"Ok what the hell do we do now?" Duo said as they watched Risel turn into but a dot in the sky.

"Getting back to camp and sorting it out should be the best for right now." Quatre voiced as he sheathed his weapon. The others followed suit and they walked back to camp keeping a more cautious air about them.

"So we're not in Germany. Nor anywhere near Japan." Wufei spoke up breaking the silence.

"We're in some sort of different dimension. It has to be since I don't think we have dragons back at home." Trowa said putting in his thoughts.

Duo stopped the others did the same, a slight confusion in their eyes.

"Duo?" Wufei tried to ask, the braided man tore away from the group and faced them.

"Hahaha! Oh great, first some weird pool of water, then people shouting about wanted to kill us, dragons!" Duo seemed to crack his eyes had a gloss over them he hugged himself tightly.

"This has gotta be some kind of dream! Well some weird shit has always happened to us but this takes the cake." The others felt the same, like the gods were playing with their lives. Heero went behind Duo hugging him against his chest.

"Duo calm down." The braided boy shook his head and broke away from his lover. Turning to face the four.

"Why us? Our lives were just starting to become something normal!" He was laughing slightly with tears at the edges of his eyes. Quatre was holding his hands to his chest; the others knew he was feeling the effects of Duo's strong emotions. Heero nodded at Wufei who nodded back. Wufei walked calmly up to Duo and slapped his cheek enough to simply stun him.

"Duo stay with us." He held the other male's arms firmly and then pulled him into a hug. "We know, but all we can do now is just rely on each other. Whatever happens, we are here together. We need to be strong. I need you to be strong." He whispered the last part into Duo's ear. Duo wrapped his arms around Wufei and buried his head into his shoulder sighing deeply. Heero came up behind Duo and hugged them both.

"We can pull through this right?" Duo asked hesitantly.

"Of course. We are the Gundam Pilots. We can overcome anything together." Trowa and Quatre both agreed silently as they stood next to them.

Duo sighed deeply the others almost did the same. They were all feeling the same stress but now since one had cracked the others felt the feeling fall away. They were in it together*. Nothing could break them apart. As if they could understand what each other were thinking they all began walking back to camp together. No one needed to say anything.

"We need to find out more about this land." Heero said simply. They had returned everything had been left alone during their short time away. The others nodded in agreement.

"I purpose going back to that village. It may hold some things that we could use while trying to get to this Mazoku country." All knew they were going to end up stealing to get through this. In this strange land away from any sort of money they usually had there was not much of a choice.

"Tro and I'll go then." Duo almost sighed out. Out of the five Trowa and Duo were the ones that knew how to steal and not be noticed. Everyone knew they were the best choices for the jobs. Quatre spoke up.

"Ok that sounds good. Let's make a list of things we are going to need to find." The others all began to think.

"If you can, books of anything on this land. Only if they are something we can read." They were all still uncertain if the language was something similar to the German they had heard earlier. Wufei being ever the scholar was the one to ask.

"Maybe some clothes that could help us blend in more." Came Trowa's input.

"Get a cloak with a hood for Wufei." Heero said he turned his head away from the Chinese man after he said it.

"What?" Wufei's irritated tone had the others feeling sorry for Heero.

"You said the dragon told you to avoid letting people see your… colorings." He defended himself. It worked to a slight degree. An almost growl like sound came from the 'dragon'.

"Only if you can get one that isn't out of your way understand?" Wufei ordered the two that were going for the items.

"Yes my love, I shall try hard not to get one though. It'll be such a shame to have to cover such beautiful silky hair such as yours." Duo played stealing Wufei's hair band to thread his fingers in the 'silky hair'.


After a few hours of planning they settled down for food. Pulling out their rations from home they ate slowly. Waiting for night, as they agreed would be the best time for the two to go.

When dusk fell they were off. The remaining three decided on a watch time while two would sleep and wait for their other two to return.

"Wufei." The single word was all it took to wake the Chinese man from his slumber.

"Duo? How did it go?" Even in the dark he could make out the trademark grin of his lover.

"Great. We managed to get everything. Here's your cloak." A black bundle landed in his lap, it was nice almost like silk. His lover had gone overboard again.

"What else did you get?" Duo produced four books from random places of his body. Handing them over to the young scholar.

"Houjutsu; Finding Your Power. Humans VS Demons. Tales of Heroes. Eroti-. Duo!" The braided man just snickered at him.

"Not every day you get to get your hands on naughty books of another world." His snicker brought Heero into the cave from where he had been on guard. He looked at the book and took it from Wufei; then began reading it.

"Heero!" Wufei tried to protest, a blush forcing itself on his face. They were in no place to be thinking about such things at the moment. Even with their friends stand outside.

"Not a bad read. Go sleep I'll finish this watch and wake Quatre for the last one." The two nodded settling down next to each other.

"I wanted to read that book first…"

"Sleep Duo."

"We're all in this together!~" LOL couldn't resist.

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