A/N: Jacob/Edward prompted by LaGarcon, since I would have forgotten otherwise. Werewolf ninja, attack!

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-Secrets of an Undercover Ninja-

Jacob is good at keeping secrets. He has always been skilled at the art of deception. Maybe he's not exactly the most ninja-like person you've ever met, but you'd be hard pressed to find someone as close to one in this modern day and age.

He can fix almost any getaway car. He can shape shift into a giant wolf the size of a horse. He has the looks to seduce any woman he wants into keeping quiet about anything. He can survive in almost any climate though his specialty is frigid weather. And he has the ability to heal at an astounding rate by human standards.

Can't you see he was meant to be a ninja?

Out of all his skills, he is the best at keeping a secret. It is his best quality. The only quality he would probably had to work on to become such a spectacular ninja (since he's already naturally blessed with all those other qualities). Because being a ninja of the highest order is a voluntary act. Who else can keep a secret when they practically share their minds with about a dozen others? Hello? Ninja!

But Jacob Black has one big, bad, deadly secret that he will never tell anyone. Ever. You'll never guess what it is. And he'll never tell you.

That secret is: He has the hots for Edward Cullen.

"Well, yeah," You say because who doesn't?

But don't you understand?

Jacob is a werewolf. Jacob has imprinted on Edward's daughter. Jacob is a part-time ninja! Yet he still daydreams about Edward, his rock-hard abs, swoon-worthy smile, and pianist fingers. And have you ever said pianist really, really fast? That makes Jacob thing of something else that would probably be as equally hard as Edward's delicious abs.

That's right. Eat your heart out ninjas! Leech-lovers too.