**Title meaning: Things to come.**

Don't yell at me. Its Al Bhed. I like the language so I used it in my title.


The war ended. People all over the world rejoiced and large parties were held for weeks, even months after. Though, five special teens that had been in the middle of it were feeling restless.

01 Heero Yuy had disappeared for a bit after the last battle. People assumed he was either going to kill himself or eventually give himself over to Relena Peacecraft. So naturally he surprised everyone when he showed up on the doorstep of 02 and requested to live with him.

02 Duo Maxwell after the war went straight to a dump field where he met up with what everyone believes to be his adoptive family. He stayed for a few months before going back to Earth and living in a house he himself bought with funds the government provided for him.

03 Trowa Barton returned to the circus shortly after the final battle with his lover 04. The circus welcome them with open arms and treated them both like family. He resumed his act with the circus as a acrobat and clown performer.

04 Quatre Reberba Winner was torn after the war between his lover and his sisters. They had wanted him to come home and assume the Presidency of the company. Within a couple months his sisters decided they wanted their little brother to be happy. They let him and his lover live together without having to worry about money by giving him enough to live without worry ten times over.

05 Wufei Chang disappeared for a short while after destroying his Gundam. Their were rumors of him in China and places in Japan before he soon like Heero showed up on 02's doorstep. But not to ask for a place to live, but surprisingly friendship. He had been pulled in by the surprised Deathscythe and Wing pilots and was not seen for a while after that. It is said that the three began a relationship between them.

But with time the five pilots grew uneasy in their living conditions, their war senses didn't allow them the comfort in living among civilians. So their unvoiced leader Quatre brought it on himself to bring them together. He bought, with his sister's help, what he called a house(which was by other's standards a mansion) in Japan. It was secluded and surrounded by forest. Acres and acres of land stretched between the mansion and any other living structure. Rivers, lakes, a small mountain even were placed all over the land. The five were soon settled knowing that they could be at peace there. The comfort of the other pilots there and the miles of land between them and anyone else let them rest at ease.

Thus brings us to where their story begins…

It was nearing the third month since they had begun living in the mansion. Quatre had gathered them up and announced that they were going on a three day hike up the small mountain on their property.

"Are we going to try to get to the top?" Duo asked eagerly.

"If you guys want to try. It'll be interesting to see what's up there." The blonde replied getting a bit excited himself.

"Weapons?" Heero questioned his short sentences were hard to get rid of, but Wufei and Duo were trying.

"I'm sure there wont be anything too dangerous out there. But to be safe, bring only your blades." During a point in the war Wufei had taken it upon himself to train the other pilots in the use of a bladed weapon.

He himself used a Dao inherited from his family while in China. It was a beautiful blade made of the finest metal his family could afford. Decorated on the blade was an elegant carved dragon.

Quatre bought the rest of them their own weapons also. His being a blade he created himself basing the design of them off his Gundam. He called them Confidenza which means "trust" in Italian. Using two, like his Gundam did, their curves are deadly if hit by them.

Duo had wanted a scythe like his own Gundam. But he was practical and went with daggers. Small ones the size of his hand that he kept were hidden easily all over his body. Eight of the blades in total were usually always spread about his body. He chose eight because of the Chinese liking for the number. They were made of Gundanium alloy that he had stole off his Gundam before it was destroyed.

Trowa had went with a cutlass. The blade was sharpened to the point where one could drop a leaf and it could be cut in half by just being touched. The sheath was fairly simple if one merely glanced at it, but it was really made of pure platinum. Quatre literally spent a fortune on the thing.

Heero went with his heritage and got a katana. The Japanese sword was supposedly simple compared to the rest of their weapons. But Quatre had taken it upon himself and had, at the hilt, a carving of the kanji for strength placed on it.

Their weapons described a piece of each of them. It was rare that after they war they were seen without them. Also during the time at their new home they had, for the fun of it, taken up the Japanese art of Kyudo. Literally the Japanese form of Archery. It was friendly competition between them. They had small tournaments and the prizes usually were not having to do chores and things of that sort.

"Shall we bring our bows for hunting?" Wufei suggested. They all enjoyed hunting around the dense forest around them. There was a slight thrill that they all got from hunting like when they piloted their Gundams against Oz.

"Good idea. Remember to grab the sharp arrows this time then." The last time they had gone hunting. Someone had grabbed the dull arrows used for practice only. They didn't notice until after they had shot at some wild boars. They had been chased for about an hour before Heero had the sense to grab out the gun he had taken with him and shoot them down.

"Hey it wasn't my fault that they weren't in the same place as last time!" Duo complained.

"Well. Besides that. Everyone pack, we'll be leaving tomorrow morning at six am sharp." They all agreed and went about getting the things they needed.

Six am the next day came fast. But they were ready. Bags were strapped with extra things here and there. Their blades sharpened and ready at their sides. Or on Quatre's case on his back. Bows were wrapped in clothes to protect them until needed. A quiver of arrows were tied to each bag.

"Everyone ready?" A series of nods came from the other four, and they set off into the wilderness taking a western route.

The hike was steep and dangerous. Not that they even noticed of course. Between their previous training and how they lived after the war, they were in top form. Even little Quatre who hadn't been trained from birth was lean and muscled lightly from the intense training he had gone through to pilot his gundam. The hike to them could be compared to a regular as a walk in central park.

So naturally when it started to hail a bit was when they noticed that the trail was getting harder and decided to stop for the night.

"Found anything Duo?" Quatre looked ahead to where the braided other had gone in search of camp ground. The flash of brown was the only warning before Duo dropped down from the tree above them.

"Yea! There's an awesome cave up ahead! Its blocked by some vines. Nothing we can't cut down though." They followed his into the forest a bit off their trail and soon came upon a wall covered in vines.

"Are you sure its just a cave Duo?" Wufei asked as they took in the straight wall that seemed to be carved out of the mountain. They cut down the vines and looked at the 'cave' again. Around the 'cave' entrance was a strange writing that was too worn out to read. Its border was chipped and broken in a lot of places making it impossible to read.

"Hey. It'll still make a good camping ground right?" Duo took a step in looking back at the other's to make sure they were following.

"I don't remember the retailer saying anything about ruins on the property…" Quatre murmured to himself. They all walked in curiously and with care. Their weapons ready and senses on high alert.

"I don't understand why we're being so cautious. Its obviously been deserted for years." Duo pointed out.

"True. But there's also the case of wild animals Duo." Wufei voiced his eye's sweeping the 'room' they walked into. It was covered in filth from being left alone for so long. It was bare nothing but a four wall room. But in the middle there was a small pool bordered with what looked like gold.

"What's that?" The ever curious Duo walked over and stared into the clear water.

"Its so clean." Heero finally spoke as he examined the crystal clear liquid. The pool seemed to be happy over that statement and rippled slightly.

"Do we need water?" Trowa voiced taking out his own water bottle his being half empty.

"I do." Wufei took out his empty water bottle frowning at it.

"I swear I still had half a bottle before though…" He shrugged and dipped the container in the water.

They all filled up and drank a bit.

"Ummm is it just me or is something funny about this water?" Duo glared at his water bottle, his eyes a tad bit glossy. Heero kneeled down next to the pool and swept his hands through the water.

"Its strange. Almost like its alive…" Before anyone said anything else Wufei collapsed. They all gasped and took out their weapons while checking on him.

"Damn! I knew something like that was too good to be true! What the hell was in that stuff!?" Duo hugged his lover to his chest a dagger placed over him protectively as they all scanned the empty room again.

"Hey look." Trowa pointed at the water they had retreated from. It was glowing. Then before they could even think again the water rose and flew at them. They never had a chance to even blink before they were suddenly gone.

"My, my. After all these years…" A figure walked into the room. Staring at the pool in the room, its light slowly dying. "To think, those young boys had the power to open a portal to the other realm. I wonder how Heika is going to handle this one…"

The figure chuckled a bit. His eyes glittering in the dark. He lifted a hand and drew strange symbols that glowed from the tip of his finger. Then with a wave of his hand they disappeared and the room glowed. The next second, he was gone. The entrance of the cave was covered with a huge bolder and new vines replaced the ones that had been cut down. If anyone looked now. It would seem as if no one had ever been there in centuries…

Ok people. This is merely a sample. I'm not sure if I want to continue it. The base line is that the five stay in the demon realm instead of returning to their land. Basically they feel more at home in the other lands and continue to live there blah blah blah. If you really want me to continue please leave a message or something. Leave ideas too if you want.

Oh and Wufei is going to be mistaken for a Prince. Each pilot will gain their own power eventually as well. The other's will be thought of as Wufei's guard and maybe nobles too.