Chapter 16: Alpha Form!

By Roscoso.

At the Lab/HQ of the AERS Riders, Takato was fingering the Toxia Armlet on his arm, but was looking at the three orbs on it,

"That green one changed my form," Takato mumbled remembering what happened.


Takatonoticed the Green Orb missing from the Armlet before seeing the Spider with the Orb in it's mouth.

"STANDY!" Is heard as the Spider attached to his Belt and he became Beta Form!

(End Flashback)

"So if the Green Orb does that..what do the other two do?" Takato mumbled glancing at the Red and Purple Orb on the armlet before shrugging his shoulders before feeding the Spiders and Scorpions in the Science lab before leaving. As he walked down the hallways seeing many students simple heading to class he smiled at the groups of friends around, he of course had a group himself...a rather disfunctional sometimes but still good.

"Hey Bug-Boy!" Is heard as he sees non other than his former Rival Sean, after Sean and Makoto's little declaration that they where now dating, Takato took every chance to tease them, course he sooner had to run for his life,

"Hey Romeo!" Takato teased as Sean put Takato in a headlock and noogied his head.

"What was that Bug-boy!" Sean said as Takato chuckled nervously.

"Sorry," Takato said. As Sean released.

"So what's up?" Takato asked.

"Doc wants to see you, it seems he wants to test that form you used the other day," Sean said.

"Figured he'd want to check it out, thanks man," Takato said before heading to Ryu's lab.


Takato was in some kind of training room.

"Alright Takato, I just want you to use your new form against those targets," Ryu said pointing at some Bullseye targets.

"Gotcha," Takato said as the Spider landed on Takato's hand.

"Henshin!" Takato said attaching the Spider.

"HENSHIN" The AERS Changer said as Takato became Kamen Rider Venom again before he took the Green Orb from the Toxia Armlet and slid it into the Spider's mouth.

"BETA FORM!" The Changer said as a Green liquid seemed to cover Venom and in his place was Beta Venom, with the Crossbow on his right arm. Venom aimed the Crossbow at targets and multiple green Bolts of energy fired out hitting each one with ease.

"Interesting Energy Levels," Ryu said as he say the power the Crossbow fired as more targets appeared and even a moving target.

"More shooting," Venom said as he fired the Beta Crossbow again hitting the unmoving targets but then something happened he missed the moving targets but then the Green Energy bolt stopped and then bit the moving target.

"Homing Bolts?" Ryu said intriged. As Venom dehenshined back to Takato.

"Thanks Takato," Ryu said.

"No problem Doctor," Takato said before he left the training room, as Ryu and his assistants began going through the Info they got.

(Next Morning)

Takato stretched yawning.

"Well not much to do now..." Takato muttered as he headed to the Biology labs and saw all the spiders and scorpions.

"But things are getting worse and worse..." Takato muttered hearing everything that had happened from his fellow riders and remembering that kidnapping near his lab...before glancing at the Toxia Armlet.

"What power do you have? And can it help me save these people..." Takato whispered knowing the Green one activated his gun using Beta Form, before turning his attention back to the Spiders and Scorpions just as his Partner appeared.

"Hey buddy," Takato smiled as the Spider clicked it's Mandibles.

"Yeah... things are getting more troublesome..." Takato whispered as he finished feeding the last of the Arachnids.

"For now let's fight like always, sides, I'm sure someday we'll find a way to end this," Takato said before walking out with the Venom Spider on his shoulder as he walked down the hallways of the university.

"I almost wish we could fight one of those Kamimaru's so I could test drive these new weapons," Takato said as the Spider clicked it's fang's together like it was talking.

"I know, I should soak up this peace while I can, heh, maybe I should try and score a date.." Takato wondered, but that was one of the pains of being an AERS rider they could be forced to leave a date while fighting a Kamimaru, and the only Female Riders were already taken, making dating hard for Takato and any of the others for that matter he growled at his hopeless cause when suddenly car alarms are blaring as he sees a nearby wall crumble as a DragonFlylooking Kamimaru burst out of the wall, causing Takato to grin, "Finally some action! Ikuze Aibou!" Takatosaid to the Venom Spideron his shoulder who nodded before Takato rushed onto the scene.


Back at the AERS rider's HQ, the same attack had been picked up by INPUT one of their technicians.

"We've got a Kamimaru signal!" She said as Ryu nodded and went to contact the riders, "Sir, Kamen Rider Venom is on the scene," INPUT suddenly spoek up causing Ryu to blink his eyes before contacting Takato first.

"Takato this is Ryu, you there," He asked.

"Yes sir, I'm on the scene, how're the others?" Takato asked,

"I'm contacting them now, try and keep it from harming any innocents," Ryu said.

"Got it Doc, over and out," Takato said shutting off his phone before he nodded to the Spider who attached itself to his belt...


Purple Liquid covered Takato's body turning him into Kamen Rider Venom! He quickly cracked his knuckles before he charged at the Kamimaru, unknown to Venom, the red orb on his Toxia Armlet began glowing he slashed his small fang like daggers on his wrists at the Kamimaru causing sparks to fly and a little blood as he slashed away before kicking the Kamimaru back who quickly seemed to fly into the air.

"Oh no you don't!" Venom said before he moved his right arm to the ToxiaArmlet and brought out the Green Orb and 'fed' it to the Spider on his AERS Changer.


Green Liquid covered all over Venom's body most of his body only really changed colour though his visor like eyes seemed to gain cross-hairs in the middle as well as the Energy firing Crossbow on his right arm as he quickly fired a shot at the Kamimaru causing a small explosion as the Monster was sent crashing into a building, it growled and lunged towards Venom as he kept firing his shots, but the Kamimaru seemed to be ignoring it as he punched Venom in the chest causing the rider to stumble back...

Nearby this fight scene a figure wearing a long brown cloak covering her body was watching this fight go on, "Come on me the power you have," The Figure said with a Feminine voice...

Venom was getting some distance from the Kamimaru when he heard a clicking of his Spider's mandibles, "What?" Venom said before looking at the ToxiaArmlet and saw the Red orb glowing, "Well good a time as any," Venom said as he took the orb out and fed it to the Spider.


The Beta Crossbow suddenly vanished as Venom was covered in Red liquid, changing his form, when the liquid disappeared he was now in a new form, his colours were now a combo of Red and Black with Blue Visors on his helmet, what looked like small veins were seen across his arms and legs but the most noticeable thing was a pair of Sais were held in his hands.

"Yeah that's what I'm talking about!" Venom smirked as he lunged forward with surprising leaping strength and slashed the Sai's against the Kamimaru in an almost blurring motion, many gashes appearing on the Kamimaru's body as he stumbled back and growled before he started charging at Venom.

"Let's end this," Venom said calmly as he switched the Mandibles of the Spider on his belt causing Red Lightning to start moving from his belt to his arms and into his weapons.


Venom smirked as he charged forward both Sai's sparking with Red electricity and before the Kamimaru could attempt a dodge or anything Venom's sai's were thrusted straight into his gut the Electricity going inside and electrocuting the Kamimaru who yelled before exploding as Venom panted a little as the Spider detached from his belt and crawled onto his shoulder as he returned to being normal Takato

"And another bites the dust!" Takato smirked as he headed back to the AERS HQ, the Spider on his shoulder...

On the roof the figure watched Takato walk off, "Hmph...not impressed, and he thinks he deserves that Armlet.." She muttered before a silent clattering of small feet is heard as a Spider seemed to crawl over to her though it's back legs looked almost like a Grasshoppers, as the figure giggled, "I can't wait to put you in your place boy, and take the Armlet back.." She muttered as she began walking away the Spider hopping after her...

(Back at AERS HQ)

"So you got another form?" Ryu asked Takato reporting in, as the Red and Green orbs were glowing, "Yeah Doc, it said Alpha form this time," Takato said handing Ryu his report.

"Well so far so good, all I can say is good work," Ryu said.

"Don't say that least until we find were those kidnapped people are being taken too.." Takato muttered as he walked out of the room leaving Ryu with his technicians.

"Hmm.." Ryu wondered, watching Takato walk away...