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Chapter 10:

Harry didn't feel like leaving the comfort of his bed the next morning, so instead he sighed and buried his head under his pillow in the hope that he would be left undisturbed. Sure, he would eventually have to get up and attend classes but he would delay that moment for as long as possible. He wanted to postpone seeing Draco again..... he just didn't think that he was ready to see his face again.

"Harry, I love you."

Rather than let the thoughts of last night keep ruminating in his head, Harry decided that at least he could control his thoughts better when he was awake than when he was asleep. So groaning, he stumbled towards the bathroom to enjoy a nice hot shower and try to forget his previous thoughts.

The hot water poured over him and Harry gave a sigh of relief, there really wasn't anything better and more relaxing than a nice hot shower. Bracing one hand against the wall, he closed his eyes and let the water work its magic.

"I did it so that I could get to know you. You have to believe me Harry!"

Draco's pleading voice penetrated Harry's thoughts and for a moment he had the urge to seek the blonde out and make him prove his claim. However after a second of thought he thumped his fist in the wall, Draco had betrayed his trust and all it had been was a game to the Slytherin. The throbbing feeling in his fist helped bring him back to reality. He had to face the rest of the school and he just hoped that nobody had found out about how stupid he had been.

When Harry could no longer prolong going down to breakfast he headed down and tried to stay away from the main corridors. He sat down next to Ron and Hermione who were thankfully arguing about Ron not having finished his assignment last night. Harry grabbed a piece of toast but his throat refused to allow anything to get past it. So he gave up on eating and just poked his toast with a fork. However he failed to notice the worried grey eyes from across the room glancing at him every now and again.

Draco had hardly slept a wink all night. He had stayed up replaying the scene from the night before over and over in his head. He had screamed in frustration and nearly destroyed his entire room but nothing seemed to get rid of his frustration. His fleeting relationship with Harry had ended; he was guilt ridden and feeling wretched. If only had had the courage to tell Harry before Blaise had stepped in and destroyed everything. Glancing at Harry across the hall, he noticed that the other boy looked pale and worn out. It pained Draco to know that he was suffering because of his actions. He had to make it up to Harry; he wasn't going to give up that easily. Then it was as if a light bulb had lit up above his head, he had an idea of how to win Harry back.

With breakfast over, Harry slung his bag over his shoulder and headed to his first class. It seemed that everyone was too busy to notice his melancholy and so he made it to class without anyone questioning his quiet demeanour. Ron and Hermione had continued their argument throughout breakfast and were in front of Harry in the hallway and it didn't seem that they were going to stop anytime soon. Harry had no idea why they were still together when Hermione constantly nagged Ron about his homework, but Ron seemed to just take that in his stride. In some way, he seemed to like it when Hermione was annoyed with him. Sighing, Harry wished that he had such a relationship with anyone. One where it didn't matter about your flaws or behaviours and no matter how many arguments you had, you still loved each other and were willing to forgive in the end.

Taking his place at the back of the classroom, Harry pulled out his books and mentally prepared himself to sit through the entire lesson without falling asleep or bursting into tears. However as soon as he saw the colour blonde appear in his peripheral vision, he immediately turned around. He couldn't help the feeling of disappointment from surfacing when he saw that it was only Luna. Sure, Draco had hurt him but he was still hopelessly in love with the twit anyway.

Draco had been walking past on the other side of Harry and had noticed his reaction. He smiled to himself smugly as he saw the disappointment in surface in Harry's eyes when he saw that it was Luna. It was then he knew that his plan would work, it had to work. Draco took his usual seat on the Syltherin side and although it was hard to do, he didn't turn around and stare at Harry throughout the entire lesson.

While Harry was sure that the professor was trying to tell him something that would be valuable in his life, he couldn't concentrate. He barely noticed where he was or who he was sitting next to, he just wanted to go back to bed and hope that everything had been a bad dream and nothing more. Placing his heads in his arms, he closed his eyes and let the professor's words lull him to sleep.

Harry felt a hand shaking his shoulder.

"Harry, Harry!"

"Harry, wake up. The class has ended"

"Are you feeling unwell mate? We can take you to see Madame Pomfrey if you want"

Harry opened his eyes blearily, stood up and collected his books. He probably looked as worn out as he felt. Who knew that emotions were so draining? It had seemed as though he could have survived days without food or rest the other day, he grimaced inwardly. He really needed to stop thinking about Draco; the boy was bad for one's health.

Ignoring the inquisitive glances and invasive hands that tried to restrain him, he headed towards the infirmary and hoped that everyone would just let him be. He had to try and think of something to tell Madame Pomfrey, that was one of the downsides of living in a magical world; people could always tell when you were faking illnesses. He decided that he would claim that he hadn't had much sleep and simply needed a few hours to recover and then he would be alright.

Draco had watched Harry's form leave the room and it gave him another incentive to put his plan into action. He didn't think that Harry would be able to last longer than a week the way he was going, the boy hadn't eaten any breakfast and he looked as though he hadn't slept very well. If not for his own selfish reasons of wanting Harry as his, he would do it for Harry's health.

Harry had successfully managed to get Madame Pomfrey to believe that he was only in need of a few extra hours of sleep and nothing more. He let the comforting feeling of the cool pillows and sheets beneath him lull him into sleep and he drifted in a dreamless oblivion.

Despite Hermione and Ron having argued for almost the entire morning, they had noticed that their friend looked a little under the weather. Hermione had suggested that Harry had stayed up to finish an assignment or something while Ron had scoffed at this suggestion and said that he had probably had bad dreams. But of course, neither of them was right. Hermione had noticed that in the last week, Harry had seemed happier and more cheerful that usual and this sudden change in mood was a bit of a shock. So she did the most logical thing, she looked around at all her fellow students and took note of all the other students who looked worn down. Her list contained five names:

Susan Bones

Colin Creevey

Draco Malfoy

Millicent Bulstrode

Dean Thomas

However she could knock Dean's name off the list because she knew that he had had a bit of a lover's tiff with Seamus the other night and neither of them were on speaking terms. That left just four others, and with her detective skills she would soon find out if any of them had anything to do with Harry's change in mood. She didn't bother asking for Ron's help, she had threatened him that if he didn't write his essay by tonight she wouldn't let him touch her or kiss her for a week. She knew that was all the incentive that he needed. Smiling to herself, she walked off down the corridor in search of answers.

Three hours later, Hermione had found out that Colin Creevey was feeling rather glum because his camera had been crushed after he dropped it in the hallway between classes and it had been stepped on by another student and it didn't seem to want to work after he had cast numerous Reparo spells on it. Susan Bones was feeling a little worse for wear as he boyfriend from outside of school had decided that they needed a little "breathing space" as if going to different school's wasn't enough. Millicent had apparently been sad for a while and no one seemed to know why, but Hermione doubted that she had anything to do with Harry at all. Which only left Draco Malfoy, perhaps he had been bullying Harry or maybe it was a silly pureblood thing that Hermione didn't expect to understand. But she was sure that there was something going on between the two of them. Thinking back, she had noticed the furtive glances that the two of them had been passing in class and how happy both of them had looked until today. Feeling that she had finally figured it out, she headed towards the infirmary to confront Harry about his 'secret admirer' who was in fact none other than Draco Malfoy.

When she arrived, she found Harry curled up and fast asleep. She reached out and gently touched his shoulder.

"Harry" she called out gently

Harry groaned and slithered further under the covers. Smiling to herself, Hermione tried again.

"Harry, it's time for dinner. I hear that dinner is your favourite tonight"

"Not hungry" he mumbled sleepily "Just let me sleep, please Hermione"

Harry sound absolutely exhausted, Hermione was tempted to leave him be. However she knew that if he didn't do something soon, he would waste away. She wasn't sure if Draco was worth Harry wasting away.

"Harry, I know about Draco"

She saw Harry visibly flinch and move away from her touch.

"Look, why don't you sit up and we can get a large tub of choc-chip ice-cream and honeyduke's chocolate and you can tell me all about it. I promise it'll feel better afterwards"

Harry looked up at his friend's sympathetic face and decided that explaining it to Hermione would be a lot easier than explaining it to someone like Ron. He nodded his head and waited while Hermione went to get the promised chocolate.

When Hermione returned, she sat opposite Harry on the hospital bed and placed the ice-cream with two spoons in front of them.

"So spill, what did he do?"

And so, two tubs of ice-cream, a block of chocolate and a box of tissues later, Harry had poured his story out to Hermione while she sat there occasionally making sympathetic noises and placing comforting hugs around his shuddering shoulders.

Harry hated to admit, but Hermione was right. The chocolate had definitely helped, it seemed those muggle movies and gotten it right. Chocolate and ice-cream was the best cure for a bad break-up, if that was what had even happened with Draco. He supposed you had to be in a real relationship to have a break-up.

"Well it sounds like he's the right arsehole that we always thought he was. I would never have guessed that he would have gone that far to humiliate you. By this age, he should have grown up" Hermione took in the defeated posture of Harry and decided that maybe Malfoy was in need of another punch.

"Well, I guess in a few years we'll laugh about my foolishness. At least I won't fall as easily for someone the next time. The only thing is that I thought I had really found it, the love that I had been looking for. The same love that you and Ron have together" Harry glanced up at Hermione and resisted the urge to burst into tears again.

"Yes, well Ron irritates the hell out of me sometimes, but I still love him. Just remember Harry there are plenty of other people out there for you. You just have to be willing to put your heart on the line and let other people in. Don't let one asshole ruin your chances for future happiness"

Harry and Hermione headed back to the Gryffindor tower; there was nothing better than sleeping in one's own bed. After reassuring Harry that everything would be better in the morning they both headed towards their separate bedrooms. Having poured out his soul to Hermione, Harry collapsed onto his bed and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Draco on the other hand had spent the entire afternoon planning and scheming on how to get Harry back. He had confronted Blaise and told him that the bet was off, he didn't want any rewards and that if he ever mentioned to anyone what had happened he would ensure that the rest of his life would be lived in fear. Draco didn't want anything coming between the possibility of him and Harry getting back together.

At 1am the next night, Draco sat back and admired his handy work. Countless hours of painstaking work and dedication and now it was complete. He carefully packaged it and walked up to the owlery. Everything had to be perfect. Then making sure that everything was set, he left the large brown box and letter ready and waiting to be delivered later that morning. He then headed back to his own bed and hoped that he would be able to get some sleep before classes although he highly doubted that this was a possibility as the anticipation and nervousness was killing him.

The next morning, Harry woke up and found that he felt lighter. Despite having a terrible stomach ache from eating all the ice-cream and chocolate yesterday he felt more capable to be able to get through the day. He just had to take it one day at a time. Walking around his bed he cried out as he stumbled over a large brown box. He certainly couldn't remember ever owning such a thing or it being there last night.

Looking at the exterior of the box gave nothing away. It was solid brown wood with no varnish or any visible marks. He carefully lifted the lid and half expected to have a curse thrown at him or something. However when the lid was off, he reached inside and pulled out what seemed to be a miniature pensieve.

Harry was apprehensive as to who could have sent him such a gift. It was not your everyday gift. A small flutter of hope in his chest asked if it could have been Draco that sent him such a gift. Deciding to take on Hermione's advice, Harry strengthened his resolve and reached in to access the memories in the pensieve.

There was that awful feeling of falling and then he immediately recognised where he was. In one of the Hogwart's classrooms. However instead of being an outside observer, he seemed to be seeing everything through the eyes of someone else.

"How is it that he manages to look so damn sexy when he's doing a simple thing such as taking notes?"

Harry was surprised by the sudden train of thought that he heard. He recognised the voice immediately, it was Draco's. He was seeing everything through Draco's eyes. Scanning around the classroom, he saw himself taking notes during charms. It was a little disconcerting seeing everything from someone else's point of view. Though part of him wondered whether this was all just a hoax so that he would be further humiliated.

The scene changed to the first time that Harry had met Draco in one of the abandoned classrooms. He could feel the anticipation and nervousness of Draco and it made him wonder whether Draco had been really sincere with what he had said the other night. He was however determined to find out.

The scenes rapidly changed, where Draco watched Harry eat breakfast and thought about what Harry's mouth covered in jam would taste like along with a multitude of other thoughts that Harry blushed at.

Finally, when Harry thought that he couldn't bear to take much more of the loving and adoring feelings that Draco had placed in the pensieve the memories ended and he found himself back in his room. He immediately stood up and went to find Hermione, he needed some answers.

"Hermione, can someone fake their emotions and thoughts in a pensieve?"

Harry looked at her expectantly, this was a serious question that would determine Harry's next move.

"No, normally a pensieve just shows the memory but you can't hear various people's thoughts. Why do you ask Harry?"

"Because Draco sent me a pensieve this morning filled with all these memories and thoughts about me and I want to know whether or not they are true or just blatant lies"

"Well, he may have modified the spell so that his thoughts were also placed into the memory. It's entirely possible, but there is no way that he would be able to fake them. That would be incredibly hard to do"

Hearing this, Harry began to grin from ear to ear. The last memory had involved Draco coming to the realisation during a potions class that he was in love with Harry. The overwhelming feeling of protectiveness, shock and love had come through and so Harry was running as fast as he could towards the dungeons.

As he rounded the corner he bumped into someone who was coming from the opposite direction.

"I'm so sorry" Harry said as he tried to sit up, it was then that he looked up into a pair of silver eyes.

"Oh Harry, eh what are you doing down here?" Draco looked at him curiously as though he didn't quite believe that Harry was sitting there in front of him.

"Because you twit, I have a question to ask you"

Draco held his breath, this was the moment he had been waiting for all morning. He hadn't been able to stop himself, he was heading towards the tower with the intent of blasting all the doors off so that he could see and explain himself to Harry.

"Do you really love me?"

Draco had almost missed the question while he was lost in his musings. But he heard enough to know that his plan had worked.

"Of course, didn't my gift tell you all the answers?"

Instead of replying, Harry launched himself at Draco and began to smother his face in kisses. Draco sighed and gave himself up to the pleasurable torment of having Harry back in his arms, where he belonged.

"I love you Draco"

"And I love you Harry, forever"


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