In Production

Chapter 6

Author's Note: I am very aware of how long it's been since I have updated this. Or any of my other fics, for that matter. And I cannot express how very sorry I am to keep anyone waiting! I really do feel bad, but I was either too busy or had too much going on at the time. But the point of the matter is this: I have updated a chapter on this fic. Now, go, go! Enjoy it! – EricaX

After separating from their first kiss, Megavolt and Quackerjack looked at each for a moment, smiling. It had been a while since they had been able to enjoy each other's company. And for the moment, they truly didn't care if anyone was watching. They leaned in towards each other once more, about to kiss again, when a shadow fell over them. They both turned to see Myers standing before them, glaring at them with disbelieving eyes. Myers was about a foot taller than both of them and had always enjoyed looking down at anyone shorter than himself. But this was the first time he truly looked intimidating in his brown jacket and dark brown pants, his dark hair is disarray.

Quackerjack was the first one to recover from the initial shock of being caught, ignoring his feeling of intimidation. He raised his arms up, panicked. "Myers-Look—"He took a step closer to Myers and in front of Megavolt, who looked pale underneath his purple goggles. "It's not—"

Megavolt simply shrunk back as Quackerjack tried speaking. He always knew Quackerjack was braver than he was. "Not good…." Megavolt muttered under his breath. He had no idea what Quackerjack was trying to say, but that's what Megavolt felt like saying. This was not good in the least.

"You mean to tell me that it's not just one of you who are messed up! BOTH of you are!" interjected the director, his eyes wide with anger.

Megavolt scratched the back of his neck. "Define 'messed up.'" He could hear Quackerjack stifle back a small snicker.

"That is not funny, Megavolt! Here I was thinking I was saving your skin from this clown over here and it turns out you probably LIKED it when he kissed you!"

"I do find it rather soothing and romantic sometimes, yes…." His eyes widen and he clears his throat. "I didn't just say those girly words. No- I meant, yeah, the kisses are nice. They make me feel better…."

"Still somewhat girly, Megs…" whispered Quackerjack.

Megavolt sighs, looking irritated, and muttered, "Damn feminine qualities!"

Quackerjack places a hand over his large beak to help hid the chortles of laughter.

Myers just shook his head, trying to grasp what was taking place in front of him. "The two of you…..CANNOT be together…Not in my studio…Not while I am in charge…."

"WHY NOT!" screeched Quackerjack and Megavolt at the same time. Their eyes were wide disbelief.

Myers looked at them incredulously. "Why—Why not! 'Why not'! You ask me 'Why not'! I'll TELL you why not! It's because it's wrong! It's –"He stopped abruptly, glancing around the set and their surroundings, seeing that he was earning some confused glances from the crew members and cast that were within ear range. He placed his arms down, calming himself a bit since he had had his arms up and flailing in the air.

Negaduck, who was still posing as Darkwing, Launchpad, Steelbeak, and Gosalyn, all were watching Myers as he yelled; not understanding what was going on. Myers' little mouse assistant was blinking at him from several feet away, clutching her notes closely to her chest as she watched on, a pen in her other hand.

Myers turned back to Quackerjack and Megavolt and sneered. With a grunt, he grabbed both of the actors by the cuff of their outfits and started hauling them off the set and into a small conference room to the left side of the large warehouse the set was in. Quackerjack and Megavolt, true to the characters they played on screen, didn't come quietly as they tried to escape Myers' firm grip on their costumes.

"Hey, hey, hey! Watch the collar!" cried Quackerjack, his hands trying to pry his collar out of Myers' hand. "I just had it dry cleaned!"

Megavolt, who was doing his own share of struggling, stopped to stare at the jester. "You have it dry cleaned!" Myers pulled harder on their collars, ushering them faster to the conference room.

"Heh, yeah…." Replied Quackerjack as Myers managed to open the door to the room. "Keeps it poufy and it keeps its shape better. Besides, the cleaners their have such a DRY sense of humor. It's like they've never watched a cartoon before….hahaha! "

Megavolt just rolled his eyes at Quackerjack's lame joke as the two of them were hauled into the door by Myers. An instant later, all three were inside and Myers slammed and locked the door behind them.

To say everyone on the set was at least a bit curious about what had just taken place between Quackerjack, Megavolt, and their director, would have to be an understatement. As soon as the door shut, everyone began talking and the set was filled with a low murmur of talking.

Everyone wanted to know what was taking place between the three of them. Myers was known to be a drama queen, but never before had he found the need to go into a different room and hide a conversation from unwanted audiences.

However, not everyone was paying attention to what was taking place and gossiping about it. On the other side of the set, in the far right side where all of the costumes and props were kept, Rhoda and Bushroot were having their own private conversation. Unfortunately for Bushroot, it was not one of his favorite conversations.

He stood there before Rhoda, the woman he had had a crush on ever since meeting her the first day of shooting almost two years ago, wishing he was anywhere else but there. He nervously fiddled with his hands, which felt unnaturally moist and sweaty, especially for his plant-like skin. Rhoda didn't look entirely enthused herself about the conversation they were attempting to have. She looked downright guilty and this made Bushroot all the more nervous.

"Listen, Reggie….You are a very special person…." She began.

Bushroot felt his heart beat heavier in his chest as he gulped quickly. He nodded faintly, the anthers on the top of his head bobbing up and down slightly. He refused to make eye contact with her, for he knew if he did, he wouldn't be able to handle it. At the same time, though, he couldn't help but feel a tinge relieved that this was happening and he immediately thought of Liquidator. He tried pushing those thoughts out of his mind as Rhoda continued.

She grabbed one of his hands, forcing him to stop his fidgeting. She pressed on. "And….you really mean a lot to me. I've loved every moment of our relationship so far…." She pushed her small glasses up onto her beak a bit more. "But….lately…I've been feeling as though I'm…just a third wheel…"

Bushroot blinked, finally making eye contact with her. "A….third wheel?"

Rhoda nodded. "Yes….Well…maybe I should explain a bit better…" She paused a moment, obviously thinking of what to say. "I love you…a lot…" she told him bluntly, tilting her head to one side. Bushroot couldn't help but feel warm on the inside. He always loved it when someone said that to him. Especially someone like Rhoda. "But….There is times when….I feel as though….you don't love me back…"

Bushroot furrowed his brows, confused. "W-what? Rhoda…..are you accusing me of….not loving you and…leading you on!"

Rhoda immediately saw her mistake and quickly tried to fix it. "No!" She exclaimed a bit too loudly for either of their tastes. They both flinched at how loud her reaction was; both glancing warily to see if anyone had overheard. After scanning the area and seeing that no one seemed to have been bothered, they both sighed in relief, neither noticing that they had been holding their breath.

Rhoda shook her head, now taking Bushroot's other hand and holding both his hands within hers. "No, Reggie, that's not what I meant at all….I know you would never do that…..You're too sweet of a guy to lead a girl on like that….It's just….that is how I feel sometimes…..I mean…..I'll be frank about this….I've….seen the way you look at Liquidator…."

And there it was. Bushroot felt as though his insides had hardened and stopped functioning. He found it suddenly hard to breath. It was not so much that Rhoda had even mentioned Liquidator's name, it was that since she had mentioned his name, it was pretty clear that she had noticed. She had noticed his feelings for Liquidator. Noticed so much, that she felt it had to be brought up and discussed. To their point where she, Rhoda, girl of his dreams, felt as though she was not the full, center attention of his love.

'Not that I can really blame her….I mean, she is right….' Thought Bushroot bitterly to himself.

The mutant plant duck sighed. "Rhoda…..I'm sorry….Sorry that I've been making you feel this way…." He made sure not to make eye contact with her as he begrudgingly felt his cheeks go warm. Thankfully, with his green complexion, it was hard for others to see his blush. His bright blue eyes drifted over to the left of them and he found himself looking at Liquidator. The warmth in his cheeks only grew warmer. "And…" he forced himself to press on. "I'm sorry that I have been lying to you…..You're right, I… like Liquidator….You're right, I have been looking at Liquidator… that way….But…I had you. I didn't think much of it! I am very happy being with you, but we would both be lying to ourselves if—"

He suddenly couldn't bring himself to say it. Suddenly it was incredibly hard to say anything. He opened his beak and closed it several times but no noise came out.

Rhoda, who was several inches taller than him, nodded sadly, looking downward. "No, it's alright, Reggie. I understand…..There are no hard feelings. If Liquidator is who you really wish to be with, then I' not going to be the one to stop you…."

Bushroot blinked, finally making eye contact with her. Was he really hearing what he thought he was hearing? There had to be some sort of mistake. She was letting him off the hook that easily? Weren't woman supposed to get all upset and go into a jealous rampage when they knew they're boyfriend was breaking up with them?

"Really, Rhoda? You're okay with this? I mean…..just like that? You're not mad?"

Rhoda shocked him once more by giggling softly, letting go of one of his leafy hands to press it over her mouth, as if to hide the giggle. "Oh, you're so silly, Reggie. Of course I'm not mad. You're a really sweet guy and I know you would never try to hurt me on purpose…..You're character on the show might be crazy and want to turn MY character into a fellow plant mutant, but I know you aren't like that…."

Bushroot couldn't help but give a nervous chuckle. Nervous because he had actually been hoping Rhoda would be interested in becoming a mutant plant duck like him someday once he created the right formula his character used on the show. It was a shame the prop department couldn't make it for him….No, they just used colored water that had been carbonated to make it look like a plant formula liquid. But then again, he didn't just pretend to be a doctor of science. He actually was one. He was just more of an actor at the moment than a scientist.

Pushing those thoughts out of his mind, he forced himself back to reality. "Okay, so, what are you saying, Rhoda? Are you…are we-"he shrugged, not knowing exactly what to say.

"Breaking up?" offered Rhoda, her voice filled with sadness and guilt. Liquidator, who had been sloshing his way by, froze in place. Neither of them had noticed his presence since he was on the other side of a large crate of fake weaponry for the episode. He couldn't help but overhear what they were saying. Bushroot and Rhoda were breaking up? Had he heard right? He decided to listen.

Bushroot looked down and nodded. "Yeah…that."

Rhoda nodded. "Yes, we are Reggie…." Impulsively, she moved closer to him and gave him a hug, which after a stunned moment, he returned.

"Oh, alright then…well…..Rhoda…." Bushroot looked down at his root-like feet for a moment, before looking back up at her. "I…..I really did enjoy myself with you…and…I do love you….Just not…..enough…I guess…."

Rhoda just gave him a small smile as she backed away. "Thanks, Reggie. I love you too….." Bushroot watched her walk away, knowing that it was for the best. It still left him feeling a bit brokenhearted, for she had been the girl of his dreams for several years now. Two blissful years of knowing her. Six months of having her affections. He took in a deep breath and started walking away when a cold liquid hand reached out and grabbed his. Bushroot gave a small yelp, his purple hair petals flying up for a moment before going back to normal. The mutant actor whirled around to see Liquidator.

"Sorry, Reggie…." Spoke Liquidator quietly before Bushroot could say anything.

Bushroot just stared at him as Liquidator let him go, utterly confused. "Wait…what? What are you-?" he turned to look where Rhoda had just walked off and managed to put two and two together. "Oh! You-You were eavesdropping!"

"Not on purpose!" replied Liquidator defensively. "And only the last minute or so of your conversation…..And I am sorry, Reggie…."

Bushroot looked at everything but Liquidator for several minutes before finally making eye contact with him. "You know, it's probably a good thing you're here. The reason I broke up was because….of you….Because…."

"You have feelings for me?" surmised the liquid canine.

Bushroot gave another small yelp of surprise and embarrassment. "I-I mean I—"

"That's okay. I like you too"

Bushroot halted, his eyes fixed on Liquidator's liquid ones. "Really?" Liquidator nodded. "Oh….Okay….Well…..How did you know I liked you?"

Liquidator leaned back, puffing his chest out a bit. "Please, you are talking to the great and knowing Liquidator!" Bushroot just raised an eyebrow at him. Liquidator deflated and admitted quietly, "Alright, I didn't know. I just took a shot there…" They both laughed and before Bushroot could do anything, Liquidator embraced him a cold, refreshing liquid hug.

Seeing the two of them hugging made her shiver slightly. She couldn't deny that breaking up with Bushroot was difficult, nor that it even saddened her, but she could already see that the two of them already seemed happier. Rhoda walked up to a small chair near to the exit where she had left her purse. She ran a hand through her brown hair and sighed, leaning down to reach for something inside of her purse.

While she rummaged through it, she was unaware of three sets of eyes watching her. Gosalyn, Steelbeak, and Launchpad were hiding behind a large set piece, eyeing Rhoda. "Dis seems like a goid enough time 'tan ever, Launchpad. Might as wells make it now" whispered Steelbeak to his friend, patting him on the back.

Launchpad, despite his friend's encouragement, took a step back, shaking his head. "No….No! I can't do this! I—I don't even know if she likes me back! And besides, isn't she with Bushroot?"

Gosalyn, who was standing behind Launchpad, reached up and pushed him in the back, forcing the pilot turned actor to move back up where he had been standing. "Oh, come on, Launchpad! Just do it! And no, they're not together! According to Sue, they just broke up!"

"Who's Sue?" asked Steelbeak as he turned back to look at the young duckling. He had placed his hands on Launchpad's shoulder for support.

"The lady who does my make-up" replied Gosalyn matter-of-factly. "She's a big gossiper and is always eavesdropping on people. I just got back from seeing her. That's where I was a few minutes ago."

It was true; Gosalyn had just gotten back from being with her make-up artist. Sue, as her name was, had insisted on checking up on her make-up to double check to make sure it was alright. Gosalyn hated it when she was fussed over in such a manner, but there really wasn't anything she could do about it. Except perhaps fuss about it and cause a tantrum or two. The little duckling snickered to herself at the very thought. "Anyways…" continued the girl. "….now is your chance to go and talk to her!"

"B-But she just broke up with Bushroot! Don't you have to wait so long before you-"He gulped, trying to think of the right words. "Before you…talk about that stuff?"

Steelbeak sighed. "Listen buddy, from a guy whose had his share of goils, I've learned a 'ting or two" he began, pointing a finger in the air. "When a goil is most vulnerable, is right after theys broken up. They needs support. A man's shoulder to cry on, youse see what I mean?" Launchpad nodded and Steelbeak poked him in the chest in emphasis. "And dat's where youse comes in!"

Launchpad sighed knowing that under no circumstance were his two friends going to let him down until he faced his fear and spoke to Rhoda. Steeling himself, Launchpad took a step forward, and then paused. Steelbeak and Gosalyn watched on bated breath, waiting to see if he was actually going to go through with it. Yet they met disappointment when Launchpad took another several feet backwards a moment later.

Gosalyn sighed dramatically, looking up at the celling and then up to her friend. "Honestly, COME ON, Launchpad! It's like ripping off a band aid! Just get it done and over with! Quick and painless!"

Launchpad looked down at her and then to Steelbeak, who simply smiled at him. With a grunt of determination, Launchpad started walking over to where Rhoda was still rummaging through her purse.

Steelbeak and Gosalyn just watched him in awe. "Wow, he actually did it."

Steelbeak nodded, as stunned as the little girl. "Didn't know he had it in 'im."

Launchpad walked straight up to Rhoda, who had yet to notice his presence. He stood there, several feet away from the chair her purse was on and awkwardly rolled on the balls of his feet. His heart pounded heavily in his chest as Rhoda stood straight and finally noticed he was there.

"Oh, Launchpad. Hello" she greeted. She pushed a strand of hair behind her glasses. "How are you?"

Launchpad opened his beak to speak, but suddenly nothing came out of it. Panicked, he opened and closed his mouth several times yet still nothing happened. He began sweating and wringing his hands together as he tried to say something, yet all he managed to make were grunting noises, much to his chagrin.

Rhoda tilted her head to one side. "Launchpad, are you alright?" She looked at him with concern, unsure of what was happening.

Still unable to speak, Launchpad closed his mouth and made the 'OK' signal with hand.

"Is there something you wanted?" she asked him innocently.

Launchpad nodded. "Umm….." he began.

"Launchpad, you seem shy about something. And nervous. It's just me: Rhoda" she assured him with a soft smile.

"That's just it…..It's because it's you….that I'm so shy…." Managed Launchpad. Rhoda blinked at him, not knowing what that was supposed to mean. "Rhoda….have you ever had a crush on someone….and you just couldn't get the courage to… to them about it?" Rhoda nodded. "Well…..That's why I'm having such a tough time…..talking to you….You see, I like you…a lot…" His face immediately turned bright red. It was finally said. Finally out in the open. The band aid had been ripped off, as Gosalyn had put it. Now it was time for the pain.

"Oh….." whispered Rhoda, taking in what Launchpad had said. She looked down at the floor for a moment, trying to figure out what to say. "Launchpad, that's so sweet of you- but"—"Launchpad winced. "I just broke up with Reggie….and I'm going to need some time to heal from that…." Launchpad nodded sadly. "But….I would love to maybe have a cup of coffee with you. And, until I'm over my feelings for Reggie, perhaps we could hang out. I mean, you are a sweet guy…." She took a moment to giggle. "And you did ask so sweetly…."

Launchpad looked up at her abd beamed. "You-You mean it!"

Rhoda laughed and smiled. "Yes, Launchpad, I mean it." She stepped forward and gave him a small hug. When she pulled back she said, "Give me your number and we'll hang out."

Launchpad quickly fumbled for his pockets, looking for a pencil and paper. Meanwhile, Gosalyn and Steelbeak beamed at each other, seeing that things were going so well, and high fived each other. All in a day's work.

"Why can't this damn day just be over already!" seethed Negaduck as he stood on the set, his arms crossed, angrily waiting for Myers to come back and start the shoot back up. He had enjoyed being in the costume for a while, but now that all the scenes were just about over, the novelty of it all was wearing thin on the foul-tempered duck and now he wanted nothing more than to get back into his yellow suit and red fedora hat.

Darkwing, who was standing several feet away, was in just as foul of a mood. He had not anticipated having to be Negaduck for this long. The hours just kept crawling by at what seemed like a snail's pace. "Trust me; I want to get out of these clothes just as badly as you do."

Negaduck shot him a look. "You saying my suit isn't good enough? You should feel privileged to be wearing my clothes…"

"I feel something….but it's not privileged…" shot back Darkwing.

Before Negaduck could shoot back a retort, they both saw Morgana walking their way.

Steeling himself for what is about to come, Negaduck said in the sweetest voice he can manage, "Hello, Morgana…sweetheart" He spat out the last word. His 'sweet voice' still sounded slightly rough in Darkwing's opinion, who looked at him from the side, but he knew the foul-tempered mallard was doing the best he could.

Morgana regarded Negaduck with an affectionate smile, still believing that he was Darkwing. The real Darkwing couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy overtake him as Morgana leaned down and gave Negaduck a kiss on the beak. Morgana giggled quietly as she leaned back and looked down at him. "How has shooting been going, Dark darling?"

Negaduck willed every bone in his body not to react from the kiss by wiping his beak and making a disgusted face. It wasn't that he didn't think Morgana was attractive. He did find her quite nice to look at. It was the simple fact that she had kissed him thinking he was Darkwing. That very thought alone made him stomach do flip flops.

Darkwing, still silently fuming and having his own inner battle, cleared his throat and hissed out in a deeper voice than normal, "She asked you a question-idiot!" He added the insult for good measure.

To anyone else on the set watching the scene between the three of them would think nothing of it. It was typical of Negaduck and Darkwing to argue and start fights. The two of them had never gotten along. True, they tolerated each other a lot better than their characters on the show did, but that didn't mean they liked each other by a long shot.

"Excuse me" said a camera man as he moved a large camera on the other side of the stage. Negaduck, who had been about to retaliate, waited until the guy was gone, since he had cut between them, and hissed, "Shut it, Dar-Negaduck! I heard her!" he mentally slapped himself for almost slipping up and giving away their cover. Morgana looked between the two mallards curiously.

"Dark, is everything alright? You've seemed a little off today….." She reached down to try to feel Negaduck's forehead, but the short mallard pulled back. Imitating Darkwing's nervous laughter, he said, "No, Morgana, I'm fine. It's just been a long day of work. But…at least I'm getting to wear one killer costume!"

Morgana blinked at him. "I thought you said you didn't want to wear the costume? I remember hearing you whining about it yesterday."

It was rare to see Negaduck at a loss for words and it was even rarer to see Darkwing stick up for him. "W-well, I had a talk with him." Morgana and Negaduck turned their attention to the other mallard currently dressed in yellow.

"A talk?" they both said in sync.

Darkwing nodded. "Yeah, you know, finally managed to talk some sense into him. To stop being such a….whiner…." It was odd. He was saying the words to Negaduck, but in reality, he was only insulting himself. He was NOT a whiner.

Negaduck, loving that Darkwing was calling himself a whiner, simply took it in stride. "Yes, Negaduck talked some sense into me. I really should listen to him more." He gave them both a large mischievous smile, which Darkwing knew was fake. It made the crime fighter/actor livid.

Morgana however, had her own opinion. "Oh, Dark, don't listen to Negaduck! He doesn't know what he's saying! You are not a whiner. I mean….sure you whine from time to time, but really? Who doesn't? Besides, Negaduck is one of the last people who should be giving advice to anyone."

Negaduck, forgetting his place for a moment, demanded, "And why not!"

Morgana only stared back at him. "Dark, sweetie, we're talking about Negaduck here! Negaduck!" she moved her arms in emphasis to point to Darkwing. "He is foul-tempered, unappreciative, troublesome, rude, conceited, arrogant—"

Darkwing, seeing that Negaduck was about to explode in fury from all the insults, cut her off. "We get the point!" he shouted in Negaduck's voice. He frowned at the way she flinched at his outburst, hating himself for it. But thankfully she thought he was Negaduck. Negaduck and Darkwing met eye contact briefly and even though he didn't show it, Darkwing knew Negaduck appreciated his interruption.

Morgana crossed her arms, glaring at Darkwing. "Well, it's true! You think you're all high and mighty and above everyone else when in fact, you're nothing but a nasty bully!"

Still put out with her previous insults, Negaduck bitterly spat without thinking, "Oh, shut up and go make me a sandwich ya dumb broad." As soon as the words were out of his mouths his eyes flew wide open. Darkwing stared wide eyed at Negaduck. That was something Darkwing would never say. Especially not to Morgana, of all people.

Morgana stared at Negaduck with disbelieving eyes. "W-Wait….Dark, you're sounding like-"Her shock disappeared and anger replaced it. "There is only one mallard around here would say that and it's not Darkwing Duck. Negaduck! That's you, isn't it! You two switched places!"

"No, we didn't!" squeaked Darkwing, side stepping closer to Negaduck and wrapping an arm around him. "I was just-"he suddenly cleared his throat, realizing he was using his normal voice. This didn't get past Morgana, who simply crossed her arms and glared at the two of them. When Darkwing spoke again it was in Negaduck's deeper voice. "I'm …..practicing to be….a ventriloquist."

"A ventriloquist?" mirrored Morgana skeptically.

"Yes….Quackerjack's….been giving me lessons…..He's been teaching me…."

"Quackerjack….has been giving you lessons? Quackerjack, the crazed toymaker turned actor, who's denied from day one that he even IS a ventriloquist? Denied that it is HE who speaks on Mr. Banana Brain's behalf? Insisting that his doll is his own person? THAT Quackerjack?"

Darkwing nodded, his beak forming a straight line, while Negaduck just face palmed. "Mm-Hmm…."

Morgana just sighed irritably, placing her hands on her hips. "Darkwing Duck, you stop lying to me this instant or I'll turn you into a sea slug again!"

Gulping and recalling the last, unpleasant time that Morgana had transformed him into a sea slug Darkwing found that he didn't wish to repeat the action. "Alright, fine! Morgana… sweet darkness….no need to be upset…." Raising his arms in defeat, Darkwing surrendered.

"Wuss" sneered Negaduck underneath his breath. Darkwing heard it but made no comment, just sent him a quick glare in his direction.

Darkwing stepped towards Morgana, taking one of her hands and placing it in his own. "Yes, we switched places. But it actually wasn't our idea! It was Gosalyn's!" he paused, thinking over his thoughts. "You see….I didn't want to be…..the villain…..because in this episode….I AM the villain! And I just….couldn't take it!"

Still standing behind him with his arms crossed, Negaduck glared at Darkwing's back, hating the fact that the other mallard was still dressed up as him. "Translated: He was being too much of a girl to man up and be a villain for once. Heaven forbid if he should be a…..'bad guy'" he used air quotes to emphasis on his sarcasm.

Darkwing growled quietly as he turned back to face Negaduck. "Quiet you! You went along with it!"

"Yeah, so that I could wear this indestructible costume! I mean, have you SEEN the armor on it!" he argued, jabbing a thumb behind him and pointing to the dressing rooms. He was currently only wearing the leotard part of the costume that was worn underneath the armor of Darkwarrior's costume.

Darkwing shook his head and looked back up at Morgana, ignoring Negaduck for the time being. "The point is, Morg, sweetie, is that we knew that if everyone knew we switched, particularly Myers…we would get into severe trouble. Gosalyn was the only one who knew that we had switched from the beginning because, like I said, it was her genius idea. She was the one who put us up to it!"

Morgana, for her part, just stood there and listened to all that the two mallards had to say. She really should have known something was up from the beginning. She knew earlier that morning when she had spoken to Negaduck-or had it been Darkwing—whichever; that something had been amiss between them. Morgana ran a hand through her black, white streaked hair and sighed. As she did this, Eek and Squeak screeched quietly as they were awoken by the gesture. They flapped their little wings and looked about them, seeing what was going on.

"Dark, I still don't understand why you didn't just tell me earlier. You know I would never go running to Myers with something like that. You can trust me… must remember that…." She said woefully. "Besides, it would have better to have told me rather than Negaduck pretend to be nice to me. " She shot Negaduck a wry look. "Though I must admit, he didn't do too badly of a job."

"Don't get used to it" snarled Negaduck. "That's the LAST time I'm anywhere remotely civil towards you…"

Darkwing and Morgana ignored his comment and just as the two of them were about to kiss; Morgana leaning down as he reached up on his tip toes, Negaduck spoke again, loudly. "Don't even think about it, Dorkwing! You're still dressed up as me! You're making me look like a sap!" he looked around them and saw that a few people were looking. Uncrossing his arms, Negaduck began getting worried when the two lovebirds continued to ignore him. "Do you want EVERYONE to know we switched places? Cause you're blowing our cover to everyone, you know!"

Morgana pulled back before giving Darkwing a kiss, who blinked up at her when she didn't give him the kiss. "Go away, Negaduck. You have a scene to get ready for, don't you?" And before either of them could react, Morgana gathered Darkwing in her arms, not caring if he was still dressed up as Negaduck, and picked him up. Since she was so much taller than he was, and Darkwing was not a very heavy duck, she was able to do this. Usually it was meant to be the other way around, but that was what they found interesting about their relationship. Nothing was normal or usual about it.

Darkwing shot a cheeky grin towards Negaduck before turning his whole attention to the woman of his heart and Morgana turned and walked away. They could be seen giving each other a kiss. They both ignored Negaduck's threat a moment later.


So while everyone out on the set dealt with their own problems and tried to solve them, Megavolt and Quackerjack had their own, larger problem to deal with: their boss and director, Myers.

After having slammed the door behind the two actors in which he had dragged into the conference room, Myers whirled around and glared at them. The conference room was small and there really wasn't all that much to look at inside of it. A long table which held about a dozen people and a simple framed painting on an ocean on the wall opposite of the door was all there was.

Myers usually worked with his writers in this room, deciding what was to be in the script and what should be taken out of it. But Myers was far from worried about the script at the current moment. His main concern now was the two men who were standing awkwardly on the other side of the table from him; neither knowing what to say or do.

Megavolt nearly flinched when he felt Quackerjack grab his hand and place it inside his own. There was no more use in hiding what they felt before they needed to hide. Myers knew about them and there was nothing he could do about it. Though Megavolt couldn't help but still feel nervous. Quackerjack was always better at handling situations like this. Of course, the jester was crazy, and usually crazy people didn't abide much by the rules. And though half the time the electrified rat couldn't even remember half the rules, he tried to follow them when he did wake up with a good memory. It was just one more thing to add to the list of differences between the duck and rodent.

"Alright, so let me get this straight….the two of you are….." he made a motion of hand gestures, implying the two of them were together. His hands moved up and down as he aimed up them. "Together……." he didn't dare continue. He didn't want to think about anything past dating. Because dating then meant that they did certain things together that normal friends and acquaintances didn't do. That was something Myers didn't want to think about.

Quackerjack crossed his arms, his puffy sleeves sticking out before him. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" he placed a hand up to his ear. "I couldn't hear you behind all the hand gesturing" he snickered. Megavolt just looked at him with wide, mismatched eyes. Where the clown got all his sudden bravery from, he had no idea.

Myers growled, his hands balling into fists on either side of him. "That's enough out of you!" he warned, pointing a warning finger at Quackerjack. "Enough of your tricks and games! Just answer the question!"

"What question?"

Myers looked as though he was about ready to pull out his hair in frustration. "The question I just asked you!"

"You mean the question you asked behind all the hand gesturing? I couldn't if I wanted to. I was too enthralled by the hand gestures. You're speaking to a duck with ADD. My attention span only lasts so long you know…." He beamed up at Myers with a large toothy grin, as though he had just accomplished something and was showing it to his parents proudly.

Myers made a mental note to no longer use hand gestures around Quackerjack, a look of disgust appearing on his face. He sighed and turned his attention to Megavolt, who had, by this point, just continued to watch the scene unfold. "You! Megavolt!" he pointed to the rat. "You two are together? Dating?"

Megavolt pulled on one of the straps connected to his battery and inwardly winced when it snapped back to his skin a second later. "Yeah, we're together…." He glanced toward Quackerjack to see the duck's reaction. Quackerjack was merely smiling fondly at him which his hands behind his back as he gently rocked back and forth on his feet.

"Well, it's over! It's disgusting and wrong!" snapped Myers nastily.

"Yes, Myers…" sighed Quackerjack dramatically. "We KNOW you're disgusting and wrong. You don't have to remind us!"

Myers, in a moment of rage, took a step closer to Quackerjack and grabbed him by the collar, ignoring another round of complaints of not messing up his collar. "Listen, CLOWN, you listen and listen good! I will not tolerate this sort of disgrace under my watch! This is MY production, MY set, MY business, and MY job to take care of tricksters like you!"

Quackerjack pulled back on his collar and released himself from Myers' grasp. "And just what are you saying, Myers? Are you going to fire us because we're different? Fire us because we love each other and aren't afraid to show it? Fire us because little Mr. Grumpy Pants can't handle us being together?"

Megavolt finally piped up. "You know, I'm pretty certain it says in our contracts you can't fire us without the approval of the other writers….." He took a moment to scratch his head. "Or was it… can't send the other writers to the fire?"

Quackerjack rolled his eyes as Megavolt tried to remember the correct version and glared at Myers. "He's right!" he grabbed Megavolt's hand and Myers' hand in the other. Myers tried to squirm from the jester's hold on his hand, but Quackerjack's hand held onto his tightly. "Why don't we get everyone else's opinion and see what they have to say about our relationship!"

"Quackerjack!" hissed Megavolt nervously. "That means we'd have to tell everyone! We're telling everyone!"

Quackerjack couldn't blame his dear friend for being so nervous, but it was time for the truth to come out. They couldn't always hide their relationship. They always knew someday everyone would find out. He looked back and gave Megavolt a lopsided smile. "It'll be okay, Megs…" He then promptly opened the door with a flick of his wrist and pushed Myers out the door, grabbing onto Megavolt's arm a moment later and walking out of the conference room.

Myers stumbled a bit after Quackerjack pushed him out the door. "That is NOT how you treat your boss!" shouted the director angrily.

"Yeah, well, you're not exactly treating us all that great either, so why don't we call ourselves even?" sneered Megavolt, the tips of his blue gloved fingers sparking ever so slightly. Myers took one look at his sparkling hands and knew that the rodent was losing his patience with him. That was the worst part about being a director and working with actors with super powers. There was always the possibility that they could decide to turn on him. So far, that has never been an issue. He had always had a semi-decent relationship with his cast members, not to mention all the other crew members and writers. This just happened to be the first large confrontation he had ever had with any of the cast. Usually whenever he was yelling at one of the actors or ordering them around, they were all together. It was nothing personal about it, in a sense. It was just general for all who were involved. No one had ever seen singled out the way Myers was singling out Quackerjack and Megavolt. Realizing this left an unpleasant feeling in his stomach as he watched Quackerjack walk over to the center of the large sound stage and clear his throat.

Myers ran a hand through his greasy hair. It was greasy from all the sweat and stress he had been dealing with while working on this production. No one ever told him this task would be easy and he had never expected it to be. Nor did he ever think events would turn the way they had on him today. Surely Quackerjack wasn't expecting everyone else to agree with them? Surely everyone else would see that Myers was right about this insanity of Quackerjack and Megavolt being a couple, right?

Myers found himself to be slightly nervous as Quackerjack began calling out to everyone. 'I shouldn't be nervous', he told himself. 'Everyone will take my side and the matter will be closed. The two of them will be fired and within the next week he will have replacement villains for the show and no one will be any the wiser. The fans won't take it well, but it's not like I pay any attention to them anyways. They're just a bunch of nut jobs anyway…..'

His inner monologue was cut off by reality a moment later.

"Excuse me!" called out Quackerjack as loudly as he could. He waited a moment to see who all had heard him. Hardly anyone. He was known for being loud and random, so he truly wasn't surprised in the least. He pulled out Mr. Banana Brain.

"They don't seem to be listening to you, Lou" said the doll.

Quackerjack took a hand and patted the banana brain doll on his head. "Yes, I see that, Mr. Banana Brain. Tsk, tsk. Whatever shall we do about it?"

Megavolt stepped up to where Quackerjack was having a chat with his doll. "What are you two planning?" he eyed them both suspiciously. Quackerjack turned to his left and beamed at Megavolt.

"Nothing short of devious, Megs! How do I usually grab a large crowd of people's attention?"

Myers crossed his arms, already getting annoyed by this. "Sometime today would be lovely! I have a schedule you know!"

Quackerjack turned to his director, the bells at the end of his hat jingling softly. "Alright, alright! Keep your pants on!" He turned his attention back to Megavolt. "Watch and learn my dearest Megs…." With a quick movement of his hand, the jester had pulled out a small little horn from the inside of his puffy purple clown pants. Megavolt and Myers watched in curiosity as Quackerjack brought the small little instrument, that was no larger than the duck's hand, and raised it up to his beak. It seemed awkward seeing such a small horn be blown, but the jester didn't seem to notice.

With a heavy breath, Quackerjack blew into the horn and the sound that came out of the horn was as loud as a horn that was three times its size. It sounded as though someone had taken three large horns from a school band and played it all at the same time. Myers and Megavolt quickly covered their ears since the noise was so loud, both grimacing.

After playing the single note of the horn, Quackerjack removed it from his lips and tucked it safely back inside his pocket. His job was far from done though. "HELLO! Everyone look at me! Yes, I am the one who just blew that insanely loud horn!"

Everyone that was at the studio was now looking at Quackerjack, Myers, and Megavolt. Some were glaring since some had been rudely interrupted while others groaned about how their ears hurting. But the important thing was that Quackerjack had gotten everyone's attention. Bushroot, who was standing next to Liquidator, called over, "What was that for, Quacky!"

There was a quiet uproar of murmurings as everyone agreed with their resident mutant plant duck; all wishing to know the same thing.

Quackerjack, having always felt right at home when being the center of attention, beamed back at everyone else, clasping his hands in front of him joyously. He seemed oblivious to their annoyance. Taking in a deep breath, Quackerjack began. "Alright, everyone! We have a bit of a problem here and we need your opinions. You see, first off, I guess I should explain." He took this moment to grab Megavolt's wrist and pull him towards him, causing the rodent to practically fall into the jester's colorful arms. Quackerjack wasted no time in wrapping his arms firmly around Megavolt's waist and making sure everyone was watching with a quick glance around the studio.

Megavolt, for his part, was, by now, beet red. He nervously waved at everyone awkwardly, his hands trying relentlessly to pry off Quackerjack's arms from his waist, but it was simply no use. "Quacky…." He mumbled. "Must we—"

Quackerjack squeezed Megavolt tighter to silence him. "Yes, we do, Megster" he whispered into Megavolt's ear. To everyone else he said loudly, "You see, Megavolt and I have been hiding something from everyone. Something that, until now, we had hoped wouldn't be all that big of a bother! But thanks to the big King of all Fuddy Duddys" he pointedly glanced at Myers, "We now have to… they say….spill the beans….!" The jester couldn't help but chuckle at himself.

Everyone just stared at him, not finding the same humor as the jester did. Megavolt continued to squirm, not liking the situation he was in at all. "Stop it, Megs, you're dancing is making your battery hit me in the chest!" whined Quackerjack.

"I'm not dancing!" cried out Megavolt.

"You might as well be" muttered the clown. He ignored Megavolt and said to everyone else, "You see, Megavolt and I are dating!" Megavolt immediately froze, his blue mismatched eyes looking at everyone before him.

Myers took this moment to stand before them, a smug look on his face. "Alright, everyone! What that crazed toymaker says is true! They're dating! I've seen it!"

Myers' mouse assistant began talking eagerly to the wardrobe manager, Bushroot and Liquidator looked at each other with baffled expressions, Launchpad and Rhoda looked at each questioningly and both shrugged, Negaduck groaned at the image of the two actors being together, Morgana turned in time to see Darkwing blanch, and Gosalyn and Steelbeak both frowned and made a face.

Judging by everyone's reactions, no one seemed to be taking the news well. Quackerjack released Megavolt, reaching under his hat and scratching his head. "I was so sure everyone would be okay with it….Bushroot was…."

Megavolt twisted his hands together. "M-Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Perhaps we should have just let Myers fire us…."

Negaduck, who was close to enough to overhear Megavolt's comment, blinked and said, "Myers threatened to fire you? Heh, didn't think he had it in him to make such a threat…."

Morgana stepped forward. "Wait, why are you firing them?"

Myers looked at her incredulously. "Are you daft, woman!" This earned him a glare from Morgana and a sneer from Darkwing. "Did you not just hear what they said! They're dating! They're GAY!"

Launchpad piped up next. "You're firing them because of that?"

"Of course I am! It's sick and wrong!" exclaimed Myers.

"I won't disagree with you there, Myers, but don't you think that's a little much?" shrugged Darkwing. "I mean, I can't say I'm the biggest fan of them being together either, but to fire them? I don't think that's necessary…."

Everyone in the studio nodded, agreeing with what Darkwing had to say. There were many "Yeah, he's right!" "So what if they're together? What difference does it make!" "Firing them is unfair!"

Myers blinked at everyone's reactions and what everyone had to say. He took a step back, trying to grasp what was taking place before him. Everyone was agreeing with Quackerjack and Megavolt and saying that they shouldn't be fired simply because they love each other. He had been so sure that everyone would agree with him. He had been so sure everyone else would be just as disgusted as he had been when he found out.

"Sounds to me like we've got a homophobic on our case, gents" announced Liquidator from where he was standing next to Bushroot. "And might I note, since now seems to be the time for announcements: I wholeheartedly support Quackerjack and Megavolt being together, because Bushroot and myself happen to be together! And I would be one messed up hypocrite to go against them now!"

Everyone who had been standing near Liquidator and Bushroot took a step back in surprise, but the shock quickly vanished and there was even a small round of applause for the two of them. Bushroot responded the same way Megavolt had: just blushed furiously. "Could have warned me" he muttered to Liquidator grudgingly. Liquidator just patted him on the back.

"Oh, SURE!" hollered Quackerjack. "We are discovered as a couple and we get threatened to be fired, but when THEY announce they're together, they get a round of applause! No FAIR! They always get the fun!" He paused and played with one of the ends of his hat. "Although, being threatened certainly was entertaining….."

"WHJAT!" screamed Myers. Everyone turned back to their director, who had both hands clasped to the sides of his head, ready to tear his hair out. "You're all just OKAY with this! And—and—and—Those guys too!" he pointed a hand at Bushroot and Liquidator. "What is the matter with you people! It is against nature! A man is not meant to love another man!"

"A lot of things aren't meant to be but they're still there" pointed out Morgana. "Really, Myers, you're making a fuss over nothing. Their business is their business. If they wish to be together, then there is nothing we can say about it. It's their decision and no one else's." Morgana received positive feedback in the form of nods and mutters of agreement.

Quackerjack and Megavolt looked over at Myers, both smug. "Well, that settles it, Myers. You're not firing us."

Myers sneered at them both. "Not so fast…..I'm the one who calls the shots around here! I still have the power to fire you!"

"If you fire them, then you might as well fire all of us!" called over Gosalyn from where she stood between Steelbeak and Launchpad. The two tall ducks looked down at her and second later looked back up at Myers and nodded.

"Yeah, those guys are our friends. Youse fire them, you might as well fire all of us" declared Steelbeak, crossing his arms over his chest.

Launchpad spoke up next. "I agree with that!" Rhoda grabbed him by the arm affectionately and stepped forward as well. "Same for me!" she announced.

Morgana raised her hand. "And same goes for me!" She nudged Darkwing on the arm. He looked up at her and nodded knowingly. "Me too!" he said. Bushroot and Liquidator agreed, along with all the stage crew members and writers. Negaduck looked around him, noting that he was the only who had yet to agree. He just stood there, glaring. Darkwing stepped up from behind him and slapped him on the back of the head.

"Ow!" hollered the mallard, turning to glare at Darkwing as he rubbed the back of his head. "You knob!" he turned to look at Myers. "Oh, fine! Me too!"

Myers stared at everyone, not believing what was taking place before him. Everyone was completely against him. It was then that his little mouse assistant walked up to him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"It's alright, Lanny, everything is going to be okay. You don't have to fire them. Everything can just go back to the way things were…" she said gently and sweetly. Myers turned to looked at her, eyeing her light brown hair and little pink outfit.

"Oh, what do you know!" he snapped at her. He looked around at everyone. "I'm out of here! You can all make you're on God forsaken show! I quit! Enjoy finding another director!" Without another word he stormed off, running into a crowd of crew members. "EXCUSE ME!" he screamed at them dramatically when they didn't get out of his way immediately.

They could hear the door slam behind him a moment later. Silence filled the warehouse, no one knowing what to say. They had lost their director because of something so trivial. Simply because Myers was so closed minded he couldn't handle the thought of homosexuality.

"Well, can't say he doesn't know how to leave without a bang, eh?" Quackerjack tried joking. No one laughed.

Darkwing sighed. "So, what does this mean? We lost our director? Now what?"

The other writers looked at each other and shrugged. "We can still write. But someone has to call the shots, really."

"Why don't we be the directors?" opted Gosalyn. Everyone turned to look at her.

Darkwing shook his head. "No, Gosalyn, we can't ALL be the directors!" he paused, looking around. "Can we!"

"Yeah! We can! We can call the shots! We can work together!" chimed Quackerjack. He pulled out Mr. Banana Brain.

"Now all we have to do is decide who gets to call the final shots, tots!" said the doll.

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, the large group of actors, writers, stage hands, and crew members argued over who would get to say what happened in the show and what didn't. The writers obtained the right to decide what ultimately gets put in the episode. But now without Myers to control them, the ideas were limitless and the chaos for the show of Darkwing Duck was now in the hands of a nutty group of actors. No longer did anyone care of who was in a relationship with whom. No longer did anyone have to hide what they felt or wanted. The actors would later come to find that everyone worked out better this way. The stories for the show became crazier and wilder, but that didn't bother them in the least. So long as they were having one hell of a time as the show was in production.


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