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Aoi-Ikazuchi: Blue thunder

Akagan: Red eyes

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Ranma of the Musk

Chapter Five: The Lost Dragon

Ranma had indeed been correct. His time in the class did seem rather long in comparison to the rest of his day, in fact it had been a long week. The girls of the class saw to that, all of them made the same kind of squeal when he told them his hair and eyes were naturally like that. Several had even asked him out on dates. Then there was the training after school with his newest ally.

Kuno did indeed have much potential, but it had obviously gone to waste in this place. He lacked the strong opponents he needed to grow into the warrior he could be. Those that were strong and here like Tendo Sound would not fight, and those that did fight were too weak to be considered a challenge. Then there was the fact that he was as stubborn as a mule and had almost refused when Ranma told him he had to start over from the basics. While his swordplay was nothing to scoff at, a warrior cannot rely on weapons alone. He needed to learn the use of his fists and feet again before he could be aloud the sword again.

It was this morning as woke to his hunger that all that was happening crashed down around him. He wished for simpler times before he was dragged to China, sure he and Ryoga fought all the time but... Ranma's eyes widened in surprise as memories started to pour back.

"That's it!" He shouted as he jumped to his feet in happiness. His outburst however drew the attention of Kasumi, who rushed in to see what the commotion was. The sight of a half dressed young man in front of her caused a small blush to rise to her face, on which she had to force down before the images began.

"Ra-Ranma, what is it?" She asked in concern, only to be shocked when he hugged her and began a small dance with her still wrapped in his arms.

"I remembered!" he said with a smile, she realized she quite liked his smile and even more she liked this side of him. She wondered idly why he didn't act like this more often, what caused the calm, serious, and deadly warrior to take over instead of the overly cheery person in front of her.

"R-Remembered what?" She asked again with an embarrassed stutter.

"My old rival, one of the few I actually considered a friend before this all started. He and I used to fight all the time, but after it was all said and done there were smiles on our faces. He's also the one who is like my great-great-great-great-uncle." He said with a laugh as the fond memories came back, the fight over bread, over who got the last stick of dango, even the fight over who got to be first in line for a movie. He even remembered the search Genma put up to find him when they left, so Ranma could say goodbye with their last fight, it was one of the few time the oyagi had done anything overtly kind. Though he didn't know that Genma had planned on kidnapping him and taking him with them since it was rare to find someone who could survive the same methods of training as he put Ranma through.

"So what was his name?" Kasumi asked genuinely curious over the person who could have put the Ryu in such a mood.

"His name was-" but whatever Ranma was about to say was drowned out by a loud screech from the resident Tomboy.

"Ryu-Hentai!!!" Akane screamed out. All she saw was the close proximity of Ranma to her older sister. Ranma still had his arms around her from the hug and dance. It also did not help his case that he wore no shirt, in Akane's mind he was attempting to force himself upon her. Akane dove forward the mallet in hand as she swung at Ranma.

Ranma acted quickly, almost too quick for Kasumi to notice the change in disposition. The serious look was back in his face, eyes locked in his draconic glare. The boy had gone and the warrior returned. He pushed her toward the sleeping form of his oyagi, it helped that he had gone to sleep as a panda.

With Kasumi out of the way he was able to dance around the wild swings that Akane threw at him. As she swung the mallet he wondered idly why she couldn't form such a weapon to do anything but whack-a-perv as he had come to call it. Through out the last week he had seen her use the mallet on many an innocent that she had declared a pervert. One had even been asking for help on his homework. He wondered what the hoard of warriors he had fought found so attractive about her.

"Akane, please stop." Kasumi said as she tried to find her voice, but it was for naught as Akane completely ignored her to attack the half dressed boy in front of them. Finally he was cornered with not a place to dodge to. Akane swung the mallet down ready to deliver righteous punishment upon him. Yet she was utterly surprised when her mallet met an unmoving force and just suddenly stopped. She glanced at the tip and was shocked to see that Ranma was holding the mallet back, with just two of his fingers.

"What the?" She asked in shock as he pushed the mallet back with ease.

"I should be asking you that. Your attack was uncalled for." Ranma stated coldly.

"Shut up Ryu-Hentai, have you no shame! You were trying to force yourself on Kasumi." Akane failed to notice the twitching of Ranma's brow at the insult, however Kasumi didn't and recalled what he had first told her about insults. She found it amazing that he was showing this much self-control.

"I was now hmm?" Ranma questioned as he placed his hand on his chin and adopted what could only be called a thinking pose.

"Well what else could you have been doing?" She asked incredulously.

'None of your damned business, now get out of my room." He growled menacingly.

"Ryu-Kikei." She grumbled as she walked out.

Kasumi could only gape in shock at the utter lack of self-preservation instincts her sister seemed to posses. She knew for a fact that Ranma could trounce her in a fight and that he hated being insulted. Not only that but the aura of animalistic rage that surrounded him now was bloodcurdling. He was a force that could rip Nerima apart if his wrath was so incurred, and from what she heard he'd have help in the form of Kuno.

"Ra-Ranma?" She asked quietly. Looking at her, Ranma's eyes seemed to lighten up as he looked at her, the rage dissipated and aspects of the youth she had got a glimpse at earlier came back, yet the warrior still stayed at the forefront.

"Sumimasen Kasumi-chan." Ranma apologized with a bow.

"What for?' She asked genuinely confused.

"For the display with your sister, as well as being too forward with you earlier." He had remained bowed the entire time.

"It's okay, you don't need to apologize." She said with a smile. "Breakfast will be ready in a few moments." She said as she moved to the door.

"By the way?" She asked as she stopped by the door. Catching the young mans attention. "The name of your friend, what was it?"

"Ryoga, Hibiki Ryoga." He said with a smile.

Several hundred miles south of a very odd looking boy sneezed. He was dressed in fine silks, black pants with a yellow dragon rope belt. His shirt was yellow with a dragon down the middle of his shirt. Many buttons were connected across the dragons back. Yet the oddest things about him were his facial features. He had very pronounced canine teeth and pointed ears; his eyes were the color of blood. His hair came in three different colors, his bangs were as white as fresh snow, a streak down the middle of his hair was black and midnight, and on both sides of the streak his hair was the color of his eyes.

His name was Hibiki Ryoga, and he was desperately lost.

He had wandered from place to place all the while searching for his greatest rival, and best friend. He had been through much in his search, but he knew that in the end it would make the fight that much sweater. He knew for a fact Ranma was like him from old man Sassafras and that they would be well suited to fight one another, it was even that reason that the old man had let him out of the stuffy, confusing castle in the first place.

What had confused him more were the scrolls he was given by the old man. He had even asked him about why he'd given him the scrolls when they could have been lost or stolen. The older man had just smiled and told him that it didn't matter, that things would soon change and if the scrolls weren't taken then they might very well be lost.

Ryoga had been confused then and he still was now, all he knew was that Ranma was somewhere in Japan at a place called Furinkan-high and he was bound to find the place sooner or later.

"Hey kid look out!" A desperate voice called out from behind him, Ryoga turned his head and saw a boar that could only be described as a tank charging straight at him. As he looked at the charging animal his stomach gave a low rumble of hunger. Smiling to himself Ryoga charged at the boar, startling the horrified onlookers. What horrified them more was when he plunged his clawed hand straight through its eye. Ryoga then picked the dead animal up and slung it over his shoulder before turning about.

"Hey kid wait!" A voice called out again distracting Ryoga.

"Yes?" Ryoga asked in curiosity.

"You one of the martial artists, back from training in the mountains?" An older looking man asked.

"Sort of, I'm more along the lines of a lost and hungry warrior, I hope you don't mind me taking this?" He asked as he raised the arm holding the held the boar.

"Well if you're hungry we'd be happy to feed you, that boar has been terrorizing this town for weeks." The man said.

"Can it be the boar?" Ryoga asked.

"I guess, it is a large beast and it would be a shame to waste all that meat." A woman spoke from behind him. She gazed at the young man and remembered the letter her niece had sent her last week. The description of a young man dressed in fine silks with odd hair and eyes. In her curiosity she decided to ask if he was the same young man in the letters.

"Excuse me but would your name happen to be Ranma?" She asked. Instantly the young man was right in front of her.

"How do you know that name?" He asked.

"My niece goes to school with a Ranma, you match his description." She answered honestly, if not a bit scared to look into his eyes.

"What's the school?" He asked desperation clear in his voice.

"Furinkan-high." she answered nervously.

"Yes!" Ryoga shouted as he jumped into the air in happiness, quite high into the air actually.

Many looked on in shock as he landed on the ground smiling a grin of happiness that seemed to rub off on everyone present. Ryoga was ecstatic his luck had paid off again. Some one had given him a lead and he'd be damned if he passed this up.

"Do you think that after we eat you could take me there?" He asked with a smile, confusing all there.

"Well I don't know about taking you, but I could give you directions." She answered kindly, only to see him shake his head in response.

"No. I have to be taken, if I try to find it myself I'll just get lost again." He responded.

"Why do you need to get there if you don't mind my asking?" The woman asked.

"I'm trying to find my itoko." He replied.

It was two days later that found Ryoga outside Furinkan-high. The kind people at the village had needed to prepare for this trip, as the village only had one car to its name. Luckily however the woman had known the exact location of the school and after a night of rest and food, then another to get here. He was finally about to see his ikoto again.

"Hey Ranma-sama!" A voice called behind him, Ryoga turned, hoping to see who was calling for his ikoto, only to see a young man approaching him. Slightly older than he himself the strange boy was dressed in a samurai's outfit.

"Ranma-sama I've just heard a most distressful rumor. Tiss said that you were seen entering the home of Akane-chan, as if you lived there. Is this true?" He asked.

"Who are you?" Ryoga asked in confusion. The strange boy gave him a look and was about to say something more when a voice called from the school gates.

"Screw you Ryu-kikei, I wish you never came here!" A shrill voice called out. Ryoga thought that whoever this was she was in obvious distress of some sort, but what had him interested was the scent of dragon coming from near her own

"The feeling is mutual baita." A cold voice answered in response. "Now if you could kindly leave me alone I need to-" the voice cut of rather suddenly. Ryoga could feel the air begin to thicken and condense as whoever was coming around the wall prepared for battle. Ryoga got a whiff of the chi that had begun to emanate from the warrior behind the wall. It was undoubtedly that of a dragon. A smile played on his lips he'd finally found him.

"So they've finally found me." The voice sounded coldly, confusing Ryoga

"What the hell are you-" The girls voice began to ask in annoyance only to be cut off by the males.

"Shut-up, shut-up and get moving if you want to live, get as many people out of the school as you can, then get the hell out of here. Take Kuno and your sister and get to the house."

"What are you?" she asked, fear now evident in her voice.

"The musk."

Ranma was in a delicate situation. He and Akane had walked to school as always, and she as usual had antagonized him with insults. Yet today something major had happened. There was a dragon behind the wall. He was next to Kuno, and if he had smelled him then he had probably been scented out already. Akane seemed to finally grasp the seriousness of the situation and had shut-up. The delicacy also stemmed from the fact that whoever this dragon was, he was close to Kuno. That meant he had to get them away from one another quickly, lest he get caught in the crossfire of a fight he stood no chance in. While he had improved rapidly with a strong teacher, he was no were near dragon level.

"Ranma-sama is that you?" Kuno's voice called out in confusion. Ranma silently cursed, he had just put himself in danger with that. The dragon sent to find him would probably attack him now since he had just shown that he had allegiance to him.

"Kuno move!" Ranma shouted as he jumped over the wall and at the mysterious dragon.

As he expected he and the other dragon met head on in a clash of fists, feet, and claws. However he was vastly surprised when the other dragon head-butted him to knock him away. The other dragons in the castle would never have done a thing like that, except perhaps Thyme. They were all to 'noble' to lower themselves to such a barbaric tactic. Backing away Ranma finally got a look at his enemy, and he was surprised to say the least. The dragon before him could have been his twin, Ranma only knew of one person who had looked that similar to him.

"Ryoga?" He asked in confusion.

"It is you!" Ryoga shouted happily while still remaining in his fighting stance.

"Well damn, I thought you were someone less pleasant. Now how the hell did you end up as a dragon?" He asked with a smile.

"Followed you and Genma to China." Ryoga answered sheepishly, Ranma's eyes widened in shock at the admittance. Ryoga knew that he couldn't find his way out of a paper bag by following bright neon signs. Yet he had followed him to China that was something.

"What the hell were you thinking!?!" Ranma Yelled as he clunked Ryoga over the head, only to dodge back as Ryoga's own fist came up to return the favor.

"Well we had thirteen different fights to finish, plus I learned more with you and Genma than I ever did on my own." He answered as he took an aggressive stance.

"So you risk getting lost in much bigger place that you have absolutely no familiarity to?" Ranma asked as he charged forward throwing a right hook at his friends.

"Well I did get lots stronger and everything worked out in the end didn't it? Ryoga asked as he ducked the punch and countered with a kick.

"No reasoning with you in this is there?" Ranma asked as he blocked the kick only to be sent back by the force in the blow.

"Nope." Ryoga answered as he charged forward and delivered a punch-kick combo aiming for places that could end the fight quickly.

"Same rules than." Ranma said as he dodged under a kick and punched upwards, connecting with Ryoga's jaw sending the Ryu upwards. Ranma quickly jumped after him. "If I win you have to admit to your own stupidity." Ranma continued as he kicked downwards with a vicious ax-kick, sending Ryoga plummeting towards the ground.

"And if I win you've got to apologize for calling me an idiot." Ryoga said with a grunt after picking himself off the ground.

The two dragons looked at each other with smiles on their faces. Then at some unknown signal they charged one another. Ranma lashed out with a left hook followed quickly by a right straight. Ryoga managed to dodge the first one, only to put his face in a perfect position for the second blow. Ranma watched as his opponent skidded away, he wasn't surprised when Ryoga recovered quickly and lashed out at him, even the chi blasts he was firing at him weren't a huge surprise. Ranma dodged past another blast and started to return fire.

The schools inhabitants watched in awe of this display. The two below were breathtaking in their destructive powers. They had accepted that Ranma was scary strong after effortlessly defeating Kuno, who had finally used full power on someone. Yet now they saw him on equal grounds with someone, the two below were locked in a deadly dance that looked to have no clear winner. Already half the property around them had been reduced to rubble.

Kuno watched the person he had come to consider his first friend battle with the other boy who had looked his double. He could only realize how far behind them he was, these two had amazing power at their fingertips that much was clear. But how had they reached this level. He knew that it was only partially what he was, Ranma had explained that while what he was had helped, he had worked hard to get were he was. I shall work ten fold to reach were they are, and if I can't I shall run fifty laps around Nermia.

Akane looked as the two, fired chi at one another. How had they gotten to be so strong while she had stayed so weak? She watched in awe as Ranma dodged Ryoga's kicks, she was even more in awe as one of the kicks ripped a lamppost out of the ground. What scared her more was how one of the Ryu-Kikei, grab the downed object and start swinging it like a bat. Even she with her raw strength could not have done something like that. Yet these two pulled trick after trick out of their bag. The Ero-Ryu-Kikei had held back against both her and less against Kuno. Yet in this fight he looked to be going all out, yet part of her knew there was more to him than just this.

"Ryoga-kun you're holding back!" Ranma suddenly called as he dodged the lamppost once again.

"Oh and how would you know?" Ryoga quipped back. As he swung again, only to notice an absence of weight in his weapon, he looked at it to see that he was missing the end of it. It seemed to be cut cleanly as if it was butter. Looking at Ranma he saw him holding a straight Chinese sword made entirely out of chi.

"Guess you knew cause you're holding back yourself huh?" Ryoga asked as he formed a curved Chinese saber out of his chi.

"Guess you're just going to have wait and see huh?" Ranma asked as he locked blades with his old friend. The difference between the swordsman's styles was instantly made noticed as the two blades clashed. Ranma's style relied on grace and precision while Ryoga's seemed to focus on wild slashes along with power.

Ranma stabbed forward only for with Ryoga to jump clear over him and swing at his unprotected back. Ranma acted quickly flipping forward, he felt the blade grace his skin and rip his shirt in the back. Twirling in the air he slashed at Ryoga. Ryoga was caught off guard at Ranma's dodge and counter, that he barley had the chance to defend himself from the blade. The vertical slash cleaved through the buttons on his silk shirt, leaving his chest open for the world to see.

Looking back at one another they could only smile. This was exactly as it had been in the old days, both of them gifted martial artists battling it out and pushing the other to the limit. Sure they were recklessly destroying everything as usual and would doubtlessly be suspended for at least a week, but the exhilaration in fighting his equal more than made up for his impending doom.

Ryoga laughed as he blocked yet another slash from Ranma, this was ten times better than he thought it would be. The old man had called them both prodigies of the art, and to see Ranma on equal footing with him was a great example. Yet he knew that he, and by extension Ranma still had more to give, the problem was that if they did that here then the entire place would likely be destroyed before anyone could do a thing.

"Ranma, think we should move the fight location?" Ryoga asked as he slashed for Ranma's chest.

"Think you might be right, wouldn't want to kill the nice humans in the next attack." Ranma answered as he blocked the sweep.

"So were too?" Ryoga asked as he pushed on the chi blade. He was utterly surprised when Ranma let go of the blade and ducked under his blade to deliver an uppercut to his chin.

"Follow me." He said as he jumped on top of the wall. "And try to keep up, wouldn't want to wait three days to continue this." Ranma said with a smile as he took off along the rooftops.

"Oh no you think it's take that long?" Ryoga asked to no one in particular as he followed after him.

Those left behind stared in awe at what had happened. The fight had really been picking up and then they just leave. Many had the same thought then. To hell with school, I've got to see how this ends. And with those thoughts the entire school took of in pursuit of the two boys. At the very head was Kuno, who was carrying Nabiki. Nabiki had a camera trained on the boys the entire fight, and still had her camera trained on them as they jumped from rooftop to rooftop. It helped that Kuno was able to do the same, other wise she would never have been able to keep up, and she just had to. This video alone would keep her family in money for a good time to come.

Ranma and Ryoga finally landed in a clearing of a deserted park. Most would not be there until later in the day. They looked at one another and smiled.

"So what skill are you going to use this time itoko?" Ryoga asked with a smile, all the while not knowing that a panting Kuno and a filming Nabiki watched from the side lines, as well as Akane who had managed to arrive seconds after Kuno.

"I think we need to end this before anyone from the school show up." Ranma answered as he began to concentrate power in his right arm.

"So you know the move too, I just wonder what your element is." Ryoga replied as he mimicked Ranma.

The power gathering around them was intense, even Nabiki felt it. As she watched she could not help but be a little afraid of the two boys. They were strong, dangerous, and according to Ranma, others of the musk were much stronger. It hadn't really sunk in until now, but seeing another person just as strong as Ranma helped. Her family was truly in danger and they had to rely on Ranma.

Akane however watched the fight with bitter jealousy. She felt shocked when their chi burst forth from their arms, taking the shapes of Chinese dragons, that began to circle their arms, the heads always staying close to their fist.

"Karyu-" Ranma began

"Rairyu-" Ryoga mimicked.

"Bakuha!" they finished together punching their fists out. The head of the dragon charging at the other, the attacks collided with a massive explosion that clouded their view. When the smoke finally cleared they could see that Ranma and Ryoga were next to each other, fists extended into the others face.

The two warriors collapsed onto the ground in a dual knock out. Bruises covered every inch of their bodies, and smiles on their faces.

Fiori: And done, thanks for reading yes I changed the dynamic between Ryoga and Ranma and made them more like brothers. This is because I needed someone to bring Ranma out of his warrior shell more often. As for what the scrolls are and the foreshadowing, well you'll just have to guess.


Karyu Bakuha: Fire dragon blast

Rairyu Bakuha: Lightning dragon blast