Chapter 1: The immortal dog.

Freud was a dog, a loyal dog would do whatever his master said without question. He had gotten used to being the dog, he had been one for 7000 years and counting. As well he had gotten used to being the one who served the purple dragon, every generation it was the same. A purple dragon would be born and think that they had to use their powers for something good, then when they lost their minds in a moment of rage the evil would enter and they'd try to do something stupid.

Then Freud would be forced to become the dog once again. He hated every minute of obeying the dragons, but this time would be different. He would make sure of it.

He smiled, and continued sitting on the rock in the apes camp while they slept. He didn't need sleep, he never did, even when he was a baby he never slept. He used to assume it was part of being a dog, but as he grew up he knew that it wasn't the case. Other dogs like Jax and Kenny needed sleep, as far as he could tell every animal needed sleep but him. He hated not being able to sleep almost as much as he hated being the dog to the purple dragons, but it did have certain advantages.

Freud stood up and smiled as he thought of his favorite advantage. He took a quick check around to see if any ape was still awake, and seeing none stirring he started to run.


Jax smirked a little bit as he looked at the edge of the forest. As a dog he had the ability to hear things that most creatures couldn't. As a result he could hear the slight foot tapping of Freud running up to his home on the cliff above the lake. Freud was extremely good at not being noticed, so it took someone who was truly looking for him and knew what to look for in order to even somewhat track him. He smiled, he knew exactly what Freud was coming for.

He turned around and walked over to the small cottage he had built, he could hear the pain that was happening in the small house and he was sure he would have to clean something up later. But it was the least he could do for Freud.

He opened the door and walked inside, where the pain sounds became louder as he saw Udana in the pain of childbirth. Udana was a cute little dragon with bright blue scales and a noticeable red line that spanned from her tail to her neck. A lot of dragons he met called her attractive, but he couldn't see why. He knew that most dragons laid eggs that would hatch later, but Freud knew about Malefor's plan to destroy all the eggs. So he spent a considerable amount of time searching for away to prevent his baby from emerging as an egg.

He knew that dragons were vulnerable in the egg stage of their life, so he wanted to get rid of that stage in his baby's development. An alive dragon, even a baby could defend itself.

"Am i too late?" Freud asked from behind, Jax turned around and smiled. Even in the midst of the howling dragoness he was glad to see his friend. Freud had been with him literally since the dawn of time and had supported him whenever he needed it. Jax had always liked Freud and would do almost anything for him.

"Well you missed the most exciting part, but your just in time to see your bouncing baby boy being born" Jax said smiling, Freud walked up to his screaming wife and held her hand. Seeing and feeling Freud appeared to calm down Udana a little bit, but she still screamed violently.

"Well what if it's a girl?" Freud said to Jax, while keeping eyes locked with Udana, Jax smiled.

'Sounds like a bet to me" Jax said, the three of them chuckled a little. After what seemed like hours Jax could see something emerging from Udana. He walked over to get a better look, and was pleasantly surprised to see a head poking out. He looked up and smiled.

"Let's see who won the bet"