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"Is there an Avery Marcino here?"

A slightly older woman poked her outside of the office scanning the room
" Yes that's me"
A young girl in her early twenty's stood up to make her presence known. The older woman gave a slight smile
" Mr. McMahon will see you now."

This was it, Avery had worked her butt off for this moment, no superstar wrestling parent to help her, no riches to buy her way in, just pure hard work and dedication. Avery walked with confidence towards the office but her insides were a mess with nerves as she made her way into the office. Mr. McMahon was sitting at the desk waiting for Avery to sit down.
" Hello Mr. McMahon Sir thank you so much for this opportunity I promise I wont let you down"

He gave a small chuckle. " Now Avery I'd like to discuss some details with you, first I'd like to send you down to FCW before you make your debut on Raw in about a month, just to sharpen up your skills,"

"Of course I understand"

" Well that's all I needed to see you about, so good luck and I'll see you again in a month"

" Yes Sir" Avery shook his hand before she left the office, a smile permanently etched on her face.

Two days later Avery was at FCW training with all the other wrestling hopefuls. God there's so many people here how are they going to even notice me Avery thought as she looked around the training facility that currently had nearly 60 wrestlers in it. Avery made her way to the women's locker room to get changed.

" Hey I'm Taylor"
" Hey I'm Avery" Avery said shaking the red heads hand
" Is it your first day here"
" Haha ya can you really tell that I'm that nervous"
Avery said laughing, Taylor laughed as well
" Don't worry about anything most of the people here are pretty nice, you'll get used to it soon enough"
" Thanks"
"I'll meet you out there ok"
" Yeah I'll see ya soon."

Ok so far so good Avery thought as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her dark brown hair had been pulled back into a ponytail, there was no makeup on her face but she was still beautiful. Her skin was naturally tanned and her green eyes sparkled and her full lips pulled into a small smile before going out into the training area.

Avery made her way out towards the ring, there were two guys in the ring in the middle of a match with a small group formed around the ring to watch while everyone else was busy working out on the equipment. Avery stood watching the guys when Taylor came up behind her

" Hey you ready to start working out, you wont become a wrestler by just watching."

The two women both went to start working out on the equipment. Avery looked around and realized that there were only a handful of female wrestlers there.

" So where are you from" Taylor asked
" I'm from Ottawa"
" Whoa you've come pretty far must be pretty different here from what your used to"
" Yeah it's been a big change, and a little tough but I hope it'll be worth it."
" Don't worry once you get that call up to the main roster it'll be worth it"
" Have you ever been called up?"
" No not yet but I'm trying".

Avery and Taylor kept working out, the two guys in the ring had just finished their match and hopped out of the ring. One of the guys was walking passed you and Taylor

" Good match Ted"
" Thanks Taylor, whose your friend"
" Hey I'm Avery" she said shaking his hand. Ted smiled back at her
" Nice to meet you"
Avery went back to her work out, Ted turned to Taylor
" Well I'm done for the day I'll see ya later"
" See ya Ted" Taylor called as he was walking off.
" He's cute right" Taylor said smiling at Avery
" Yeah he's not bad" Avery said smiling. and Taylor gave a small laugh.

The two girls kept working out and talking when one of the trainers came up to them.
" Hey I'm John, welcome to FCW, I'm incharge of the womens division here."
"Hi. I'm Avery" Avery said shaking the mans hand. He looked to be in his mid thirties, muscular but not too big and around 6'3.
" So you're the new girl here it's time to see what you're made of, I gotta be honest you seem a little small to be a wrestler" John said with a chuckle. Avery looked down at her small 5'2 frame. She was curvy but thin and toned.
"Don't worry I'm tougher than I look" Avery said with a smile
" I hope so, you and Taylor are going next" Avery turned to Taylor and the two girls smiled at each other.

Taylor and Avery made there way into the ring and the match started. The two women were evenly matched, everytime one got the upperhand the other would counter and the match would shift. A small group formed around the ring. Taylor hit Avery with a closeline and pulled her up to finish her off but Avery hit her in the ribs and countered with a DDT before doing a lionsault and covering her for the win. Avery helped Taylor to her feet after the match was done.

"Man you kicked my ass" Taylor said with a laugh
" I told you I was tough" Avery replied
"Nicely done ladies" John called from the other side of the ring
" Hey do you want to go out tonight, a few of us were going to grab some drinks, it'll be a good chance for you to meet some people here" Taylor said while she and Avery were changing
" Yeah that sounds like a good idea"
" Good I'll call you later with the details"

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