Kamen Rider: AERS

Fight for one, Fight for all

1: Beginnings

By Blazorna aka Kamen Rider Thorn

Ryu Shirogane sighed as he began adjusting the equations of an algorithm for his experiment. He was up three days straight, his mind barely in touch in reality at this point. The University student was busy working on an experimental system that was designed for public defense. The 18 year old scratched his smooth black hair. The Asian was about 6 feet (182.88 cm) tall when he stood upright. He shifted his glasses a bit before switching to the television and turning it on.

"At 5:35 AM this morning, another attack has occurred. There were 12 people injured and 6 killed by members of the Kamimaru gang, which appeared only five days ago in this once peaceful town. Police and Special Forces have yet to apprehend the ones responsible for this massacre." a news anchorman said.

Ryu sighed and looked at the video. It showed an anthromorphic Shark attacking civilians outside of a train station. He turned the television off and went to the computer once more.

"I am almost complete with adjusting this algorithm, after this, the AERS will be online at long last." Ryu said to himself as he typed it in. He growled at the thought that innocent people were dying so often by the hands of this new yet almost unstoppable gang of transformed humans. Then he remembered the phone call he received just three days ago…

"Hello?" Ryu asked picking up the receiver.

"Ryu Shirogane" the voice on the other end said. "I am with the Government. I presume you are aware about the reports of a new gang running amok in the town nearby the University you attend at. One member of thegang had been recently apprehended, but was failed to be detained, and survivors of the officers sent to apprehend the gang member say that the other officers were killed by a single monster, not by a human. They also say that even armor piercing bullets were ineffective against him, so that means that they can't be apprehended by the usual methods."


"I have sent you footage of the incident in an email, watch it right now." the person on the other end.

"Fine, whatever, but I am going to stay on here." Ryu said as he went to his computer and went to the email inbox.

There was one new email like the mysterious person said there would been, and it was labeled, "the proof you need." Ryu was a little shaken by the title and then opened it, enclosed was a message that said only one word

"Watch." the voice said as Ryu read the same word.

Ryu then spotted a link for a movie that was attached to it and clicked on it. Once it finished loading, Ryu's face turned white in shock.

he saw a criminal becoming a mosquito like monster after injecting himself with a syringe filled with a blue liquid, then starting to charge at the officers that had him surrounded, and piercing them with the needle like forearms, draining them of blood really rapidly.

"SON OF A BITCH, GET THE AP ROUNDS NOW!" an officer said before he was pierced by the monster from behind. The video shifted to another officer loading his gun with the AP rounds and fired them at the mosquito monster. The monster simply ignored them and went after more officers before turning to the direction of the camera was shooting and it attacked, the screen ending with static and screams of despair and agony.

"This was not fake. This was the real deal you just seen. I hope you can understand that we want your help. I heard from your financial backer, Psylab, that you were developing a special system for public defense, correct?" the government official said.

"C-correct…" Ryu said, shaking in his seat by what he saw.

"How close is it to being completed?" the official asked.

"Give me three days, it'll be done then." Ryu said.

"Very well, I'm going to come in to see it out once it's done." the official said.

"Understood." Ryu replied, hanging up and getting to work.

"DONE AT LAST!!!" Ryu screamed in joy and relief. Then he heard a door knock and the exhausted student went to open it.

"How may I help you?" Ryu asked.

"Yeah, I'm here to test out the experimental system you had completed, if I recall correctly." a Nineteen year old boy with brown hair said as he walked in. He was wearing a tank top and jeans. His arms were covered in scars from knives and a gunshot scar in the left shoulder.

"Who the hell are you?" Ryu asked.

"Sean Akabara, bounty hunter from America. Recruited by the Government to help you out with your pest problem. Besides, I need the money anyway." Sean said, bowing down to introduce himself.

"Good. To be honest though, I was expecting someone else…" Ryu said.

"Oh, the guy who called you himself? Sorry, but his job as the governor keeps him at his desk often, he said that he is truly sorry for not keeping his word." Sean said, taking a seat down. "Hey, by the way, what's your name Doc?"

"It's not Doc… yet. I'm Ryu Shirogane," Ryu said, sighing.

"Okay, Ryuki." Sean said, nodding.

"Know what, call me 'Doc', it's easier for you to remember." Ryu said, sighing.

"Okay Doc." Sean said, yawning a little and kicking his feet up onto the desk.


"Fine…" Sean grumbled as he put his feet down.

"You better listen to me, Sean, if not, you are going to be fired." Ryu said harshly.

"You better listen to me" Sean said, mocking Ryu.

"I hate you…" Ryu said, before yawning.

"What am I supposed to do here Doc?" Sean asked.

"Kick monster ass." Ryu said.

"Sweet…" Sean said. "where do I sign up?"

"You just need this." Ryu said, giving Sean a belt that had a slot for the four SD cards accompanying it.

"That's the Armored Enhancement Rider System, or AERS for short. When activated, it will change you into a Kamen Rider. It will adapt to and enhance your fighting style, as in a marksman, swordsman, etc." Ryu said.

"SWEET! But I'm kinda used to using, guns, lances and hand to hand…" Sean said.

"Well, the suit will incorporate that info with those Form Chips, they're those SD cards I gave you. The crimson red one is the base mode, remember that, the others will adapt to each of those weapon styles." Ryu said.

Sean looked at the crimson red chip and nodded and looked at the Silver-blue, black, and darker red mode chips.

"So Doc, how do I activate this baby up?" Sean asked .

"Put in the Base Chip and Say 'Henshin', the rest will do it itself." Ryu explained quickly

"I got you." Sean said as he placed the belt on and placed the Base chip in the slot.

"Where do I put the others in?" Sean asked.

"the slots on the right side of the belt buckle." Ryu said.

Sean nodded and placed the remaining chips in the storage slots.

"HENSHIN!" Sean said before the belt buckle roared to life. A Silver light appeared and engulfed Sean, then becoming a crimson red suit. The suit was crimson red and had chest armor, that was smooth and rectangular in appearance and a darker shade of red in appearance, but had two spikes protruding from each shoulder blade. Spikes were also from the boots and the gloves' knuckles. The helmet appeared last, the helmet's eyes resembled a grasshopper's but were glowing blue in coloring while the helmet turned from silver to crimson red, and two horns appeared at the top, small but pointed and long enough to resemble a grasshopper's antennae. All the spikes and thorns were crimson red as well in appearance. In place of Sean stood a Kamen Rider.

"So, what do you want to be called as, Kamen Rider Spiky Needle?"

"No, Kamen Rider Thorn." Thorn said, snapping his fingers and gave a thumbs up for no reason after he was finished saying his name.

"Well then Thorn, get out of here and kick some ass out there. You're targeting murderous criminals that are now monsters, literally." Ryu said, giving orders.

"Yeah yeah, just shut up Doc, I go on my own pace, besides, your eyes look like hell." Kamen Rider Thorn said, leaving the room and an agitated Ryu to answer the phone that began ringing.

"Hello? Oh, hello Governer, sir… What was that you said? … Please tell me you're kidding…" Ryu said, starting to panic. "I do have enough AERS changers, but I don't know if I can handle anymore riders, but you can have one more person join Sean Akabara, just make sure He or she is not an idiot like him… wait, I'M THE ONE WHO'S IN CHARGE OF THIS OPERATION NOW!! Wait sir, don't hang up on- DAMMIT!!"

Ryu landed on his butt when he was cut off, the words the governor said that he was responsible for the city's safety now from the monsters.

"Great… Sean is going to need more help, little does he know…" he mumbled before going through a new list he received from an email from the governer.


"Where's a fly swatter when you need one?" Thorn said as he ran to where a Humanoid fly monster was attacking people at a café.

"Hey, Bugboy!" the Kamen Rider said, trying to get the monster's attention.

"Who are you?" the monster said in a monotone voice as it turned around.

"A Kamen Rider. I'm here to keep you from causing problems." Thorn said.

"So, someone wants to be a hero!" the Fly monster said. "I'm Kenai Jones, who is now invincible, thanks to the Kamimaru!"

"The Kamimaru? That's a new name for me, but Kenai Jones, I know you, you serial murderer…" Thorn said as he ran towards the monster, he leaped and punched the fly, causing it to stumble a little.

"Not strong enough, I wonder." Thorn said as he pulled out the silver-blue Form Chip. He then replaced the Base Chip with it. "Form Henshin!" Thorn's shoulder spikes straightened up and became thicker. His suit then bulked up a little in appearance and became silver-blue in color and the shoulder armor became grey. "Brawl mode!" a mechanical voice said after the changes happened.

The fly ran towards the transformed Kamen Rider and tried to punch him. Thorn blocked the punch and kicked the monster, sending it flying before hitting against the wall. The fly scrambled to its feet and opened its wings and began to fly away.

"Great, it can fly…" Thorn said as he pulled out his black chip from the storage slot, and switched it with the Brawl Chip. "Form Henshin!" the shoulder spikes twisted forward and became twin barrel shoulder blasters. His spikes from the gloves and boots vanish completely and his right wrist gained an arm cannon. The coloration became black with some red outlines while the eyes on the helmet became yellow.

"Blast Form!" the same mechanical voice said.

Kamen Rider Thorn aimed the arm cannon and fired an energy bolt at the fly monster, which made contact and fell to the ground.

"okay, time to end this." Thorn said, switching the Blast Chip with the final chip. "Form Henshin."

The suit reverted back to the base form and then the spikes on the legs and shoulders elongated and became blades, while the gloves morphed into twin lances. His coloration was now a darker shade of red compared to the Base Form as the chest armor became grey and the eyes became green.

"Lance Mode" the mechanical voice said.

"That's impossible! I'm invincible!" The Fly said as Thorn ran towards it, his lances glowing.

The Rider slashed the monster with each lance then stabbed it with both at the same time, which then had the fly scream in agony and erupted in a blue explosion.

Thorn cracked his neck and reverted back to his Base form before running off to Ryu.

"Doc, I'm back!" Sean said as he entered Ryu's lab. He looked around and then glanced at the ground. He saw Ryu sleeping on the ground now.

"WAKE UP DOC!" Sean yelled. Ryu woke up and scrambled to his feet.

"SEAN!" Ryu said in anger. "How come you're back?"

"Don't you want to hear how The AERS worked in it's field test Doc?" Sean asked.

"OH, of course." Ryu said, coughing a little. "how did it work?"

"It worked perfectly, I was able to stop a mutant Kenai Jones from killing people, he said something about being thankful for the Kamimaru…" Sean said, sitting down.

"Wait, the Kamimaru is the city's most dangerous gang, despite them being less then a week old!" Ryu said.

"Why?" Sean asked

"they're all criminals that are led by the Outlaw!" Ryu said.

"The Outlaw, as in the criminal genius that's known across the whole world?" Sean asked.

"Correct." Ryu said, nodding his head a little..

"Well, I will be sticking around then, I'm after that bastard's bounty." Sean said, grinning.

"Good, cause I'm your boss now then." Ryu said, smirking.

"THE HELL?!" Sean said in shock.

"The Governor said so." Ryu said.

"Damn it…" Sean said, mumbling to himself.

"By the way, you're not going to be alone." Ryu said.

"I get the idea Doc." Sean said. " I may get in over my head one day and will need a partner to help me out."

"Smarter than you look…" Ryu said. "but who said it's going to be just one other person?"

"SON OF A BITCH! A WHOLE TEAM OF RIDERS?!" Sean said, grabbing Ryu by his shirt.

"yeah, but I don't know when the others will be coming here, but I already sent invites to people from all parts of life, musicians, swordsmen, hunters, you name it, I sent one already." Ryu said as Sean let go of him.

"You're the boss, Doc, not me, just promise me not to send everyone out whenever a Kamimaru monster pops up." Sean said. "hard to look over more than one person."

"Deal, either solo or in pairs for each Kamimaru monster." Ryu said, nodding


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