The next day we rolled in front of the Martinez house in the snazzy limo (we all had unanimously agreed to ditch the crap-mobile van we had before) we found in the garage at Commodore's house. Actually I should say that Rex, Macross (formerly Thud), Felicia, and Iggy rode in the limo, the rest of us were flying.

We landed next to the limo and helped Leecy and Iggy get out. All things considered, the two of them getting shot actually worked to their advantage. While I was helping Iggy out of the lab, I caught him looking over at Felicia a couple of times, and he told me that he thought it was pretty amazing the way she fought off the maniacal robo-chick when he got shot. I told him that she thought he was amazing too, and he practically flipped for joy. That is, if he wasn't still in pain from a bullet wound.

Long story short, they rode in the car together the entire way back. (With Macross keeping an eye on them.)

Now where was I?

Oh, right, the house. You know who was sitting outside when we got there? That's right, not Max! Seriously though, it was Ella. Yup, she was back. Remember, she was at an away soccer game when this whole debacle started? She was sitting next to the large tree in our front yard, petting her pet Beagle, Mutton Chops. (Sadly, Magnolia died about five years ago.)

"Ella!" I called from the street, waving.

"Angel!" she gasped, running over to hug me. "Where have you been, I've been so worried. I got back and Fang said that Frannie had been kidnapped, and that you were going after her, and Max was really worried, and..." She stopped to catch her breath. (She must have been hanging out with Nudge without my realizing it.) Then she noticed the other guys getting out of the car. "Who are they?" she asked quizzically.

"These are Rex, Felicia, and Macross," I said, pointing them out in turn.

"Hi," Rex said, "we're with them."

"Them?" Ella said, confused. When she didn't see anybody else on the ground she looked up, and saw the Gasman, Nudge, and Frannie flying down to meet us. "Frannie!" she gasped.

"You were expecting Ozzy Osbourne?" She said as she landed next to Ella. Yep, she was definitely Max's kid.

"Oh, I was so worried about you when I heard," Ella said, embracing her. "Come on," she said, suddenly taking Frannies' hand and pulling her inside, "Max has been practically beside herself for days, she'd just be ecstatic to have you back." She barged though the door and ran up the stairs, practically ripping it off it's hinges. When she reach the top of the stairs, (Max and Fang insisted that they have a room with a skylight), she shouted, "Max, Max, come here, I've got a surprise for you!"

When Max didn't answer Ella peeked into the door of her room. Max was sprawled out, face down on the bed. Her wing were open, lazily hanging over either side of the bed. "What?" she said, her voice muffled by the pillow on her face.

"What do you mean 'what?'," Ella said, stepping into the room. "I said I had a surprise for you, so get your lazy butt out of bed and come see it already."

"Ella," Max said dangerously, turning around, "if you think some half-hearted attempt to cheer me up right now has even a remote chance of working, than you've got another thing..." Her voice trailed off.

She looked passed Ella into the hallway, where Frannie was standing in the doorway. In that moment all the anger, worry, and pain from the past few days just melted away. In it's place was sheer joy.

"...coming," she finished, tears welling up in her eyes. By this time then rest of us had gathered outside her door. (Except for Iggy and Leecy, they were getting looked at by Dr. Martinez downstairs.)

Then, all of a sudden, she rushed forward and embraced Frannie for all she was worth. "Frances Kim Martinez," she said through her sobs, "Don't you ever, ever leave me again."

"I won't, Mommy," she said. "I just want to be with you and Daddy forever."

"Where is Fang, anyways?" I asked. I opened my mind to see if he was somewhere else in the house, but the only people inside were us, Iggy, Leecy, and Mom.

"Oh my God, Fang. He went out to search for Frannie after you left," Max said, realizing they were still missing one member of the Flock. They a smile krept onto her face. She looked down at Frannie, "You want to go find Daddy?"

Frannie nodded eagerly. Max looked back up at the rest of us. "You'll have to introduce me to your new freinds later," she told us, "I need to go my husband."

Still holding onto Frannie, she spread her wings and burst through the skylight. (Don't worry, it's hinged.)

"Hey Angel, where do you keep the food in this place?" Gazzy asked. "I'm starving."


And that's what happened.

To cut a long story short, Max and Frannie eventually found Fang, and many, many hugs were exchanged. When they finally got home, most of us were already asleep. Only me, Mom (Dr. Martinez), and Ella were still awake. We talked for most of the night, mainly about my adventures. It must have been about three in the morning when we finally went to bed.

Two days later Jeb returned home (he was on a two week buisness trip) and we all told him about the little adventure. How Frannie was kidnapped, how I met Rex, Leecy and Macross, how the evil mastermind behind it use to work at the School, and lots more. He laughed and asked how he missed all the fun, and told us how he was glad we were all safe.

Iggy and Leecy healed up in a few days, and were soon back on their feet. They eventually anounced that they were going steady and have been going strong for about four months, as of this writing.

Nudge went back California to finish up on the movie she was doing, (she later told us that she skipped out on it to help us find Frannie). Seven months later she called us up and invited us all to the premiere. I don't remember much about the movie, (it was some Sci-Fi/Fantasy epic), but I remember Nudge being amazing. There were at least three different races in the movie, and her character was the leader of a race that had wings. (Type-cast I know, but really, who else could nail something like that?)

Eventually Iggy and Gazzy went back to L.A., and Rex, Felicia, and Macross went with them. Leecy just tagged along because Iggy was going, but I guess guys thought Gazzy and Iggy's freinds sounded cool or something. (I really have to asked Fang about what happened when he was in L.A.)

As for me life goes on. I attend college (I got there on my own merits, I swear), I hang out with my friends, I have dinner with my family at night, and sometimes I get to talk with the rest of the Flock. It isn't the same as it was ten years ago, but it's growing on me. I mean, I have parents, I have a niece, I made three new friends who understand me almost as well as the Flock. All things considered life has turned out pretty good, despite the lumps.

Anyways, that about wraps up this little adventure. I have to go now, Iggy and Leecy are visiting and he and Mom are making Italian food tonight. So as lond as Max doesn't try to help....