It's time for the greatest of all questions to be answered. And with this, 'Gin's Nightmare Musical' is officially complete, what follows now is author's notes done in FF style^^
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Gin's Nightmare Musical

Epilogue: Join Today! We have Cookies!

Deep inside of the secret cavern under Urahara's shop, three lone persons could be seen sitting around a table. The cave still had to recover from the masses of visitors who had all left their empty popcorn bags on the ground. But Urahara didn't care, he had slaves, eh, hired workers for this kind of stuff.

But back to the topic: Three lone persons sat around a table, their expressions beyond serious, showing how serious this was. All of them were thinking only about one thing:

"So, it's one pizza with double cheese, olives, pepperoni and… Huh? What the - ? We're back already? But wasn't the vote supposed to take much longer?" Gin shouted in surprise.

"Apparently the author got tired of waiting…" Urahara noted. What a shame, he had really looked forward to the pizza.

"But why would that lazy-ass start that story now? We already sent all the actors home; it's gonna be one hell of a job to gather them again…" Matsumoto remarked. Just as she had finished the sentence a lone piece of paper started to gently float down from the ceiling. Gin caught it and looked at it.

"It's a note from the author… He says, and I quote 'Do you guys really want to face the wrath of the entire Bleach cast when you announce the roles?'. Well, that does make some sense. But where's the list of the cast for - ?"

Gin was interrupted when a rather thick notebook dropped on his head and slammed said head directly into the table, much to Urahara's amusement. Gin scowled. He had always known that this guy was a sadistic bastard. In the meanwhile Matsumoto had snatched the book from Gin's head and started to look through the pages curiously.

"Wow, that's a lot of roles… Almost every Bleach character will play in the parodies… And apparently the author also decided to do all of them, but only one at a time. Here's a note that says 'Not that I couldn't write all of them at the same time, I just can't imagine people like Grimmjow or Ichigo learning the dialogues for four different games.' Yeah, as if that's the reason…"

"Well, don't tantalize us any longer Ran-chan, which one is first?" Ichimaru asked.

"Well, apparently it was a really close call… So close that the author almost had to decide in the end who he wanted to suffer first. But enough of that. The winner is…

Final Fantasy 7 with Ichigo Kurosaki as Cloud Strife!
Second! The Legend of Zelda with Toshiro Hitsugaya as Link!
Number Three! Kingdom Hearts with Renji Abarai as Sora!
And Finally, Persona 3 with Ulquiorra Schiffer as Minato Arisato (the silent Main Character)!

Wow, I was sure Ulquiorra would get a better place."

"He probably did Matsumoto-san, in the end almost all of the parodies got the same amount of votes I think." Urahara said with a sad smile. He had hoped the 'Kingdom Hearts' would come in first.

"… Then why this set-up?" A confused Gin asked,

"Persona 3 plays over the time of a whole year. Do you really think the author wants to write roughly 300 chapters right off the start?"

"… Good point."

Matsumoto brought the thoughts of the jury back to more important matters.

"Well, now that that's clear, let's take a look at the main cast…"

Cloud Strife : Ichigo Kurosaki
Tifa Lockhart : Yoruichi Shihoin
Aerith Gainsborough : Orihime Inoue
Barret Wallace : Yasutora 'Chad' Sado
Red XIII/Nanaki : Grimmjow Jeagerjaques
Cid Highwind : Ikkaku Madarame
Cait Sith : Kenpachi & Yachiru
Vincent Valentine : Ulquiorra Schiffer
Yuffie Kisaragi : Rukia Kuchiki

There was silence for a while. Finally, Gin broke it.

"Well, those are certainly well known characters from Bleach… But I'm not so sure about the whole 'Kenpachi and Yachiru' thing. To be honest, I'm completely against it. Just what the hell is the author thinking?! And he's putting Grimmjow and Ichigo in the same group? As well as Kenpachi? They will kill themselves before they reach the first boss!"

Urahara tried to calm the normally ever smiling captain down. He snatched the notebook from Matsumoto.

"Now now Gin-san, all of them have their reasons, their even listed in the notebook. Ichigo is the main character with a giant sword – check. Yoruichi, a hot babe who fights with her fists and has long hair – check. Orihime… do I even have to explain? Chad is the closest thing we could get to Barret's gun arm, so no problem there. An intelligent cat-hybrid? Well, Grimmjow should at least fit in the cat part (not so sure about intelligent though...). Cid was a bigger problem, the author needed a tough guy who wields a spear and curses a lot. Unfortunately Ikkaku has no hair, but I think we can overlook that. Kenpachi and Yachiru can play Cait Sith since it consisted of a black cat riding on a white plush toy, and while we cannot shrink Kenpachi to more manageable sizes Yachiru riding on Kenpachi's shoulders does fit the description. Oh there's a side note. I quote: 'Besides, I already sent Yachiru the megaphone'…"

All three of the jury members grimaced.

"Well, moving on. While Rukia-san surely isn't a thief as long as there are no bunnies involved she certainly has the cheerfulness displayed by Yuffie in the game. Lastly we have Ulquiorra. Well, he certainly can play the depressed, cold ex-agent who shows little to no emotions."

Once Urahara had finished the reasons silence befell the table once more. But this time it was Matsumoto who started talking first.

"Sooo… what about the other main role? Come on, I want to know who gets to play the most awesome (and probably sexiest) antagonist ever! Who plays Sephiroth?"

Almost painstakingly slowly Urahara opened the notebook again and looked under the category 'S'. Gin and Matsumoto were both nervous and excited. Gin even thought that maybe he would get to play the role, considering the fact that he could grow his sword to the required length.

"Sephiroth is played by…" Urahara began. Gin's and Matsumoto's eyes were glued to his lips. But then they saw how Urahara's eyes widened. "T-that's - !"

"Just who the hell is it?!" Matsumoto shouted.

A cheeky smile appeared on Urahara's face. "It's not decided yet."

Both Gin's and Matsumoto's face crashed on the table. This was so typical for the author.

"Let me guess… The readers get to decide?" Gin asked tiredly. But in his mind Gin was already thinking of ordering a long silver wig he could use to increase his chances. He would be damned if Ukitake got the role because he had the hair for it.

"Exactly." Urahara confirmed. "This is for the loyal readers of this FF after all, so it's only right for them to decide. In fact, they can vote for several roles. Only the minor roles are chosen by the author's arbitrariness."

"Wow, that's reassuring." The jury shivered slightly. They had yet to get their roles. And no one wanted to be a minor villain who only exists to get trashed, or even worse, an extra. But before they could lose themselves in their horror, Urahara decided to announce the list of free characters.

"Alright, we still need actors for the following roles:

Rufus Shinra
And all of the TURKS."

"That's not much… Are you sure we can still get a role? I don't want to end up like Ishida and make all the costumes." Matsumoto asked whiningly. Gin and Urahara nodded in agreement. Their fate was up to the readers it seemed. But was that really a good thing? They weren't so sure...

And there you have it. FF7 won, closely followed by The Legend of Zelda. Ulquiorra was surprisingly popular too, so he'll definitely get his story and perhaps even get a role as one of the TURKS, who knows?^^

Anyway, I hope you like the cast so far, and believe me, it wasn't easy to come up with it. I originally fancied Captain Komamura for the role of Nanaki but chose Grimmjow in the end, in his Ressureción form of course.

So please vote for the last important roles, otherwise Gin will have to order the cosplay wig after all^^

Until we meet again,