"How is this possible? Our kind can't have children?" an overly excited woman yelps.

"I'm not your average vampire Isabella. I'm over two thousand years old, not many of our kind live to be as old as I am." A young looking man states a true smile gracing his lips.

"Godric aren't you in the littlest way concerned what this could mean? Aren't you worried in the slightest about someone getting their hands on her and using her to harm you?" Isabella worries as she kneels down in front of the boy who looks no older then fifteen sixteen years old. In his arms lay a little two week old girl her wide dark green eyes capturing and holding her dad's pale blue ones a small smile playing on her little lips.

"No. I know I won't harm her, no one around me will harm her. I'm confident in my ability to keep her safe Isabella. She's my daughter and I will raise and protect her. If you are concerned about her schooling she will be home schooled, for the fact that I don't know if she can walk in the sun light. When she is older we will stock the house with food for her. She will grow up here with us and she will be safe with us." He smiles as he gently caresses the baby's cheek.

"So what are you going to name her?" Isabella asks as she holds the baby's small hand.

"Ceraphin Kathryn Saige Dryad…Sage." He coos as he leans down and places a kiss on the little ones cheek.

"She's beautiful Godric….I just worry for her safety. I mean you know how some of the vampires around here get." Izzy sighs.

"And that's why you are the only one I trust to handle her while I'm not around. I know you will take care of her and protect her." He smiles up at Isabella.

"Thank you Godric….I promise you I won't let you down nor will I let you down Saige." She coos. Suddenly her head snaps up and her hazel eyes meet Godric's pale blue ones.

"We're in here my child." Godric calls out soft enough as to not scare the little child. After a few moments a six foot four inch tall Viking enters the room. His blond hair hanging right above his shoulder looks somewhat rumpled from the run. Meeting Godric's eyes he goes to one knee and bows his head in respect.

"Godric…Isabella…" he stops as he finally sees the little baby in his Makers arms.

"Eric sit with us." Godric smiles returning his eyes to the small bundle of joy in his arms.

"Godric...why?" Eric questions as he nods his head toward the baby.

"She is my daughter Eric. And yes my childe she is my flesh and blood daughter, her name is Ceraphin Kathryn Saige Dryad." Godric states.

"How is that possible?" Eric asks confusion lacing his voice.

"That I do not know, the only thing I can think of that would make this possible is my age. I am the oldest of us in the United States." Godric replies as he looks up to his childe with a smile he notices his childe has locked eyes with the little girl. With a light chuckle he adjusts his arms so he can place the little one in his childe's arms.

"Godric…I…" he stops as Godric adjusts Eric's arms so he is supporting the baby's head. Suddenly the baby's little hand shoots out and grabs Eric's tank top.

"Well you may not want to hold her but it looks like that's right where Saige wants to be." Izzy laughs.

"How old is she?" Eric whispers as all three vampires watch the little one fall asleep.

"Two weeks…"Godric replies a sad tone layering his voice.

"Her Mother I take it has passed?" Eric wonders.

"During labor, she told the doctors that if anything happened to her and she wasn't able to take care of the baby to give her to her father. She then gave them Godric's contact info." Izzy states. Looking at the two men before her she knew from this day on that nothing will be the same and it was all because one infant child stole the hearts of two vampires that haven't felt human emotion in centuries.

"Heh, who would of thought this was possible." Izzy laughs as the two men look at her confused.

"Who would have thought that one baby girl would have melted the hearts of the two oldest vampires in the States? Three weeks ago neither of you would have thought it possible to human feelings again. Yeah you two have used humans to fulfill your needs. You two can't deny that either." Izzy giggles as both men just bow their heads and smile.

"Well Saige it looks like your Daddy and Uncle Eric will be beating back the boys with more then just sticks." Izzy laughs.

"Uncle?" Eric groans a smile playing on his lips.

Five years later vampires from all over Dallas gather at the house. Downstairs in the main living room I lay on the floor next to my dad's chair happily drawing. Sudden my head snaps up and a huge grin covers my face. Standing up I bolt to the door right as it reveals the six foot four inch tall blonde haired blue eyed vampire Viking.

"ERIC!" I squeal as I jump into his arms and wrap my arms around his neck hugging him.

"It's good to see you to Saige!" he laughs as he gives me a squeeze before moving me to his hip. Gaining smiles and looks of sympathy from the vampires around him Eric happily makes his way to his Maker.

"So he's the reason you got up and ran. It is good to see you again my childe." Godric laughs as Eric puts me down. With a huge grin I move back to the spot I had just came from and continue drawing.

"Godric how have you been?" Eric smiles as Godric looks down at me and laughs.

"Busy, she can be a handful when she's hyper." Godric laughs.

"Isn't she always hyper?" Eric laughs as I look up at him and stick my tongue out at him.

"You know I'm picking Saige." Eric smiles as he opens his arms.

"YEE!" I squeal hopping up and onto his lap. Laughing he wraps one arm around me and pulls me back so I'm laying on his chest smiling I lay my head on his chest and that's where I stayed for the next three hours.

"They look at her and anyone that gives her attention with sympathy, why?" Eric whispers so not to wake me.

"They do not believe that she should be here so they feel sorry for the vampire that has to be nice and play with her. She has taken a liking to you Eric and it would seem that you feel the same about her." Godric smiles.

"Yea, there's something about her that's different from all others. Is she able to walk in the sun?" Eric admits.

"Up to an hour a week, any more time and she'll be in pain for weeks. She's stronger and faster then teenagers and I have a feeling that by the time she is fully grown she'll be as strong and as fast as us. Silver burns her skin but not as fast as it does us and it has to be on her skin for longer. As far as I can tell she doesn't need blood like we do which is good although she does have fangs. Other then that she hasn't shown any other supernatural powers." Godric states.

"Other powers?" Eric asks confused.

"Her mother was not only a witch but she was a third were-cat." Godric states as a male vampire walks towards us.

"Sheriff," the man states.