I often wonder if my mother knew what she was doing when she named me Kismet. 'Fate is unavoidable,' she would spit out -- usually to my father after particularly heated arguments -- and I knew she meant 'me' rather than destiny.

Sitting in the lush pink cover of the peach blossoms, I reflected on the years that had passed since her disappearance. Most children would have mourned the loss of a parent to the wraiths, yet my emotions had been calloused in those ten short years together; her constant rejections painfully reminded me that I was 'unwanted.'

Several villagers spread rumors that she was spotted running from the fight, into the night on the back of a wild werebeast. It would fill me with rage, especially when my father was in earshot, as he loved her more than life itself. Her body was never recovered from battle, which didn't help dispel those speculations.

Glancing up from my perch, the sound of laughter and footsteps on the path below tore me from my thoughts. A young couple approached, hand in hand, strolling through the forest of blushing trees. They looked carefree and genuinely happy together. I felt the envy rising in my chest.

Then suddenly, the young man grabbed her wrist and tugged firmly. 'Wait!' he cautioned, quickly glancing in both directions. "Did they spot me?" I wondered.

With another jerk, he pulled her close to him and she giggled as he pressed his ruby lips to hers. "Aha! I got you," he cajoled.

My eyes began to sting and cheeks flushed. I could feel my fingers clenching the branches for support. "Go away now!" my brain urged them... yet no words of warning escaped.

They continued their public display of affection, unaware of the audience just above, shielded by the silken leaves. Saliva, warm and wet, dribbled from the corner of my lips as I felt my inner demons taking over.

In a lightning flash, their romantic scene changed to one of horror. My deceivingly delicate fingers clasped around her slender neck in a steel grip, ripping her from his arms; simultaneously as my bite sunk into the warm tender flesh just west of his Adam's apple.

"Noooooo!" she screamed, and then gasped, as my thumb pressed harder against her throat suppressing the air flow.

His eyes rolled back into his head as the excruciating pleasure consumed him, his blood flowed like a river into my hungry mouth. The color drained from his skin, paling before my eyes, as I robbed him of his life. I could feel myself filling like a tank, growing so much stronger on his fluids, unable to stop my frenzied feeding upon him. Fearful sobs vibrated from his lover's neck in my hand, choked back with no sound to release them.

After a long several minutes, I pried my lips from my prey, his body dropping limply to the dusty floor. The weight of his girlfriend was numbing my outstretched arm as I held her a foot off the ground during my attack, giving her an unadulterated view of my buffet. I had planned to drink from her as well, but his ample reserves satiated me for the moment.

I shifted my gaze to her, communicating powerfully mixed emotions. Tears sprung from her darkened eyes and I knew she comprehended my utter loneliness and lot in life. "Do not pity me," I snapped. Flicking my wrist, I flung her body like a rag doll against the trunk of the nearest tree. With a loud thud, she fell – broken, succumbing to sweet death – arms reaching towards her lost amour.

Trickles of blood wine dripped from my chin, and I wiped them into a thickened smear across the back of my hand. Unfolding my wings I took to the skies above Peach Blossom Grove… stealing back into the night like the wicked wraith armies. However, unlike the wraiths, I was a tormented prisoner of my conscience. "For every action has a consequence," I thought, "and my sentencing is well overdue."

"Fate is unavoidable," I heard my mother call from the shadows. As she had done to me so many years before, I dismissed her, flying south and fading into the mists of moonlight.