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Ranma of the Musk

Chapter one: Heritage

Saotome Ranma and his father Genma were in the middle of a training journey. Currently it had lasted for thirteen years. Ranma had been all over Japan and had studied under many many masters their. Learning what he could and then incorporating it into his style. the Anything goes school of martial arts. He and his father were near on par with one another.

Mostly what his father did while he trained was search around the dojo for anything of value. He'd let Ranma train for about two months at the least. Occasionally he would join in if the style offered something he particularly wanted. But other wise he would play Shogi or go. Then after said amount of time he would ransack the place, wake Ramna up and they would Hightail it into the night.

Of course it was only recently that Ranma Learned that that was what his Tou-san did. Needless to say he wasn't happy about it and tried to make him stop. Unfortunately his dad could still beat him. You would never guess by looking at him. But Saotome Genma was extremely strong.

He was a burly man. Not exactly fat, except around his stomach. But he did have muscle and he knew how to use it. He wore a full white gi and a skull cap over his bald head. Ranma always guessed he got his looks from his mother, whom his father never talked about. he could only assume that she died when he was born and it hurt to talk about her.

Currently their trip had brought them to China. According to his father they only had two more stops.

"What did you call the first one?" Ranma asked his father skeptically.

Ranma was a young man of fifteen and wore a red chinese shirt with gold cloth along the chest hat acted as buttons. His pants were pure black with a red rope around the waist for a belt. He had a full head of black hair which had gotten longer of late and he thus wore it in a pigtail. He was one head shorter than his father.

'They call themselves the musk dynasty. They are masters of the animal styles and according to the guide posses some manner to become animal like them selves." Genma answered.

"Okay, so why are we going to them, they sound like bunch of smelly nuts?" Ranma retorted cockily.

"Two reasons boy." Genma said loudly holding up two fingers centimeters from m Ranma's eyes causing him to stop lest he impale him self on and go blind.

"Firstly they poses the most powerful kinds of Animal styles. Imagine if you were able to incorporate them into our style, you very well might be able to beat me."

Ranma nodded thoughtfully. He would take any chance he had to be able to beat his father and then climb further up the latter until he was the worlds greatest fighter . It was after all his dream.

"Second I have traced my family, and thus your own family history back, and according to the tree we have ancestors from the Musk dynasty. this can only help us get you excepted into the ranks."

"So this isn't some attempt to line your pockets?" Ranma asked.

Genma sweated briefly before answering as quickly as possible. Fake tears falling down his face like water falls, he was quite adapt at this.

'Ranma how could you doubt you Tou-san? I do all i do so that you may one day be the greatest. I'm ashamed of you."

"Can it old man. You sacked the last five dojo's we went too. don't tell me your not planning to do the same I know you way to well. We've been in China for two years don't tell me you haven't been moving around like crazy to make me stronger. You're just trying to stay two steps ahead of the angry mobs."

Damn the boy is getting smarter. I'll have to push him off a cliff again soon.

"Semantics, come on Ranma we have a long way to go before we reach the Mountain were the Musk have hidden themselves."

One month later

Ranma and Genma were at the top on an unknown in front of the doors of a huge castle like dojo. Two gaurds were in front. They both had ebony colored hair and pointed ears. They wore wolf skin leather and pelts.

"/Who are you?/" one of them asked in Chinese.

Genma stepped forward to ask the one question he knew in chinese.

"/Speak any Japanese?/"

The two wolf like guard s looked at one another before conversing in chinese for a bit. One of them went off to find some one who could speak Japanese. While the other stood his guard and looked at the two foreigners.

"Hey pops what the hell was that about?" Ranma asked.

"I asked to see their leader?" Genma lied.

In ten minutes a man in semi royal garb walked in through the gates. He had multi colored hair along with the fangs and pointed ears. His hair was done up in a pony tail. the front bangs were white, down the middle as well as two long strips of hair near his ears it was blue. The rest of his hair was pink. He had six spike like objects near the back of his head that he wore like a crown. His clothing reeked of nobility. His white shirt looked to be made from fine quality silk with red around the collar. on his shoulders was golden armor in a scale like pattern with whit trimming. His pants were much the same coloration.

"Greeting strangers I am Herb. State your business with the Musk Dynasty quickly. If you have come to learn our ways I'm afraid you are not in luck and we will have to kill you." He said in fluent japanese.

"Well one of our reasons was that." Genma stated. Seeing the guards and the young man in front of him tense for combat he quickly continued.

"But it also has to do with our family."

Herb raised his eyebrows at this.

"Very well old man, continue what ever it is you have to say. If I do not find it expect-able I shall kill you were you stand, along with your whelp."

"Hey who are you calling whelp you stuck up pretty boy!?!"

"Ranma be silent use your senses for Kami sake."

Ranma for once listened to his father and used all the sense he had at his disposal to study the young man before him. He learned something valuable as he did, he was strong, stronger than both he and his father combined.

Damn it old man what the hell have you gotten us into?

"Herb we come he the site of our ancestral home so that we may learn the ways of our ancestors." Genma continued.

"What are you talking about?"

"According to our family tree both myself and my son have ancestors that came from the Musk dynasty, from what clan i know not. Please allow us to learn the ways of our people?" Genma was on his hands and knees begging for entrance.

Herb studied him and Ranma before smiling evilly.

"Very well you and the whelp, may enter. but you must under go the ritual of revigoration."

"The hell is that?" Ranma questioned.

"It is an ancient ritual used to preserve the power of our more prominent clans. It shall kill anyone who is not of Musk origins. Do you still wish to learn under us Whelp?"

"Bring it on pretty boy."


Genma and Ranma were striped down to their pants and had symbols painted all over their bodies. Each of them were in a sacred circle.

"This ritual will bring the long dormant blood of what ever animal it is you are descended from back to a more active stage. It will be as if you were a first generation cross breed. It shall also let us know what animal you are descended from." Herb explained as several old men walked into the room.

"Oh yeah and how's that work ?" Ranma asked skeptically. He thought the whole animal thing was a joke. Really how could some one be descended from an animal. He may not know much but he knew it was impossible for animals to bear human children.

"When the blood is properly re-sparked a spectral image of that animal shall appear behind you. It will take longer for you than your father since you are one generation further removed than him." He explained as the old men began their chant.

It started slowly and softly. Ranma felt something deep inside of him stir and start worming its way to the surface. It was like the thing was trying to take flight but Ranma's skin was in the way. His body burned as the beast roared to be free.

Genma too felt something inside of him stir. But it was different than what Ranma felt. It felt as if what ever had woken was lost inside a forest and was only now finding the path to lead it towards the light. It was calming.

By now the chanting had sped to a point wear instead of the soft chant it started as it was a pouring torrent of song. Suddenly what ever had been moving in Genma found its way to the surface. His ears became points like the others, his canine's more pronounced. His formerly brown eyes become black beads. A single black spot appeared around his left eye as a spectral panda appeared behind the older Saotome.

Interesting he told the truth, a pair of pandas shall join our ranks. Not the strongest of warriors. But hardy tanks that can take great damage before they fall. Herb mused to himself. Just as he was about to leave his eyes shot open wide in shock.

Ranma's eyes were glowing a crimson red. the bangs of his hair turned a ghostly white the middle streak remained the same ebony color it had before hand, the res turned a blood red shade that matched his eyes. his nails lengthened into claws and he became even more feral looking than his father. Finally a great spectral dragon appeared behind him. Roaring the spectral beast shot upwards into the sky.

This has never happened before. That boy is from the same clan as me. How is this possible when his father is a panda. I must seek father out for this.

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