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Molly glared down at the map spread out in front of her. Where was he?

She had been looking for Matt for some time now. True, Peter and Angel had said that they'd seen him shot before he was swallowed up by the mob, but they could have been wrong!

And now she couldn't find him with her power. The only way she couldn't find somebody was if they were...


They were wrong! They had to be!

Her shoulders slumped, and she sighed. She and Mohinder and Maya and Elle had been picked up by Peter and Angel and the others in New York. Apparently Angel and his group had been traveling for some time before they ended up in Texas, and there they had enlisted Peter to help them get out of the country. Of course, he had insisted on collecting Mohinder and herself, and Claire and her family.

But what if he was--


She sighed, and rubbed her reading glasses for a moment.

He couldn't be dead. She was sure of it. He was alive, somewhere out there.

And deep in the depths of the city of Hogwarts, Molly Walker returned to searching.