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Chapter 5

Snake Eye's POV

Falcon's been acting really weird lately. She isn't looking at any of us in the eye lately, and it's been getting very odd. I'm kind of at a disadvantage because I've decided that I'm going to tell her how I feel.

If I can talk to her alone for at least an hour.


Falcon's POV

I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I've realized that there's no way I can save Snake Eyes without killing my brother. I've been taught that family must come first, no matter what.

I've spent every waking moment trying to figure out how to work around this situation, but I can't…


"Falcon, I'm gonna send you to deactivate the bomb, okay?" Heavy Duty commanded.

I nodded, and instantly jumped out of the helicopter. I landed on the rooftop without hurting myself, and instantly leaped down into the building through the rooftop door.

I silently pulled out my gun from my side holster, and tiptoed around, trying to find the bomb. After awhile, I said into my mike, "Breaker, I can't find the bomb."

I waited for Breaker's response, but I heard nothing, "Breaker, are you there? Can you hear me?" Once again, I heard nothing. Static filled my ear. Damn, the mike was broken!

All of a sudden, I heard a sort of whizzing behind me. I turned around in a flash, and noticed that someone was spraying some sort of gas into the room. A man dropped down from the ceiling. I instantly pulled out a sword, "Put your hands up or I'll kill you! I'm serious!"

The stranger, an man in his forties holding a knife with shaggy brown hair and glassy brown eyes, just laughed.

Apparantally, this guy was a psycho. I had to go in for the kill. I ran up to him, and slashed at the man with my sword, but for some reason, my aim was off. Way off. The world was spinning and I was suddenly short of breath. I collaspsed to the ground, clutching my side.

"A new form of poison, meant to give one a slow and painful death. A milder version, of course, " the stranger said in a cold voice, "Obviously, the people at Cobra have already taken the antidote. This is a message from your brother. He wouldn't kill you. Just a warning though. Snake Eyes, as well as the rest of the Joes must be delivered to us soon."

My breathing was shallow. I knew that I wasn't dying, only that I was in more pain than anyone could ever imagine. Tears were running down my cheeks, and I started coughing up blood. How could my brother do this to me?

The stranger knelt down beside me, unaffected, "Oh, my. You really are a pretty one, aren't you? Storm Shadow wasn't lying, was he?" He used the knife in his hand to tear at my outfit. He was undressing me. "You know," he continued, "Over at Cobra, there really isn't enough pleasurable company. I haven't had sex in so long, did you know that?"

Fear struck my heart. No, he wouldn't do this. He won't rape me. My friends or my brother will save me. Right? I tried to push him off of me, as he had finished undressing me completely. I was naked on the cold ground, unable to help myself. "Help," I cried weakly, hoping that someone would hear me.

Those few minutes seemed like an eternity to me. When it was over, he hit me in the head, knocking me unconcious. I lay there on the floor, cold, naked, sobbing, and scared.

When he was finished, he got up, walked halfway to the door, then turned around to look at me, "Oh, and by the way, there isn't a bomb." He walked away, laughing.

Why didn't anybody come?


Snake Eye's POV

Falcon had been gone for a long time. Too long. Breaker couldn't hear her over her mike. That's why Heavy Duty sent Scarlett and me in. As we walked down the creepy corridors of the building, looking for Falcon and the bomb. We found Falcon. I almost fainted with both shock and relief. She was alove, but something was very, very wrong.

She was unconcious on the ground naked. And she was bloody. Luckily, she was alive. There was a weird smell in the air. I asked Scarlett what it was in ASL, while trying to hold my breath.

"Poison. Not just any poison, though. It's called Genetic Poisoning, Type A. It's a poison made specifically for one person. Others would have little to no damage from it.

I knelt down before Falcon, and tried to scoop her gently up into my arms, but her eyes flew open, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" she screamed, suddenly hysterical. I set her down, hurt and upset.

"What just happened?" I asked, looking down at the sobbing girl that I loved.

Scarlett shook her head, her eyes full of pity, "I-I think she was raped, Snake."

I backed up, no. This can't be possible. It wasn't true. It couldn't be possible.

Tears were running down Scarlett's face as she nodded, "I-I don't think that she'll be able to trust a man's touch for awhile, so I should take her out."

I nodded numbly. How could this have happened?

I heard Breaker's voice over the speaker, "Do you see Falcon or the Bomb?"

Scarlett sighed, reluctant to tell Breaker the news, "Um...we've found Falcon."

What happened?" he asked, his voice full of concern.

I took off my shirt to cover Falcon's bare body, and Scarlett answered, "We-We think she was raped."

Breaker gasped, "What? Who did it? Is Falcon all right?"

"We don't know if she was all right, she was exposed to poison," Scarlett replied as we walked towards the exit, "and we don't know who did it."

"Are you bringing her back up?"



When we were back on the helicopter, everyone crowded around her with expressions of pity and concern. She was wearing my shirt, and Scarlett was helping her to walk into the infirmary. Breaker went up to Falcon, and patted her on her back.

Her reaction was instantanious. She slapped Breaker's hand away. "DON'T TOUCH ME! PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP ME!" she screamed. She broke into convulsive sobs, and Scarlett and Baroness ran to her side.

Breaker looked hurt, "But...I...I wasn't..."

"Breaker, it's not your fault. It may be a long time before any man can touch her. Maybe longer for her to trust them again," Baroness said, smoothing Falcon's hair.

Did that mean that Falcon would never trust me again?


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