Getting Going

"I'm really sick of this place. Really sick." Griggs frowned as he picked an unidentifiable insect out of his hair.

"I don't doubt you." Sheckley was lying on the ground, staring up at the sky. A slow-moving cloud mass drifted across the sky. A few hours before, White Forest base had successfully launched their missile into the super portal and had blown it up.

"This one, too, has grown tired of the recreational activities available to him." One Vortigaunt stayed with Griggs and Sheckley. The rest left after Gordon had left the mines with Alyx.

"We're gonna have to go eventually." Griggs said.

"Yeah. Eventually. What's the big rush?"

"I don't wanna stay down here forever! Do you even remember what trees feel like?"

"Sure. Woody."

"Well, my point is, we need to get going. If I eat one more antlion, I'm gonna turn into one. We just need to get a jolt from the vort to get the generator going, and then we can get out of this mine and settle down in that encampment across the gorge."

"Indeed, new rebels have settled the base...once more. You will find adequate refuge and perhaps...a mate."

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Sex!" Griggs excalaimed. "You can't deny the importance of that."

"Indeed, the human race has taken a heavy toll. You will need to...compensate."

Both looked at Sheckley. He sighed.

"Okay, okay, let's go. It's just...I don't know. I'm gonna miss this place."

"Miss it? All that ever happened here was crappy food and Freeman!"

"And extreme chess. And turret decoration. And some really fun moments."

Griggs was dumbfounded. "You're telling me you liked all that?"

"I didn't like it. But it'd be a shame to leave it all behind."

"Now you're talking crap, Sheck. That's my job."

Sheckley smiled. "Get the generator started, then."

"At last, we can continue this journey of life." The vortigaunt walked up to a generator. A long wire ran to the bottom of the shaft, one that had been installed by the four vortigaunts before they left.

The vortigaunt put both hands on the generator. His hands began to glow green. After a few seconds, he let go of the generator. It slowly began sputtering to life.

"Good riddance!" Griggs yelled over the generator. He peeked down the shaft. A dark figure slowly started to emerge out of the black abyss below.

Griggs squinted hard. He could almost make out a man in the elevator, a man dressed in a suit. He blinked and the figure was gone.

The elevator reached the three. The door slid open. Griggs hurriedly ran into the cabin, followed by the vortigaunt. Sheckley glumly looked the place over.

"Get going, Sheck!"

"I'm getting going. There's no rush."

With a final sigh, he stepped into the elevator. The Vort zapped the generator again. The door shut. A few seconds later, the elevator slowly ascended out of the atrium.

Griggs looked up in anticipation. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw the suited man again, standing on the rim of the hole above the atrium. As soon as he focused his vision on the form, it disappeared.

"You alright, Griggsy?"

"Y-yeah. Good."

"Hey, spit into the shaft on three. One, two, three!" Both men pushed their mouths to the rusty bars of the elevator and spit down into the atrium. Sheckley laughed. Maybe the atrium was so bad after all.

Sorry about the late update. I never had time on Monday to finish the last bit and upload. The reason I'm not continuing is that I didn't have enough ideas to go further, to another nice number like 15. If I do gather up enough ideas later on, maybe I'll make a second series. Maaaaybe. :)