Wolf Family

AN: the setting is 2 years after Wolf Child.

Jacob's POV

I sat on the porch watching my wife play with our 2 year old son, Aidan.

I can't believe he is two now. Sometimes it amazes me how wonderful life is and how fragile it is. I was deep in thought when Aidan came running over to me. "Daddy, come pway wif me on the swing." He said as his big brown eyes stared into mine. He grabbed me hand and dragged me over to the swings in our back yard. I picked him up and sat him down on the wooden swing. I remember when my dad and I would play on these swings when I was a little boy. That was the only time I had to play with my dad because he was always working. Once again Aidan's voice broke me out of my thoughts. "Daddy, higher, higher." I pushed the swing a little bit higher. I could see Nessie from the corner of my eye, she was watching me and Aidan with a grin on her face.

Nessie's POV

Aidan looks just like Jacob, he even acts like him too. His hair is dark black and he has big brown eyes that will make you melt if he looks at you a certain way. Looking at them makes me grin every time.

Laying next to Jacob makes me thankful that two years ago he recovered. I couldn't if think of what it would be like if Jacob had died. But, he's alive so I don't have to worry about that now. Jacob rose from bed and rushed toward Aidan's room. "Jacob, what's wrong?" I yelled as he took off.