Rise of the english

"Lady Elizabeth important news", Said the royal guard. "A letter from the Americans has arrived".

"Messenger", she shouted. "Read me the note".

"Ahem" said the messenger preparing to read the letter. "It says queen Elizabeth your very existents will come to an end. Our plan to take over the world does not involve you. From Abraham Lincoln".

Elizabeth was furious! "Why I'd kill somebody"!

"Do you want me to", said the royal guard.

"Not now, its time for war"! Clearly Elizabeth was angry.

Many preparations had to be made (and that includes killing somebody). The army of the English was no match for the Americans. So she went to scientist Alexander graham bell.

"I seek technology", announced the queen.

"This might help", said Alexander. "I call it the telephone"!

"A telephone is that some sort of war technology". Said Queen Elizabeth?

"No, it is a communication tool, but you could throw it at them."

"Fine, fine I will use this telephone. I also am very concerned about my cities", said Elizabeth

"Your highness our city of Dover was taken buy the Americans" said the messenger. "it was a battle like no other! The war was incredible. They had advanced units and they used them without mercy our pikemen were no threat to them they all were captured except the men they met a painful an slow death," Said the messenger.

The messenger looked beat up and worn out he was bleeding and hurt.

"We must act quickly" said Elizabeth. "There is absolutely no time at all, messenger get the French on the telephone and hurry we need assistance. Its time to rise up to the Americans and destroy them.

"hello I need to talk to the French right now!" said the messenger.

"I'm sorry your call cannot be connected right now please wait." Said a female voice on the phone.

"Well it could be a while before we talk to the French." Said the messenger.

"Well I must prepare my cities for the next attack. So London workers, you must build me a wall. And reading, make me more pikemen. I must consult my advisors on the next move," Ordered the queen.

"I called you here today to discuss the people of America," said Elizabeth.

"I say we use force", said my war advisor. He doesn't have a name but I call him big brute Brian.

"No we must use our high class change them", said my foreign advisor. ( big argument creating).

"Stop"! Said Queen Elizabeth. "I've decided to ask the French to help we will strike they're weakest city"

"Your highness the French are on the line," said the messenger.