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Chapter 1: Gorgeous

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Addison loved being back in New York City.

As she made her way through the streets of Manhattan, she couldn't help but breathe in the fresh, smokey and food-filled air of the city. It reminded her of when she lived there.

Those were such happy days, she thought wistfully.

Shaking off the nostalgia, Addison ducked out of the chilly air into the Millennium Hotel. She smiled at the concierge and started to remove her black leather gloves. "Hi, could you tell me where Conference Room B is?" she asked the young, cheery woman behind the counter.

"Are you here for the medical conference?" Addison nodded. "Okay, have you checked into your room yet?"

"No, I haven't. I'm afraid I'm running a little late, so I'll just check in later." Addison brought her rolling suitcase up to rest. "Would you mind holding my bag until the opening brunch is over?"

"Of course, Dr...?" the woman—her name tag read Eliza—prompted.

"Montgomery," Addison supplied, handing the woman the suitcase as she came out from behind the counter.

"Of course, Dr. Montgomery," the concierge smiled. "Conference Room B is just down that hall, second door on your right," she indicated, pointing to the corridor to her left.

"Thank you." Addison flashed her one last smile before hastening to get to the brunch before all the speaking started. The last thing she wanted to do was create a spectacle of herself. She sighed in relief when she realized all the doctors were still standing and getting to know each other. Slipping into the room as inconspicuously as possible, she got in line for the assortment of pastries and fruit, having skipped breakfast in her rush to get to the conference in time.

She stood behind a tall man with dark, wavy hair, but in her hunger, she didn't pay much attention to him. Her eyes remained fixed on the last blueberry muffin that lay on the plate halfway down the table. When the man in front of her picked it up and put it on his plate, she let out a small whimper. Blueberry muffins were the only muffins she liked, and now there were none left.

The man must have heard her small bleat, because he started chuckling softly to himself. Addison never appreciated being laughed at, so she grabbed a strawberry muffin and boldly thrust it in front of her, just past his left arm so he could see it. "My strawberry for your blueberry?" she offered in a challenging voice.

Suddenly, the man's head whipped around at the sound of her voice, and Addison almost dropped the muffin in her hand in surprise.

Standing before her was a man a few inches taller than herself, with shockingly bright blue eyes, a kind smile and unbelievably amazing hair. Standing before her was none other than Derek Shepherd.

"Addison?" he choked, unable to comprehend the sight his eyes beheld. He hadn't seen her once after she moved to LA two years ago, but he hadn't realized until just then how much he missed her. Yes, he was with Meredith even when Addison lived in Seattle, but at least then Derek still saw that vibrant red hair, those pale blue eyes and those long, sexy legs every day.

His voice snapped Addison out of her daze, and her eyes slid back into focus on her ex-husband's face. "H-Hey, Derek," she stammered. She dropped her gaze and realized she still held out the strawberry muffin. "So do we have a deal?"

Derek looked down at the muffin and smiled to himself in amusement. Looking back up at Addison, he teased, "So you're telling me that in the two years since I've seen you, you still haven't developed a liking for another flavored muffin?" Addison's face grew stubborn and she jutted her chin out in answer to his question. "And you think I have?" Her face fell when she understood what he was saying.

"It's just that blueberry is the only one I like, you know that," Addison whined, stepping out of the line to allow the person behind her to get food.

"And you know that blueberry is the only one I like," Derek retorted, smiling fondly at their bickering. "So I guess we're at an impasse."

"No, we're not," she corrected, placing one hand on her hip. "You could be the gentleman and give the pretty, hungry lady your blueberry muffin." Addison was suddenly slammed with a surge of deja vu. They'd always fought like this in med school when they'd first started going out. He'd actually kissed her for the very first time during one of these arguments, proclaiming it was to shut her up.

It seemed Derek had the same flashback, because his eyes became much more thoughtful. "How about we share it?" he suggested. He took the strawberry muffin from her still outstretched hand and placed it back on the platter. "Deal?"

Addison hesitated just for a second before conceding. "Fine," she muttered, walking over to a table. As Derek followed her, he admired the subtle tan that made her skin glow softly, and he couldn't help but notice her body. Addison was always a knockout, but now she was in better shape than ever, and it showed. She had a body twenty-two year-olds would die for.

"No, no," he stopped her from using a knife to split the muffin down the middle. "I said we'd share it, not split it. You don't split a blueberry muffin."

Addison rolled her eyes at her ex-husband. "You're such a little kid, you know that?" Derek flashed her a smile she hadn't seen in almost three years, since he asked her to go to prom with him. It wasn't his self-proclaimed "McDreamy" smile, but a smile that she always thought of as his "Addison" smile. It was a smile that was all her own, and she never saw him give Meredith that smile. She and all the other moronic interns at Seattle Grace thought that the McDreamy was his best smile that he reserved for Meredith, but Addison knew better. His McDreamy smile was nothing compared to his Addison smile.

Before Derek could reply, the sound of someone clearing his throat echoed throughout the large room. All the doctors' heads swiveled to the front of the room, where a short, slightly balding man stood in front of a microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the man began in an alarmingly low voice, "I'd like to welcome you to the 2009 Continuing Medical Education Conference." Addison and Derek looked at each other, trying to fight back the gales of laughter that threatened to burst from their mouths. "I am extremely excited for this conference to begin. We have a great many amazing speakers this year, including Dr. Derek Shepherd, a world-renowned neurosurgeon who will be speaking about his recently published Shepherd Method, and his wife, Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, a world-class neonatal surgeon who will be leading a seminar on TTTS. We also are pleased to welcome..."

The speaker's voice ceased being heard by Derek and Addison. They couldn't tear their eyes away from each other. Leaning forward, Derek whispered into Addison's ear, "Wife?"

Addison closed her eyes for a moment before responding just as quietly into his ear. "I haven't had to renew my medical license since I moved to LA, and I must have forgotten to change the name." She pulled away and mouthed an apology.

Derek shook his head and took her hand, squeezing it softly to show he wasn't upset. Just then, it occurred to Addison how much they truly looked like husband and wife. They were sitting at the same table, sharing a muffin, sharing private laughs about the speaker, whispering in each other's ears and now holding hands. Strangely enough, Addison had no desire to break the illusion.

After a few seconds of listening to the stumpy man continue to shower praise on the guest speakers, Derek leaned in once again. "We don't want to make a scene, do we?" Addison shook her head. "Then we should probably just go along with the husband and wife thing, shouldn't we?"

Addison's eyes widened. She hadn't actually given voice to her thoughts, had she? No, she was sure she hadn't. This was all Derek's idea. Derek wanted to act like her husband. "R-Right," she heard herself say. Then, through some bout of insanity surely, she proposed—an odd word to use given the topic of their discussion—something else. "We'll need rings, then."


Addison and Derek walked out of the conference room together, laughing quietly as Derek did another impression of the commencement speaker that almost had Addison doubled over.

"Dr. Montgomery," the concierge called out from behind her desk. "Would you like to check in now?"

Addison looked at Derek and when he nodded, said, "Yes, please," as she walked over to the counter. The concierge spent a few seconds typing on the computer, her brow furrowed in confusion. "Is there a problem?"

"I'm sorry, Dr. Montgomery, but I can't seem to find you in the system," Eliza stated.

"Oh, try under Shepherd," Derek chimed in. "There should be a room for two."

Addison caught Derek's eye and asked him softly, "You came late, too?" He nodded, smiling.

"I have a room for a Dr. Shepherd and a Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd," Eliza announced, looking at the two curiously.

"I'm Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd," Addison declared, taking hold of Derek's hand. "Dr. Shepherd is my husband." It had been so long since she had said those words, and it felt so nice to be able to say them again that her smile widened ever so slightly.

Eliza's eyes flickered to their entwined hands, obviously looking for rings and not finding any. "Um, okay, then," she stammered, puzzled. She typed a few more things into the computer and swiped two keycards into it. "These are your keys. You're in room 2214."

"Thank you," Addison smiled, retrieving her suitcase from the blonde concierge. As they turned to leave, Addison murmured, "We have got to get some rings fast."


"That was an amazing room," Addison announced as she and Derek walked down 3rd Street. "It was much bigger than I expected it to be." She slipped on her gloves and buried her hands in her white Burberry trench coat.

"It was," Derek agreed, looking over at his "wife." "Cold, are we?"

"Shut up," she snapped lightly. "I've been living in LA for two years. I'm not used to it anymore."

Derek laughed and placed his arm around Addison's shoulders, bringing her closer to his body to warm her up. "Better?" She turned her head and looked up into Derek's eyes. She nodded shyly. "See? Living in Seattle has its perks."

"What? Being in a cold, rainy, gloomy environment year-round helps you the one time you go to New York in three years?" Addison shot back, grinning at their banter. It had been a very long time since they had been this comfortable with each other, maybe even when they were last in New York together.

See? she thought to herself. New York is magic enough to make us get along again.

"Yeah, it does." He couldn't back down now, even after Addison made such a valid point as that. "So how come you never came and visited?" he asked in a more solemn voice.

"Seattle?" He nodded. "It would have been too painful," she admitted, breaking her gaze from Derek and looking at the street in front of her. "Seattle doesn't really carry any good memories for me."

"I'm sorry," Derek apologized sincerely. Addison turned her head once more and saw remorse written all over his face. "I was probably responsible for most of the not-good memories."

A sad smile adorned her face as she looked straight ahead again. "Yeah, but I can't hold you entirely accountable. Some other people contributed, too."

"Like who?"

"Well, other than you, there was Mark, Karev, Meredith, everyone calling me Satan and McBitch--"

"Whoa, why Karev?" Derek interrupted her.

Shit. Addison closed her eyes, hoping that when she opened them again she wouldn't have mentioned Karev's name. She opened them again. Nope. She had still said it. I wasn't expecting to open that can of worms. "Karev and I might have had a little thing in the few months before I left."

"Meaning..." he prompted, genuinely curious. Maybe he would finally understand why she left so quickly.

Addison sighed. She had to tell him everything now, and everything included a whole lot more than her fling with her intern. "I aborted Mark's baby," she told him. She felt the arm wrapped around her tense up slightly as all the bad memories from the night he left her came bubbling to the surface. "It was about two months after you left, and I couldn't imagine having a baby with anyone except you. So I got the abortion and went to Seattle as soon as I recovered."

"What does that have to do with Karev?"

Nodding, Addison continued. "Well, Mark joined Seattle Grace a couple months after that, and then when the week of the due date came, he was awful to me. He hated the fact that I'd killed his baby, and he let me know it. Anyway, he said something along the lines of, 'You don't get to be on the high horse, Addison, not this week,' in front of Karev. And later Karev got Mark a vanilla latte."

"Mark hates those," Derek interrupted again as the wheels started turning in his head. Addison and Alex had become closer in the time he'd been assigned to her service. And then he blew up at her in front of Derek and told Addison it might be too late to save the patient and her baby, and he was off her service. But he'd suddenly gotten back on her service, and now Derek was starting to understand why.

"Yeah, he does, so he told Karev that if he couldn't handle coffee, he couldn't handle plastics. I was standing right there and he told Karev to go back to gynie. I felt bad for Karev getting whacked on the nose when I was the reason Mark was upset, so I let him in on the Laura Grey case." Addison couldn't believe how vividly she remembered all this. It was two years ago, and yet the details came to her as easily as if it had happened yesterday. "In the NICU, we got to talking and then he said he gave Mark the vanilla latte on purpose."

"Why?" Derek echoed Addison's question from two years before.

"Because Mark was rude to me," Addison answered softly, still touched by the gesture. "It sort of started from there. We almost kissed right then, but we were interrupted. We eventually did kiss, but then he told me he wasn't interested, and we went right back to being teacher and intern. Then Ava happened, and I saw a side of him that I hadn't seen since that conversation in the NICU. It made me fall for him just a little bit more." Somewhere in the back of her mind, a voice was screaming about how completely wrong it was to be talking about this with her ex-husband, but it apparently had no effect because Addison kept on talking. "We got closer, and then we slept together once. And he dumped me again. That's when I went to visit Naomi and Sam in LA," she finished. "Alex was kind of the last straw for me."

Derek stared at the woman he half-hugged as they walked through the throngs of New York inhabitants and tourists. Even after so long, he could tell what that intern had done still hurt her. "You really liked him, didn't you?"

Addison nodded, biting her bottom lip softly. "I probably could have loved him, given enough time," she confided. "But it doesn't really matter anymore. Are you still with Meredith?" She needed to deflect the conversation away from herself before she became even more emotional.

"Yeah, I am," he answered slowly. He knew what she was doing, but he didn't have the heart to call her on it. "But things have been a little rocky lately."

"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything is fine. It's just that she's such a kid sometimes, and..." Derek didn't really want to get into it after all the time they'd spent talking about Addison's heartbreak. He didn't need to remind her of the woman that had precipitated the biggest heartbreak of all. "This conference came at just the right time, in all honesty."

They finally reached the jewelry store they'd been walking to for the last fifteen minutes. DeMaria's Jewelers. "Ready to pick out some rings?" Addison encouraged, striving for their easy conversation from before. She ducked out from Derek's embrace and instead took his hand, leading him inside.


"Derek, where are we going?" Addison asked as he pulled her along by her hand, holding the bag from DeMaria's.

"You'll see in a second," he insisted. They walked for a few more blocks like that until they finally reached a bench in Central Park. His eyes roamed over the wooden seat and finally alighted on a small inscription in the corner. "On September 6, 1995, Derek Christopher Shepherd proposed to Addison Forbes Montgomery on this very bench," he read the messy carving aloud.

"That's still there?" Addison gasped as she bent over the bench and saw the words they'd carved into the bench fourteen years ago.

"I figured it would be an appropriate place for me to put these rings on your finger," Derek said, reaching into the jewelry store bag and extracting a velvet box. Kneeling down, Derek opened the box and revealed two rings. "Addison Forbes Montgomery," he began with a dopey grin on his face, "will you do me the honor of being my wife for our time in New York?"

Addison nodded, unable to say the the word yes for the laughter. She held out her left hand, and Derek slid the two rings onto her fourth finger. They'd managed to find a pair of rings that were almost exactly what the original ones used to be, especially since he'd bought her engagement ring from DeMaria's fourteen years ago.

"Aw," an elderly couple passing by cooed, drawing the two doctors' attention. Derek was still on one knee, holding the rings on Addison's outstretched hand. "Go on, give her a kiss," the grandmotherly woman urged excitedly.

Derek locked eyes with the woman standing in front of him and let her know what was coming. They had to be convincing, because with their luck, this old woman and her husband would very well go back and tell the commencement speaker that the Shepherd marriage was a sham.

Plastering on a smile, Derek swiftly stood and gathered Addison into his arms, capturing her lips with his. Both their eyes slid shut as the world quickly dissolved around them.

Addison slowly snaked her arms up around his neck, her hands pulling his face closer to hers. Even after over three years of not having his lips on hers, she still reveled in his kisses. She felt his tongue trace her lips, which she soon parted to give him better access. A soft moan emitted from her mouth when he gently bit her bottom lip, and it was immediately followed by a small whimper when they had to separate and breathe, their foreheads leaning on one another.

Panting slightly, Addison gradually lifted her eyes to Derek's. A smile adorned her face in spite of herself. "Let's hope Meredith is okay with you kissing your ex-wife," she whispered. "It seems we'll be doing that a lot during this conference."

"Aren't they just adorable?" the old woman asked her husband. "Congratulations, you two," she said to the couple who still hadn't moved from their embrace. After receiving a small wave from one of the hands the redhead had draped around Derek's neck, the elderly couple continued their walk.

"How about we just don't tell her?" Derek suggested, smiling every bit as much as Addison was. "Wouldn't want to ruin it."


"My lips hurt," Addison complained as she and Derek entered their hotel room. "Is there any ice?"

"I don't think I've ever kissed a woman that much in one day in my life," Derek commented, reaching into the mini-fridge and pulling out two cubes of ice. Handing one to Addison, he placed the other one on his own lips.

"Why did we have so many friends when we were married?" Addison demanded, putting the ice to her lips.

"I don't know," Derek answered. He sat down next to her on the king-sized bed. "But I don't understand why they kept asking us if we were fighting. It seems we had to always be touching to offset any suspicion."

"I don't remember being that nauseating when we were married." Addison kicked off her stilettos and wiggled her toes before flopping down onto her back.

"Me neither." Derek, too, lay on his back. "And why did they insist on taking so many pictures of us?"

"And why kissing?" the woman lying next to him amended. "Ugh, who knew that being a pair of world-class surgeons would lead to us being fake-married guest speakers at a CME conference?"

"And who would have thought that we would have permanently bruised lips after that?"

Addison turned her head to the side and nudged Derek in the shoulder. "Are they black and blue?" she asked, removing the ice cube to reveal glossy, swollen lips. Somehow the sight of those lips made the soreness in Derek's disappear completely. His eyes darkened a shade as he slowly shook his head.

"They look gorgeous," he said huskily. Addison blinked at the desire dripping in her ex-husband's voice, her mouth opening slightly. "I-I mean..." Derek tried to recover.

Addison placed two cool fingers on his lips, silencing him. "You could have saved yourself a moment of stuttering by just saying they weren't black and blue," she teased lightly.

Derek's shockingly blue eyes burned with intensity as he stared into Addison's pale blue ones. Little by little, he reached up and pushed her hand away from his face. He leaned in just by an inch and whispered, "How about we stay fake-married tonight?"

Disconcerted by his gaze, it took Addison a few seconds to form a single word. "What?"

"We got fake-married today," he explained, "so how about we make this our fake-wedding night?"

The proposition was so unlike Derek that she actually thought he was kidding at first. A smile crept on her face as she opened her mouth to laugh his question off, but when the look in Derek's eyes didn't change, the smile faded away quickly. "Just the one night?" He nodded. Addison bit her bottom lip the way she always did when she couldn't decide, and she promptly stopped when the pain started again. "But what about our lips?"

"I don't know about you, but the soreness in my lips left as soon as you took away that ice cube," he responded directly. "I miss you, Addie."

Addison's heart skipped a beat when she heard her nickname slip past his lips. It had been years since she'd heard anyone call her that, but that suddenly became the decisive factor. Taking a deep breath—which made her chest rise considerably, a fact that did not go unnoticed by a certain neurosurgeon—she exhaled, "Okay."

When their lips met in a fiery, passionate kiss, all thoughts of soreness and medical conferences flew out the window.


The sunlight pricked Addison's eyelids, nudging them open at seven o'clock in the morning. She stretched out her arms and arched her back lazily when her left hand grazed against a bare back. Opening her eyes completely, she saw a very naked Derek lying on his stomach in the middle of the king-sized bed, with one of his arms draped across her stomach. As the night's events slowly pieced themselves together in Addison's brain, her smile grew bigger and bigger.

She glanced down at the arm on her stomach and glimpsed the golden wedding band nestled on his fourth finger.

She liked this whole fake-married idea.

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