AN~ Part of my early attempt to do ALL THE CHALLENGES in the SG fandom. Written before books eight and nine, so it does NOT follow their plotlines. It does follow the plot of my other fic "How We Got Here," though, so you might want to read that first. Formerly chapter two, but it made more sense to put this in chronological order.

Requirements for this challenge: Rated T or below, not in Sabrina or Puck's POV, about the family finding out they're secretly dating, and creatively written. Emily Da Strange said hers needs to include the elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Metal, Light, Darkness, Happiness, and Sadness.

Disclaimer: Plots are challenges. Characters are mostly MB's, but about half of them are OCs of mine.

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Basil sighed, sliding further down the couch as he watched Red play some video game or other. This one was about some light elves fighting these dark elves, who looked a lot like dwarves to him. The dwarf-elves used metal and earth to suck all the happiness out of everyone and 'fill the earth with sadness.' The elf-elves, on the other hand, used air, water, and fire to bring joy and happiness!

How could Red like that stuff? It was so corny!

After another fifteen minutes of watching her half-naked avatar run around beating up dwarves, Basil decided he'd had enough and stood up. Red didn't notice. He sighed again, deciding to go ask Puck to break the TV. He probably would. Sabrina had been complaining about Red too, and of course Puck would do anything for Sabrina.

"Puck?" Basil called quietly reaching his room.

There was no answer. He shrugged and walked further into the room- forest- whatever. Place where Puck slept. He'd been walking for some time before he heard muffled noises coming from off the path, and turned to follow them. When he reached the noises, he was dumbfounded to see that Puck and Sabrina were sitting on a rock together holding hands.

For a few minutes, Basil just stood there, blinking at his sister and foster brother. Then he very quietly backed away and left Puck's room. Once he was back in the house, he found Daphne and whispered the news in her ear.

"Are you serious?" she screeched. "And they didn't tell me?"

"I think this is why they didn't tell you." Basil rolled his eyes.

"Tell her what?" Jake asked, walking in, followed by the rest of the family, who had been out shopping.

"That Puck and Sabrina are GOING OUT." Daphne said.

"Oh no they're not," Henry said. "I won't let them."

Veronica smiled a little and rolled her eyes. "Yes you will. You don't hate Puck nearly as much as you pretend to."

Granny grinned. "That's true. But I think we should go complain about the fact that they didn't tell us anything. What do you think, Old Friend?"

Mr. Canis raised an eyebrow. "I'll pass."

The group was just about to move on to swarm Puck and Sabrina when Red entered the kitchen. "What's going on?" she asked.

Basil put his head in his hands. He really needed Puck to break the TV.