Hi, my name is Angel Martinez. I'm sixteen years old, have blond hair, and I have thirteen foot, snow white wings on my back.

I know this might be a little much for you to take in at once, so let me try and explain it to you. No doubt you've heard of my older sister, Maximum Ride. Well, I was only six, about ten years ago, when we (me, Max, Fang, Iggy, The Gasman, Nudge and Total) did all the things she told you about. Sinse then, we have saved the world at least seven other times. Believe me, we've been enjoying the break like you couldn't imagine.

Eventually, we all decided to settled down, (after we were absolutely sure that the world was going to be alright), and we each went our sperate ways. Gazzy and Iggy, (those two really are inseparable,) moved out to LA and hooked up with some old friends of theirs. We don't really know who they are, but knowing Gazzy and Iggy, it's probably someone with a lot of explosives.

Nudge went to California too, only she decided to be an actress. You know what, she's actually pretty good too, and she's really famous to boot. She uses the name Monique Anastasia Monarch. There was a nasty tabloid rumor about her a while back, but it turned out one of her rivals just made it up to discredit her. Seriously, sometimes I think Hollywood is even more dangerous than all those wackoes who used to try and kill us.

Total set the bar higher than any of us did. He invested in the stock market and quickly made a small fortune. Now he lives in France with Akila, trying to research a canine-safe chocolate.

Max and Fang live with Dr. Martinez and Jab Batchelder in Washington DC, and guess what, they got married! That's right, married. It was a beautiful wedding too, Max even wore a magnificent wedding dress and everything, (and let me tell you, she was not to happy about getting into that thing). Two years later they had a little baby girl, and she is the cutest thing EVER! Her name is Frances Kim, but we all just call her Frannie. She has red hair, (much to Fang's delight), blue eyes, and beautiful light brown wings with black and white speckles. She's about six and a half years old now.

As for me, I also live with Jeb and Val and Ella; they adopted me just before Max's wedding. It's been really fun having Ella Martinez for a sister, it also helps when I start to miss Nudge. Did I tell you that Ella is really good at soccor? It's true, she's the best senior player on her college varsity team. In fact, she even set some new school records.

We all still keep in touch, but it's just not the same as it used to be. Oh well.

Anyway, I bet you're wondering why I'm mentioning everybody like this. Well, it's because we all had a... "family reunion" of sorts not to long ago. But it's not just us, we also met some new friends as well. Who are they? Well, heh heh, that would be telling, wouldn't it?


"I wanna go and fly!" Frannie shouted excitedly. Seriously, I don't think it was possible for her to get any cuter! I think I'm starting to understand what other people thought when I was her age. I mean, I knew what they were thinking, (because I have telepathy), but it's another thing entirely to genuinely feel the emotions for yourself.

"I'm sorry, Honey, not right now," Max said gently. "It's raining right now, why don't we wait until the rain stops, OK?" Wow, for all the tough-as-nails talk she use to give, she really has become quite the mother. Maybe it was from hanging around a real mother for so long, but I almost don't recognize the tom-boy who would rather die than wear any dress anymore.

"But I wanna go now!" she whined. "It's no fun being inside all day, and I wanna fly, now!"

"Hold the phone there, Pixie," Fang said, calling Frannie by the nickname he gave her, "why don't you go watch 'Katie on the air'. If the rain hasn't stopped by then, we'll just have to go splash in the puddles, OK?"

"Yay!" she cried gleefully, running towards the TV. "Katie on the air" was one of Frannie's favorite TV shows. It's about this girl with her own radio program. When someone calls in with a question, she answers them by going out on the street and asking regular people the same questions. Surprisingly, the questions are all educational in nature, and the first person she asks always knows the answers. Sometimes, they have celebrities answer the questions, and Nudge was even on it one time.

But I'm getting off topic...

"You always have to swoop down to my rescue, don't you?" Max asked once Frannie ran into the other room.

"I guess I'm just a better mother than you are," he said, sitting next to her and giving her a peck on the cheek. Putting his arm around her, he said, "Besides, it stopped raining a few minutes ago, I just wanted us to have a few minutes to our selves." Another amazing transformation. Seriously, I had no idea Fang could be so tender. The most he ever was before was mostly just supportive.

"You're evil, you know that, right?"

"Only on days ending in 'y'," he grinned.

"What are you two doing?" Dr. Martinez asked as she walked in from the kitchen.

"Waiting," Max said, she and Fang staring at each other. "We're going to take Frannie outside after her program is over."

"Just don't stay out too long; it's make your own taco night, and everything is fresh off the vine. In fact, I asked Frannie to help me stir the salsa," she said with wink and a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah," Fang sighed, "if only Max's mothering skills reached as far as the kitchen..."

"Hey!" Max said, slapping Fang across the chest. "I may not be able to cook like Mom can, but there ain't nobody on the face of the planet who can even come close to making cereal the way I can."