"She looks just like you Thera, and if she keeps growing she'll be just as tall as well. She's beginning to develop your attitude my Fiery Wild Cat." He smiles as he gently caresses the woman in the pictures face. After a few moments he puts the picture back in his wallet and puts his wallet back in his back pocket. With a sigh he picks the other photo up and puts it back on the shelf.

"I pray she forgives Thera….I sent Eric away so he could not tell Saige how he felt about her. In my heart I know he would have treated her different from the other women he has had….I believe he truly loves her and I sent him away….I pray she returns." He whispers as he lays down on the bed and allows himself to fall into an uneasy day rest.


With the Cousins' they pull up to a decent size house and pull into the garage. Putting the car in park Stefan turns the key and kills the engine. Jumping out of the car Danny hits a button and closes the garage door. Sliding out of the car I hop up onto the work bench.

"Thanks guys I won't be hear long. Just long enough to figure out my next move then I'll be out of your hair." I whisper hanging my head. Sighing they both walk over to stand in front of me.

"CERAPHIN KATHRYN SAIGR DRYAD! DO NOT THINK THAT WAY!" Stefan hisses as he grabs my arms and pulls me off the bench.

"We love you Cuz, never doubt that. You are always welcome here and you know that! Don't let Eric and your Father's weird ass behavior fuck with your way of thinking!" Stefan whispers as he pulls flush against him. Wrapping my arms around him I rest my head on his shoulder and sigh.

"You know you are welcome here no matter what. We love you Sai and so does the Pride! No matter what you are always apart of us here!" Danny states as he wraps his arms around me and his brother.

"Thanks and you both are right I know all of this…I think I just really needed to hear that I guess. With my Dad acting the way he was and Eric doing what he did….it just threw me." I whisper. After a few moments I pull away and shake my head, looking up at my Cousins I let my fangs pop out and let my claws extended as I grace them with a true 'Cheshire Cat' grin.

"Race ya!" I growl as I take off down into the underground caverns running toward the underground entrance into their house.

"Someone is feeling better!" Stefan laughs as he and Danny take off after me.

"Damn she's gotten faster since the last time she was here!" Danny laughs as they twist and turn in the caverns trying to catch me.

"Try as you might yall can't catch me Slow pokes!" I call back over my shoulder laughing as I reach the ladder that leads up into the house.

"Damn half Vamps!" Stefan laughs as he finally catches up with me. Letting my claws retract and my fangs recede I start laughing as Danny finally appears.

"Damn you have definitely gotten faster since you were here last time." Danny gasps as he tries to catch his breath.

"That she has Bro must be the Vampire in 'er!" Stefan laughs as we climb up the stairs.

Right after sun down Godric, Isabel and Stan wake up. In the living room Godric moves to the sliding glass door and picks up my tossed cell phone. Sighing he moves to the sofa and sits down on it while Stan and Isabel make several phone calls. Suddenly my cell phone starts ringing, looking down at the display Godric sees Eric's name and number appear on the display.


"She left her cell phone here My Childe…she threw it at me before she ran away." Godric sighs as he stands up and walks to the sliding glass door again.

"Godric I'm sorry she called me right before dawn from a hotel phone I just thought her cell phone was dead." Eric replies.

"No she threw it at me in a fit of rage. Some of our day men went to all the hotels in the area but she was already gone. The only thing I can think of is she called her cousins right after she called you. If that is the case then she is good hands but I have no idea how to get in contact with her." Godric states.

"She doesn't have their numbers in her cell phone?" Eric wonders.

"No the only numbers she has programmed in here are yours, mine, Isabel's and Stan's. She deletes the history on here after every call." Godric sighs.

"I think I might know how to get in touch with her Godric. Give me thirty minutes and I'll call you back." Eric states as he hangs up.

"I hope you can get through to her My Childe…" Godric whispers as he closes my phone.

Jumping up into the closest tree I let out a laugh as Danny jumps up after me. Climbing higher I look down at him once more before I leap onto the roof. Growling Danny starts climbing higher and higher looking behind me I let out a heart felt laugh as I slide through the top floor window.

"Hey Stefan!" I yip as I hop into the kitchen only to see my elder cousin on the phone. Holding up one finger Stefan growls.

"How did you get this number?" Stefan demands.

"DAMN IT JUST PUT SAIGE ON NOW YOU STUPID FELINE!" a deep voice yells. Growling I snatch the phone out of Stefan's hand.


"Saige…your father is worried sick about you at least…" Eric stops as I slam the phone down on the hook. Growling I drop my hands to my sides and dig my claws into my hands. Dropping to my knees blood begins running in four rivets down my knuckles and onto the pearl white kitchen floor. Suddenly Danny jumps through the kitchen window only to see Stefan stunned and me on my knees bleeding.

"Sai? Bro?" Danny asks worry lacing his soft voice. As he tries to move to my side Stefan lightly grabs his arm and shakes his head.

"Damn him…how the hell did he get this number! HOW?" I growl as blood red tears begin running down my face.

"Stefan, Danny do you two still have my old cell phone?" I whisper the blood still running down my face and hands.

"Yea I think we do hold on I'll go see." Danny whispers as he takes off running up the stairs. After a few moments Danny comes running back into the kitchen. Sighing I uncurl my fingers slowly pulling my long claws from inside the tender flesh of my hands and reach out for the out of date piece of technology.

"Thanks Cuz…I'll clean up the floor here in a few minuets alright. Just leave it be I know all the good ways of getting blood out. I'll also make sure that Eric never calls here again." I whisper as I stand up and walk out of the kitchen and up the stairs to my room.

"Damn what I wouldn't do to get my hands on that DAMN VIKING! I swear Danny if the next time I see him this suddenly new issue he seems to have toward Saige isn't cleared up I swear I will kill him! He's taken a normally happy, upbeat cheery teen and turned her into a depressive, second-guessing, scared little girl. THAT ISN'T WHO SAIGE IS AND HE'S DONE THIS TO HER!" Stefan growls as he slams his fist into the kitchen countertop.

"Breathe Stefan! If they don't work this and I have this feeling that they will BUT if they don't then I'll help you kill that PIG of a Viking. OK? For now keep your calm especially around Sai you know how she feels about him." Danny states as he rests his hands on his elder brother's shoulders.

Upstairs I stand in front of the sink in my bathroom and open the phone and hit the number two key and send. As the phone rings I put it on speakerphone and turn the sink on.

"Hello?" Isabel asks after three rings. Sighing I grab a washcloth and wet it.

"Put Godric on please." I state in a gruff voice as I rub the cloth across my cheeks wiping the blood away.

"Hold on please," Isabel states as she puts the phone the down. Plugging the sink I let it fill up a little bit before I turn the water off and drop the now bloody cloth in. After a few seconds I pull the cloth out and begin wiping the blood off my hands and knuckles.

"Hello, who is this?" Godric asks as he picks the phone up.

"I'm fine alright! Tell Eric to back off and leave me alone. I'm not coming home yet….not until I find out why you chased Eric away and you both had the balls to try and lie about it to me. I'm safe, I'm with friends now call off your pet Childe! Good bye Dad I may or may not call back." I state as I close the phone and drain the sink. Sliding the phone into my back pocket I sigh and walk back down stairs.

"I called Dad didn't give him a chance to say anything but I told him I was safe and that I was with friends. I don't want him to know where I'm at because if he knew where I was at he'd come running and try to take me back home. I told him to call off his Pet Childe and to tell Eric to back off and leave me alone. I was a fool to think that Eric could ever feel anything toward me. I mean hell I'm his Maker's biological daughter he was probably just being nice to me based on that fact alone!" I hiss softly as I pull a few paper towels off the roll and wet them down at the sink. Turning the water off I walk over the where my blood is still coating the floor and kneel down.

"Sai you don't have to do th…" Stefan stops as I begin to scrub harder and faster.

"Yea I do Cuz I made this mess I'll clean it up. Look why don't you two go out and see what the Pride is up to? I'll be fine here by myself…I'm just going to open a carton of Ben N Jerry's Phish Food and vegg out in front of the TV." I state as I stand up and drop the bloody towels in the trash.

"You sure Sai?" Danny asks.

"Yeah I'm positive Dan, you two have work to do within the Pride and I don't want to keep you from that. Alright so just go tend to your business with the Pride…make sure to tell them I said hey." I state as I shoo them out as I head into the kitchen to grab a carton of Ben N Jerry's Phish Food. Smiling they nod their heads and leave the house. As the car engine roars to life I take a deep breath and hold it til I could no longer hear the car. Pulling the cell phone from my pocket I flip it open and dial a very familiar number.

"You know who you called?" a deep but gentle voice answers after three rings.

"Farrell…don't let anyone else know I'm talking to you." I state as I put the carton of ice cream on the table.

"Crys babe it has been forever! I missed you at Breakers the other night!" Farrell exclaims as he leaves where ever he is.

"Calling me your Ex-boyfriend's name nice touch Sweetie. How is everything going over there?" I laugh as I sit at the counter with a spoon in my hand.

"Thought you'd like that. He's a wreck sweetie….he hasn't fed yet and I know that once you hit his age you don't need much…but damn. Isabel is worried sick she's on the phone with Eric now and well…." Farrell pauses as he takes a deep unneeded breath.

"Well what Farrell?" I question as I a take a big bite of my ice cream.

"Eric blames himself for this and Isabel isn't helping the matters. Godric is trying his damndest to stop them from fighting. I think I heard Eric say he was having his Childe arrange it so ha can fly out here this morning and be here right at sun set. And you know what's going to happen if he gets out here." Farrell sighs.

"Great this wont be fun! Besides you Eric is the only other person who knows where Danny and Stefan live. He called here a little bit ago he called Stefan a stupid Feline I heard him say that and I grabbed the phone out of Stefan's hand and snapped. Then I had Danny get my old cell which I had left here when Dad got me the new one." I sigh as I take another big bite of my ice cream.

"I was wondering why your old number showed up on my Caller ID. Sweetie please come home shit aint getting better here and if that hot headed pig shows up here you know Izzy's gonna buck up in your defense! That chick has been playing over protective mother hen to you since diapers were you thing. She convinced your dad not to ground you for running away and throwing your phone at him." Farrell sighs as he sits down.

"You're at the house aint ya Sweetie?" I question

"Yeah he called the Nest together, he wanted to get our opinion on what to do. You eating that Ben N' Jerry's Phish Food again?" Farrell laughs.

"Figured he would…and yes I am. Farrell do my a favor and I promise I will let you doll me up and I'll go hang with you at Breakers when ever you want for like the next three years." I state.

"Serious? Alright girl what's this favor?" Farrell grins.

"If Eric shows up then keep him there til he has to return to Shreveport?" I whisper, my voice sounding small and defeated.