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"I have no idea how you can have sex so often and still be so horny." Bones could feel the sexual heat radiating off of Jim as they walked around the prestigious Star Fleet campus.

"I can't help it if God chooses to dangle such gorgeous women in front of me. What do you expect me to do, ignore tits and ass? I don't think that's possible." Jim smiled at the thought of his two favorite things, but was interrupted by the scoff of his buddy Leonard McCoy whom he dubbed Bones.

"Is that really how you see them, just by their assets?" Jim nodded and continued to walk, but soon enough, he noticed that he was walking alone. He turned around to see his jaded friend opening the door to the library.

"Wait, where are you going?" Bones rolled his eyes at his younger companion.

"I'm starving and tired of your sex rant, so I'm taking a shortcut through the library." Jim smiled at the thought of getting to the cafeteria sooner.

"I didn't know there was a shortcut to the cafeteria and I sure as hell didn't know that we had a library." Bones rolled his eyes and entered the library, not checking to see if Jim was following because he knew that he would.

"I know that I said that I didn't want to talk about it, but don't you just want a single girlfriend?" Jim shrugged.

"Unlike you my dear friend, I'm young and my plan is to play the field until I'm ready to settle down. Hopefully, when that time comes, I will have killed this fornicating demon that lies deep within." Bones gave out an honest laugh.

"And what if it's still there?" Bones followed Jim's point of interest to discover the reason why he stopped walking.

"I'll just have to quench my thirst." His voice was a bit husky which gave away the fact that his eyes were glued to a girl. This girl was bent over in a very seductive fashion which showcased her very voluptuous rear end. It was a big enough distraction for both of the men to forget about their empty stomachs.

She seemed to be reaching for something far out of her reach, for the chair that her knees were perched upon threatened to tip over. Perhaps she was reaching for nothing at all and used the situation to get attention from all the male population that walked past her. It didn't matter to Jim; she had him hook, line and sinker. He believed that she deserved his attention with a body like that. Bones saw the familiar twinkle of lust in Jim's eye.

"Jim no. You don't even know her." He wasn't listening. He wanted, no needed to grope her. The worst that could happen was a slap in the face and Jim was used to those.

The girl was so close to getting her book. She stretched as far as her body could and out of reflex she lifted her feet in the air. To her surprise her foot came in contact with something. She stopped reaching for the book and turned around to see what had happen. There was a man who looked to be around her age on his knees with a hand on 'that area' who looked to be in great pain. She gasped as she put two and two together and realized that she had kicked him in-between the legs.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" She was freaking out more than he was.

"It's ok, he deserved it. I'll take him to the medical wing." The girl just noticed the taller brooding man.

"I'll come with you." The two both had one of Jim's arms around their shoulders as they rushed him to the medical bay.

Due to the fact that Bones was a doctor, they didn't have to wait to treat Jim. Bones sat Jim down on a bed and the girl went to get an ice pack from the freezer.

Bones raised an eyebrow at her old fashioned method and at the fact that she knew where the ice packs were. She gently placed the ice pack on where she kicked Jim.

"How did you know where we keep the ice packs?" She laughed, but didn't remove her hands from the ice pack on Jim's lap.

"I'm a bit of a klutz, so I'm always in here asking for those things." Jim was still in pain, but was pleased with the fact that her hand was on his goods. Bones used the distraction to inject him with a painkiller.

"What the hell?!" Jim swatted at his neck.

"Shut up, it'll numb the pain." The girl laughed and Bones smiled as well.

Jim took his sweet time sizing her up for the first time. She was tall for a woman; probably the same height as him. She was very thin for the most part. She had golden skin, freckles, green eyes and curly black hair. She had a youthful look to her. With the hell he went through for this girl, Jim thought that he deserved a sympathy date.

"So, what's your name?" She had to be into him because she was still tending to him with the ice pack.

"I'm Jaden Evans, but my friends call me Jade. And you guys?" She looked at both of them, waiting for one to answer.

"Well, I'm Leonard McCoy, but I go by Bones." She frowned slightly at the grim pseudonym.

"As for this asshole who tried to grab your behind, his name's Jim." It finally clicked into her head as to why he would be standing so close to her while she was kneeling on the chair.

Her face turned bleak as she turned to Jim. She increased pressure on the ice pack before shaking her head at him and leaving the medical wing in a hurry.

McCoy chuckled as Jim groaned at the pain between his legs.

"Why did you have to tell her that?" Bones shrugged.

"She was probably gonna hit you anyways once she found out." Jim cautiously laid down on the bed.

"Well I didn't touch her. I got my balls kicked and crushed AND I missed lunch all because you wanted to take a shortcut through the library." Bones rolled his eyes for the hundredth time that day.

"No one told your horny, testosterone filled ass to try and touch her."

.:Jaden's POV:.

I quickly headed to the library to retrieve the book I had dropped, but it was gone. I bit my lip as I thought of many ways to kick that guys ass for putting me a day behind in research. Ironically I was doing research on human sexual behavior and the book I was reaching for was the Kama Sutra.

I looked at my watch and I had less than 15 minutes to make it to Spock's class on time. I quickly went to the cafeteria to get a Granny Smith apple and headed straight to Xenolinguistics. Usually, I was the first one there, but Nyota Uhura beat me. I didn't hate her, but I'm just not fond of people that I have many things in common with. They usually bore me. I am fascinated with things that are different than me, which is why I am majoring in Xenopsychology and Xenobiology.

I took this class for three reasons. One: It was required for me to graduate next semester. Two: I want to be able to communicate with other life forms. Three: I get to study the behavior of a Vulcan, Professor Spock.

Anyways, back to Uhura. Everyone was always asking if we were related. We both were tall. We both had long black hair. She was African and I was African American. We both were thin. We both were sweet and we both had a lot of the same classes together. Sure we had tons of differences, but the similarities were too much for me. I'm very good at reading people and I could tell by the way that she looks at Spock, that she had an enormous crush on him. And she was definitely a favorite of his.

"Ms. Evans, you look angry. Did you experience an unfortunate event during your lunch period?" I was surprised that he was talking to me. It's not like he ignored me, it's just that when Uhura's around, she usually dominates his attention. I was probably Spock's second favorite due to my everlasting curiosity.

"Yeah, I almost became the victim of a cadet named Jim." I sighed at the unpleasant memory and Uhura's eyes lit up at the name.

"Jim Kirk? Join the club." I furrowed my eyebrows a bit. She usually didn't talk to me. I ignored her comment and held up my apple.

"I know that you are very strict with your rules, but given my situation, I missed out on lunch. So could you just for today allow me to quietly munch on this apple?" Vulcans never showed any emotion, so it was anyone's guess as to whether he was going to say yes or no.

"It would be illogical for you to be distracted by the thought of food during my class." To anyone else, his reply would have been irrelevant, but once you get used to his method of speech you would know that it was a flat out yes.

"Thank you." I smiled and took my usual seat in the back of the class, savoring the taste of my very crisp Granny Smith apple.