"Right here, Tony!" Abby said as she entered the yard through the door. "Hello everyone!" she said to the group with her usual large smile on her face.

She sighed when she saw that Gibbs was just not getting the grill prepared. "Jethro! You don't have that ready yet?!" no anger or annoyance in her voice, just a teasing tone.

He just shrugged, "Everyone arrived before I could get out here after coming down from checking in on you." Shaking her head, Abby gave him a pecking kiss on the lips, then turned to look at the stunned group of friends before them. Looking at their faces, she saw that the only one that wasn't shocked, was Ducky, as it should be.

Looking at the man beside her, "Let's put them our of their misery, Jethro," she said as she laughed lightly.

He smiled his sexy smile at her, then he turned to the group of his friends that were in his backyard, "I am sure that most of you have failed to notice that I have remarried," he held up his left hand to show the plain gold band that it held. The agents of his team and Vance all nodded. "So this is not news to you. The news that I brought you here to tell you, is who it is that I have married.

"Everyone, I would like you to meet the latest, and LAST, Mrs. Leroy Jethro Gibbs," he said as he put his arm around Abby's shoulders and pulled her tightly against his side, placing a kiss on her temple.

Tony looked at the others around him, "did you guys know that they were engaged?"

Ziva looked at the group, "I did not even know that they were dating!"

"Rule twelve, Ziva, they wouldn't have dated. You know that Abby follows Gibbs' rules almost as faithfully as he does."

Gibbs and Abby had moved to stand behind the group, unseen by any of them, but Ducky. "You're right, Timmy." Abby said, making them jump. "We didn't date. And as for being engaged," she looked into her husband's eyes, and smiled when he smirked as she finished her statement, "We will just say that it was a very short engagement."

Ziva looked at her friend, "What do you mean a 'short engagement', how short?"

"The amount of time it took us to get a flight and fly to Vegas!" Abby said, giggling at all of their shocked faces. "No we were not drinking when we made the decision, nor right before the ceremony. And before any of you ask, yes Jack knows, and yes, he is happy for us. We made sure to stop in Stillwater on the way back."

Tim could not help but to feel a bit hurt by Abby, a betrayed by Gibbs. He knew that things with Abby would never reach a romantic level again, but for her to marry someone from the building, hell the same team, it did hurt. He still cared for her deeply and wanted her to be happy.

Gibbs had known about his and Abby's relationship. He felt like he was in high school again, and one of his more self-confident friends went for the girl that they knew he liked.

Seeing them standing together, and looking at each other, he could see how happy they were together, and how much in love they truly were. He was quick to join his friends in wishing the couple well.

Ziva was not completely surprised to find out that the pair were in love. Abby has shared her feelings about Gibbs with her some time ago, when he had been seeing Hollis Mann. She was surprised, however, at the quickness they moved into marriage, but then looking back over the time that she knew them, she realised that their interactions were almost like a dating couple, even when they had been dating other people.

In addition to giving the couple her well wishes, she also said to Gibbs, "You hurt her, and you will have to answer to me," giving a wink to Abby, that did nothing to make her threat any less a promise.

Gibbs looked into the Mossad agent's eyes and saw she was serious. He swallowed, and nodded his head to her. He knew that she would do anything to protect a friend, especially Abby, from being hurt.

Leon Vance for a moment had a thought that he was going to have to replace one of them, then he thought back over the past week. The pair had been married, newlyweds at that, and still managed to remain professional with each other, well as professional as Abby and Jethro ever were. If they were able to remain the same as before then, then they should be able to in the future.

Joining the well wishers, he added that if they did not keep it out of the workplace, then, at least one of them would be looking for a new job, as loathe as he would be to loose either of them.

Tony stood there looking at the couple, as they accepted the heartfelt congratulations and well wishes from their friends. He was happy for them, but he could not figure out how Rule number twelve could not apply.

"We're married, Tony, not dating," Gibbs said as he gave him a head slap.

Gibbs smirked as Abby, his love, his wife, said, "It's called a loophole, Tony," herself smirking as well.