Inspirational song: My Immortal - Evanescence

This is a very short story on how Rin, my OC, felt after episode 17 in Kuroshitsuji. Please Review!

Thank you ^_^

Masses of gray clouds covered the sky. A light rain drizzled onto the earth creating a refreshing mist above the grass. Beneath the willow tree, its branches swaying lightly, she clung to him; fearing that if she let go, she would fall apart right there on the ground. He sat on the grass, not caring if his black suit was soaking up the evening rain. His dark curls clinging to his face, as he stroked her hair. How could someone hurt her this much? This delicate creature, so fragile and yet so strong. Even though she trembled in his arms and even though she clasped tighter to his suit jacket, he could see her strength beneath the emotions. He leaned back slightly to look at her face, but she kept her head tucked firmly against his chest.

"Rin" he breathed. She slowly moved her head away, but did not look up. He ran his white-gloved hand down her pale arm. He was so gentle with her, scared that even the slightest touch would shatter her. "Look at me."

After several seconds, she lifted her head and boldly stared into his eyes. He sucked in a small but very sharp breath. She was stunning. He stared back at her, his golden eyes mentally tracing every curve of her face. She let in a small breath and looked at the grass beneath her. Ciel's mansion wasn't far from where they sat. She had called Tyki for comfort and he had come. Even though it was Tyki she needed, it hurt to even look at him. He so much resembled…him. With his tall form and long dark hair, they looked very similar.

She started to get up, her knees weak from having them bent and her dress and hair damp from the rain. Tyki, with his hands still on her arms, helped her up. She was so tired. So tired of crying and her body felt constricted. She had to let go. She would be indifferent. She looked up at Tyki and held his gaze for a few seconds then walked back toward the mansion, leaving Tyki alone under the great willow tree.

It was still lightly raining. She could hear the light pad-pad-padding of the water. Such a soothing sound. She tried to relax and smoothed out her skirt. Ciel, her master, would not want a messy housemaid. She made her way up the steps into the house. It was huge. The mansion opened up to a large hallway with pillars lining a red carpet up the long staircase to the bedrooms. Chandeliers glistened overhead. She walked the long hallway and started up the stairs toward her room. Her room was on the top floor, a very simple, gray room with a plain single bed against the wall. Her favorite place, the window with a built-in seat nestled in the frame. She strolled over to the window and sat, bringing both her legs up to rest on the remaining section of the bench. She looked outside, searching for Tyki. He probably already left. She never knew where all her companions went when they left, but she knew they would always come back when she called. With her long pale fingers, she touched the rain that splattered onto the window.

Looking below, the fog was beginning to lift, revealing brightly colored rosebushes along the sidewalk bordering the mansion.