the menu
"Everything" Liz replies
"Come here often?"
Liz shrugs "Every few months my parents want to eat somewhere other
than the Crashdown so we come here. Sometimes with Maria and her
Mom, the Whitmans and the Valentis and Michael."
"Kind of." Liz smiles "The biggest tradition is during the summer
we grab our sleeping bags and head out to the woods or up to the
roof of the Crashdown. We used to do that without parents but now
since Michael and Maria are dating Kyle's Dad or mine comes with us."
"Afraid Michael and Maria are sleeping together."
Liz nods "Most of the time she's fine with us going off for the
weekend. All the parents are. You guys will have to come with us"
"Isabel in the outdoors now that would be interesting."
Liz laughs "Same with Alex outside. Sometimes we have to bribe him to go with us."
Zan smiles "Sounds like what we do to get Max to go to parties with us."
"Max doesn't seem to be the party type." Liz says
"He used to be."
"Can I take your order?" the waitress asks setting the drinks before them.
"I'll have the grilled chicken" Liz says
The waitress nods writing the order down "Sir?"
"Mashed potatoes or baked?"
"I'll bring your food in about 15."
"Thanks" Zan hands her the menus
As the waitress walks away Liz tilts her head "You and Max seem so different in personality"
Zan nods "Max has always been the shy one. Izzy's quiet at first
but once she's situated at first you can't shut her up."
"And you must be the outgoing one"
"Wouldn't use the word outgoing... more like the wild child." Zan
chuckles "That's what Mom and Dad call me."
"How'd they take the tattoos and piercings?" Liz asks curiously
"I know my parents would flip."
"They did at first but they got over it."
"How many piercings do you have?"
Zan frowns thoughtfully "12 piercings and 6... no seven tattoos."
Liz shudders "I can't even get my ears pierced again. Maria's tried to get me to but..."
"Not so hard once you get used to it."
"My Dad would have a heart attack."
"Mine almost did. We ended up on a compromise I have to take them
out when we do family pictures and school and when we have to go
to business parties. My tattoos have to be covered when we have
guests over and none allowed on my face or neck until I'm 18."
Liz nods "I wish my parents were that relaxed. My Mom flips out if I wear jeans with holes."

Hour later
Zan opens the car door for Liz "Want to catch a flick?"

"Looks like everyone is still here" Liz says as Zan stops the car.
"Wanna come in? We can snag some dessert."
Zan grins "Sure."
As they enter the restuarant Liz sighs "I leave you guys alone and you party without me."
"Hey girl" Maria calls "Thought you'd be back for dessert. Snagged a pie."
"Alex stop dancing." Michael yells
"Your just jealous" Alex retorts
"Alex you can't dance." Isabel remarks watching as the computer nerd dances
"We've been telling him that for years" Kyle says
"Neither can Michael" Maria snickers

Hour later
"Zan we should get home" Max says
Zan nods his eyes on Liz "See ya"
Liz smiles "Bye."
Zan smiles back "Bye" he follows his siblings outside.
Once the three are gone Maria looks at Liz "OK so spill" she orders
Liz looks at her friends "I had fun"
"What happened?" Kyle demands
"He was a perfect gentleman. He didn't kiss me. He opened doors
for me and we talked." Liz shrugs
"Good thing he behaved" Michael remarks
Liz rolls her eyes "Lock up I'm going to bed I have to work tomorrow."
she picks up her stuff heading up the stairs.
"She likes him" Alex states
"He better not hurt her" Michael says
"Max told me Zan really likes Liz" Kyle tells them
"What's not to like about Liz" Maria shrugs "Come on guys lets go."

Evans House
Zan looks up at the knock at his door "Its open" he calls. In walk Isabel and Max "Hey"
"So spill how was your date?" Isabel demands sitting on his bed.
"Fun. We went to dinner then caught a movie."
Max grins "So Izzy what's with you and Alex?"
"What do you mean?" Zan demands
"Iz was flirting with Alex all night"
"Was not" Isabel argues
"I like Alex. He's just the type of guy you need Iz." Zan says.
"Liz told me he's down to earth and very protective."
"Now all we need is to find the perfect girl for Max." Isabel says
Max shrugs
"Too bad Maria is taken" Zan laughs
"No Maria's not his type. Too high strung." Isabel says then grins
"Though there is a girl I've seen who's been checking you out Max"
"Who?" Max asks quizzically
"Tess Harding. The blond."
"Oh yeah the quiet chick." Zan says
"She's in your Math class Max"
"Ask her out bro" Zan suggests
"I don't know anything about her." Max protests "I've never even spoken to her."
"Talk to her at lunch." Isabel suggests
"Maybe" Max shrugs
"Go for it." Zan says "Now get out you two I'm going to bed." the
two walk out of the bedroom living Zan alone to go to bed.

Chapter 3
Month later
Liz sits on the roof of the Crashdown writing in her journal.
'Zan and I have gone out every weekend for the past month. I have
fun with him. He's so different from the other guys in school. Not
just in his attitude but over the fact he doesn't really care what
people think or say about him.'
"Hey Liz"
At the voice Liz grins looking up to see Zan standing on the ladder "hey"
"You busy?"
"No" she says setting her journal down. "Come on up."
Zan steps over the ledge sitting down beside Liz "So what's up?"
"Nothing really. You?"
Zan shrugs "Just hanging out."
"Oh really? You seem to hangout near here a lot" Liz teases
"What can I say" he grins "a beautiful waitress I know lives here..."
his eyes widen "wait she lives right here."
Liz blushes
"You are really cute when you blush" he says touching her cheek
Liz looks down shyly
Zan grins
Liz lifts her head meeting his intense gaze she unconsciously licks her lips
Zan leans forward kissing Liz lightly on the lips then pulls back his eyes on her
Liz stares at him surprised she bites on her lower lip. After a
moment she smiles leaning forward she kisses him back. She sighs
as Zan deepens the kiss his tongue caressing hers.
Zan breaks the kiss smiling at the glazed expression on Liz's face
After a moment Liz grins back "What was that for?"
Zan shrugs "Just felt like it" he says softly
Liz leans forward kissing him again. She pulls back their faces inches apart
Zan lifts his brow then looks down taking her hand he laces their
fingers. "You working tomorrow?"
Zan looks at her "Spend the day with me?" he asks hopefully
"Doing what?"
"Anything." he shrugs running his thumb over her knuckles "I just
wanna hangout with you." he gives her a shy hopeful smile
"Sure" Liz grins "Sounds like fun"
"Gonna tell me where we're going?"
"Not sure. But bring your swimsuit." he kisses her lightly "I'll
pick you up at ten." he stands "I better get home." he goes to the
ledge stepping over onto the ladder "I'll see you tomorrow."
"Night" Liz watches as he climbs down. She smiles 'He kissed me' she touches her lips "Wow"

"Liz Zan's here" Mrs Parker calls
"Just a minute" Liz yells shoving her swimsuit and other things
into her backpack. She walks out of her room going to the livingroom
where she finds her Mom talking to Zan. Seeing his tattooed arms she swallows 'Damn he's hot.'
Zan looks over at her "You ready?"
Liz nods going over she kisses her Mom's cheek "Bye."
"Be careful and have fun you two"
"We will Mrs Parker." Zan assures taking Liz's backpack he slings
it over his shoulder. He takes Liz's hand leading her down the stairs
and out to his car "Ready for some fun?"
Liz nods putting on her sunglasses as she buckles her seatbelt "Sure am"

Hour later
Liz grins as Zan pulls the car to a stop before a small lake "How'd you find this?"
"One of Dad's clients owns the property. He lives out of state."
he shrugs "I asked Dad if we could come down here." Zan grins seeing
the look on Liz's face "You like?"
Liz nods getting out of the car "Its beautiful"
Zan gets out stopping behind her he hugs her "Not as beautiful as you" he says softly
Liz tilts her head "You are too sweet"
"I know." he kisses her sweetly "I made up lunch for later and some snacks."
"Sounds good" Liz says. They grab the cooler and their bags from
the backseat making their way down to the trees. "Turn around" Liz
orders as they set the cooler down
"Because I am going behind that tree and changing." she says making her way behind a large tree
"Why do I have to turn around? I can't see through the tree"
"Just humor me Zan Evans"
"Oh fine" he grumbles
Liz chuckles quickly changing into her black bikini. She shoves
her clothes in her backpack stepping out from behind the tree. "Done"
"Finally" Zan turns around grinning at the sight "Damn sweets you look killer."
Liz blushes pulling her hair back "Thanks"
Zan lays out the blanket then pulls off his boots and socks "Lets
go swimming" he strips off his jeans and tank
Liz watches as he jumps into the water "Isn't it cold?" she asks as he surfaces
"Not really." he replies shaking the water out of his face "Come on Princess."
Liz dives into the water swimming to the top she treads "Just right" she laughs splashing Zan
"Hey" he yelps splashing her back. The two splash each other for
a while then Zan grins diving down
"Zan what are you..." Liz yelps feeling a hand tug on her leg "Zan that's not funny"
Zan resurfaces in front of her his eyes laughing
Liz watches as water drips down his face. She reaches out smoothing
his hair back "Zan" she says softly
Zan leans forward kissing her passionately
Liz breaks the kiss moving back 'I want more.' she realizes
Zan sees the look on her face "Sorry."
"Don't be. Its just hard to tread water and kiss at the same time."
Liz says quickly swimming to shore
Zan follows "That's not it." he says
Liz sighs sitting down on the blanket
"What's wrong Liz?" he asks sitting beside her
Liz chews on her lower lip shaking her head
She shakes her head "Nothing" she takes his hand lacing their fingers
"I'm glad we get to spend some time alone."
"Me too" Zan kisses her hand 'I wish she'd tell me what's wrong.' "Me too."

Chapter 4
Week later
Liz jumps in surprise as muscular arms wrap around her waist "Zan"
she breathes closing her eyes leaning against him
"Hey sweets." he purrs kissing her cheek "You ready?"
"Yep. Got your books?" she asks
"Of course" he lifts up his backpack
"Well well if it isn't little Lizzie Parker mackin' on the freak" a voice sneers
Liz groans at the voice. She turns around to find one of the school
snobs standing there "Shelby don't you have to loser squad to go down on"
"Ouch" Zan winces
"Bitch" Shelby hisses stomping away
"Let's get out of here" Zan puts his arm around Liz's shoulders leading her out of the school

Hour later: Crashdown
Liz walks out of the backroom tying her apron. She smiles finding
Zan sitting at one of the tables his books open "Want something to eat?"
"Do I have to study?" he whines
"You know the deal our parents have. You can only be here after
school if you behave and do your homework." she kisses his cheek "So what do you want?"
"I'll bring it right over. Get crackin' on the reading" she orders
Zan watches as she walks away 'Beautiful'

Liz and Zan settle on the roof curled up on the lounge chair kissing
and talking. "Well I'm proud of you Zan. You managed to get all your homework done."
"You motivated me" he grins kissing her cheek
"Oh I did did I?" she turns her head her lips meeting Zan's.
Liz breaks the kiss blushing she looks over to find her mother in the window. "Yes Mom?"
"Have you done your homework?"
"Almost finished" Liz answers
"Well then I think its time for Zan to go home and for you to come
inside and finish your homework."
"Yes Mom."
"Goodnight Zan" Mrs Parker says sternly
"Night Mrs Parker" he replies
Liz stands pulling Zan to his feet "Night"
"Night" he kisses her cheek he goes to the ledge climbing down. "See you tomorrow."
Liz crawls through the window finding her mother standing in the
doorway of her room "Mom I'll finish it don't worry."
"Liz you seem to be spending a lot of time with Zan"
"I guess" she shrugs
"Liz how serious are you and Zan getting?" Mrs Parker asks
Liz looks at her mother "I'm not having sex if that's what your worried about."
Mrs Parker sighs in relief
"Mom can I get to work?"
"Sure but don't stay up to late." she leans down kissing Liz's cheek
"I won't" Liz assures "Night Mom" she watches as her Mom walks
out of the bedroom. She settles down to finish her homework.

Saturday Afternoon
Underneath the shaded trees at their hidden spot the two teens
cling to each other kissing deeply. As Zan kisses her neck his hand
touches her breast "Zan" Liz says
Zan pulls away removing his hand from her covered breast "Sorry" he says his voice rough
Liz rests her head on his shoulder "Sorry its just..."
"I understand" he assures kissing her head
Liz lifts her head "Its just the more you touch me the more I want."
she searches his eyes "I don't know if I'm ready to take things that far... I want to but..."
Zan smoothes her hair back "I want to too but I'm not going to push it."
Liz kisses him "Thanks"

That night
"So what happened?" Maria demands as she and Liz hang out in her
bedroom. "How far have you two gone?"
"Just kissing" Liz shrugs
"Liz how do you feel about him?" Maria asks
"I don't know. I have fun with him. He makes me laugh. He's a good listener."
"Are you in love with him?"
"I don't know. He's on my mind at all times. My stomach has butterflies
when we're together yet I'm still calm and relaxed around him."
Maria grins "Yep your in love."
"I don't know"
"What ever you say girlfriend" Maria says amused by her friend's denial.
"Is that how you feel about Michael?"
"Oh yeah" Maria grins "He makes me feel like I'm going to hurl
yet at the same time he makes me feel like the most important person
in the world. As much as he pisses me off he still makes me happy."
"I don't know how I feel about him but I know I like him more than
any other guy I've ever dated."
"How does he feel about you?"
"I don't know"
"Ask him"
"Maybe" Liz sighs 'One day'

Evans home
Isabel enters her brother's room "Hey Zan"
Zan looks at his sister "Yeah?"
"Thinking of Liz" she says with a grin
Zan shrugs
Isabel sits in the bed "Zan are you in love with Liz?"
"I don't know." he sighs rubbing the back of his neck. "I like
her Iz. More then I thought possible. She's different from all the other girls I've dated."
"Max and I like her. So do Mom and Dad."
"And you guys have never liked any of my girlfriends."
"They were losers Zan"
"I guess"
"Zan have you told her what happened in New York?"
"If you care for her you should tell her."
"I guess" he sighs
"Good night little brother" Isabel says walking out of the room
Zan stands going to his bookcase he grabs a photo albulm sitting
on his bed he flips through the pictures.

Chapter 5
2 months later
Liz awakens to a light tap on her window. She looks over to see
Zan standing outside. She turns on the lamp getting out of bed she
goes to the window opening it. "Zan its late what are you doing
out?" she steps back allowing him to enter
Zan crawls through the window clumsily "Sorry" he mumbles
"Its fine. Mom and Dad are out of town." she frowns "Zan are you drunk?"
"Nope. Had a few drinks but not drunk drunk" he touches her face
"You are so beautiful Liz." he leans down kissing her. He pulls
back his fingers combing through her hair. "I can't get enough of you."
"I know" she sighs
Zan kisses her again walking towards the bed not breaking the kiss.
He sits down pulling Liz onto his lap.
Liz groans as the silver ball of his tongue ring caresses the inside
of her mouth. Breathing heavily she breaks the kiss her eyes taking in his features. "Zan"
Zan trails his fingers down her neck "Beautiful" he kisses her
cheek his lips moving down her jaw. He nuzzles her neck his hand
sliding her nightgown up her thigh he caresses her skin. "So soft"
he mumbles. He lifts his head his eyes meeting hers as his fingers caresse her inner thigh
"Zan" she inhales sharply at his touch her face heating up.
Zan captures her lips in a bruising kiss his hand cupping her hip
Liz moans shifting so her legs are on either side of his. Her nightgown
bunching up as she meets his fierce kiss
Zan moves his lips down her neck smiling as she sighs. His fingers
going to the small buttons of her nightgown. He looks at Liz as he unbuttons her nightgown
Liz meets his gaze trembling as he unbuttons her nightgown "Zan"
she whispers her voice filled with need
"Liz" he says awed as her body comes into view. He shifts Liz onto
the bed his eyes sweeping over her naked body. 'Beautiful.' He quickly removes his own clothes

Liz awakens with a start 'It wasn't a dream' she realizes seeing
Zan laying next to her. "Shit" she groans running her fingers through her hair.
Zan rolls over opening his eyes "Damn hangover" he mutter. When
he finds Liz beside him he starts "Liz." he sits up running his fingers through his hair.
Liz looks at him her eyes wide "We did not..."
"I think we did." he says
Liz groans "We shouldn't have."
Zan closes his eyes "Liz"
"Zan I'm 16. I'm not ready for this."
"I'm sorry Liz." he says grabbing his clothes he quickly dresses "Liz?"
Liz stares at him "Later Zan."
Zan nods going to the window he pauses "Liz" he looks at her
"Just go Zan." she says not looking at him
Zan stares at her then turns crawling out the window.
Liz watches as he disappears then gets out of bed walking into
her bathroom. She stares at her reflection when it hits her 'I had
sex with Zan.' "Oh god Mom and Dad are going to freak." she says
aloud. She shakes her head "No they won't find out... not for a
very long time." Liz turns on the shower stepping in she washes
away all evidence of what had happened.

Evans Home: Hour later
Zan walks out of the bathroom showered 'Liz is going to hate me.'
he tells himself as he walks into the kitchen
"Morning Zan" Diane Evans greets
"Morning" he mutters going to the medicine drawer he takes out the Tylenol downing three.
"Headache?" Diane asks
Zan shrugs
"Zan do you have any plans today?" Philip Evans asks his eldest son
"Can you clean out the garage?" Philip requests
"Sure" Zan nods grabbing a mug he pours himself some coffee
"Zan are you OK?" Isabel asks watching her brother concerned
"Fine" he snaps walking out of the kitchen
"He's grumpy this morning" Diane remarks
"You know he's not a morning person Mom" Max says

Zan sits on his bed staring at a picture of he and Liz on the last
day of school. 'She must hate me.' he closes his eyes 'Why'd I have
to go to her room last night?' he groans "You've done it this time Evans"

That night
Liz steps out onto the roof to find Zan sitting on one of the lounge chairs "Zan"
Zan looks at her his eyes sad "I'm sorry"
Liz sits across from him "Don't be I should have stopped it."
Zan takes her hands in his "Liz"
"Zan don't. It happened. We can't go back yet it can't happen again.
I'm not ready for that type of a relationship."
Zan nods bringing her hand to his lips "Liz I would never push you into having sex."
"I know."
Zan looks at their hands "I care for you Liz... your the only person
I've ever cared about this much outside my family."
"Zan" she touches his face "I care for you too... a lot."
Zan leans forward kissing her lightly
As the kiss gets more passionate Liz pulls back "You better go."
"Uh yeah" Zan swallows "I'll call you later" he stands
Liz nods watching as he steps over the ledge "Good night Zan"
"Goodnight Liz."