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Chapter 17 - Revealing

Knock, knock

She looked up toward the door. "Come on in, Edward." She called out.

"Thanks for the tip, Johnna." Edward said as he crossed the threshold into her room. Johnna gave him a small smile and went back to her book.

"I'm glad I could 'elp. Anyzeeng else you need 'elp with?" She asked.

"No. Not unless you know how she's going to react if she finds out the truth." Edward sighed, taking a seat on the window sill.

Johnna left her book on her bed as she stood and sat down next to Edward.

"She's going to find out, Edward; no doubt about eet. "

Edward looked at her in alarm and she gently patted his leg. "Bella's a smart girl and really perceptive. She's going to find out on 'er own. Ze fact es zat none of us tell 'er. So, we're not breaking any laws. You don't 'ave worry about 'er not liking you when she finds out. All you really 'ave to do es resist ze call of 'er blood and ze two of you will be just fine."

His eyebrows creased together in a troubled manner as he spoke, "How do you know that everything will be fine? No one knows, except Alice. She keeps seeing Bella as either a vampire or dead."

"My intuition 'as told me zat you'll be 'appy with Bella. And besides…" Johnna broke off. She cocked her head to the left as if listening to something that only she could hear.

A minute later Johnna straightened her head and gazed out the window.

Five minutes passed and Edward was about to leave, when he heard Carlisle's thoughts. 'Just wait, Edward. She'll come out of it soon. Her intuition told her something and she is thinking about how to tell you.'

Johnna turned back to face Edward. "Sorry about that. I sometimes need time to sort through the info I get from my intuition." She stared at him curiously. "You were going to leave without hearing the rest of my answer. What made you change your mind?

Edward smirked softly, teasingly. "Don't you know?"

Johnna let out a short laugh. "I have a good guess as to whom it was, but I want to know why. I'm glad you stayed; don't get me wrong, but why? Why did you decide to stay?"

"Carlisle's the only one here who knows you really well. He knows how you tick. I stayed because anyone else would have continued what they were saying in their thoughts as I walk out. Alice does it the most, as does Carlisle."

"It seems rather rude to me, walking out whilst someone is talking to you. Granted, I do it when someone is seriously pissing me off or I feel that I'm in danger by staying with him or her, but to do it when having a simple conversation. That seems rather rude. It's like you don't care enough to sit and talk with them. Actually talking with them and not having everything in your heads or having a one sided conversation with someone in your head." Johnna interrupted him, cocking her head to the side again.

"There are times when I wish I could turn it off. As I was saying, I can't do that with you, because of your mental shield. It isn't unusual for someone here to be practically yelling at me in their heads as I leave, but I have a feeling you wouldn't do that. You would let me leave and not bother to ever finish telling me about whatever it was that we were talking about."

Edward watched as Johnna's lips curled up into a smirk and he took it as confirmation of his thoughts. "So, if I want to hear the rest of it, I really have no choice but to stay."

Johnna shook her head. "Non, you always have a choice. You could leave and be stuck with only half of the information or you can stay and hear the entirety of what I have to say."

"So, you were saying before…" Edward said hoping that she would finish and tell him.

"Do you remember the day before Bella came and I dragged Alice away during lunch?" Johnna asked whilst looking at him. It seemed as if she was judging what to tell him by how he answered.

He nodded and she continued. "Well, my intuition flared. It told me that Alice was having a vision and that you weren't ready to see it yet."


"If you heard it then and there, you would've acted rashly and quite stupidly according to Johnna." Edward turned to see Alice entering the room with Jasper shortly behind. They took seats on Johnna's bed.

Johnna smiled brightly at them as they did so.

"I had a vision of the family posing for a family photo. Carlisle and Esme were standing behind the couch. His arms were around her waist. Rosalie was sitting on one end of the couch near Esme with Emmett sitting on the ground leaning against her knees. Jasper sat next to Rosalie and I sat next to him. Our hands were clasped together. Johnna was sitting on the arm of the couch next to me, with her legs curled up behind her. Finally, you, Edward, were standing next to, and yet slightly behind Johnna and your arms were wrapped around someone's waist. The other person was blurry. All I knew was that the person was a girl with long hair and that her head reached your chin."

"I think Edward," Edward turn back to Johnna. He then noticed that she had been speaking in perfect English for the entire conversation since her intuition flared. He had inkling that it had something to do with the seriousness of the present conversation. "That the girl, rather young lady in your arms is Bella. I don't know if Carlisle told you this but Bella is your singer. Your la tua contante."

"Yes, he told me that, but what does that have to do with anything."

"It has everything to do it, Edward." Johnna replied. "Now this isn't true with everyone, but in lot of cases, a vampire's singer is that vampire's mate."

"That's absurd! Emmett was already mated to Rosalie when he met his singer. Carlisle's never found his singer, nor has Rosalie. Alice and Jasper were both vampires when they met." He said looking over at Jasper and Alice. Johnna closed her eyes, and started breathing in through her nose. "Don't even think about it, Jasper Whitlock." She hissed.

When she opened her eyes again, they were a deep navy color. "Yes, I know that, Edward. It's common knowledge to all of us. I know a lot of vampires whose mates were not only humans but also were their singers as well. Furthermore I didn't say that this referred to every vampire. Bella being your singer merely attracts you to her. That and her mental shield."

"What do you mean her mental shield? She's human." Jasper asked calmly. If Edward wasn't careful, he'd end up pissing Johnna off. Then she would never answer his questions.

"You were extremely charismatic as a human were you not, Major Jasper Whitlock?" She asked. "Alice had premonitions as a human, Emmett was really strong and Esme was very maternal. Edward can't read Bella's mind. That's not normal. It makes sense that she has a mental shield, because Edward's intrusive gift is purely mental."

"What was your defining trait as a human, Johnna?" Edward asked her.

Johnna smirked at him. "First of all, I wasn't raised like the rest of you. My mamà knew from an early age that I had the fairy gene. So she taught me everything she knew about the world I was born into and the world I would soon be entering."

"And not to mention, Johnna is a lot different now than she was as a human. She, like Esme, had a huge heart. Johnna was also very warm and friendly. She's a bundle of contradictions now." Carlisle said as leaned against her doorframe.

"Such as what?" Jasper asked curiously turning towards him.

"Where do I begin?" Carlisle asked chuckling. "Johnna can speak impeccable English, but choses to speak with a French accent accompanied by a myriad of noises and sounds. She looks cute and innocent, but she could kill you before you have time to blink. She can be extremely shy, and yet can flirt proficiently with any man she chooses." Johnna smirked at that one, It had gotten her out of trouble many times in the past.

"She uses the act of a simple airheaded blonde, but in actuality, she's an enigma. She's eclectic, but something's have to look a certain way or be style for her to like them. She associates herself with the 1730's and yet is completely at ease here in the modern age. One final tip, she's like those Russian dolls that have one huge doll housing nine or so smaller dolls, each a bit tinier than the next." With a wink to Johnna, he left. She smirked and shook her head. "Thank goodness he left some of the bigger contradictions out. Life's no fun without surprises. I shall see you all at school."

"Where are you headed?" Jasper asked as he left her room with her.

"I'm headed out to hunt and refill my bottle. Would you care to join me, Jasper?"

"Thank you, ma'am. I think I shall."

"Oh shut it."

Jasper and Johnna arrived during lunch, sliding effortlessly into the seats on either side of Alice. Jasper chuckled as he felt the jealousy and envy from the student body. According to Edward, they were jealous of how the Cullens made everything look easy and effortless. Jasper had snorted when Edward had said it, as it was completely obvious. Forks High School was jealous of the Cullens period.

"Where are Edward and Bella?" Johnna asked as she got her lunch out, a meatball sub with fresh mozzarella cheese on an Italian bun. It smelled revolting to Jasper, but it obviously smelled wonderful to Johnna, as she hummed happily.
"Don't know. I did see Edward follow Bella into the forest near the school. Maybe he's going to tell her, or she's going to tell him." Emmett said excitedly. Rosalie just huffed with annoyance.

"As my mamà used to say, if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at'all." Johnna chirped. Rosalie glared at her, to which Johnna just smiled and bit into her sub. Rosalie wrinkled her nose. Jasper smirked as Johnna's triumphant and gleeful emotions washed over him.

"That's a common sense kind of saying Johnna." Alice said with a smile. "Rose just hasn't learned it yet."

"I noticed that, Alice. In answer to your question, Emmett, he's not going to tell her anything unless he has to. As I told Edward earlier, she's going to find out on her own. She probably knows by now." She cocked to her to the side. "Fascinating, I shall have to meet him." She then went back to her sub.

"Well?" Rosalie asked after a while. Johnna looked up at her. "Well what?"

"Does she know or not?" Rosalie asked irritably. Johnna was really getting on her nerves with her intuition. She was just as bad as Alice sometimes, though the one good thing about Johnna was that she certainly knew when to put Edward in his place. Edward definitely needed to be knocked down a couple of pegs. Between the two of them, they could make sure it happened. Maybe they could do that to appease Carlisle. 'I'll use my day with her, to find out more about this Bella, and about Johnna herself. See why Carlisle likes her so much.' Rosalie thought as she turned her attention back to Emmett.

"She knows alright." Johnna murmured softly.