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Chapter one

"Michelle, I told you not to leave this to the last minute." I say as I push the cart down the clothing aisle. Michelle ignores me and continues rummaging through clothing.

"Cam, I told you, all teenagers wait to last minute." She holds up a pair of jeans. "What do you think?" I roll my eyes. True, it looks good, but how about cost?

"How much?" I ask, secretly hoping that she'll continue to act like she can't hear me, and won't answer. But she doesn't, and says nonchalantly,

"Twenty bucks."

"No. Not that much for a pair of jeans that are already torn. Why buy one when you can tear a pair of pants all by yourself for nothing?" This time, she rolls her eyes.

"Dad would've bought them for me." There is an awkward silence then. Damn she's good.

"Fine." I hold out my hands for the jeans. A smirk crosses her face. She knows she's got me right where she wants me. As I put the jeans in my cart she continues down the aisle, sometimes stopping to look at shirts, or dresses, or something else I can't afford. She comes to an complete stop once again. What now? I hold my breath as she holds up a shirt that only a hooker would wear.

"No, no, no, no, no." I say, crossing my arms and put on my, 'I'm serious' face. She pouts, but after a few more minutes, glares at me as she places it back. "Michelle, hurry up. We've still got school supply shopping to do." She nods. It takes another hour or so, but we do find 'appropriate' clothing. If the supply shopping takes as long as this did, I'll be late for my shift for, as Dr. Brennan refers to it, 'babysitting' her as she sits by Booth's side. The first thought that enters my mind as I enter the Staples store, is, what have I gotten myself into? There are rows and rows of binders, and paper and pens. I don't know where to start. Michelle grabs my sleeve and starts down the first row of binders. She grabs binders and pencils and pens, while I stand like a statue. How much is this going to cost? There goes my vacation. "Are you sure you need all of this?" I ask as we're standing in line for check out. We have two full baskets to check out. She nods. "OK, if you say so." The cashier smiles, and begins checking us out. When she's finished, I close my eyes, waiting for the price. "Four hundred twenty dollars and fifteen cense. I hold out my credit card, feeling the energy being sucked out of my body.

As we get into the car, Michelle says, "That wasn't bad, was it?" I ignore her, but as I glance into the review mirror, I see her impeccable smirk.

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