Title: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

Genre: Humor/Romance

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: AU. ZeroLulu, SuzaLulu, and GinoLulu…which is a love rectangle that I shall call Jealousyshipping. x3 Curse word use and lots of Lulu!love!! :D

Summary: Zero and Suzaku call for a truce in order to defeat a common enemy in their never-ending war for Lelouch's affections. Their enemy's name? Gino. // "Besides, I love you more."

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Geass.

Serena: This idea is actually kind of stupid, but eh. [shrugs] I actually only glanced at a hilarious picture of Suzaku kicking Gino in the face for trying to steal "Luluko" and this idea popped into my head…and I ran with it. With the school work I've had to deal with the past few weeks, I'm not sure how I managed to write this in such a short time…but meh.

Title: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend


By: Serena the Hikari of Love

Zero, the infamous terrorist on top of Britannia's most wanted list, and Suzaku Kururugi, an Honorary Britannian knighted by the late imperial princess Euphemia li Britannia, both shared similar interests. For one thing, they both wished to liberate Area 11 and change Britannia for the better. Their methods simply differed.

Zero used his charismatic ways and commanding voice to raise an army against Britannia. That army was known as the Black Knights. They fought against those who would oppress the weak and swore to bring Britannia to its knees. Lead by Zero, they marched ever onward to a brighter future.

Suzaku was made Knight of Seven for his exemplary skills in combat and for capturing Zero during a fierce battle for the Tokyo Settlement. Zero had somehow managed to escape, but that hardly reflected badly against Suzaku. He believed that Britannia could be changed from within and dreamed of becoming Knight of One. Receiving that title would allow him the privilege of governing over his own Area. Currently, the position of Knight of One was held by Bismarck Waldstein.

Another thing that the two enemies shared was a love for one particular individual named Lelouch Lamperouge.

Lelouch was a student at the Ashford Private Academy. He had a disabled little sister that he loved very much and a kind maid who watched over the two siblings as if they were her own flesh and blood. They lived on campus in the academy's clubhouse. The dean of the school allowed them to do so as a favor to the siblings' deceased mother, Marianne vi Britannia.

The truth was that Lelouch and Nunnally Lamperouge were actually the long-thought dead eleventh prince and princess, Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnally vi Britannia. The two siblings had been in hiding ever since Britannia had first invaded the small island nation of Japan--now Area 11. Lelouch fretted that should he and Nunnally return to their family, he would be separated from Nunnally and they would be used as political tools in Britannia's favor; therefore, he did his best to keep their true identities a secret.

The only people besides the dean who knew of their true identities were Milly Ashford--the dean's granddaughter--, Sayoko Shinozaki--the motherly maid--, Suzaku, and Zero.

Milly and Sayoko found out through Milly's grandfather. Suzaku had known the two siblings since childhood and considered Lelouch to be his best friend--though, he wished it could be more. It wasn't entirely clear how Zero had discovered the truth, but it was assumed that Zero had memorized the entire list of names and faces of the Britannian Royal Family--both alive and deceased--and had recognized Lelouch.

Zero and Lelouch had an accidental meeting with each other while the prince had been out shopping in the Britannian settlement with Suzaku. The outing had been more or less a date, but it had been ruined when a terrorist had tried to rob a bank that the two friends had stopped by.

The robber had taken Lelouch as a hostage.

With a gun pointed at the Britannian's silky head of ebony hair and a hand holding the teen's slender arm in a tight grip, the robber had ordered his accomplice to carry the stolen cash while he held onto the hostage.

Suzaku had tried to talk the man into taking him as a hostage in place of Lelouch, but that attempt had failed. He had wanted to rush at the man, but with a gun pressed against his love interest's head, he had hesitated.

And the robber had slipped away with Lelouch in his clutches.

Zero had been on a mission at the time. He had been personally spying on Suzaku, intent on learning everything he could learn in order to gain some kind of advantage over the knight. His curiosity over the boy that Suzaku had been spending the day with had only grown when he had briefly witnessed the two holding hands. The boy had blushed and had shied away from the touch.

Zero had had to admit that the boy was rather cute when he blushed like that.

When the two had disappeared inside the bank, Zero had had no choice but to wait patiently in a hidden spot near the bank's entrance. It certainly hadn't been easy--he was still wearing his Zero attire--, but he had managed. When the police had started arriving, Zero had known that something was wrong and had fled to the back of the bank in order to avoid being seen by the police.

There, he had run into the two bank robbers that were fleeing the scene with Lelouch in tow.

"Zero?!" the lead robber had exclaimed before his accomplice had sighed in relief.

"I thought you were those Britannian pigs here to arrest us!" the man carrying the loot had stated.

Unlike his accomplice, the lead robber had seemed nervous and Zero had known why. That robber had known what Zero had thought about their bank heist and his grip had tightened around Lelouch's arm.

Lelouch had winced and Zero had felt rage boiling within his veins.

"You should release that boy." Zero had ordered in that commanding voice of his.

Neither terrorist had objected. Lelouch had been shoved to the ground and the robbers had fled. Zero had paid them no heed--he made a mental note to provide them a personal escort to the police station, though. He had walked over to Lelouch and had kneeled down beside him.

"Are you alright?" Zero had asked.

Lelouch had looked up at him with a breathtaking set of amethyst rubies--indeed, Zero had had a hard time not gasping at their sheer brilliance--and had answered him in the sweetest voice that Zero had ever heard.

"Just a little shaken up."

That had been the first time that Zero had ever believed in "love at first sight".

And that had also been the second time that Suzaku had ever wanted to murder Zero.


Uncontrollable giggles resounded throughout the room combined with pleading gasps and evil taunts. Lelouch repeatedly tried to wriggle away from Suzaku's clutches, but never quite succeeded as the brunet always found another weak spot to attack, which reduced the normally aloof teen to another mass of hysteric giggling.

"Suzaku!!" Lelouch gasped out between his giggles. "I'm serious!! Stop it!!"

Suzaku chuckled at Lelouch's failure to produce his normally commanding tone. His fingers fluttered across Lelouch's exposed stomach and another squeal of laughter was his reward.

"Alright, alright." Suzaku said, ceasing his attack at last and sending his panting friend a wink. "I think I've tortured you enough for one day."

A weak punch at his chest was the only response Lelouch gave him.

Suzaku chuckled again as he rolled off Lelouch and stood from the bed.

"I have to be at work in few minutes." he informed the other as he reached for his long blue cape.

Lelouch weakly pushed himself up from the soft blankets and glared at the back of Suzaku's head.

"You tickle me until I cry and then frolic away to work?" Lelouch asked before he sighed and flopped onto his back. "Is it possible for a masochist to be a sadist?"

Suzaku shrugged as he turned a smiling gaze onto Lelouch, his cape twirling around his legs as he moved.

"At least I'll have something else to think about." he said, moving to lean over the bed with his arms on either side of Lelouch's head.

"Always happy to be a distraction." Lelouch mumbled.

His eyes squeezed shut as a chaste kiss was placed against his forehead.

Suzaku had fallen into the habit of doing so every chance he got. Lelouch did not mind the action, but it was rather embarrassing when Suzaku did so in front of other people and things became tense the few times he had done so in front of Zero.

"Try to stay out of trouble, Lulu." Suzaku whispered, his breath tickling Lelouch's forehead.

"I'll try." Lelouch answered, receiving another kiss upon his forehead before Suzaku left.

No sooner had Suzaku slipped through that door did Lelouch find himself within the possessive arms of a certain very jealous terrorist.

"How long were you hiding in there?" Lelouch asked, the question muffled by the fabric of Zero's jacket.

He was referring to the opened closet that Zero had rushed out of the moment he had been left alone. Zero was always finding new ways to have his alone with him. Sometimes he even went so far as to snatch the boy away in front of Suzaku.

That always caused a bit of an uproar within the Knights of the Round because a certain Knight of Seven never failed to pitch a fit.

Then there were the times when Zero, instead of kidnapping--affectionately named "Lulu-napping"--Lelouch, he would just wrap his arms around Lelouch in a firm grip and would just stand there snuggling him.

And it never failed to piss Suzaku off because he couldn't do a thing about it. If he tried to go on the offensive, Lelouch may be hurt and if he tried to pull Lelouch away, Zero might harm the teen.

Never mind that Zero would never actually harm Lelouch, but Suzaku remained in denial of this fact.

When it came to Lelouch, Zero and Suzaku were always trying to one-up each other like that. There were times when they would send Lelouch various gifts ranging from bouquets of roses to romantic love notes to jewelry. Other times Lelouch would have to suffer through a surge of PDA from either of his two Romeos.

All in all, it was embarrassing. Lelouch did not believe that his life could get anymore complicated.

Zero ran his gloved fingers through Lelouch's silky hair as he held the boy close.

What would the world think if they knew of how clingy Zero could be?

"Long enough to witness that traitor's pathetic attempt at seducing you." he answered, twirling a strand of Lelouch's hair between two fingers.

Lelouch rolled his eyes.

"He was not seducing me. He was just being mean." he said, one eye closing as Zero's fingers fluttered over his eyelid.

"All the more reason for you to forget about him and stay with me." Zero said, a finger tracing a path down to Lelouch's chin.

Zero gently pushed against the underside of Lelouch's chin to force the other to look up at him.

"Besides, I love you more."

Rather than point out the childishness of that argument, Lelouch blushed despite himself.

Indeed, he believed that his life could not be anymore complicated than it already was.

But then Milly's annual Crossdressers' Festival arrived.

And Lelouch discovered that he was wrong.


Serena: Why was Suzaku tickling Lelouch? Because he could. That's why. Ah, you know, I had actually intended for this to be a really long one-shot…but that just didn't happen. [shrugs] I have other stuff I need to be working on…so this story won't be given top priority, but I will work on it…if you guys would like for me to do that. Anyway, I'd like a review if you can spare the time to write one. :D (Of course, if I get one, I will be surprised…because this idea is…well, like I said earlier, it's kinda stupid. But I like it anyway. XD) Give me your opinion? :D