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Chapter One: The Report

Case file no. 10097254 Azria Logos

Caucasian/ Female Age- 17

Height- 5"6 Hair- Red Eyes- blue

Markings: vertical tattoo on left side of her back, spans from shoulder to hip. (mienta sólo cuando es necesario. Mate sólo cuando la vida no es una opción. Sin embargo sobreviva en de todos modos usted puede). Translation: Lie only when necessary, kill only when life is not an option, but survive in anyway you can.

Aliases: Knives/ Real/ Jane Doe/ Martha Rivers/ Tyco

Occupation – former Mechanic Country of Origin: Uknown Current State of residence: Los Angelus, CA.

Record: illegal immigrant/ not charged on the count of unwilling nature of her abduction and minor status, fleeing from authorities, one count of grand theft auto, two counts of assault/ one dropped on the account of lack of evidence.

Ex slave was transported to the US at the age of 8, and then granted citizenship at the age of ten. Subject could not speak and thus could not be deported as her native country is unknown, granted citizenship under the alias Jane Doe. Doe escaped Los Angelus childcare system two months after citizenship was awarded. Doe was found a year later by local bounty hunters in San Diego, working as an errant girl for local Garage, under the alias Tyco.

When questioned why he didn't inform the proper authorities when he found out that he had hired a runaway, the garage owner informed the police that Doe wasn't the runaway that shouldn't be subjected to the system. Note: Doe had her name legally changed to Azria Logos upon her return to the Los Angelus childcare system. Logos spent the next three years in the Los Angelus system before being arrested for grand theft auto. Note: Assault with deadly weapon charge was dropped from the case, no evidence.

Logos was sentenced six months in a minimal security juvenile delinquency hall, where she earned the Alias Real, and an extra two month stay for beating up a fellow inmate. Note: apparently it was self defense, as the inmate did attack first. Logos served her time and relocated to an unknown location. She was arrested again in Miami four years later at a raid for an illegal street racing event, under the alias Martha Rivers aka Knives to her fellow racers.

Martha Rivers was a mechanic at a garage owned by the organizer of the illegal racing ring in her area. At the age of seventeen Logos is still technically a minor and thus could not be tried as an adult. However the Miami court demanded that she return for a hearing on her eighteenth birthday. Logos was returned to the Los Angelus childcare system, but this time her case worker was determined to find out Logos's origins.

Perhaps if she has family in the states, they can take custody of her instead of her being put into jail. The idea was put before the Miami prosecutor and district Judge, both have agreed. Logos will be on probation and ward of her family member if they are in the states. Her case worker, Penelope Venice has till her eighteenth birthday to locate Azria's relatives, if there are any to be found in the states. As Logos still refuses to speak a DNA test was taken instead.

Venice has one lead.