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Summary: Zero and Suzaku call for a truce in order to defeat a common enemy in their never ending war for Lelouch's affections. Their enemy's name? Gino. // "You sold him to a stranger?!"

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Title: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

Chapter 1: Miss Luluko's Suitor

By: Serena the Hikari of Love

Lelouch could say with utmost certainty that he hated the Crossdressers' Festival.

He was forced to wear skirts and gowns adorned with lace and frills of various colors each year. Last year, he had been forcibly stripped down and shoved into a cheerleading outfit that had a horrible frilly pink miniskirt. The year before that, Milly had forced him into a flowing purple ball gown complete with hair extensions and high heels.

This year, "Luluko" was a prim and proper young lady in proper pink and purple attire.

And Suzaku had never wanted to jump said little lady more in his entire life.

Lelouch stood near the partially open doorway to the Student Council Room with a bright pink blush blossoming on his cheeks.

He wore a knee-length pink ball gown with a visible lilac undershirt attached to it. Purple ruffles adorned the bottom of the pink dress and two tiny black ribbons were sewn above the ruffles where the fabric bunched up. Two straps of lilac-colored lace loosely clung to Lelouch's exposed shoulders and long black gloves covered his arms. Lelouch was fortunate enough to avoid wearing scary high heels this year, but he was still forced into a pair of black one-inch platforms that had black ribbons tied into a bow winding around his slender legs.

This year, Milly had thrown a long wig on his head that matched his hair color perfectly. She had styled the wig up into two pigtails with flowing purple ribbons and had attached pale pink roses to the top of his pigtails.

In short, "Luluko" was a vision of loveliness, a truly beautiful maiden in every sense of the word.

And Lelouch hated her.

He hated that she was so darn cute and that she attracted all sorts of unwanted attention. He hated that perverted guys--and girls--tried to flirt with her or grope her bottom--or invisible breasts--for idiotic reasons. It was annoying and stupid and embarrassing and Suzaku just refused to stop ogling him!!

Said pervert was donned in dark Lolita attire that consisted of a one-piece black jumper skirt that had a visible layered white underskirt hanging just above his knees. Bunched up ruffled fabric lined the black of the dress where it swung up at the side into a neat bow. Suzaku had been lucky enough to be allowed to wear flats, but he had to have a few hair extensions attached to his hair so that they could be styled up into a little ponytail by a rather large black bow.

Suzaku did not seem to mind this; however, he never seemed to care what sort of outfits Milly threw at him, last year's dominatrix outfit being more than enough proof of that.

"Suzako" was dressed this way because Milly had claimed that said brunet was in a dark mood this year. (She had yet to explain the reason for the dominatrix outfit, but then Shirley had made the comment that Milly was really a dirty old man on the inside.)

The funny thing about that was that Suzaku himself had been in a rather dark mood ever since the loss of Princess Euphemia. He seemed to have perked up quite a bit thanks to Lelouch, but he was still on the sour side thanks to a certain masked terrorist.

Speaking of that certain terrorist, Lelouch felt his worry for the other man return full force. The masked man had promised Lelouch that he would appear at the festival without his Zero guise. He had claimed that Lelouch would know it was him when they met, but Lelouch did not understand how this was possible because he had never seen Zero's true face.

And he worried that Zero would be arrested if he came.

Honestly, sometimes he thought the man an idiot.

For all his miracles, brilliant strategic moves, moving speeches, and over-exaggerated hand gestures--of which occasionally made Lelouch fall into giggling fits over--, the man known as Zero fell short of his genius when it came to Lelouch. He would purposefully put himself into life-threatening situations--courtesy of Suzaku--just so he could give the Britannian prince a hug.

And now he was risking his true identity being discovered just for a chance to see Lelouch in drag?

In a nut shell, he ought to be ashamed of himself, but he wasn't.

Lelouch kept his hands clasped together in front of him as he bit his lip.

He had two unbelievably attractive guys pining after his affections with such enthusiasm that they were literally fighting each other for the right to be called his lover.

Life was so unfair.

"Oh, Luluko, my darling little Vice President~! You're such a beauty~." Milly cooed, slipping an arm around Lelouch's as she pressed herself up against him.

As President of the Student Council, Milly had an obligation to oversee the festival. She made sure that all of her fellow council members--"minions" as she sometimes referred to them as--were properly dressed in the outfits that she had personally hand-picked. She helped Lelouch and Suzaku place their hair accessories in the right places and had aided Kallen in adjusting the many clasps and strings of fabric that made up her fairytale prince attire.

Milly herself was wearing Suzaku's Knight of Seven uniform that she had borrowed--stolen--with the excuse that she had always wanted to be a knight. Suzaku had allowed her to wear it and he had to admit that she looked really good in it, but he wasn't so sure if he could ever wear his uniform again without feeling weird.

Lelouch stopped biting his lip long enough to send Milly a small glare. He really hated it when people called him Luluko.

"Oh, don't be so grumpy." Milly said, gathering up part the cape's fabric and making a dramatic arm movement. "As is tradition, you must play the part of your gender opposite!!"

Milly let the cape drop and twirled around to face Lelouch, hands on her hips.

"That means you have to stop being aloof Mr. Lelouch and start being sweet Miss Luluko!" she stated as she pointed a finger at him. "Now, what do you say?"

Lelouch frowned.

"Kill me." he said, almost sounding serious.

Milly visibly deflated with a loud sigh.

"Oh, you're hopelessly stubborn!" she said with a small pout.

Suzaku chuckled from his seat behind the two. His chin was resting in the palms of his hands as he leaned against the table with an amused smile playing across his lips.

"Luluko is just shy." he explained knowingly. "She needs a little time to herself before big brother Lelouch will let her out."

Lelouch frowned at him and huffed.

"Maybe Luluko doesn't like the lot of you acting completely crazy around her." he stated as he crossed his arms.

"Is that Luluko or Lelouch?" Milly asked with a raised eyebrow.

Lelouch opened his mouth to snap a reply, but a sudden knocking from behind him distracted his attention.

"Excuse me." a voice said politely.

Lelouch turned slightly and saw a boy dressed in the academy's school uniform carrying a small stack of papers in his arms. He had a head of soft-looking silvery hair that complemented his azure-colored irises quite nicely. He was smiling in a friendly manner, but there was a faint tinge of pink dusting his cheeks that had only appeared upon seeing Lelouch.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I was sent to deliver some documents to the President of the Student Council."

"Oh, yes!" Milly said, rushing around Lelouch to gather the documents. "These are just what I needed! Thank you very much…umm…I'm sorry. What is your name?"

"It's Rei." he informed them, an unreadable twist appearing in his smile. "Rei Cadeyrn."

Lelouch blinked and his eyes widened as he stared at the other male.


No. Freaking. Way.


No, no, no, no, no!

He must be mistaken. His worry for that man was causing him to think the silliest of things. That man was not that much of an idiot. He would not be so stupid as to give himself an alias that had the same meaning as--

Lelouch visibly stiffened when Rei sent him a little wink.

'Oh my God. He is that stupid!' Lelouch internally groaned, shock spreading across his features.

In Japanese, the word "rei" had more than one meaning. It could mean "ghost" if used in the proper context, but it could also mean "zero".

"Rei" was a bad alias. Bad!! (Although, Lelouch suddenly understood what Zero had meant by: "You will be able to tell it is me.")

'Zero…you idiot!'

Damn, if there was anyone within the Student Council--other than Kallen--who would connect the dots, it was Suzaku!!

Lelouch ignored the little bubble of joy that nestled itself within his heart at the knowledge that Zero had kept his promise.

"So…it's Lelouch, isn't it?" Rei asked, giving Lelouch a once over with his eyes as he smiled pleasantly. "Aren't you the lovely one!"

Lelouch's hands fidgeted with the skirt of his dress and his face burned with a bright blush. Behind him, Suzaku's eyes narrowed a fraction at the newcomer. (Not because he was suspicious of him or anything, but because he was instantly beginning to feel a bit jealous. This "Rei"--whose name reminded the brunet of a certain terrorist he hated--just flirted with his Lelouch!)

In Suzaku's mind, the Crossdressers' Festival was both good and bad. The good part about it was that he got to see Lelouch wearing frilly outfits. The bad part about it was that everyone else got to see Lelouch wearing frilly outfits. (There were a lot of very perverted students attending this school and Suzaku made it a habit to keep his eyes on Lelouch whenever the prince donned girly material--he kept his eyes on him anyway, but that is not the point.)

And now, this "Rei" person was openly ogling Lelouch!

Suzaku visibly stiffened when Rei ever so casually reached out and took hold of Lelouch's hand--while talking to Milly no less! He bowed slightly as he lifted Lelouch's hand to his lips and placed a small kiss against the back of his hand.

'…I'll kill him.' Suzaku firmly decided, his eye twitching as he sat fuming.

Lelouch's blush--if possible--burned more brightly at the gentlemanly gesture and Milly could not contain her fangirly squeal of joy at the sight.

"It's a deal!" Milly exclaimed suddenly. "Just remember to have him back at a decent hour, mister!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Rei responded, giving Milly a short salute before he returned his attention to Lelouch.

Suzaku blinked.

Deal? What was Milly talking about? (He had been too busy glowering at Rei and trying to think of ways to murder him to really listen to what they were saying.)

But when Rei--who was still holding Lelouch's hand--began to walk out the door with Lelouch in tow, Suzaku was quick to rise to his feet.

"Lelouch!" Suzaku started as he moved around the table in an attempt to follow the pair.

A gloved hand moved in front of his face to stop his progression, however.

"Relax, Suzaku! Lelouch will be just fine." Milly assured, one hand set against her hip as the other lifted a finger to tap against Suzaku's forehead. "Rei has my permission!"

Suzaku blinked.

Permission? Permission to do what?

"…to do what exactly?" he asked, his tone conveying his confusion and a growing fear.

He had a feeling that he wasn't going to like Milly's answer.

Milly smiled in a cheeky manner and the hand on her hip rose to twirl a lock of golden hair around her finger.

"It was a bit early, but he convinced me to give Lelouch to him." she stated. "We were going to have a little auction later on, but now Lelouch won't be in it."

Suzaku's eyebrows rose in panic.

"You sold him to a stranger?!" he shrieked.

Milly shrugged.

"He was really quite charming…"



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