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Chapter 1 ~ Johnna Jacqueline Pierre

Alice and Jasper were hunting with the rest of the Cullens. Alice felt a vision coming.

The Cullens stood in the clearing where Jasper and Alice were now standing and in front of them was a young looking girl who seemed to be a vampire. The girl had shoulder-length shiny brown hair, and her eyes were a deep chocolate brown with gold flakes. She looked as if she was about high school age. The young girl wore a simple pair of knee length jean shorts and a graphic tee-shirt. Her hair was kept out of her face with a golden knotted headband. She looked at them and smiled a brilliant smile that made her eyes sparkle. Then she danced over to Carlisle with such grace that enforced the idea that she was a vampire and greeted him in a slight French accent, " 'ello, mon ami. Eet is so good to see you again after so long. I 'ave missed you so much."

"What is it Alice? What did you see?" Jasper asked as he worriedly hovered over Alice. The rest of the Cullens were now standing in front of Alice and Jasper. Alice turned to Carlisle, "I saw a young girl who looked and moved like a vampire, but her eyes weren't gold or crimson. They were a deep chocolate brown with gold flecks in them, and she had shoulder-length shiny brown hair. She had a natural French accent and seemed to know you quite well." Carlisle thought about the girl in Alice's vision. He caught the scent of a sea breeze in the air. "It can't be. The girl's description doesn't match the scent. She's never left before" He muttered to himself.

"Whoever she is, she's coming this way." Jasper said. Everyone wondered how this strange girl could know Carlisle.

The girl from Alice's vision then entered the small clearing, looking exactly like she did in Alice's vision. The young girl smiled her eye-twinkling smile and danced up to Carlisle, not worrying about the seven pairs of eyes that were watching her every move. She greeted Carlisle in her French accent. " 'Ello, mon ami. Eet es so good to see you again. I 'ave missed you so much." Her voice was musical, like most vampires, but it also was otherworldly and enchanting. She looked like she was about to hug him, but thought better of it and held out her small and delicate looking hand for him to shake.

Carlisle shook her hand warily and turned to introduce the rest of the Cullens. The girl shook her head. "I already 'o you all are." She turned to Esme. "You are mon ami's mate. We 'ave similar 'estories." She looked over to Carlisle. "I am so 'appy for you."

Every one's attention went from the strange girl to Esme's shocked face. Alice noticed that the girl didn't seem to notice Esme's reaction as she danced down to Edward. "You, my friend are ze mind reader, Edward Cullen. The first one changed by my friend, Carlisle." She said in a matter of fact voice. Emmett chuckled and Edward glared at him. This also didn't seem to bother the girl as she moved on to Emmett and Rosalie. "You two were changed two years apart, but both by Carlisle. You begged Carlisle to change Emmett"

Alice was bouncing up and down when the girl skipped over to her and Jasper. "You are ze pixie-like and physic, Alice and zees man," She said pointing at Jasper. "Es your mate, Major Jasper Whitlock, ze empath and legendary 'God of War." The girl then took a step back from them as she finished.

Carlisle steeped forth from his place next to Esme. He was the only one hadn't been shocked that this strange girl know so much about them. "You seem to know who we are quite well, but we still don't know who you are, my dear. Would you please tell us who you are?"

The young girl's face fell as she said sadly. ' You don't remember me, mon ami? Maybe zees will 'elp."

The Cullens stood in complete shock as the girl's whole appearance changed. Her lovely brown hair grew till it reached the bottom of her back, braided itself and turned light blonde. Her whole body shrunk a couple of feet and went from deathly pale to a healthy light tan with rosy cheeks. Finally her feet became abnormally tiny and her eyes became a lively bright blue. She smiled at Carlisle, who gasped in remembrance.

"Ah, my dear girl, I am most sorry, for not recognizing you."

The girl didn't hesitate this time, as she ran up to Carlisle and hugged him.

"Care to introduce her to the rest of us, Carlisle ?" Emmett asked impatiently. Carlisle chuckled. "This is my dear friend, Johnna Jacqueline Pierre. Native of Chateau-Thierry, in the region of Picardy in Northern France. I met her a little while after swimming the English Channel. We became good friends, before her change and are still."

"I'm a prima ballerina, and a vampiric fairy." Johnna said cheerfully. Esme walked to Johnna and Carlisle. "I would love to learn more about you. Would you please come with us to our home?"

Johnna inclined her head in acceptance. They left the forest in couples with Johnna following Carlisle and Esme.

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